Macombers French Studs: Breeding Activities at Haras Du Quesnay and Cheffreville, Daily Racing Form, 1922-03-22


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MACOMBERS FRENCH STUDS • Breeding Activities at Haras du Quesnay and Cheffreville. « American Sportsman Sires and Mares, Their 1921 Produce and Matings. ♦ A. K. Macombers thoroughbred holding! in Kr;nu since aa aeaaired the Haras ln Quesnay from the estnte, of tin- lute W. K. Vandcrbilt lmve been the envy of his competitors in the French ! n*edins world. In addition to the former Vandcrbilt establishment Mr. M.icomber also continues to operate his old stud farm, the Haras de Cheffreville. near Lisierix. Calvados. France. Much has been written of the natural advantages and exceptional facilities for thoroughbred production ut the Macombcr French studs and little of value can be added in this regard, but the appended summary of the stallions and brood mares at 1 lie two farms, their 1921 produce and the stallions to which the mares were bred for MB, gives a new light on the magnitude of the American breeders activities overseas. At the Haras du Quesnay there are live sires, headed by the veteran. Maiutenou. and fifty-nine brood mares, including two owned by W. T. Wilkinson. At he Haras du Cheffreville are one stallion. Star Hawk, and sixteen brood mares, including one owned by Mr. Wilkinson. Breeders will watch with interest the results of nu unusual experiment in close inbreeding at the Haras du Quesnay. Raindrop, a chestnut mare, now four years old. by Maintenon — Rainier, by Sea Sick, which entered the stud in 1921, has been bred to her grandsire Sea Sick. Following is the complete list of the sires and brood mares at both Macomber establishments in France, with the 1921 produce and their matings for 1922: The Haras du Quesnay sires are: Maintenon. chestnut. 1903. by I.e Sagittaire — . Marcia. by Marden. Sea Sick, bay, 190"i. by Mlf— Saf Saf. by Le Sancy. Hollister. bay or brown. 1911. by Sunstar — Our Lassie, by Ayrshire. War Cloud, bay. 1913. by Polymelia — Dreamy, by Persimmon. McKinley. bay or brown. 191*!. by Macdunald II. — Mrs. Dospard. by Isinglass. The mares ;if the establishment are: Muri:-ku. bay or brown. 1901. by Saint Dumien--Maskery. ajr Mask. 1921— The Arrapahoe, b. f. by McKinley. Kreil to Hollister Ferpetua. Ip.i.v. IMS, by St. Siuioi, Splendid, by M n. 1921 KIm Palatine, b. f. by Prince Palatine. Bred to McKinley. Court Kress, chestnut, MM, hy Mafaiae — Hampton Itelle. by Haniptcn. 1921— Insight, b. c, by Oversight. Bni to Maintenon. Pope Joan, chestnut, MM, by Disguise — Kditha. by Master Kildare. 1921— Darren. to Maintenon. Mrs. Despard. bay. 190.".. by Isinglass— Cri de Oucrrc. by MacMahou. 1921— Slipped foal. ISred to Hollister. Bats Delight, chestnut, by Bat— Delighted, by , Saiiety. 1921— Barren. Bred to Star Hawk. , Brume, chestnut. 190.S. by Prestige — Buela. by ! Bramble. 1921— Barren. Bred to Maintenon. Gloria II.. chestnut. 1909. by Adam — Gloriosa. by Hastings. 1921— Dead foal. Bred to Star , Hawk. Glossop. bay. 1911. by Prestigi — Gloriosa. by Hast- I ings. 1921 — Barren. Bred to Sandy Hook. Rainier, chestnut. 1912. by Sea Sick — Betnette. by Saint Damien. 1921 — Barren. Bred to McKinley. Surcsight. bay, 1912, by Maintenon First Sight, by Isinglass. 1921 -The Pawnee, b. c, by Taglia-monto. Bred to Star Hawk. Adeliza. chestnut. 1913. by Maintenon — Ada Nay. by Maxim. 1921 — Barren. Bred to Star Hawk. Fiat Dux. bay. 1913. by Ajax— Hermonthis. by Winkfields Pride. 1921 — Barren. Bred to McKinley. MasUelyne. bay or brown. 