Latest Training Gallops, Daily Racing Form, 1922-06-02

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i LATEST TRAINING GALLOPS I 938 LOUISVILLE Ky June 1 Todays j gallops here inclnded the following followingCHURCHILL CHURCHILL DOW S Si i Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Mil Actuary 35 935Necdy 37 929Cherry Tree 38 933Never Can Tell37 922Chatterton 40 933Perimarco 37 930Dr Prall 30 717Queen High 39 922Free Market Market936Mora 35 931RenceIavr 39 936Mora 38 924Sam Frank 38 926MJS3 Jane 33 Stump Jr 30 92May Buddy 37 934Wida 37 Alice Bl Gown49 Gown49933Avisack 933Avisack 51 927Panna Bl Bl935Aspinwan 935Aspinwan 49 933Red Wingfleld 48 48931Banter 931Banter 50 935Singapore 43 43935Brother 935Brother Batch 4S Silver Diana 00 0093CBuddie 93CBuddie Keaii 51 751 Supercargo 43 43915Fernandos 915Fernandos 4SJ4 935Sweet Cookie 50 50Fair Fair Alice 49 935Th ibodaox 49 49927Jouett 927Jouett 52 935Trooper 43 4393CKSndred 93CKSndred 51 934 Wapiti 43 43732Lina 732Lina Clark 50 50FivoEighths FivoEighths Mile Mile931Admirer 931Admirer l0t 854Nordeck 102 102932A1 932A1 Stebler 103 933Merrimac 10x5 9 Grass Maid 104 929Sweet Lady 102 102nSGHadrian nSGHadrian 100 929Sister JoseUal03 JoseUal03933Uicky 933Uicky Run 103 930Thorny Way 103 103930Lord 930Lord Allen 102 29Tex 103 = 936Mart OUara 104 921Wadss Lastl00 j ThreeQuarters Mils Mils917Brown 917Brown Eyes 118 936Honor Man 114 114833Beg 833Beg Pardon 114 935Janku 118 118934Col 934Col Baker 115 935Mollie King 117 117027Deadlock 027Deadlock 117 936Ruby 1J4J4 1J4J4935GoIden 935GoIden Drm9l16 935Spats 1U7 1U7935Guvaor 935Guvaor 117 117SerenEighths SerenEighths Uila Uila919Quito 919Quito 131 937Uocle Yrf 1 6 C32Ben V let 144 935Inqulry 144 144930BirraeadA 930BirraeadA 143 938Jaka Bcrger 151 151931Giengarry 931Giengarry 143 934MarJ Hynesl41 930High Cloud 152 152NEW NEW YORK N Y June L Training gallops over the local courses included the following followingJA3FAICA JA3FAICA JA3FAICAWeather Weather cloudy track fast Three Eighths Hilo Hilo936Better 936Better Luck 35 902Prelndo 42 42936Devoaite 936Devoaite 37 92CRork 33 33936End 936End Man 38 935St Angelina J8 J8934U 934U Warren 3S 92tWlnneconne 30 30932Mercury 932Mercury 33 93SZeus Lassie 30 3093t 93t Pisrim 39 931Bill Block 5fl 936Out and Gonc4S 92iBhie Hawk 51 935Pittston 51 51937Bon 937Bon llomme 51 931Runqnol 50 50U36DanIeI U36DanIeI 52 03 3South Cross 49 ft 933Joseph ft933Joseph Brant 51 935West Pittston52 Pittston52935Ko 935Ko t Heather52 035Wilkesbarre 52 52335Mambi 335Mambi 50 50FiveEighths FiveEighths Mil 934Brink 102 93GDraft 110 110935Brother 935Brother Patl02 933Uen Thatcherl0714 935Cresta 100 936John P Jonesl03 Jonesl03ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Mils 934Calamity Janel2S 033Vineyard 117 117931Julea 931Julea Uarsoal16 929Veto 1 23 23035iIorvich 035iIorvich 115 115SevenEighths SevenEighths Mile 936Honorable 110 934iIarie Mariml 3 3One One Mile 937Horoloss 145 936Sircn Maid 1 K KBetter Better Luck showed a good turn of speed Mercury appears fresh and good Out and Gone worked fast Cresta ran well all the way Brother Pat showed improvement Mbrvich was under restraint Horologe gal ¬ loped an easy mile mileAQUEDUCT AQUEDUCT AQUEDUCTWeather Weather clear track fast ThrssEighths KHs KHsBlue Blue Mont 33 931Gondolier 38 38Oi Oi CTavct Empter3S 919War Rcleief 36 932Eiterminator 41 41Half Half Mile 932Anaiversary 50 937Princa James 51 935Bobbed Hair 50 932Paisley 50 5093tfScottish 