Summary of Tijuana Racing, Daily Racing Form, 1922-02-22


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SUMMARY OF TIJUANA RACING TIJTANA. Mexico. February 21.— The following is an official summary of today*! racing: FIRST BACB— S 1-2 Furlongs. :, year olds and upward. Claiming. Horses. Wt.. Jockey. St. PL Sh. Fin. Velvet dm; hi Long | 4 26 $ 4.69 $ Sv86 Won Apple Jack 108 11;. Wins :s.40 a.4it Lnd Or. Trimble P .; T.Wibma 6.46 Bad Indian Prigade. Crispie. Daisy N.. Master Franklin and Vera Wood also ran. Time. l:12/5. Scrntehei! — Capon. Lotta Speed. Quinnm. Robert La*. SPCIIND BACB— 3 1-2 Furlongs. ?, year-olds and upward. laiming. Horses. Wt.. Jockey. St. PI Sli. Fin. Csardom Pm: H.Moiters .321.66 $ 8.86 | 5JP Won L. Cochraa Pi4 O.WIPms ti.tio 3.26 2nd 1.. Bam ban MKW.D.MiUer s.iai Bal tlla I-e. Alaiah. Honest George. Brown Bee and Dienero ahm ran. Time, 1:114. Scratched —Red t loud. Clear Lake, Chrome. Fmiiia Weller. THIRD RACK— 1 Mile. 3 year-olds and upward. Claiming. Horses. Wt., Jockey. St. PL Sh. Fin. Rrmitana P17 G.Wllms.$ 7.40 $ ::.4» f ::.4 Won Hot Foot 163 T. Wilson. :;.si 3.69 2nd Bweasaa 166 it. Dority.. 7.80 3rd Jewel City, AI Portet, Caamano, Jacobel and Ro. kb ridge als ran. Time, l:50-5. Scratched — Orleans ;irl. PODRTB RAl B— 1 Mile. 3 -year olds and upward, laiming. Horses, Wt.. Jockey. St. PL Sh. Fin. Capt. Kvans 111! T.Wilson $ i.80 $ 3.80 $ 2.;0 V.011 Poad Hep. lid iT. Raei.. 3.S0 3.20 Lnd Isphaai 102 W.D.Miller.. 2.66 3rd Meat an a. Restful aad Mary Jay also ran. Time. l:47«i. Scratched — By Right, Missoula. Myrtle A. FIFTH RACK — 1 1-16 Miles. 3;. car-. .Ids and upward. Claiming. Horses. Wt.. Jockey. St. PL Sh. Fin. Yorkist 110 iii. B. Bower! 4.00 f 3.26 eat Won Plum Bhom 162 I. Hater 4 111 oat 2ad Roisterer 102 G. Wliams out 3rd No show mutuelii s,;.i IWoodie Montgomery and IRegiesu a!-o ran. vCoupleil ,n bettUg as C. B. and P. R. Irwin entry. Time. 1:51V Scratched — Pecrleae Owe, Verdi Ioon. SIXTH RACE 1 Mile and 71 Yards. 3-year-olds and upward. Claiming. Horses. Wt.. Jockey. St. PI. Sh. Fin. Pinecrest Pi7 H.Moiters .314 .26 S B.66 $ 5.20 Won I.ia llo if. Caroa 1.86 1.66 2nd Bona. Girl 110 J.H*amr . 3. jo 3rd Lewis R . Argento and lover Junia also ran. Time, 1:5V,. Scratched Tea Breckenridge, Bippara, Zeteti.-. York Lassie. SEVENTH RACE— 1 1-8 Miles. 3-year-olds and upward. Claiming. Horses, Wt.. Jo.key. St. PL Sh. Fin. Keuward 115 il. Carter.. 326.60 613.66 | 3.20 Woo F.oon. -vilh- losi G. Wilms 4.26 3. mi 2nd B. Greea 108 J. Htnmer 2.86 3rd Yermak, Mike Daly and Laaht Lachmnad also ran. Time. 1:59%. Scratched— Poacher, Waiter H. Pearee, George B11 •blebaeh. E1GBTH RACE S 8 Mile. 3 year olds and upward. Claiming. Horses. Wt.. Jockey. St. PL Sh. Kin. Kinglike 118 iM. Blghter! 6.86 $ Tiki $ 2.60 Woa Hazel Daie 114 G. Wilms 3-28 -*.-10 Lnd Mad. Byng 110 T. Wilson 323 3rd Ilnoiie Ward, Kerch, tKosa Atkin and Divland also ran. 1 oapied in betting as C. P.. Irwin entry. Time. 1:03%. Bcratcbed Rubier II., Nog, Lady Small. PrbKC Henry, Biaa Beelick. a .

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