Grand Union Hotel Stakes: One Hundred and Eighty-Two Youngsters Still Eligible, Daily Racing Form, 1921-08-16

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GRAND UNION HOTEL STAKES One Hundred and Eighty-two Youngsters Still Eligible. , Prominent Two-Year-Olds From East and West Will Contend for Rich Stakes. That the Grand Union Hotel Stakes is regarded by owners as :i iiroininent Saratoga feature is exemplified by the fact that when the nominations for this years renewal were closed, November 120, lJLO, there were 12125 entries. Forty -three have since declared at 5 each, leaving 182 two -year -olds eligible for the popular event. Since King Hanover first won the stakes in 1901. many famous horses have been added to its roll of winners. Among these are Grey Friar. Colin, Iron Mask, Garbage, Ilonrless, Sweep On, Man o War and Irudery. The record time for he nice, 1:12, is held jointly by Man o War and Irudery, Hie winners in J.tlJ and 1J12II respectively. Here is a list of tin; eligible, with name of owner, sire and dam, and sire of dam: Grand Union Hotel Stakes, for two-year-olds. 15y subscription of .0 each; or 5 if declared by May I. 1!21. Starters to pay 00 additional. Guaran-" teed gross value 0,000; three-quarters of a mile; to be rim Satrday, August 20. Allies Stable Venizelos, b. c, by Plaudit Lady Clara, by Requital. Allies Stable Twenty .Seventh Division, ch. c, by Trojan Hobinetta, by Fair Play. C. A. Applcgate William A., blk. c, by Jack Atkin Tehera, by Nasturtium. A. G. lilakcly Dr. T. S. Dabney, ch. c, by His Majesty Marie Odile, by Star Shoot. D. T. Bohon Brother John, br. c, by Light Brigade Bunchy, by Llangwm. K. It. Bradley Better Still, ch. c, by North Star HI. Sweet Alice, by Flying Dutchman. K. It. Bradley Banker Brown, br. c, by Helmet Vaila, by Fariinan. E. B. Bradley Bemoreeafeful, b. c, by North Star III. Stumpy, by Handsome. K. It. Bradley Bit Black, br. c, by Black Jester Dreamy II.. by Persimmon. T. V. Bradley Voshimi, b. , by Ballot Gold Lady, by Goldcrest. Desha Brecken ridge Braedalbalie, ch. c, by Jack Atfciii Princess Pat. by Stalwart. George H. Bull Mustard Seed, b. c, by Peter Jtiiuce Alsike, by Ben Brush. James Butler Stone Jug, ch. c, by Pebbles Ambrosial, by Voter. James Butler Picnic, b. c, by Pebbles May Queen, by Ultinins. James Butler Sling, ch. c, by Pebbles Militant, by Ballot. . Buxton Johnny Dundee, b. g, by Brummel Gylfi, by Dr. Iggo. .1. N. Camden Sir Hugh, b. c, by Light Brigade -T-Knigma. by Ben Brush. , K. P.. Cassatt Chesterbrook, br. c, by Cavalca-dotir Flying Fairy, by Aeronaut. K. . Christian Moon Winks, b. f, by S weepy Experience, by Knight of the Thistle. C. W. Clark Tom Hare Jr., br. c, by VulcAin Moonet, by: Donald A. t- P. A. Clark Blue Teal, br. f, by Wrack Delft, by Burgomaster. P. A. Clark ltoyal Primrose, br. f, by Celt Primula II., by St. Denis. 1. A. Clark Exterminate, ch. f, by Ultimus Fair Empress, by Jim Gore. P. A. Clark Chewink, blk. f, by Celt Bobolink II. , by Willonyx. Gifford A. Cochran Orro. ch. f, by His Majesty Golden Drop, by Hamburg. Gifford A. Cochran Polyantha, b. f, by Broomstick Early Itose, by Star Shoot.. W. It. Coe Canyon, ch. c, by Hannoiiicon Welsh Maid, by Itryn Mawr. W. It. Coe Master Hand, b. c, by Ballot Shuck H.. by Jean Bereaud. VC: It. Coe Passamaria, b. f, by Black Jester Pasiiiita, by Kundridge. M. J. Danning Sword, b. c, by Light Brigade Sard, by Ben Brush. M. J. Danning Postlude. ch. c, by Ultimus Lauretta Stolworthy, by Stalwart. Frank J. Farrell Black colt, by Wrack Aurine, by Eon. II. C. Fisher Bud Fisher, b. c, by Uncle Miss Granville, by Yankee. Itobert