933Jaunebar 55 93tfScottish Chief 49 928Lady Myra 50 936Star Court 50 930Ubcrty Girl 49 923 Yankee Star 51 S30Mistletoe 03 03FivoEishtha FivoEishtha Kilo Kilo936Baby 936Baby Boy 101 930Ray Jay 102 918Ir of India 10370 930Superilluaion 107 107ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters ISile 117930Moco 93CMy Reverie 121 933Nat S 117 930Moco 116 936Reeount 121 12193r 93r 93rMandaIay MandaIay 117 933So It Goes 121 936New Orleansl2l73 934The Vengncel20 Vengncel20One One Mile 917ChaL Tluorryl44 Troma lsC5 lsC5933Uelay 933Uelay 145 145Chateau Chateau Thierry galloped fast Extermina ¬ tor only cantered My Reverio was under re ¬ straint Relay galloped in easy style Bay Jay Is improving Ldy Myra ran welL welLHELSIONT HELSIONT PARK TRAILING TIIACBU Weather cloudy track fast ThreoEishths Hilo 931Callgula 38 955Pennon 3TJ4 1 9a5Donghnut S5 919Pravn3 St5 St5KHNortticllff KHNortticllff 37 933Sqnaw Man 33 Half Mile Mile935Arnold 935Arnold B 49 933Merrymakcr 52 52937Aladdin 937Aladdin 50 932Occanic 51 51934Belle 934Belle Boyd 49 033Pilrity 43 43933Battle 933Battle Sea 50 Primrose Gale 50 50910Brocklcsby 910Brocklcsby 01 911Rigcl 51 5192flCyclone 92flCyclone 51 935Ronnd Robin 50 50923Duster 923Duster 51 933Rafflej 48 48928Grill 928Grill Cliange 51 933Rhnffle Along 48 Jack Homer 49 933Stella Marie 50 50933Lord 933Lord Herbert 49 Virgil 51 51FiveEighths FiveEighths Mil Mil935Astroiite 935Astroiite 101 932IIcnna 101 101930Cliief 930Cliief Flynn 106 934Jigstep 104 104924Citation 924Citation 101 934M Hampton 105 932Equinoctial 103 933Martingale 102 932Huckley Finnl03 Finnl03ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Mile Mile931Better 931Better Times 113 it 933Sling 120 120933Blacltstone 933Blacltstone 120 93VStrons Hold 120 120921Ed 921Ed Allan Poel19 923Tribune 115 115933Uard 933Uard Guess 119 933The Sphius 11914 11914037King 037King Albert 122 937WampU3 110 110928Mizar 928Mizar 119 119Ono Ono Mile Mile937Canyon 937Canyon 142 034Irisi Confcttil44 Confcttil44031Chesterbrook 031Chesterbrook 145 937Many Smiles 147 147935Cum 935Cum Sah 147 934PluribcIIe 145 145929Frigatc 929Frigatc 144 932Willlam A 143 143Doughnut Doughnut and Squaw Man ran well on even terms Shuffle Along worked fast Citation showed good speed Martingale was not fully extended Tribune is fresh and good Canyon did a useful work Frigate was un ¬ der restraint all the way Chesterbrook ran easily easilyOTTAWA OTTAWA OnL June 1 Todays work ¬ outs at Connaught Park included the fol ¬ lowing lowingCONNAUGIIT CONNAUGIIT PARK Weather clear track fast ThreeEignths Kile Kile936Terminal 936Terminal 37 37Half Half Kilo 921Bengore 51 932Paddlo 50 50035Genevieve 035Genevieve B 52 932Quanah 53 53936Grass 936Grass Tree 51 937Ssnd Mark 52 52FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile Mile936Rode 936Rode H 105 929Vespra 103 103Three Three Quarters Mile Mile933Algardi 933Algardi 124 924Resarf 117 117936Manna 936Manna 117 901Smart Guy 118 118One One Mile MileCaller Caller Herrin 147 936Waukeag 146 146McOorburn McOorburn 153 153Grass Grass Tree showed speed and worked well Paddle showed good speed all the way and appears to be In fine form Vespra is a fast twoyearold Rosie H ran well under restraint and is in good form Smart Guy was doing all he could Manna was allowed to run fast all the way and showed a good turn of speed Waukeag is as good as train ¬ ing can make him and was never better than now

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