New English Riding Rules: Important Amendments to Present Regulations Governing Riders in Races, Daily Racing Form, 1921-08-16


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NEW ENGLISH RIDING RULES Important Amendments to Present Regulations Governing Riders in Races. LONDON, England, August 22. Some important changes in the present rules governing riders in races were adopted by the Jockey Club meeting, held at Newmarket in July. Here are the changes made: To add to part 1: A "jockey" is a person who holds a license from the stewards of the Jockey Club to ride for hire. To add to rule 95, as section II: The other sections to be renumbered: A person who has never held. a jockeys license under any recognized rules of racing may ride without a jockeys license in matches or private sweepstakes, or in races the conditions of which permit of his riding under the qualification of a membership of race clubs, as specified in such conditions, and recognized by the Jockey Club: b as an officer on full pay serving in the regular forces. Persons so qualified are are not debarred from owning race horses. They shall ride without remuneration. In other respects, they shall be subject to the rules applicable to jockeys. To make the following consequential alterations to rule 95: 95 1 No person shall ride in any race until ho shall have obtained a license from the stewards of the Jockey Club except as in section 2 of this rule and except an apprentice, who, provided ho has never ridden before as a licensed jockey, may ride for one week without a license. No lad shall be granted a license as an apprentice who has previously ridden as a full jockey under recognized rules of any country. Licenses must be applied for annually with full name and address at the registry office and will only be granted on the condition that a jockey is not an owner of any race horse. 2 Any person who shall employ a rider in a race in contravention of section 1 or 2 of this rule shall be liable to have his horse disqualified and to be fined by the stewards of the Jockev Club. 3 A list of the licensed jockeys shall be published annually in the Racing Calendar. 4 Every jockey shall pay .00 and every apprentice .50 for his license, to be applied as his subscription to the Bentinck Benevolent and Provident Fund. 5 No jockey whose license has been -withdrawn or refused on the ground of misconduct will be eligible to ride trials or be allowed in any weighing room, stand or inclosure during the time his suspension from riding continues. C If a jockey becomes a disqualified person his license is thereby revoked. To alter rule 178 B3 to read as follows: To subscribe for or enter, run or ride a horse in any race at any recognized meeting. Some amendments to the naming rules proposed by Lord Derby will also be made. Here they are: To alter rule G5 to read as follows:- Names of horses, C5. 1 A name can only be claimed for a horse by application at the registry office in London with the description according to rule, when if the horse is eligible for the stud book and if there is no other horse of the same name, and provided that the name claimed is not that of a celebrated horse or mare, the name will be registered and published in the first sheet calendar after it has been claimed, aiul -will, from the date of publication, be the horses name under these rules. 2 If the horse is not eligible for the stud book a name claimed can only be registered as above witli the addition of a numeral. 3 In registering a name for a horse in the stud book the use of numerals will not be permitted except as in the following section. IV. In the case of, a horse which has been entered elsewhere than in Great Britain, under the same name as one already registered, the name may be claimd for him if accompanied by a numeral, and the name with the numeral will then be registered and published as his name. V. If the same name be simultaneously claimed for two or more horses the order of priority shall be determined by lot at the registry office. VI. No horse three years old or upward shall run unnamed.

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