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GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY. The navy bill, which was allowed to hang over in Congress until the last minute, was passed Friday evening. It calls for a 35. 0H. 000 shipbuilding program; needed money at once available. slii 000, MK bond issue to hasten construction to 1«-agreed to by joint resolution. 3 battleships. 1 battle cruiser. 5S coast submarines. 10 fleet submarines. 15 destroyers. 3 scout cruisers. 1 destroyer tender. 1 submarine tender. New navy yard at S.m Pnncisco. Submarine base at New London. Conn. According to the London Thai a the Amsti rdam Telegraal publishes ;m account of an interview with a Human soldier who. when sen to the front, succeeded in escaping across the frontier into Holland. In the Vuikan dockyards at Hamburg, according to this man. be saw eight large submarines on the Stocks, BtMmt 315 feet lone and "armed as small cruisers." They could carry twenty torpedos or more apiece, .-nil were to lie manned by thirty -two men. Bach was to lie built in about three months. King Ferdinand of Bulgaria is dangerously ill at an Austrian health resort, according to advices received in Borne yesterday. King F-rdiiiand wai 5ti years obi on Primary 20. Be assessed the government in 1887, after the abdication of Prince Alexander. This is the first word of his illness. lie was last reported in attendant ■ at the eonferemee at the German Kaisers hcadcpiarters on January 27. when the unlimited submarine warfare was decided upon. The resignation of Foreign Minister Zimmerniann and an end to the diplomatic career of Von Bern-storff is expected as a result of the discovery of the plot against this country, as disclosed in Unoriginal document sent to Mexico City, now in the hands o! Prcsideat WBsoa. The note has been termed in Butch circles as a •crowning blunder of Teutonic diplomacy." Admission ot activity, as n lated in the plot disclosed in America, has been made by German; . The only excuse given for the planning, of the plot, is that the expected entrance of the United St. lbs into the war had to be couutorhn lanced by some action on the part of Germany. The Teutonic officials have expressed the belief that foreign agents of Germany gave the note away. Asking that the United States declare immediately for war upon Germany anil thus end th ■ submarine controversy, senators in session at Washington caused the most profound sensation since the outbreak of the Spanish -American war. One senator. Bremsagie of ream 1 Hi ill insisted this country had been in war three weeks already. The Mallory line steamer. Concho, was measured yesterday for large caliber guns, according to reports, and she and other vessels engaged in coastwise traffic in the Gulf of Mexico will be used as scout cruisers. The Henry B. Mallory. San Jacinto. Antilles. Comus. Protons and the CreOH are the others to be armed soon, it is said. Charges that the Inited States attempted to cause alliaaceo between South American countries and her own. as against Germany, were made by the to rman foreign office Saturday. This con-stitnt m1 tie- expressed reason for the action of Germany, through Secretary Ehamermaaa, in connection with the disclosed war plot. Senator Stone told the Senate Saturday he had beard that navy experts had devised a plan for protection of Americas merchant, ships, whereby they would be equipped with small ■aeanariae- chasing boats to lie lowered in the danger zone to scout for hostile craft and attack them. Japan wifl send an army of 1.000.000 to the western battlefields ill France this spring accord-ing to Captain Brans of tin British steamer Tow-gate, lb- Maya Japan has been waiting for Keg-land to nay th men are needed and for guarantees thai lhe. could 1m- provisioned and clothed. From ,n aatburitatiTC source it has been leaned thai the Austrian bare ha t mate need m death ISO inhabitants of Bosnia and Benegorins who claimed Serbian nationality. The Austrian claim this was a political crime. Barry, Umtnliaa boxer, has nea prohibited from boxing in New Yark because of an order bmaed by Governor Whitman. Whitman declares Barey is a "slacker" and as such should not be allowed to exhibit in this country. Austria ma nut sever diploma III" relations with the United Slabs, news from Vienna asserts. In dependence of he German policy of submarine w:.r tan is expected to be assumed iu a note expected at Washington.

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