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THE GUARANTEE SYSRM TREE BOOK ON RACING We will mail you our free took on racing -with- out obligation. This bock cfc»w3 in detail profit* obtained and capital used at every track for past two years. It will surtiy interest you if you aro a follower of tho turf. Wo can show you how to rogain your losses. Our claims are MODERATE. but POSITIVE. An INVESTMENT, not a SPECULATION. Write for cOfy cf our GUARANTEE and forfeit declarations. The GUARANTEE SYSTEM is copyrighted and fully piotected and is on file in U. S. Patent office and with the Racing Form. Part payment secures svstem complete, pay balance on result basis. No handicapping- It names the horse to be playod. At or away from the track. Address THE GUARANTEE SYSTEM ; 117 W. FRANKLIN STREET BALTIMORE. ED. LOOK ! BOYS, LOOK !! j This wondarful System only had 6 losing bets in the l-.St meeting at Lexington r.nd Havre de Grace combined, including the best bets. Last meeting at Louisville same System only had 6 loser*. Last Saturday it picked 11 bets, with only one loser. SYSTEM No. 2 This System is still picking the long shots. E«n aro a few winners : Saddle and Boots. 20-1 Lieutenant Seas6.40- Duke Ruff ... 4.3042 Servitor $ 19.40- Ruby *25.80-J2 Bo::stolle 2.SO- Smarty 1.80-hB Sea Pirate . ..5-90- j Heeltaps 3.10-£2 Wisest Fool . .5.S0- I Yowell .45-S2 Tony Beau ... 4.4042 I Arendal 6.35-52 Avispa 12-1 Black Thong .?99. 80-52 Brainstorm . 0.40- 1 and a large number cf othars. Got these Systems and pick your own v. innrs. Can be played at or i away from the track. PRICE IN FULL FOR BOTH SYSTEMS 0; then, after you get them and if , they have not dona jast as I advertise, I will i gladly return your money. Nothing accepted by telegraph. J. H. CR0SMAN BOX 2fl PALMYRA. INDIANA TURF TOPICS ALL NEWSSTANDS. 35 CENTS. EVERY WEEK. TODAYS FREE CODES: LATONIA— Saa-23-18. AQUEDUCT— Lako-30-54. DORVAL— Stream-14-22. Ill Nassau St., Room 54, New York City, N. _C TRY THE NEW LUCKY SYSTIM Two horses wired daily for the balance of the LATONIA SPRING MEETING, 0. N. F. GRAFE 1340 WALNUT STREET CINCINNATI. OHIO J. C. STEWART WONDER WEEKLY 35c per copy, sold everywhere. TODAYS SPECIAL FREE CODES: LATONIA— April-19-12-10. DORVAL— May-19-6-4. AUUEDUCT— June-10-5-8. Stewarts Commission Horse: PINDAR PEEL 3.70-«2 WON Dont miss a single issue. Mailed 10 weeks . t r» STEVTAItT 101 West 42nd Street, New York City, N. Y. Two 5.00 Specials Today TO BE GIVEN ON THE O. K. ALL FOE 50 CENTS Be sure and ask for the 0. K. National 0. K. Publishing Co., Room 411, Baltimore Bids. Chicago, HL TEE TURF REPORTER. Oldest Publication in Existence. Heros the BEST. Costs no more tl.an the REST. Only 35e at all newsstands. SATURDAYS SPECIAL: Send - Friday - At - Be-Shin - Won. 22 W. ftnincy St. Estab. 1904 CHICAGO, LLL, THE AMERICAN THOROUGHBRED. Book with code ef these Specials on sale wherever Racing Form is — 36o. per single copy. SATURDAYS BEST: No. 166. Baltimore Bldg. Estab. 1907 CHICAGO, ILL. FOR REAL SLEEPERS get a copy of the BLUE BOOK. 36o AT ALL NEWSSTANDS. TODAYS FORM SPECIAL: ApriLApple-14-16-93-77. STANDARD TURF GUIDE 403, 22 W. Quincy Street :: CHICAGO Miracle Investors Recoup Ah Crippling Losses Entirely rwSutxlSAVE YOURSELF SETBACKS I — TH 1 S5H I THAT EVAPORATE MONEY I spebcta"cn I IjgggggJ FULLY COPYRIGHTED AND PROTECTED J™««J AND THE SUBMERGED NINE-TENTHS. FACT TALK NUMBER 12 Of course there are people who drift through life ncTer knowing v.hst is going on ureund them, and the Held of Turf Speculation will .