Latest Work-Outs At Latonia Track, Daily Racing Form, 1919-06-11

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LATEST WORKOUTS AT LATONIA TRACK TRACKLATONIA LATONIA Ky June 10 The following were the workouts at La I on la this morning as reported by the official timers Weather clear track fast Alhstello Threequarters in 115 Antoinette VnireeJquarter in 118 118Amelita Amelita Threequarters in 113 113Arrow Arrow Point Fiveeighths in 100 100A A N Akin Fiveeighths in 101 Abbess Fiveeighths in 103 Anna Jackson Fiveeighths in 103 Ambuscade Half mile in 52 Ace of Trumps Fiveeighths in 104 Brynlimah Half mile in 50 Klitckie Daw Fiveeighths in 103 Best of Luck Threequarters in 118 Brown Bee Threequarters in 118 Butcher Boy Threequarters in 120 Beaverkill Threequarters in 121 Blazonry One mile in 140 Bandymo One mile In 147 Bullion One mile in 145 Bugle Call Half mile in 51 Besthoff Half mile in 49 Brisk Half mile in 49 Bobby Allen Threeeighths in 37 Bon Tromp Half mile In 49 Broom Peddler Half mile in 51 Ruford Fiveeighths in 102 Batchler Half mile in 54 Blnck Prince Threeeighths In 37 Bagpipe Threeeighths in 38 Black Watch Threeeighths In 3C Brig of War Threeeighths in 35 Bubbles Threeeighths in 35 By Heck Threeeighths In 34 Breeze Threequarters in 117 Constantino One mile in 142 Camouflage One mile in 148 Clam Martin One mile in 144 Cantilever One mile in 150 Cheer Loader One mile in 143 Churchill Downs Threequarters in 117 Chief Brown Threequarters In 121 Chesterfield Threequarters in 116 Catania Fiveeighths in 102 Cane Run Half mile in 48 Carrie Moore Half mile in 52 Chiska Threeeighths In 37 Captain Muck Threeeighths In 37 Code of Honor Threeeighths in 35 Daymen One mile in 143 Dodge One mile in 140 Duke of Shelby One mile in 145 Dr Samuels One mile in 141 Dick Williams One mile in = 141 Dr Carman One mile in 143 Dixie Carroll One mile in 144 Duke of Latonia Half mile in 49 DiscnsslonrThrcerquarters in 113 Darnley Threequarters in 118 Dragoon Fiveeighths in 103 Dancer Fiveeighths in 108 Docod Fiveeighths in 103 Dr Hlekman Threeeighths in 35 Dick Horn One mile in 142 Diversion Threeeighths in 35 Exhorter One mler in 143 Enmity Threequarters in 117 Emanate Three quarters in 114 Escovar Threequarters in 119 Ed Stone Threequarters in 115 Exempted Half mile in 50 Eddie Tranter Threeeighths n 39 HI Mahdl Fiveeighths in 102 Friz Threeeighths in 35 Fifi II Threequarters in 114 Freecntter One mile in 143 Green Jones One mile in 141 Grace Seveneighths in 134 Guy Fortune Threequarters in 117 Glenwell Fiveeighths in 103 Golden Glow Half mile in 48 Ginger Threeeighths in 35 Griindy Half mile in 47 Grey Kaglc One mile in 144 Hurry Up One mile in 143 Hidden Jewel Threequarters in 114 Hereafter Fiveeighths in 101 High Wind Half mile in 52 High Cloud Half mile in 51 Happy Gt Lucky Half mile in 50 High Command Threeeighths In 34 lolite One mile in 140 I win Threequarters in 116 Irregular Threequarters In 125 Jack ODowd Half mile In 49 John Jr Fiveeighths in 107 J C Stone Fiveeighths in 104 J J Murdock Threequarters in 115 John O Threequarters in 110 Jorice Threequarters in 114 Jim Hefferihg Threequarters in 116 Jack K One mile in 145 Kenward One mile in 151 Keep Fiveeighths in 102 Kinburne Half mile In 52 Kiku Threeeighths in 35 Kingozi Half mile in 50 Kilkenny Threeeighths in 35 Leo Ray One mile in 143 Little Marchmont II One mile In 142 Legotal Threequarters in 115 Lottery Half mile In 50 Montague One mile in 145 Marasinus Onfe mile1 in1 52 Miss ManagerThreequarters in 116 Mab Tlirceouartcrs in 120 3Iarsc John Threequarters in 117 Miss Parnell Half mile in 48 Money Maker Threequartera in 117 117Ndlo Ndlo Fiveeighths in 104 104Napthalius Napthalius Three quarters in 115 115Omond Omond Threequarters in 123 123Ornella Ornella T Threequarters in 114 114Old Old McKenua Half mile in 52 52Orlova Orlova Half mile in 49 49Pleasureville Pleasureville Threequarters in 116 116Parole Parole Fiveeighths in 103 103Port Port Light Fiveeighths in 102 102Pastime Pastime Fiveeighths in 102 102Plnmcot Plnmcot Fivereighths in 107 107Pine Pine Grove Half mile in 50 50Pizarro Pizarro Half mile in 48 48Parr Parr Threeeighths in 37 37Paul Paul Weidel Threeeighths in 36 36Principal Principal Threeeighths in 37 37Polroma Polroma One mile in 143 143Precious Precious One mile in 143 143Ruth Ruth Strickland One mile in 151 151Rhymer Rhymer One mile in 148 148Rainbow Rainbow Girl Threequarters in 119 119R R II Anderson Threequarters In 119 119Reveler Reveler Threequarters in 114 114Rifle Rifle Fiveeighths in 106 106Ringleader Ringleader Fiveeighths in 102 102Royden Royden Half mile in 51 51Runnyven Runnyven Half mile in 51 51Silk Silk Lady Threeeighths in 35 35Sandy Sandy Lad Threeeighths in 36 36Skye Skye Ball Half mile in 52 Sennings Park Fiveeighths in 104 tVilute Threequarters in 117 Selma G One mile in 144 St Jude One mile in 146 146The The Toff One mile in 143 143Tim Tim Dudley One mile In 143 143Tombolo Tombolo One mile in 144 144Tyranny Tyranny One mile in 140 140Top Top o th Morning Threequarters in 116 116Texas Texas Special Threequarters in 114 114Tetley Tetley Threequarters In 114 114Tom Tom Brooks Threequarters in 116 116Tom Tom Caro Threequarters in 110 110Tokay Tokay Fiveeighths in 104 104The The Nipper Fiveeighths in 102 102Thornbloom Thornbloom Fiveeighths in 105 105The The Swimmer Threeeighths in 35 35Uiicas Uiicas Fiveeighths in 100 100Uncle Uncle White One milo in 142 142View View Half mile in 48 48Verde Verde Threequarters In 116 116W W II Pierce One mile in 143 143Wenonah Wenonah Threequarters in 116 116Westwood Westwood Fiveeighths in 102 102W W H Montgomery Half mile in 52 52Watorford Watorford Threeeighths in 37 37Zim Zim Half mile In 53

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