Catching The Goggle-Eye: Beautiful and Early Fish Which Repays the Taking.; Voracious Biting Rock Bass Are Best in Streams and Riffles and Give One Thrills Aplenty., Daily Racing Form, 1919-06-03


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CATCHING THE GOGGLEEYE Beautiful and Early Fish Which Repays the Taking Voracious Biting Rock Bass Are Best BestIn In Streams and Rilllen anil Give GiveOne One Thrill Aplenty Whpn winters cliilly breath lias passed and the balmy winds of this southland compel us to again be truant as oft wo were in lifes springtime when we hid our books in tlie old sycamore and fished fur sunnics down it the llig lloulder and hie to the stream or lake that we may forget for the moment the cares and burdens of the hour let no one doubt the pleasure of the trip in the absence of trout or black bass fishing if there be a goodly sprinkle of rock bass or as they are commonly called goggleeye goggleeyeThis This fish may their tribe increase though not so sportive or game as the black bass is far from being a slacker and on light tackle gives one thrills aplenty when hooked hookedThe The color of the rock bass is rich pleasing and beautiful being a dark olivegreen along the back blending into orangeyellow on the sides the close lying scales sparkling in the sunlight as though sprinkled with gold dust On the gill cover there is a prominent black spot and the iris of the eye is red redThe The following terse remarks regarding this joy maker are taken from the Outdoorsmans Hand ¬ book that excellent volume which should be in the possession of every sportsman Caught during summer anil autumn in the clear waters of lakes londs and rivers in the Great Lakes region and the Mississippi Valley as far south as Louisiana with worm or small fish bait on the smallest black bass rod and tackle Weighs up to one and a half pounds The average weight however is probably half i pound or a little less lessThey They are voracious biters in the spring and are taken equally well by either primitive or modern tackle and methods methodsIn In most instances tlie rock bass found in streams put up tlie best fight Look for them along the shore near submerged rocks logs partly hidden stumps in deep pockets in the rocky bottom in tlie iuiet water at the edge of riffles in the riffles and especially among the roots of trees overhanging the bank bankTlie Tlie choice of tackle is of course a personal one but it goes without saying that tlie most of us will pass up the old cane pole cotton line and many colored float those treasures of youth for lighter more elegant equipment The following list of accessories will be found about right for rock bass fishing at least that has been my experience experienceTOOLS TOOLS AND BAIT FOR ROCK BASS BASSLet Let the rod be a fly rod reel seat below tlie hand not under nine feet in length and made of any material I use a highgrade steel rod with satisfactory results JJeel single action fly reel eighty or one hundred yard size Line soft dressed silk of twelve or fifteen pounds test It may be waterproofed more or less by soaking in a warm mixture of thin oil and vaseline for about twenty minutes removing the surplus by drawing the line through a cloth Unwind from reel and dry at the close of each days fishing The hook may be coupled directly to the line so far as results are concerned but a threefoot single gut leader is more scientific and businesslike and is here recommended If desired snelled hooks may l e used with equally good results resultsWith With further reference to the hook the No 1 Sproat or Iennel or the No 22 Cincinnati Bass will be found good in both size and style Keep them sharp with a small sharpening stone or file fileYou You may use one or two splitshot sinkers and a float if you like but usually I employ neither 1 have had by far the best success with nice fat worms dug the same day used Select large ones of pinkish color which is easily done in tlie spring and then forget about the rule that says you must use only a single worm for bait This mar hold good for some fish but certainly not for rock bass bassTut Tut on two or three of tlie largest worms more if smaller passing the hook through a small portion of each near the center Drop this writhing wig ¬ gling tantalizing mass near u goggleeye and if he is at all in a biting mood it will be snatched instantly I have found this manner of baiting for these fisli far superior to any other and have caught them by this method when they absolutely refused anything else elseLater Later on in June and July when they lie along this shore as tlie shades of evening gather snapping up the luckless insects that fall into tlie water put on a fly line sixfoot leader and flyfish for them You will be surprised at the charm and sport they afford Use only small trout flics the Black Gnat and White Miller being good goodA A strong point in favor of the rock bass and one which should stimulate keeping the streams well stocked is that the best fishing for them fre ¬ quently occurs when the spring weather is at its best and the black bass aiasuu closed thus afford ¬ ing many piscatorial excursions that would other ¬ wise be missed W O C Ellis in Field and Stream

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