L. Gerry Aknusti. ch. c, by Dick Finnell Alice Baird, by Woolsthorne. Itobert L. Gerry Bees Wax, b. f, by Celt Ilouey Bee, by Hamburg. Glen Itiddlc Farm Brocklesby, b. c, by Wrack Desirous, by Hamburg. Glen Riddle Farm Oceanic, blk. c, by The Finn Veuve 7Iiiuot, by McGee. Cary T. Grayson Ilea, ch. c, by Sea King Ballyshe. by Frank Gill. Cary T. Grayson High Magic, b. c, by Magic II. Los Altos, by Palo Alto. Cary T. Grayson Star Jester, br. c, by Black Jester Starflight, by Sunstar. Greenlree Stable Pirate Gold, br. c, by Itock View Gold, by Golden Garter. Grecntree Stable P.oxwood, br. c, by Ballot Basseting, by Bassetlaw. Grecntree Stable Tarn, br. c, by Cell Dark Water, by lyonawaud. Grecntree Stable Sedge, ch. c, by Celt Sand Dune, by Itock Sand. Grecntree Stable Skyscraper, eh. e, by Ultimus Ollie Belle, by Charaxus. F. .1. Grefer Vulcain Park, ch. c, by Vulcain Floral Park, by The Bard. .1. Temple G wathiney Sea Master, b. e, by Seahorse II. Teacher, by Greenan. H. H. Hewitt Washington, eh. c, by Ballot Hazzaza, by Cunard. II. 11. Hewitt Startle, ch. f, by Star Hawk Inspiration, by Ayrshire. Max Hirsch Utah, blk. c, by Ogden Phantom, by Star Shoot. Max Hirsch Sidereal, ch. c, by Star Shoot Old Squaw, by Adam. Max Hirsch Chestnut colt, by Friar Itock Smoothbore, by Ogden. Max Hirsch Volcanic, ch. c, by Friar Kock . Lou Blue, by Ogden. Max Hirsch Zovian, br. c, by Zeus Edna Collins, by The Commoner. Max Hirsch Dick Deadeye, ch. c, by Dick Welles Flight Ella, by Senella. Mrs. Walter M. Jeffords Bravo, ch. c, by Ballot Tardy, by Lord Esterling. Walter M. Jeffords Macduff, ch. c, by McGee Stolen Moments, by Kingston. Frederick Johnson Apex, ch. c, by Ultimus Crazyquilt, by Hamburg. Frederick Johnson Excelsis, ch. e, by Ultimus Melissa, by Star Shoot. Frederick Johnson High Sliced, b. c, by Ultimus Velocity, by Henry of Navarre. Montfort Jones ltockminister, ch. c, by Friar Itock .Mallard, by Star Shoot. Montfort Jones Miss Joy, b. f, by Peter Quince Proud Daisy, by Pride. Montfort Jones Prince Welles, ch. e, by Dick Welles Tallahassee, by The Commoner. Montfort Jones Mont joy, ch. c. by Cock o the Walk Private Flag, by Hamburg. Montfort Jones Cap Itock, ch. c, by Trap Itock Moulin Uouge, by Hiniyar. Montfort Jones Uncle Sonny, ch. c, by Uncle Ballymena. by Adam. Montfort Jones Pegasus, b. c, by Golden Maxim Brightstone, by Deutschland. Montfort Jones Widgeon, eh. c, by Star Shoot Wide Eyes, by Hamburg. Montfort Jones Chestnut colt, by The Finn Lady Sterling, by Hanover. Kcdgwick Stable Blgheart, b. c, by Sweep-High flown, by Peep o Day. Kcdgwick Stable Lord Baltimore, br. c, by Celt Moisant, by Hamburg. Kcdgwick Stable Itoulette, br. f. by Celt Toots, by Top Gallant. Kcdgwick Stable Itnnalds Bun, ch. f, by Dick Iinnell Federal Uirl, by Ultimus. J. 0. Kcene Llewellyn, b. c, by Luke McLuke-r-Agnes Virginia, by Sir Dixon. Willis Stiarpe Kilmer Sunreigh, ch. c, by Sun-dridgc Sweet Briar II., by St. Frusquin. Willis Sharpe Kilmer Dinaluncur, b. f, by AIlu-meur White Dinah, by The White Knight. Mrs. A. It. Lawson Sweep By, br. c, by Sweei Iridescence, by Peter Pan. George W. Loft Miracle Man, br. c, by Sweep Biscayne, by Rensselaer. George W. Loft Counsellor, b. e, by Magic II. ltoyal Quest, by Itoi Herode. A. K. Macomber The Falconer, b. c, by Star Hawk Myrtlegale, by Uncle. A. K. Macomber The Dictator, b. c, by Dodge Lip Stick, by Sunflower II. A. K. Macomber The Araucanian, br. c, by Dodge Hoop Skirt, by Sunstar. A. K. Macomber Topmost, br. c, by Hesperus Instigation, by Mortlake. A. K. Macomber Itochambeau, ch. c, by Trap ,Iiock Sisaga, by Sunflower II. A. K. Macomber Ever