Epsom Derby Will Be Run Today: Record Since 1850 Of The Foremost Race Of The World And Which Has Been Won By Such Wonders As Voltageur, West Australian, Blink Bonny, Blair Athol, Galopin, Cremorne, Ormonde, Isinglass And Flying Fox, Daily Racing Form, 1921-06-01


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EPSOM DERBY WILL BE RUN TOD A Y RECORD SINCE 1850 OF THE FOREMOST RACE OF THE WORLD AND WHICH HAS BEEN WON BY SUCH WON ¬ DERS AS VOLTAGEUR WEST AUSTRALIAN BLINK BONNY BLAIR ATHOL GALOPIN CREMORNE ORMONDE ISINGLASS AND FLYING FOX The one hundred and fortyfirst renewal of the farfamed Epsom Derby is the star turf feature of Ibis day It is the race of races to followers of the great sport the wide world over Its winning has been eagerly sought by king and commoners alike by Englishmen Irishmen Scotchmen Frenchmen Italians Americans in short by turfmen of all nationalities carrying on racing Its position as the foremost raco of the world in historical dignity is unassailable and uncontested Tho race of this year is vested with all tho interest that attachcd to its predecessors Its winter favorites Humorist Mon ¬ arch and the like have giyeii place to the logic of the revelations of spring racing and now the winner of the Two Thousand Guineas Craig an Eran property of an expatriated American is the favorite a downright good colt of Derby calibro ho is At last advices Lcighton undefeated son of Roi Ilerodo Queen of the Earth and especially reserved for this Derby was a highly thought of second choice with Alan Breck and dependable Lemonora nest in favor However to none of these may fall the laurels of victory Tho Held is expected to bo a large one numerically A few hours hence we will know the out ¬ come of tho Anxiously awaited event To Americans nothing would be more delightful than a triumph for Mr Macoinbers The Bohemian an Americanbred which had his first racing lessons in this country last year But success for him would come strictly in the category of things only faintly hoped for forThe The Derbji was first run in 1780 Its first winner Diomcd came to this country in his old age and founded a great family The condensed history of the race since 1850 is as follows Year Owner Winner Odds Jockey Second Third Time Value ValueClincher 1850 Lord Zetland iVolUgeur 1C1 J Marson lilsford Clincher 250 20375 20375Ncasham lilsford1S51 1S51 Sir J Hawley Teddington 31 J Marson Mrlhh Buck Ncasham 251 21875 21875CBNicholn 1832 Mr Bowes Daniel OUourke 251 F Butler Barbarian CBNicholn 302 24310 24310Cineas 1803 Mr Bowes tWest Australian i4 F Butler Sittingbonrne Cineas 255 2i0i 1854 Mr Gully Andover 72 A Day King Tom Hermit 252 29250 29250Lof 1855 F Popliam Wild Dnyrtll 11 R Slierwood Kingstown Lof the Isles254 24125 24125Caunobie 1855 Admiral Harcourt Ellington 201 Aldcroft Yellow Jack Jack2UL Caunobie 304 28125 28125Adanias 1857 W IAnson SBlink Bonny Bonny1S5S 2UL Charlton Black Tommy Adanias 243 2775f 2775fThe 1S5S SO J llawley Beadsman 101 Wells Toxopholite The Hadji 254 20015 20015Trumpeter 185 Sir J Hawley MusJId 94 Wells Marionette Trumpeter 259 33250 33250Horror 1SOO Mr Merry Thormanby 41 CustanceThe Wizard Horror 255 0300 0300Diophantus 1801 Col Towneley Kettledrum 1C1 Wizard1C1 Bullock Dundee Diophantus 24 0500 0500Bucjistone 1802 Mr Snowing Caraetacns 401 J ParsonsThe Marquis Bucjistone 245 32125 32125Rapid liXKS R C Naylor Macaroni 101 T ChalonerJLd Clifden Rapid Rhone 250 34500 34500Scot 1801 W IAuson JBlair Athol Athol18Ji J 141 SnovdonGenural Peel Scot Chief 243 2500 2500Eltham 18Ji Count F deLagrange Gladiatour 52 H GrimsirwChrIsCarol GrimsirwChrIsCarol5G Eltham 245 34375 34375Rustic Lyon18G7 1SCG R Sutton JLord Lyon 5G distance Savernake Rustic 250 37750 18G7 Mr Chaplin Hermit 00015 Daley Marksman Vauban 180S Sir J Hawley Blue Gown 72 Wells King Alfred 35000Speculum 252 35000 Speculum 243 34000 34000T 1800 J Johnstone Pretender 118 J OsboruePero Gomez T Drummer 252 31125 31125Muster 1870 Lord Falmouth Kingcraft 201 T French Palmerston Muster 1871 B Rothschild Favonius 91 T FrenchffKoftheForest 245 30875 ttAlbert Victor 250 25625 25625Q 1872 II Savile Cremorne 31 Maidment Pell Moll Q 245 Messenger 24250 1873 Mr Merry Doncuster 