Visit to Haras Du Gazon: Mrs. H. B. Duryeas French Stud Described by Correspondent, Daily Racing Form, 1922-02-22


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VISIT TO HARAS DU GAZON . o , Mrs. H. B. Duryeas French Stud Described by Correspondent. ♦ First French Winners of Guineas and Derby Since 18G5 Bred There — Sires and Mares. SPECIAL CoRRFSPONDKNcrc. PARIS, France. February 1. — The car being ordered earlj ne gel ■ good atari an our trip into Orae to rhrii the Bans da Ganoa. Mis. Daryea ban cabled from the States: "Delighted hove ran vii; Ganoa; Robert ii!! show yea everythung.* Baking gootl runnhsg tune throagh Dreaa and Lnigle we -l.nv up for amal at Nonant le Put to say a few worth le Bear CorMere and hi* sou Pierre, who happened to be at their gate a we aere passing. It hi hard to got away from their lavi tattoo to look .11 the yearlings; hat, promlsmg to ,1,, M at .itne other time, we are again on our way. Soon afterward - Me Ike white fence* and |he tall trees of the National Haras at Fill :iii Haras. Past the little Hotel Vourae Bride and the nign port points to Argentaa twenty kUoaseters. Throagh thia old in.i-kii town -.lowly, and the last atage .-f our journey is before n . the main road to Falaise: a- straight a~ aa arrow, one of those "ribbon roads or Franc.-." We watch closely for the little eaaa trj lane aa our lefl to Newry en Bealmt, and then a kiiomeii r more aad we tarn into the Haras ta Ganoa. -!•" kilometers bom ParJa. Robert Bitcbell, the stud groom, has been ex-pecting us. and we learn from bfan that it was m Nov. mi cr. phis, win n he ini.Mii the ataHloa and mates of the bite Herm.iti B. istO tins haras, which has produced .1 winner of the Derby and tin- Guineas, la BUS Mr. Daryea bought the property. He had already spent .1 very considerable sum in making it an ideal up-to-date breeding establishment. Nothing was spent for elaboration: but no expense was snared to make it pei feci f,.r irpooe in- intended il .1 riisi class haras STABLES HAVE BEEN REBUILT. T • fields, the drainage, the :• Ike old siahl«s were .ill rea d the new stable* were built on the latest approved plans. A small iner. the Baise, tuns through the property, and there are besidea n, v. ry fine springs. The paddocks and the ataWes are all supplied with running water and as aamping la aeeessary. Of the lea hectares i-i liu Ganon twenty are la faim land and the remaind er in pasture. The late Maui;,.- BpkraasI raked bigh-cutsa bomea at this same haras. Herman Dm-yea bred hitter ones, and hK widow, the acesent proprietor, la keening the good work up. In the first hatch of foals ., rhestaal roil by Broomstick alwaya stood oat. Unfortaaatety his dam w.-nt to Rngbind lo he bred there and this-foal accompanied bar. Of eaame, his Pionah anpOra were no longer "en regie. " When Iboy both re-turned n their Noraaandy home be was given Ike name of Sweeper, and the next :ime he went te England he stayed there long enough to win the Two Thousand Gnineus. Today he i- airing winners, and good ones. loo. for the French lurf. Running in I be paddock- in this first lot of foals with Sweeper w.-re als, Shannon, winner of the Prix Ccnaeil; Bugler, a fast horse; Bantborpe and The Irishman. Quite a nice. Useful stable in themselves. The following year came F.hiniey and Banshee and alaa auaae other winners. In l!»ll the Meddler mare Armenia visited Rabelais and foaled the brown colt Darker. One sunny day iii June three years later be galloped home an easy winner in the Derby. •Ilermie" Dnryen, The Ganoa and Robert Mitchell .-an claim having bred for France the first Guineaa and Derby winners since the mighty Gladiaieur in MARCEL B0USSAC BOUGHT YEARLINGS. Daring the war the yearlings were skipped and sold in America. While they hare done their share of winning there ■ aea voyage no doubt militated against any gn-at war rem. In 1919 Mrs. Daryea decided to all her yearlings to an individual. They were offered to Bureei Boasaue and he became the fortunate purchaser. Dametta, Gracing ami Durban were in the D i so acquired. In lliii the fillies njeie leased and raced in the Straw and pink of the Bali! la Me. Under the able Management of this genile man and Frank Frails tiaining Sweepers daughter Zenoia wenl throagh last season unbeaten. Sh - well upheld the reputation of the haras and the American Broomstick bl I. Feiisie ami Fisticuff win- gbm front the Gaaon. The present two-year-olds hive been again acquired l»y Marcel Bonasac, and reports, of their work at hlaisons-Laffitte are im,, .i promising. The yearling-now at the farm are fully up to the average of those bred bj Brs. Daryea bt the past. The rule of this haras has always been, nothing is tee good ■ ■i the atock the best of oats, the best of hay. the best of straw and plenty af ail. There are now eight yoarliaga at Mrs. Duryeas. Three are by sweeper, four by Darker aad one by Irish Lad. Sisters t,» well-known winners are mack IB evidence. I here Is a ll:iV filly. Sue.n.l. a sislef to last seas iiis unbeaten crack Zenoia: in the chestnut Beldifana we base a sister to Durban: in Gracilite ■ bay sister to Grasing, and in Antar n chestnut full brother to Duiz.m.i. A half brother t.