Sport Aplenty Near City: Rod and Gun Can Be Well Plied on Edges of Big Chicago.; Bass Around Joliet--Rabbit, Plover and Fish at Romeo and Other Places., Daily Racing Form, 1919-06-03


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SPORT APLENTY NEAR CITY Eod and Gun Can Be Well Plied on Edges of Big Chicago Bnsa Aronml Toliet Rabbit Plover anil Fish at Romeo and Other It is not so much what yon get as tlie fun of it is a pretty good motto for the real sportsman Give me the redblooded man or boy who is game for a long hard hike or a day spent patiently wad ¬ ing a lake or stream witli tlie chance of a fisli or so at the end of the day or as the case may be a couple of bunnies or birds And think of the fresh bracing air ihe appe ¬ tite you bring home with you and best of all tiie delightful memories of a day spent close to nature natureTo To yon who dwell here in our big busy town I have this to say You have plenty of opportuni ¬ ties to satisfy all your cravings almost at your doors There are plenty of bass in a dozen dif ¬ ferent places within an hours ride of Chicago by trolley or rail If you have the patience of the true fisherman or hunter you can satisfy your most ardent cravings cravingsFirst First we will take a little trip toward Joliet On this route we have Lambert Tlie Sag where there are several large quarries Here you find bass both large and small and all you have to do is get em not tlie easiest tiling in the world to do but still possible A little farther on is Lcmont or to be precise Walkers Gate Here are about half a dozen quarries of varying sizes a beautiful place for an outing I have spent some delightful times there and brought home the bacon nearly always alwaysSPORT SPORT FROM LEMONT TO ROMEO ROMEOBeyond Beyond Lemont is Romeo There are plenty of pretty spots in this part of tlie country but to my way of thinking Komeo takes the cake plate and all Romeo in particular appeals to the women folk it is so picturesque quiet and restful On one particular trip out there if I rememl er rightly two ladies had six hours rest out of the ten or twebre we were there Yes Itomeo is a delightful place for resting Also there are plenty of opportunities for bathing boating and picnicking It was here on one particular occasion that the bag for the day consisted of rabbit frog legs plover and bass not too much of each but just enough enoughNow Now lets take a little trip on the third rail out to the Fox River That there are some delight ¬ ful spots along this stream no one will deny but as a possibility for the hunter or fisherman plenty of folk are skeptical I have been out there on several occasions and returned empty handed On the other hand Ive taken some good strings of bass out of tlie river in the vicinity of Gleinvood Park and Batavia Plenty of plover snipe and rabbits arc to be found in the same neighborhood and while the ducks are flying there are always chances for the hunter to get in a shot or two around the numerous sloughs Quite a few hunters whom I know sing their praises of the country around Yorkville YorkvillePHEASANTS PHEASANTS PLOVER SNIPE TO NORTH NORTHNow Now let us take a little ride out on the North ¬ western say as far as 1ark Itidge and hunt over toward the les Plaines In this particular spot you will see almost as ninny pheasants as you would in an English game preserve Of course I am writing of the closed season They are harder to find after being shot at a few times On the Soo line from Sehermerville north is another good spot for almost everything in the line of game pheasants rabbits plover and snipe lieing quite plentiful Some ducks are shot in this locality too as there aro a immlier of streams and jwnds From Sehennerville as far as Rondout the hunting is all one could wish for forSuppose Suppose we take a trip toward Kankakee You dont have to go far in this direction to find game aplenty also several small lakes in the vicinity of Monee which are really worth while We leave the car say af Crete and starting out in almost any direction you can find a veritable sportsmans paradise If you want rabbits there are plenty around the cornfields or along the hedge rows If you prefer plover or snipe tlie meadows are there and so are tlie birds I remember one September day in rticular when I saw more plover and snipe than I have ever seen before or since on any one day and four of us eacli got the limit and there didnt seem to be any birds missing from the flocks either at the end of the days sport sportPLENTY PLENTY OF FISH AROUND MONEE MONEEA A little south of Crete we come to Monee anrt believe me heres whore theres something doing at all seasons Do you wish to fisli Well go to it There are two nice lakes hero well stocked and you can pet them almost any way But if you prefer the fly rod here is where you can have all the sport your heart desires In the larger of the two lakes there are small mouth bass aplenty and they seem to prefer the fly to any other bait There are also plenty of crappies blue gills and a few pickerel For the fly fisherman here is really the finest spot I know of in the vicinity of Chicago ChicagoHere Here also is the spot preferred by most hunters who travel this route There re woods and more woods with squirrels rabbits and an occasional coon About three years ago a cyclone visited this section following a watercourse through the tim ¬ ber and left a picturesque jumble of blowndown trees This made a particular good cover for Prer Jlabbit and lie sure takes advantage of it They are here in myriads and then some Its a case of now you see them and now you dont To the man who likes the excitement of quick shooting I would say Go down there You will get all tlie thrills you want and rabbits too provided you are quick enough on the trigger triggerBIRDS BIRDS RABBITS AND SPORT EVERYWHERE EVERYWHEREI I like this one sjxit about as well as any I ever hunted in Yon dont have to look all day for game and you dont have to complain about not getting enough exercise If you hunt that blow down over a couple of times you have done some ¬ thing that will produce a real appetite Its an ideal siKit to break in a novice if you would have him develop a truly quick hunters eye A friend and myself have hunted this spot manys the time and hope to comli it over a few times more We also attempted the breaking in of a couple of embryo nimroils my boy Billy and his pal Howard HowardAs As hunters they have not yet become a big hit but we have great hopes of them developing On their first trip Billy developed the finest case of buck fever I ever saw We were skirting the blowdown with no success the boy all aglow with anticipation when a bunny suddenly went out right at his feet He gripped his gun tighter glued his eyes onto the rabbit and yelled There he goes Dad Get him When questioned later as to why he didnt do the getting Billy said nothing He didnt have his usual alibi alibiFrom From Monee south we have the Peotone marshes a good spot for birds and rabbits Heres where the man with a good dog can always be sure of getting a fair bag The undergrowth is dense and a dog is really a necessity East of the trolley line from rote south of Itradley the timber is heavy in spots and there are quite a number of deep draws Coons were there aplenty and several foxes were shot there during tlie past season seasonYes Yes Brother SHirtsmau you dont need to worry much alMiut the diminishing supply of game around the hig burg You can gel it yet not in as large quantities as formerly maylie but you can get a sportsmans share And what is of more importance you can get plenty of fresh air and keep yourself young and healthy which is of the most imimr tance to you and your family W G Bishop in Sports Afield

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