-ilways have Its "SUI.MKEGK1 NINuVTTJSTIIS." Ye know that thousands have played without satisfactory results — that very probably will be skeptical. If so, we are glad and proud. It p!aco3 us in the class with immortals. THE WRIGHT BROTHERS were told: "IF MAN WAS INTENDED TO FLY HE WOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN WINGS. GALILEO, the astronomer, spent twelve years in prison for teaching that the earth Is only one of several plKnet.s comprising cur solar rystem. MARCONI, inventor of the wireless, was considered insane, cn.l committed for observation. ALEXANDER BELL, inventor of the telephone, was IfcMjtM cr:i-y. ; FULTON, inventor of the steamboat, Ml lauded at and culled a fool. Jonsress told MORSE, inventor i of the telegraph, "money might as well be ;inircpriated to buid a railroad to the moon." Ilvcry mm j who has ever strayed from the lieaten pth has been piUoried by a cn-cJ bound "SUBhIERGED NINE-TENTHS.* Every man who has e-er thought his way tiu-c-ugh to a BETTER METHOD has SMS regarded with suspicion. That is why the confidence man of today u:«cs the same bai; of tricks as his predecessors. If he attempted to use a new idea it would be his ruin. A WORD CONCERNING "SO-CALLED" SYSTEMS. DO PEOPLE OP OFF RAILR0AD3 BECAUSE WRECKS SOMETIMES OCCUR? SUPPOSE YOU HAVE HAD UNFORTUNATE EXPEKrENCES WITH SOME OS 0 WILL 0 THE WISP, EUBBLE-LLKE AFFAIRS, WHO IS TO BLAME? WE NEVER HEARD OF A ROLLS ROYCE BEING SOLD AT THE PRICE OF A "FLIVVER." It is worthy of note that those who say, "Racing cannot be MADE TO DECLARE A CONSISTENT. PREDETERMINED DIVIDEND," have never operated our pwdact, but that hundreds of ptiipniM. satisfied clients lo.-ntd from coast to coast have testified to the unvarying ccusristency of thu MARVELOUS MASTER METHOD, which we NOT ONLY MARKET, BUT OPERATE DAILY. They appreciate the wisdom of Ei.iersons Maxim that "principles built on the unerring foun lotion of aver:iges and established laws must necessarily stand until the dissolution of nature itself." We ever stand prepared to submit a ecllecUon of these Mattering endorem-ats in ORIGINAL FORM, with the envelope attached bowing postmark and canceled stamp. Our CRYSTALLIZED RACING MANUAL, containing 2S paces of the most eellght.eing and vnlnable tnrf data ever published, vitally important ndMJ pointers, .svrorn result-; and BtatM ie re-uit charts, teBtlmouials, the, 21 FAMOUS "WALTER SUCCESS MAXIMS," and a revue of the best kr nra "sys tems" published, will be sent you absolutely without thMIgt r cbligiiioa. Kor ot-e you rec :.e ■ ■ thing worth whihv Io-tala aro ignored. W* are waiting for you to heck us up. If you appreciate the true meaning of the word N-O-W, yon viil! s.*.n *peil it the other w.:y ■H«tl. W-O-N. BUT, not every man INVESTIGATES, which accounts for the "submerged nitio-lcntlis." LIBERAL TERMS, contingent upon resultant enniings. Our Credit Bjatea is a very simple one ai d can be covered ia throe words--"CTfithnce and Cijod Faith." It is opes to U MC persMM of good intentions. If the System doe.; not win consistently and fuC! en ry tkum, y:j y., I us nothing. J "■ Me P. WALTER and CO., SZS" mKGWsAXU ™ THE TIFFANY OF SYSTEM CONCERNS CANADA s K- ARTHUR-, PUBLIC MANAGSB "l! BTaVAXlA PRIVATE LOCK BOX 401I ______ TOWSON, MU. ; j :|the gold bond SYSTEM I J OF TUXtF SPECULATI0I7. I J An original, successful, powerful method of turf ipeiUT-ti— , fcas-d on the invincible and In- X i disputable law of average. A system which eliminates tbs ciance element and makes racing a . [ , J systematic business investment instead of a ehanoe specula..:. . . 1 SENT ON APPROVAL. t 0 GUAEANTEEI TO WIN CONSISTENTLY Oil IT COSTS YOU NOTHING. ! .. This system requires no knowlcdgo of racing, handicapping or any of tha technicalities of the .. frame. It may be operated at the track or in the boohs, end is ro simple thit a child cannot 60 .. ,. wro-S. It is the only system sent on approval. Guaranteed to win or no pay. j; SEND NO MONEY. | i Simply serd your namo and address today. Get this wonderful system on approval. Try it at a j t our risk. Not one day. fcet ten days, ten leh or tea r.icalhs. If it doocnt win it costs you r-Otli- 2 . lag. Under thii offer ycu ta_ko no risk. Why not in.etig-ate today? T 1 SUCCESS PUBLISHING CO.. | ;| LOUISVILLE Dept. 1 KENTUCKY f jo THE BOMB OF Till: THOBOUGHBRBD. A !