Bold, b. c, by Hesperus Bella Mayes, by Borgia or Borghesi. J. E. Madden Nantucket, ch. c, by Friar Kock Sea Shell, by Star Shoot. J. E. Madden Mcrcutio, ch. c, by Friar Kock Mercadel, by The Commoner. J. E. Madden Occideiita, b. or br. c, by The Finn Star of the West, by Montana. J. E. Madden Broomflax, ch. c, by Uncle Broomleaf, by Broomstick. J. E. Madden Native Land, br. f, by Friar Itock La Fatric, by Out of ltcach. Edward P.. McLean Dream of Allah, ch. f, by Colin Garden of Allah, by Star Shoot. Edward B. McLean Friar Dixon, b. c, by Friar Itock Queen Dixon, by Sir Dixon. Edward B. McLean The Post, b. c, by Hessian Passan, by Hamburg. Edward B. McLean Sangrado, b. c, by Sweep Annie Williams, by lizzarone. Edward B. Mclean Lcocharcs II., b. c, by Ben Brush Khodas Pride, by Pride. Edward B. McLean Saddle anil Boots, ch. e, by Boots and Saddle Flash of Lightning, by lieu Brush or Prince of Monaco. J. C. Milam Deadlock, b. c, by Sir Wilfred llor-tense II., by Troutbeck. J. C. Milam Heavy Artillery, br. c, by Light Brigade Heliosis, by Star Shoot. J. C. Milam Violinist, br. c, by Dick Finnell Viola Vail, by Jean Bereaud. Modo Stable Vineyard, br. c, by Vulcain Conspiracy, by McGee. Oak Itidge Stable Sherando, eh. f, by Sea King Elizabeth D. It., by Star Shoot. o-ik Itidge Stable Dan Boiling, b. c, by Sea King Coat, by Ogden. Oak Itidge Stable Northcliff, ch. c, by Sea King Doria. by Ogden. Oak Itidge Stable Black Fox, b. c, by Sea King Aleen P.., by Transvaal. Pelican Stable Oil Man, ch. c, by North Star III. Bandello. by Kingston. - Pelican Stable Joseph II. Levy, oh. c, by North Star III. Matchette. by Matchmaker. Pelican Stable Gondolier, b. c, by Alvescot Kosalle, by Oiseau or Seinpronius. Pelican Stable Forge Ahead, ch. e, by Vulcain Mixed Color, by Hastings. Pelican Stable Dissolute, ch. c, by Theo. Cook Marian Gay, by Cell. Qnincy Stable Yankee Star, br. c, by Star Shoot Yankee lady, by Yankee. Qnincy Stable Minima, ch. f, by Friar Kock Miss Minnie, by Meddler. Itancocas Stable The Almoner, b. c, by Sweep Sue Smith, by Masetto. Itancocas Stable Little Chief, b. c, by Wrack Medora II., by Itabelais. Itancocas Stable Lucky Antoine, blk. c, by Friar Kock Belle of Ormonde, by Orsini. Itancocas Stable Kai-Saiig, br. c, by The Finn Kiluna, by Golden Maxim. Itancocas Stable Billy Watts, br. c, by Trap Itofk I-a Kecolte, by Meddler. J. K. L. ltoss Feylanee, b. c, by Assagai St. Fey, by St. Frusquin. J. K. L. Ross Marble, ch. c, by Ballot Tiffany Blend, by Cesarion. J. K. L. ltoss Diadema, b. c, by Marathon Samura, by Sautoi. J. K. L. ltoss Elemental, ch. f, by Ultimus Xarco, by G. W. Johnson. J. K. L. ltoss Harmonious, b. e, by Prince Palatine Melody, by Longfellow. John II. Kossetcr Chestnut colt, by Friar Kock Bold Girl, by Ogden. John II. Kossetcr Aspinwall, ch. c, by Friar Kock Kose of Gold, by Top Gallant. John H. Itosseter Supercargo, ch. c. by Friar Kock Sweet Marjoram, by Pinna Forget. John H. Itosseter Singapore, ch. c, by Friar Itock Danceress, by Ogden. John II. Itosseter Underwriter, b. c, by Disguise Agnes Velasquez, by Velasquez. Walter J. Salmon Jocose, ch. c, by Celt Merriment II., by Sundridge. Walter J. Salmon Trevelyan, ch. c, by Trevisco Starry Night, by Star Shoot. Walter J. Salmon Sea Wolf, b. c, by Ultimus Queen of the AVater, by Waterbury. Walter J. Salmon Ivanhoe, ch. c, by Sir Wilfred Nadinette, by Fitz Herbert. Walter J. Salmon Superlative, b. c, by Superman Kupicola, by Advance Guard. Walter J. Salmon Impetuous, ch. f, by Peter Quince Wilful Maid II., by Sundridge. Walter J. Salmon Adrienne, eh. f, by His Majesty Adriana, by Hamburg. Walter