1913. by Sweep — Mask-el to, by Disguise. 1921 — Barren. Bred to star Hawk. Popinjay, chestnut. 1913. by Delhi— Pope Joan, by IMs-uis". 1921 — RUTM. Bred to Maintenon. Brumelli. chestnut. 1911. by Maintenon — Brume, bv Prestige. 1921 The Zulu. b. c. hv McKinlcv. Bred to Ove,-iglit. Kick In. bay, 1914, by Buckwheat — Money Down, by In all I Ha 1921 -The Navajo, b. or br. c. by War Star. Bled to War Cloud. Kittenish, bay. 1911, by Itoquclnure — Sweet Maiden, by Sundridge. 1921 — Torch Bearer, eh. c, by Star Hawk. Bred to Rabelais. Masquerade, bay. 1914. by Maintenon — Maskette. by Disguise. 1921- Barren. Bred to Oversight. Pleiades. b;,y or brown, 1914. by Sunstar — Saint Olive, by St. Simon. 1921 — Bed Cloud, b. f. by War Cloud. Bred to War Cloud. Posy, bay 1911. by Sunflower II. — Bright Cherry, by Ayrshire. 1921 -Thunder Cloud, b. c. by War Cloud. Bred to Oversight. Sisaga. chestnut. 1911. by Sunflower II Fair Lassie, by Orme. 1921- Barren. Bred to Rabelais. Sunhonnet. bay. 1914. by Sunstar Marion Hood, hy Martagon. 1921— Battle Cloud, ch. f by War Cloud. Bred to Maintenon. Verdant, bay, 1914. by Sunflower II All Green, by Greenlawn. 1921— -Golden Cloud b. C. by War tloud. Bred to Sea Sick. French Heels, bay, 1913. bv Sunflower II.— Fur ;irl. by Worcester. 1921— Rain Cloud, b, f. by War Cloud. Bred to War Cloud. Oneonta. chestnut. 191.".. l.v Maintenon -Court Oress. by Disguise. 1921— Indian Maid. b. f. I.y Overnight. Brid t.. Star Hawk. Princess Mafahla. bay. BIS, by Alcantara II.— Marion Delormc. hy Bay Ronald. 1921 — Entered stud. Bred to Isard II. Sea Shore, chestnut. IMS, by Mainteii"n — Stepping stone, by Ben Brush. 1921 — Barren. Bred to McKinley. Stingaree. hay. MIA, by Sunstar — Kugenia. by Royal Hamilton. 1921— Cloud Burst, b. or br. f. hy War Cloud. Bred to War Cloud. Sling Shot. bay. 1915. by Sunstar—Saint Olive, by St. Simon. 1921 — Flying Cloud, h. f. by War Cloud. Bred to Sea Sick. Maskara. bay. 191C I.y Dorrit-Mask-Mo. by Disguise 1921 Barren. Bred la McKinley. War Cross, ehestnut. MM, by Sunstar -Imperative, by Your Majesty. 1921 -Storm Cloud, ch. c. by War Cloud. Bred to McKinley. War Kiss, bay, 191t . by Star Shoot Sweet Marjoram, by Dinna Forget. 1921--Barren. Bred • to Oversight. War Dove, bay or brown. MM, by Prince Palatine — Sun Glass, by Lexington War Memories, bay, 19DI. by Sunstar— Sweet Lassie, by Orme. 1921 Peppermint, b. f, by Friant II. Bred to Rabelais. , War Stories, chestnut. 1910. bj Spanish Prince -Sunglow. by Sundridge. 1921 — The Falcon, b. c, by Star Hawk. Bred to War Cloud. War Witch, bay. MM, by Spamsh Prime Dolly Warden, by Sundridge. 1921 The Mohawk, «h. f. by War Star. Bred to Sea Sick. ; Blind Fate. chestuiH. 1917, bv F. -men Martha Gorman, by Sir Dixon. MS— Barren. Bred to » ■rabjbt. Jane Byre, bay, 191". by Prestige-Ocean Bound, h Star Shoot. 1921 — Barren. Bred to Oversight. Little Comrade, bay or brown. 1917. by Babelais - Oceana, by Dark Ronald. 1921— Barren. Bred to McKinley. Margaret Ogilvy. bay or brown. 1917. by Rabelais— I,ove Blink, by Velocity. 1921— Kntered stud. Not yet hred. , Masking, bay. 1917. by Oversight Maskelte. by Disguise. 1921 —Barren. Bred to Star Hawk. Meddlesome Maid. bay. 1917. by Irish Lid— Colonial Girl, by Meddler. 1921 — Filtered stud. Not yet bred . Princess of Thule. bay or brown. 1917. bv Elf — Wallflower II., by Meddler. 1921 -Batren. Bred to Kabelais. Korphi, chestnut. 191 S, by Prestige — Foresight, hy Halma. 1921— Entered stud. Bred to Mc- RJaJajr, • , ; , Freewill, bay. 1918. by Maintenon — Frederics, bv Fiipon. 