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GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY. Secretary McAdoo lias authorized the following statement in regard to exchange of certificates for Liberty Loan bonds: There seems to bo some misapprehension as to the conditions affecting . the exchange of liberty bonds and of interim certificates of different denominations. It is of considerable importance to the numerous people throughout the country, who have subscribed for 0 to 00 bonds, that this misapprehension should be removed. To illustrate the confusion which seems to exist, there appeared in a New York paper the following statement: "The 0 bonds have been selling much lower than the higher denominations, and this has been duo to the fee the government collects on every transfer," which in the case of the 0 bonds is comparatively heavy. A person who purchases ,000 in 0 bonds, for example, is obliged to pay a fee of 20." This statement is erroneous. In the first place, no definite bonds have as yet been delivered, and there is no charge whatever for the exchange of interim certificates -of different denominations, nor will there be any charge when the definite bonds are ready, for the issue of such bonds, of whatever authorized denominations niay be requested, against surrender of an equal aggregate amount of full paid interim certificates of whatever denomination. There will be no charge, for instance, for the exchange of ten 00 certificates for one ,000 bond, nor for the exchange of one ,000 certificate for ten 00 bonds. Consequently, there is no possible reason for any difference in price at the present time on account of the different denomi-. nations of the interim certificates. Sir Edward Carson, new member of the war cabinet, referred in his speech at Belfast Friday to . the now German chancellors pronouncement. He said: "If the Germans want peace we are prepared tomorrow to treat not with Prussianism, but with the best of the German nation, and as a preliminary to such a treaty and as nil earnest of their sincerity that they dont want to acquire any territory or show violence towards others, we toll them to come forward and offer to enter negotiations. We make as tlie first condition of such a parley that they shall withdraw their troops behind the Bhine. When they have shown something like contrition for the wrongs and outrages against humanity which they have committed on poor little Belgium, in northern France, in Serbia, and in tliose other regions which they needlessly drenched with blood, we will be willing to enter into negotiations to see what can be done for release of the world from the terror of arms." The first official announcement of the adminstra-tions plans for sending expeditionary forces from the three American armies to France was made by Secretary of War Raker Friday. "The present plans of the war department are so framed." Secretary Baker said, "as tp provide for .the training of eacli portion of the army as soon as equipment can be furnished, and to dispatch each portion of the army to France as soon as it is trained and equipped and tonnage becomes available." Only one construction could be placed on this that the adminstration plans to send to France the entire national army of 500,000 drawn by conscription Friday; the full national guard of 453,000 as filled to war strength by the draft, and the full regular army of 300,000, a combined force of 1,153,000 to reinforce the thousands now training back of the line in Franco. "We cant make peace with a Germany dominated by autocracy," said Premier Lloyd George commenting in a speech in London yesterday on the r.eiehsfag address of the new German chancellor. "The war," he continued, "now becomes a struggle between two definite groups of national ideals. Significant in this respect is the news announced yesterday of the accession of that brilliant Russian statesman, Kereiisky, to the leadership of Russian democracy." The premier said that the speech of Chancellor Michaelis meant that if Germany should be victorious thens would be annexation all around and that the military autocracy would be established niore firmly than ever. The speech showed, the premier asserted, that those in charge of affairs in Germany had for the moment made the choice for war. Chancellor Michaelis, the ney guiding spirit in Germany, made it known in his first address to the reichstag, delivered Thursday, that he will carry on the .policies of the, "junkers," perhaps lo a further extent than liis predecessor. Von l5eflimiiiin-U6ll-weg, was willing to go. He flatly turned down the program of "no annexations and no indemnities." which was supported by the Socialists and Liberals and announced himself for the Bethmaniiic idea of readjustment of the borders aiid colonial possessions by bargaining. His peace apparently is a German peace, based oh victory and dicta tioii of terms. He expressed faith in the final victory by the submarine and asserted that that warfare should be carried to the finish. A dispatch of yesterday from Pctrograd says that the gravest crisis for Russia since the revolution is a hand. The disturbances here and in Moscow are al an end. But a new siiecter, more terrible in the consequences it may spell, lias the country in its grip sedition by the army. Amazing lack or morale and open defiance of orders are revealed by today V war oirico statement. It is shown that the Russian part of the forces in Galicia, in the reach ol triumph, suddenly weakened, stopped, then deliberately turned back in complete disregard of thcii officers orders. Consequently the whole front began to crumble. The Bourse Gazette announces that the Russian Premier Lvoff has resigned and that Alexander F. Kereiisky lias been appointed premier, but will temporarily retain his portfolio of minister of war and marine. M. Tseretelli has been appointed to the post of minister of the interior, which was hold by M. LvotT, but will retain his portfolio of minister ol posts and telegraphs. M. Nekrasoir has been named provisionally as minister of justice, in place of M. Pereveizeff, who resigned Thursday. The last number in the army lottery at Washington was drawn at 2:18 Saturday morning 3217. The great drawing went off without mishap except for the drawing Of one blank, which means that one serial number among the 10,500 assigned to registrants was not drawn. The blank was given number 10,500 in the liability for service list, and when a rechecking reveals the missing serial number, it will be given that place. Conditions in Spain caused much misgiving in well informed qiiarters, where the outlook is regarded as full of trouble for the monarchy. The soldiers are not satisfied with the increase of pay ofTered and the industrial organizations have decided upon a general strike, looked on as the forerunner of revolution. Premier Baio, it is thought, will resort to strong measures. A series of powerful massed attacks by the Germans on the California and Vauclerc plateau have been repulsed by the French, according to dispatcher received at London yesterday. "The ground in front of our lines covered with dead, bears witness tc the violence Of the battle and the sanguinary defeat of the enemy," says the Paris war office. The amendment of Senator Pomerene authorizing the President through the federal trade commission to fix prices of coal and coke during the war, to take over at a reasonable price and operate coal mines and to regulate wholesale and retail distribution and wages of coal miners, was adopted yesterday, 72 to 12. The administration food control bill, authorizing a minimum price of a bushel for wheat, was passed late yesterday by the senate. Provisions prohibiting further manufacture of distilled beverages and directing the president to buy all distilled beverages in bond were left unchanged. From Switzerland comes the information that Germany is making feverish preparations for a great American air offensive. Workmen in Zeppelin factories, which are now producing aeroplanes exclusively, have been doubled. The latest news from Finland is to the effecl that the bill whereby Finland seeks to wrest complete independence from Russia, was adopted by the diet amidst scenes of unexampled enthusiasm and solemnity. General John J. Pershing, the commander-in-chief of the American forces in France, has arrived upon the British front, said a dispatch from a town in northern France yesterday. Francis Ouimot. the golf champion, was one ol the first twenty-five drafted in the wealthy colony at Brooklyn. He "will lie among the first men called. Ouimet is the western amateur golf champion. The German reichstag lias voted, without discussion, the third reading of the bill providing foi a war crcdit of ,0il0,00l,000. The. minority uguinsl the measure was made "up of Independent Socialists,

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