♦ • REAL INFORMATION Bow ntuob tinie Ao you consume trying o find the frsstest IsorssT Ho you know ■vvlien a liorne Iins aa ailvrtntasre in tlio wcijrhtsf The Scientific Handicap Monthly Contains ratings that are accurate end reliable, based on actual tpeed accomplished in rcce.t races. The ratings reprer-ont exactly what the horse has done, not whit he could have, doaa or might have dome. Thoy a.-o absolutely reliable and can be depended upon for consistent winning reculta. THEY SELECT WTNNEES EVERY DAY AT ALL TEACKS Price .00 at your newsdealer or sent direct upou receipt of price, SCIENTIFIC HANDICAP CHARTS P. O. Box 116 NEWPORT, KENTUCK GARS CHIEF OBSERVER and. CEKTS AT ALL NECSTAJTDS MALLED TEN V/EEKS ?3 T0I ATB FREE COOES: Latcnia: JIaire-Ivory-Ii:ver-Ko. k Dorval Park: Florida-Eoc.k-Eox-S.ai_i FItlDAYS ONE EEST: Banner Bearer ...30- Won TODAY 00.00 FREE SPECIAL Here is one that tha chiof sent up very strongly. Has not shown anylhiog ia works or races this year. Will be 10-1 Remember that out of the last 4 C0 Special* 8 WON at big odda. For this one e"o to your newsdealer and rot GARS CHIEF OBSERVER ONLY 60 CENTS. HATLED TWO WEEKS ,00 BElaTT TO GAR PUBLISHING CO. 832 PLTMOTJTH COUKT CHICAGO, ELL. PRINCIPAL AGENTSj CINCINNATI — Rc7 Pcirce, cor. 6th and Vine Sta.; Fonntain News-tard, oor. 6th and Walnut Sts. ; W. Story, oor. 4tii and Central. ST. LOUIS— Wm. Laser, Lobby, 705 Market St, ST. LOUIS— Foster Book, 210 Washington St. LOUISVILLE— Eiler and Goodman, 227 Fourth Ave. KANSAS CITY — Riecker, oor. Sth and Walnut St*. WANTED - WANTED A few reliable bettors who wish to take advantage of some real grood information. First horse £oes KONDAY, JUNE 19, at LATONIA Second horso goes THURSDAY, JUNE 23 at LATONIA. Information will be sent upon request to those who are reliable and will send winnings of a 0 straight bet. Ky record as a successful Jockey, owner and trainer is my reference. Wire or write at one*. Ex-JOCKEY TED KOERNER Apartment 4 Liberal Building 8th and John Streets :: :: Cincinnati, Ohio. ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM The Chief Clocker "Wiaars Every Day" — Sold Everys-Lero — 50o •MR. PLATER" LOOK AT THIS Thurr.Js.y-s Special PEST BET: BRASS TACKS .C0- WOH Yes-.-.rdays, Friday, BEti1 BET: BANNER LEAKER SG.30-?2 WON Day af-.r d.iy our BEST BET has tea WINNING s.cd onr foUa~rsrs aro all cleaning v.r BIG. A-e YOU cno ef lhor.il If rxt you still have time by ■teitteg iron tctla.7 a .d always play oar BEBX BET. TODAYS BEST BET at Latonia and v.iM pcy tho "LIMIT," as few know anything HOW GOOD this one is today, but we know that it is a CINCH today. GET ME? ALSO A 30-1 PAELAY TODAY Looks very rood and worth a good pl-y. Again our PARLAY WON Thursday at bis odds and todays looks much better, so dont miss it. THLS ONLY COSTS YOU 60 CENTS If you paid 0 you couldnt ret any better. Go to your newsdealer and got THE CHIEF CLOCK-city; 50o or sent to yon by mail or telegraphed You can buy the CHIEF CLOCKER in ere.-y cdty; 60o or cent to you by mail or telegraphed week. THE CHIEF CLOCKER Great Northern Building Chicago. 111. RAILBIRDS "FREE CODES," CLOCKERS SPECIALS, BEST WORKOUTS, ETC., OUT T0~--,--~PRICE 25c TODAY IS YOUR BIG CHANCE Today goes a horse at Latonda in — race, that cornea from same SOURCE that put amr John S. Eeardon Won which was our "CLOCKERS SPECIAL" last time he WON and TODAY this same KLICK has one in that should score AT LONG ODDS acd this Is a CINCH. We aro so confident of this one winning today that we will give yon our Occasional . . PBEE FOB ONE WEEK Thats how mrch confidesae we kavo ef this en* WINNING today at a big price. Tea will! never have a cksxtce as yon have today to "CLEAN UP," so rash to your new-dealer and get "Raiibird* 5 Occasional." Bat If he sold oat then go to nearest telegraph office and wire us with name and address where our wire can r*"--- « m in half aa hoar. Send the to RATT.BTr.TyS IMBDM CO. Suite 1505, 20 West Jackson Blvd., CHICAGO, TXL. TODAYB FREE CODE: Laionia-Biue-_t3-19. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form

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