« Boaeobel by Sweeper— Preward is also at the haras, and he ought te be a good acter with the name Max. Dearly. As Bra, Dntyea does not race, her yearlings are as a rule disposed of. ruder them circumstances it seems fairer not to go minutely into the descnp tioii of them. Those appealing to 11s miu-ht not appeal to others, and vice rersa. We looked them well over, are liked them tremendously ; well bled and well raised as the la/.on horses always are; and we say we feel sure they will continue to uphold the reputation of the Duryea breeding. ARMENIA HELD PRIDE OF PLACE. One mare usually is responsible for making 3 hama famoas. Armenia, until she died in 1917. had. we suppose, the pride of place among the mares in this one: with her two sons ltlarncy and Durbar. She was a Meddler mare from Iraina. by Hanover Wanda, by Mor tenter — Minnie Minor, by Islington. Here is the brood mare blood. Meddler and Hanover. When one gets a Hanover cioss iu a mare it s.-eins to be a sure combination to success. Witness what it has done at this haras, with Oi by in England, and the famous Harry Payne Whitney stud in the [niteil States. Frizette, a bay mare foaled in 190." . is today the most representative among the Sanaa matrons, she is by Hamburg 1 Hanover again from the mare Oi dulee. by St. Simon. Her first foal by Irish Lad was Banshee: and then followed Frizzle, by I, in ion; Crimper. by Bainteaaa; Lespedesa, by Durbar, aad also Bar-zetta. by the Derby winner. Her jearlings sent to the States during the war also won there. Fiizette seems to be one of those producing marvels one sometimes runs across in breeding. When aa a visit lo America two years ago ■ prominent French breeder, now the owner of the largest stable of jumpers in Frame, asked us to try and buy Frizette for him. He named no figure, only said to get her if she could lie bought. We remember our interview with Mrs. Duryea, and her first ipiery. which of course closed the incident, "Would you sell Frizette if you wore me." There was only one answer. The niare is still her property and will always remain so. Hansiiee proved her worth on the race course and she did the same as a brood mare promptly. producing Durban. Frizette aud lian-.hee are both supposedly iu foal this year to Durbar. With three first-class stallions the Haras du Oaaaa is well supplied. It is today the only stud iu France sheltering both a winner of the Derby and the Gaiaeua. It must not be forgotten that both Durbar and Sweeper at the very commencement of their stud careers have made good. Durbar has changed materially since he went to the stud. He is the best-looking son of Rabelais that we know of today among the successful stallions of this great sire. Sweeper la an entirely dif- I out 111 ind on third page. VISIT TO HARAN DU GAZ0N ! Continaed from second pas*- ferent type-. He- la much more oa the stallion order and is an impressive-tooking horse nana lad anl tor inspection. Plenty of bans and a beautiful straight hind lo;:. Finally there is Irish K-t -lin along in years, lint in no BUBBCT SboWIBS his age either ia looks or disposition. Ona cannot fail tee see ail tin- z I point- e,r a great nee hois., m ihis sire. Certainly be a- ■ sasaaber, fe-r be anas foaled in a vintage year in Ani-riea. All Ihiee «ie liiu" Stallions ami are ia the m •— t splendid condition lo in-Kin the bvoeeaag sensan. Everything oa Ihe place shows the watchful eye and i are of Robert Mitchell, even tke rose garden, which, after the horses, is probably aext dearest to lira. Daryeaa heart. She is ebUged to he In America several months each year: bu| wa know she ia BlwnyS anxious to et 1 ► her Normandy home quickly win ii ska arrives in Pram e. The car meet* the- stramrr either at Havre or Char* bonrg and she is off for the Baaau batons the steasaer special leaves for Paris. BfanRy on her return to tke States each fall sh,. leaves from the Haras to catch the outward bound ship. Goad Imrsea, lika gaod nine, "anni no husa": s„ «. start back for Palis feeling sure future winners BSala are at the Unas da iaz-t:i. ♦

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