J. Salmon Lydia Languish, eh. f, by Ultimus Dreamy Eyes, by Ornament. John SanTord Athelstan, b. c, by Uncle Con-suelo II.. by Bradwardine. John Sanford Pietrus, br. c, by Sundridge Vacuum Cleaner, by Perth-. John Sanford Serenader, ch. c, by Bachelors Double-Golden Harp, by Llangibby. John Sanford Uranus, ch." c, by Sunstar Vera Cruz, by Fariinan. Morton L. Schwartz Toil, ch. c, by Celt Work-maid, by Fatherless. Morton L. Schwartz Column, ch. c, by Celt Pyramid, by Hastings. John Sliaughnessy Wylie, ch. e, by Pataud Holme, by Cunard. John Sliaughnessy Shaffer, eh. c, by Peter Quince Flying Frances, by Plaudcs. Short Grass Stable Kllandjay, b. c, by Spanish Prince II. Junta, by Burgomaster. Short Grass Stable Itib Grass, ch. c, by Short Grass Marian Hood, by Marlagon. Short Grass Stable June Grass, br. c, by Short Grass Comsora, by The Commoner. A. B. Spreckels Itunstar, ch. c, by Kunnymede Salvatrix, by Salvation. E. D. Springer Elias O., ch. c, by Short Grass Mary Powell, by Star Shoot. C. A. Stoneham Flannel Shirt, b. c, by King James Turkey Ked II., by William Kufus. C. A. Stoneham Ultimo, ch. c, by Ultimus Oktibbena. by Kock Sand. C. A. Stoneham Qucsada, ch. c, by Delhi Mistress Quickly, by Nasturtium. The Lexington Stable Draft, br. c, by Fair Play Dragnet, by Itock Sand. The Lexington Stable Lucky Hour, br. c, by lleurless Lucky Catch, by Trap Kock. The Lexington Stable Missionary, ch. c, by llourless Mission, by Itock Sand. The Lexington Stable My Play, b. c, by Fair Piny Mahubah, by Itock Sand. The Lexington Stable Swagger, ch. c, by Trap Kock Souveraine, by Itayon dOr. The Lexington Stable Honorable, b. c, by Fair Play Haute Itoche, by Kock Sand. L. S. Thompson Ncdua, b. f, by Whisk Broom II. Leayonara. by Woolsthorpe. William Trempcr Nat S., blk. c, by Bard of Hope Lickety Split, by Black Pine. L. Waterbury Chestnut filly, by King James-Dolly Btiltman, by Alloway. L. Waterbury Kings Fancy, b. f, by King James Ildiko. by Golden Maxim. L. Waterbury Galantman, b. c, by Superman Galanta, by William the Third. L. Waterbury Silent King, ch. c, by King James Auntie Mum, by Melton. L. Waterbury Letterman. ch. c, by Superman Arlette, by Itobert le Diable. Westmont Stable Princess Palatine, b. f, by Prince Palatine Frizette, by Hamburg. H. V. Whitney Hullabaloo, b. c, by Peter Pan Folderol, by Burgomaster. H. P. Whitney Olympus, br. c, by ltoyal Eagle Paradise 11., by Adam. II. P. Whitney Unionist. t, b. c, by Broomstick Spun Glass, by Kock Sand. II. P. Whitney Whiskaway, ch. c, by Whisk Broom II. Inaugural, by Voter. 11. P. Whitney Itiinting, b, c, by Pennant -Pril-lery, by Broomstick. II. 1. Whitney Brainstorm, br. c, by Peter Pan Bubble, by All Gold. H. P. Whitney Pantheon, b. c, by Peter Pan Florence, by Hag to Hag. II. P. Whitney Chestnut filly, by Broomstick Courage, by Hamburg. II. P. Whitney Constellation, b. f, by Broomstick Starling, by Hamburg II. P. Whitney Prudish, blk. f, by leter Pan Polly Flinders, by Burgomaster. George D. Widen er Mizar, b. c, bv Dick Welles Milky Way, by Star Shoot. George D. Widener Carpenter, b. g, by Mont dOr II. Catana, by Galeazzo. J. E. Widener ItuiiautcII. b. c, by Broomstick Zoola, by St. Gatien. It. T. AVilson Pillory, ch. c, by Olainbala Hester Pyrnne, by Disguise. Xalapa Farm Southern Cross, br. c, by Luke McLukc Pamphyle, by Itobert le Diable. Xalapa Farm Prelude, ch. f, by Fair Play St. Priscilla, by Kayon dOr. Xalapa Farm Bellevue, ch. f, by Fair Play Beldame, by Octagon. Xalapa Farm Fusee, ch. f, by Fair Play Ferment, by Octagon. Forty-three declared at ?25 each.

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