451 F WebhffGangForward 1874 W S Cartwright George Frederick 91 CuVtance CouVonnede Fer Atlantic 250 24125 24C 20750 20750Repentance 1875 Prince BattuvanyGaIouJn 21 Morris Claremont Claremont187C Repentance 248 24750 24750Julius 187C A Baltazzi KIslKr 41 Maidment Forerunner Maidment1S77 Forerunner1S77 Julius Caesar244 27875 27875Rob 1S77 Lord Falmouth JSilvIo 1009 F Archer Glen Arthur Arthur187S Rob Roy 250 30250 30250Cliilderic 187S W S Crawford Ssefton 10012 Constable Insulaire Cliilderic 25G 29125 29125Visconti 1879 Mr Acton Sir ISevys 201 G Fordhn Fordhnm Palmbearcr Visconti 302 35125 35125Mask 1880 D of Westminster Bend Or 21 F Arclier ArclierJRobthe Devil Mask 24G 31875 31875Town 1551 P Lorilliml tlroquois 112 F Archer Peregrine Town Moor 250 29025 29025Sachem 1552 D of Shotover Westminster 112 T Cannon Quicklime Sachem 1883 Sir F Johnstoue St Blaise 31 C Wood Highland Chief 245 23875 Galliard 2485 23730 23730O 1554 T Hammond ttSt Gallon 1008 C Wood Sir WoodSir J WilloiighbyttHarvester 1007 S Loates O Adelaide 24500 24500R 2401 1555 Lord Hastings JMelton 7340 F Archer Paradox Archer1SSG R Hampton 244 j 22G23 22G23St 1SSG D of Westminster lOrrnonde 49 F Archer The Bard St Mirin 245 2500 2500Martley 1857 Mr Abington Merry Hampton 1009 J Watts The Baron 1858 Dnke of Portland Ayrshire 5G Baron5G F Barrett Crowherrv Martley 243 22G25 22G25VDmns VDmns Ld243 1S375 1S375El 188 Duke of Portland JDonovan 811 T Loates Miguel Loates1S90 El Dorado 244 20250 20250Orwell 1S90 Sir J Miller Sainfoin 10015 J Watts Lo Nord Orwell 240 29700 29700Martenhnrst 1891 Sir F Johnstone iCornmon 1011 G Bnrrett Gouverucur Martenhnrst 25GJ 27550 27550Bucentaure 1892 Lord Bradford Sir Hugo 401 F Allsopp AllsoppttLa Fleche Bucentaure 244 3IOOfl 3IOOflRaehiirn 1805 Mr McCabnont Jlsihglass 4U T Loates Ravensburv Ravensburv2n Raehiirn 243 27575 27575Reminder 0 Itosobery lds 2n J Jfl I0 Watte Matchbox Reminder Matchbox1SO 245J 27250 1SO Lord Rosebery tSir Visto 91 S Lcates Curzon 180G Curzon180G Prince of Wales JPersimmon 51 J Watts St Frusmiin Kirkoonnel 2435 27250 27250Earwig Earwig 242 27r 27rHistory 1807 Mr Gnbblns tGaltee More 14 C Wood Vclasunez Volasunoz1SOS History 244 27 27Dnnlop 1SOS J Larmich Jeddoh 10O1 O Madden Ratt 1890 D of Westminster tFlying Fox 23 M Cannon Damocles Dnnlop 247 27250 27250Innocence Innocence 27250 27250Disguise 1900 Prince of WHUH tDiamond Jubilee S4 H Jones Simon Dile 242J Disguise II 242 27250 27250Veronese 1001 WC Whitney ttVblodyovskl 52 L ReifT William the III Veronese 240 2S350 2S350Friar 1902 J Gubbins Ard Patrick 10014 JILMartin Rising Glass Friar Tuck 242i 27250 27250Flotsam 1901 Sir J Miller tltoek Sand 4G D Maher Vinicius 1904 L de Rothschild St Ainant 51 K Cannon John oGiunt Flotsam St 32500St Denis 242 32500 245 32250 32250Signorino 1905 Lord Rosebery Cicero 411 I Maher Tinlv 1000 MaJ E Lodcr Spearniint Gl D Maher VlMeton Signorino 230 3 rrroutbeck 230 3 3Slve 1907 R Croker Orby 1009 J Reiff Wool Winder Slve Gallion244 Winder100S 3 3Llangwm 100S Cliev Glnistrelli tSignorinetta 1001 W Bullock Primer 1909 H M King Edward Minoru 72 II Jones Louvlers Llangwm 2391 3 3Wilamtho4th Wilamtho4th 1910 Mr Fairio Lomberg 74 B Dillon Greenback C SjjsoC 242 Sjjso 1011 OMalley 235J 32251 32251Royal J B Joels Sunstar 13S G Stern Stodfist Royal Tender 230 3 3Tracery W Raphael Tagalie 1008 J Reiff Jiecer Tracery 23Sjf 3 3Great 1913 A P Cunliffo tAboyeur 1001 K Piper Louvois Great Sport 237 32250 32250Ptho 1914 H P Duryca Durbar II 201 M McGco ilapsburg Ptho IIermit23S7f 32250 32250Rossondale 1915 S Joel Pommern 1110 S Donoshno Let Flv Fly Rossondale 232 12000 12000Nassovian 1010 E Hulton Fifinella 112 T Childs KwangSu Nassovian 235 14500 14500Dark 1017 Mr Fairie Gay Crusader 74 S Donoghue Danscllon Dark Logend240 10250 10250Treclare 1918 Lady James Douglas Gainsborough S13 J Childs Rlink Treclare 233 f 20000 20000Paper 1919 Lord Glanoly Grand Parade 31 Templeman Bnchan Paper Moncy235 32250 32250Orpheus 1920 Major G Lodor Spion Kop 100G F ONeill Archaic Orpheus 233 32250 32250Leger Also won the Two Thousand t the Oaks the One Thousand t the St Leger used ttDead heat itStartlng gate first

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