1921 — Entered stud. Bred to Sea Sick. Halpino. chestnut, 191s. by Maintenon — Halloween. by Ayrshire. 1921 — Entered stud. Bred to Sea Sick. Hurry Dp II.. chestnut. 191s, by Phoenix — l."p Rising, by Laaaay. 1921 — Entered stud. Not yet bred. La Candeur. bay or brown, 1918. by Sardanapale — Love Blink, by Velocity. 1921 — Entered stud. Not yet bred. Mureotis. chestnut, 1918, by Maintenon— Marcolina. by Marco. 1921 Entered stud. Bred to Oversight. Miss Olatigiie, bay. 1918. by Rabelais — Miss Gennes, by Lut in. 1921 -Entered stud. Not yet bred. Pati-siere. bay, 191S. by Bruleur — Pastrycook, by Masque. 1921 — Entered stud. Not yet bred. Phillippa. bay. 1918. by Cicero— Love Blink, by Velocity. 1921 — Entered stud. Bred to Sandv Hook. Pigeon Pie. chestnut. 1918. by Sweeper — Colonial Girl, by Meddler. 1921— Entered stud. Bred to McKinley. Raindrop, chestnut. 191S. by Maintenon — Rainier, by Sea Sick. 1921— Entered stud. Bred to Sea Sick. Tinkling Bells, bay. 1918. by Rire aux Larmes — L Adorable, by Le Samaritain. 1921 — Entered •tad. Not yet bred. Moonbeam, chestnut. 1919. by Sweeper — Mon Etoile II.. by Elf. 1921 — Filtered stud. Not yet bred. Two marcs, the property of V. T. Wilkinson, are at Du Quesnay. These are: Mutiuv. bay or brown. 1912. by Irish Lad — Ravello II.. by Collar. 1921— The Delawale. b. c, by Viva:;. Bred to Maiuienon. Foreshore, bay. 1917. by Sea Sick -foresight, by Halma. 1921 — Barren. Bred to Hollister. The sire a I the Haras de Cheffreville is: Star Hawk, bay, 1913. by Sunstar— Sweet Finch, bj Goldfinch. The mares at Cheffreville are as follows: Maskelte. bay or brown. 1900. by Disguise — Biturica, by Hamburg. 1921 —The Cherokee, b. f, by Sea Sick. Bred to Star Hawk. PreatMe, bay, BMW. by Prestige- Dido, by Stuart. 1921 -Ounsight. b. c, by Oversight. Bred to Maintenon. Petulance, bay. 1909. by Maintenon ---Perpetua. by St. Simon. 1921 — The Moki, b. c. by Sea Sick. Bred to MoKinl-y. Francis-a. bay. 1911. by Prestigi — Franchise, by I.. I .in. in 1921 — The Seminole, b. f. by Sea Sick. Bred to Mat Hawk. Dorigen. chestnut. 1912. bv Maintenon Dorothy Sulu.. by Rightaway. 1921--The Hottentot, b. c. bf McKinley. Bred to Star Hawk. Sandblast, bay. 1912. by Maintenon — Sandflake. by Trenton. 1921- Sagamore, b. c, by McKinley. Br.-d to McKinley Isadora II.. bay or blown, 1912. by Flying Fox ..r Imprenabb — Iscre. by Le Var. 1921 — Night Wind. b. f. by Maintenon. Bred to War Cloud. Orleans III., bay, 1914. by Prestige — Olive Crag, by Wolfs Crag. 1921— Dead foal. Bred to War Cloud. Ready, chestnut. 1911, by Cicero — Prepare, by Pioneer. 1921— Star Sight, ch. f. by Star Hawk. to Sea Sick. Steppes, bay, 1914, by Maintenon — Stepping Stone, by Ben Brush. 1921- The Argonaut, b. c, by McKinley. Bred to McKinley. Perpetuana. bay, 1911. by Maintenon — Perpetua. by St. Simon. 1921 -The Huron, b. f, by McKinley. Bred to Star Hawk. Aftersight. chestnut, 1915. by Sea Sick — First Sight. by Isinglass 1921- The Flamingo, ch. f. by Maintenon. Bred lo Hollister. Lip Stick, eli stunt. 1915. by Sunflower II. — School Book, by Wisdom. 1921 -Fleet Cloud, b. f. by War Cloud. Bred to War Cloud. Gibbs. bay. 1915, by Sea lira — Gibeline, by Courlis. 1921— Pretty Sight, b. f, by Oversight. Bred to McKinley. War Tears, bay. 1916. by Spanish Prince Sunwise. by Sundridge. 1921- -Star Flash, ah, f, by Star Hawk. Bred to Maintenon. One mare, the properly of W. T. Wilkinson, is also at Cheffreville. She is: Rosetta. chestnut. 1913, by Maintenon— Rose Window, by Bnssetlaw. 1921 — The Puritan, eh. c, by Sea Sick. Bred to Star Hawk.

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