Complete Summary of Yearling Sales, Daily Racing Form, 1917-07-05

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COMPLETE SUMMARY OF YEARLING SALES. At the sale of the thoroughbred yearlings, the property of A. B. Hancock of Charlottesville, Va., and Johnson N. Camden, of Versailles, Ky., which was held at Dnrlands on June 21, forty-one head sold for 5,075, an average of 1,099 per head. The complete summary of the sale is here presented: Property of A. B. Hancock. Chestnut filly, by Celt Network; P. A. Clark. 4,300 Brown colt, by Ben Brush Waldena; T. Welsh 4,000 Chestnut colt, by Plaudit Maud B. L. ; S. L. Parsons 3,000 Chestnut filly, by Sunstar Asccuseur; W. L. Powers, agent 3,000 Ray filly, by Ballot Gold; J. W. May 2,500 Chestnut colt, by Celt Aurinc; G. M. Odom.. 1,900. Bay colt, by Celt Sister Anna; W. Jennings.. 1,800. Chestnut colt, by Celt Workmaid; P. A. Clark 1,700 Chestnut colt, by Polymelus Half-a-Slice; J. W. May 1,700 Chestnut colt, by Peter Quince Miss Finch; J. W. May 1,700 Bay filly, by Vulcain Elizabeth Gilbert; J. ,AV. McClelland . 1,700 Bay colt, by Fair Play Lady Aristocracy; I G. M. Odom . 1.G00 Black colt, by Transvaal Eustis; R. J. AVal- den , 1,500 Bay filly, by Adam Bede Patricia IV. ; G. M. Odom 1,000 Bay or Brown colt, by Black Sand Parthenis; P. A. Clark 1,000 Chestnut colt, by Peter Quince Hermosa; G. M. Odom 900 Bay filly, by Junior Bachelor Girl; P. A. Clark, 850 Chestnut colt, by Peter Quince Amy J.; T. Welsh S50 Bay filly by Myram Pietra; W. B. Miller... 800 Chestnut colt, by Celt Sand Dune; R. F. Carman 700 Bay colt, by Vulcain Single Shot; C. T. AVorthington . , 700 Bay colt, by Santry Silent Queen; W. Jennings 700 Brown filly, by Celt Cowl; G. M. Odom 700 Chestnut filly, by Celt Ellerslie; .G. M. Odom COO Bay colt, by Spanish Prince Primula II.; J. Fitzsimmons COO Chestnut filly, by Vulcain Star Lady; R. J. AValden ..... 550 Chestnut filly, by Celt Sumptuous; G. M. Odom 500 Chestnut .colt, by Peter Quince Lass of Whcatley; II. Eugene Leigh 450 Chestnut filly, by Peep oDay Miss Doyle R. J. Walden . 450 Chestnut filly, by Celt Diambntiha; J. J. Mulriman . 400 Bay filly by Prince Ahmed Honey Bee; J. .J. Timmerman -. 375 Bay filly, by Celt-rRelle Fleur; E. F. Whitney 300 Chestnut filly, by Celt Eliza Russell; S. AVil- Chestnut colt, by Celt Ianna; T. Welsh 300 lets 250 Chestnut filly, by Celt Watita; W. M. Roberts 250 Bay. colt, by Heno Geneseo; S. Veitch 250 Bay filly, by Celt Albertola; G. Preece.... 225 Bay filly, by Vulcain Plantcss; J. J. Tim-merman 200 Chestnut filly, by Celt Sallie Washington; J. J. Timmerman 150 Property of Johnson N. Camden. Chestnut colt, by Peter Quince Balkis; H. Eugene Leigh .". 425 Bay colt, by Peter Quince Baby Lamb; H. Eugene Leigh 200 Total 41 head 5,075 Average lier head ,099 The sale of the Bosque Bonita yearlings, the propr erty of John II. Morris of Versailles, Ky., and others belonging to L. B. Combs, Mrs. K. P. Sliipp, Milton Young and J. B. Gorham, was held at Durlands on Tuesday, June 26, a total of twenty-three head selling for 7,425, an average of ,102 per head. The complete summary of the sale follows: Brown colt, by Plaudit Wild Thistle; G. M. Odom ,000 Bay filly, by Fair Play Golden Fancies; E. Herz 2,550 Chestnut filly, by Ballot Lychee Nut; J. W. McClelland 2,200 Bay filly, by Cunard Skyo; P. T. Chinn 2,000 Brown colt, by Sweep Hazel Burke; J. W. McClelland ...... 2,000 Black colt, by Plaudit Affect; J. M. McClelland 1,900 Bay colt, by Helmet Sister Carlinc; J. W. McClelland 1,700 Bay colt, by Plaudit Foremost; G. M. Odom. 1,250 Chestnut filly, by Plaudit Handzarra;E. Herz 800. Chestnut colt, by Superman Rose Prim; G. M. Odom ..... 750 Bay colt, by Jack Atkin Falomacita; G. M. Odom 650 Chestnut filly, by Plaudit Abby C; E. Herz 000 Brown colt, by Sain Clip Hook; G. M. Odom 550 Bay colt, by Ben Brush Olvido; G. M. Odom 500 : Brown colt, by Plaudit Result; W. L. Powers, agent J . 500 Brown filly, by Bannockburn Sebastiana; G. M. Odom 500 Brown colt, by Plaudit Lady Charcot; P. T. Chinn . 400 Bay filly, by Plaudit Crownlet; G. Preece... 325 Bay colt, by Jack Atkin Lisp; H. Eugene . Leigh 300 Bay colt, by Plaudit Tardy; H. Eugene Leigh 275 Bay filly, by Plaudit Meadrose II.; II. S. Hollis .. 250 Chestnut colt, by Stalwart Marguax; II. S. Hollis 5 Bay or brown filly, by Jack Atkin Jungfrau; G. Preece . 200 Total 23 head .7,425 Average per head 1,192

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