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i| DAILY RACING FORM o 1 ► KAY BE PURCHASED EARLY EACH HORNING AT THE FOLLOWING NEWS* 4 » * STANDS IN GREATER NEW YORK, AT SOKE OF THEM AS EARLY AS 7:30 A. M.: || I GRAND CENTRAL STATION. FORTY-SECOND STREET. | 4 ► THIRD AVENUE. Corner ► 8th Street N. E. i 9th Street N. E. i, 14th Street S. E. . , 14th Street S. W. ] , 23rd Street S. W. J. 42nd Street S. E. ] 47th Street N. E. ! * 63rd Street N. E. * 69th Street S. W. 59th Street S. E. 4 ► 67th Street S. W. 76th Street N. E. i 84th Street N. W. i, 86th Street S. E. i 89th Street S. W. O 99th Street N. W. . , 116th Street N. W. .[ 125th Street S. E. 138th Street S. E. J 149th Street S. W. Tremont Avenue N. W. , FOURTH AVENUE. 4 14th Street S. W. 4 23rd Street N. W. 0 12th Street N. E. J [ FIFTH AVENUE. 4 Fifth Avenue Building, 23rd Street. . .N. W. j SIXTH AVENUE. ! 14th Street S. E. 23rd Street S. E. 28th Street [ 83rd Street. "L" Station N. W. ** 33rd Street, "L" Station S. E. 1 ► 86th Street N. W. i* 88th Street N. E. 4 39th Street N. E. O 42nd Street S. W. , 42nd Street N. W. O 60th Street N. W. j ** ► SEVENTH AVENUE. 430 Store ! 84th Street N. W. I| 606 Store 4 * Near 62nd Street Store 0 42nd Street S. W. j j EIGHTH AVENUE. l 23rd Street N. W. ,[ 84th Street N. E. [ 43rd Street N. E. ; 68th Street 8. W. V 116th Street S. E. 1 f 125th Street S. W. I 126th Street N. W. J I NINTH AVENUE. .[ 42nd Street S. W. [ 42nd Street S. E. : [ 49th Street N. E. , 60th Street N. W. !► 59th Street N. W. * Greenwich and Cortland Streets S. E. * * Greenwich and Warren Streets 8. E. Cortland and Church Streets 8. E. 4 ► Cortland and Church Streets N. W. O 164 Fulton Street Stand 4 ► 20 Broad Street ll,,allttMaMggmMa|Ht Corner . t 20 New Street A 140 Nassau Street 1 1 Horan, Whitehall and South Streets. . .Stand T 33 Park Row Stand Tribune Building, Nassau Street Stand ] Gallos, Brooklyn Bridge Stand ] Casino Theater Building i 7 Chatham Square Stand 4 ► Second Avenue and 4th Street N. W. ► 8 Greenwich Avenue Store 4 ► BROADWAY. j | 42 Broadway Inside Store Reotor N. W. V 220 Stand 4[ Wool worth Building Inside, Stand J Hotel McAlpin Inside, Stand *• ► Hotel Imperial Inside, Stand O 50th Street S. E. 50th Street S. W. 4 65th Street S. W. 4 i 72nd Street, Subway Outside, Stand 4 79th Street, Subway Outside. Stand 96th Street, Subway. . .Outside. Stand, S. E. 4 . 128th Street, Subway Outside, .Stand . 181st Street, Subway... Outside, Stand, S. E. V 14th Street S. E. J| COLUMBUS AVENUE. 4 ► 66th Street S. E. 4 ► 66th Street N. W. 4 72nd Street N. W. O 81st Street N. W. 4 k 86th Street N. W. o 99th Street Cigar Store 4k 104th Street N. W. V 104th Street N. E. ][ 310 West 110th Street Cigar Store 4 817 West 110th Street "L" Station LENOX AVENUE. o 116th Street S. W. 125th Street S. W. ► 135th Street S. W. 4 ► PARK AVENUE. j [ 125th Street North it 125th Street South Chambers Street and W. Broadway N. E. 0 TIMES SQUARE. 43rd Street Subway Station 4 * 47th Street S. E. 20th Street between Broadway and Fifth Av. * BOWERY. j I Canal Street S. E. 4 Grand Street N. E. 4 ► Houston Street S. E. » BROOKLYN. ► Gottlieb Atlantic Ave. Subway Station 4 , Kings L. I. Terminal 4 k Hudson and Fulton Streets S. W. ]. Flatbush Avenue and Fulton Street S. W. Gavigan #. Borough Hall J Weber Myrtle Avenue and Adams 4 Richter, 1 Myrtle Avenue Stand 4 * YONKERS. * I 3 Palisades Avenue 4 ► O TIA JIANA RACING THE Lower California Jockey Club = WILL OPEN A 100-DAY MEETING = AT== = TIA JIANA, LOWER CALIf ORIMIA near San Diego, California On New Years Day, 1916 J. W. COFFROTH President BARON LONG Treasurer H. A. HOUSER Secretary J. W. COFFROTH General Manager 350 Spreckels Building, San Diego, Cal. PURSES TO THE AMOUNT OT ,800 Will Be Distributed Daily. AN OPEN RING. CLIMATE UNEXCELLED. Transportation Facilities and Hotel Accommodations Adequate THE Monthly Form Book containing charts of all races ran on recognized tracks in North America during the month of NOVEMBER, is now on sale. PRICE .00 Single copies by mail will POSITIVELY only be sent as registered mall, with an extra charge of teu cents for registration. Not responsible for books sent as regular mail. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO.. 441 Plymouth Court :: :: Chicago, Illinois. 74 Exchange Street :: Buffalo. N. Y. SUNNYSIDE HOTEL Magnolia Springs, Baldwin County :: Alabama W. H. H. HARDING, Proprietor. In the heart of the Ponce de Leon country, between Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Open all the year round. Fine fishing. The Springs furnish a certain cure for kidney diseases. RATES: 815 PER WEEK. The Finest Resort Hotel in the World HAS BEEN BUILT AT SUNSET MOUNTAIN. ASHEVILLE; N. C. ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF. OPEN ALL THE YEAR. An old-fashioned Inn; walls five feet thick of granite boulders. Water from slopes of highest mountain east of the Rockies. Finest golf links is the South. Write for rates and literature. GROVE PARK INN. Sunset Mountain AshevUle. North CatoH—, "»"" RACES bm J. J. SCHREINER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER Y01 CAN EMPLOY ME FOR 0 for any ten days of this meeting. I dont sit in an office and guess for you. I am clocking every morning anil have a good line on all tWWtf that are ready and it to win. Dont fool your time and money away on systems, quack Uo| e and cheap tips. Consult a specialist of the game. Kemeniber. the stable money is always Ix-t on those 1 give. Have a docker of your own. One wire alone is worth the money. I wire one or two horses daily at 11 oclock. Tctvgraph remittance or remit by express money order in letter. Propositions not considered. ROOM 109. HOTEL SAVOY. EL PASO, TEX. SKIRTS made of your own material. WILSON, 1418 Stevens Building, Chicago Telephone: RANDOLPH 3819. TELEPHONES: Automatic 88-768. Harrison 1314, 1315, 1316. All Departments. OWEN H. FAY LIVERY CO. AUTOMOBILE LIVEBY AND GARAGE. 435 Plymouth Court Chicago, III A WINNER GUARANTEED Get Xinas Money Now. XXX Special goes Tuesday, December 7. Guaranteed to WIN. Information for one week POSITIVELY FREE If it does not. Price. . LALLY COLLYER 201 First National Bank Bldg. :: Covington, Ky. FOR SALE. Barber shop and field glass privi- leges at New Orleans races. i GEO. W. HOVEY :: DETROIT, MICH,

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