Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1922-08-22

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DAILY RACING FORM HANDICAPS SARATOGA The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Saratoga Springs, S. Y., August 21, 1922. 1 Crochet, Thessaly, Pow Wow. 2 Flannel Shirt, Brilliant Star, Lucky An- toinc. 3 Adonis, Cap Rock, Tufter. 4 Bud Lerner, Cherry Pie, Cartoonist. 5 LEGHORN, Roulette, Duncecap. 6 Galantman, Harridan, Roulette. F. J. Ortell. Ken- Yorlc II:iiilic;i p. 1 Silk Tassel, Thessaly, Best Love, Miss Smith. 2 Flannel Shirt, The Dictator, Lucky An- toine. High Speed. 3 Quesada, Adonis. Bridesman, Tuftcr. 4 Bud Lerner, Cherry Pie, Sallys Alley, Dustabout. 5 ROULETTE, Leghorn, Duncecap, Cath arine Marrone. G Galantman, Sailing Along, Roulette, Irish Brigadier. CIiic:f? :iml ItniTnlo IIanilic:u. 1 Thessaly, Silk Tassel, Miss Cerina, Comixa. 2 Lucky Antoine, Flannel Shirt, Brilliant Star, ?i:gh Sp-ed. 3 Adonis, Quesada, Billy Barton, White Star. 4 BUD LERNR, Curtis, Boys Believe Me, Banter. 5 Catharine Marrone, Duncecap, Leghorn, Bill and Coo. G Irish Brigadier, Galantman, Pirate Gold, Dexterous. Observers Hnmllcmt. 1 Silk Tassel, Thessaly, Miss Cerina, Henna. 2 Flannel Shirt, Lucky Antoine, Brilliant Star, The Dictator. 3 ADONIS, White Star, Bridesman, Quesa da. 4 Bud Lerner, Boys Believe Me, Curtis, Cherry Pie. 5 Catharine Marrone, Leghorn, Maryland Belle, Bill and Coo. 6 Galantman, Irish Brigadier, Dexterous, Pirate Gold. Consensus of Ilmitlioniis. 1 Silk Tassel, Crochet, Thessaly, Miss Ce rina. 2 Flannel Shirt, Lucky Antoine, Brilliant Star, High Speed. 3 Adonis, Quesada, Bridesman, Tufter. 4 BUD LERNER, Cherry Pie, Boys Believe Me, Curtis. 5 Catharine Marrone, Leghorn, Roulette, Duncecap. 6 Galantman, Irish Brigadier, Roulette, Pi rate Gold. WINDSOR The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Windsor, Ont., August 21, 1922. 1 Zack Terrell, Anglum Maid, Wake Up. 2 Dr. McArthur, Sweet Cookie, Topango. ? Dellahm, Chloris, Troubler. 4 Sangrado, Finery, Sandy Beal. 5 Carmandale, Translate, Dr. Hickman. 6 CLAYMORE, Walk Up, Sun Brae. 7 Pit, Topmast, Pierre-a-Feu. T. K. Lynch. New Yurie TTiinnicap. 1 Wake Up, Tamper, Zack Terrell, Magikon. 2 Topango, Dr. McArthur, Sweet Cookie, Buckwheat. 3 Dellahm, Chloris, Witch Flower, Sir Clar ence. 4 Pastoral Swain, Sangrado, Westwood, Eulah F. 5 DR. HICKMAN, Carmandale, Translate, Feylance. C Encrinite, Sun Brae, Walk Up, Bond. 7 Pit, Topmast, Harry Burgoyne, Great Hawk. ;itlf:io ami lliiunlo uillen p. 1 Anglum Maid, Wake Up, Tamper, Air Tan. 2 Dr. McArthur, Topango, BucKwiieat, The Ulster. 3 Chloris, Dellahm, Troubler, Witch Flower. 4 FINERY, Sangrado, Sandy Beal, Red stone. 5 Dr. Hickman, Carmandale, Guvnor Translate. 6 Encrinite, Claymore, Chasseur, Sun Brae 7 Lord Wrack, Griselda, Summer Sigh, Da mons. Olixcrvcr.i II:uiIio:ii. 1 Wake Up, Tamper, Anglum Maid, Magi kon. 2 Dr. McArthur, Buckwheat, Hot Coal, Green Spring. 3 Dellahm, Troubler, Chloris, Witch Flower. 4 Westwood, Finery, Pastoral Swain, San grado. 5 Dr. Hickman, Carmandale, Feylance, Translate. 6 Claymore, American Boy, Chasseur, Sun Brae. 7 Lord Wrack, Pit, Griselda, Topmast. C011.scu.NiiM of Handicap. 1 Wake Up, Zack Terrell, Anglum Maid, Tamper. 2 Dr. McArthur, Topango, Sweet Cookie, Buckwheat. 3 DELLAHM, Chloris, Troubler. Witch Flower. 4 Sangrado, Pastoral Swain, Finery, West- wood. 5 Dr. Hickman, Carmandale, Feylance, Translate. 6 Claymore, Encrinite, Sun Brae, Chasseur. 7 Pit, Lord Wrack, Topmast, Griselda. ERIE The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Eric, Pa., August 21, 1922. 1 Babylonian, Wealthy, Ann, No Wonder. 2 Dudle Bug, Vansylvia, Duly Fashion. 3 Red Chief, Priscilla, Greenway, Big BilL 4 Hoover, Advance, She Devil. 5 Lui-Meme, Marchtone, Kitty Cheatham, 6 Miss Kruter, Louie Lou, Dr. Hall. 7 BENECIA, Grandee, Minnie H. F. 11. Sproule. CliicaK:o ami BufTnlo Handicap. 1 Mannchen, July Fly, Babylonian, No Won der. 2 Malvolio, Rafferty, Dudle Bug, Vansylvia, 3 J. E. Hertz, Sarafax, Squire Charlie", EI- sema. 4 HOOVER, - She Devil, Major Domo, Ad vance. 5 Arthur Middleton, Lui-Meme, Milda, Kitty Cheatham. G Miss Kruter, Neg, Peasant, Dr. Hall. 7 St. Kevin, Grandee, Tatting, Benecia. Observers Handicap. 1 Mannchen, Babylonian, No Wonder, July Fly. 2 Rafferty, Duly Fashion, Vansylvia. Butler. 3 J. E. Hertz, Squire Charlie, Blue Star, Sarafax. 4 Advance, Hoover, Short Stop, Major Domo. 5 ARTHUR MIDDLETON, Kitty Cheatham. Lui-Meme, Rubula. 6 Peasant, Miss Kruter, Dr. Hall, Coombs. 7 Kimono, Grandee, St. Kevin, Tatting. Con.scnHiis of Handicaps. 1 MANNCHEN, Babylonian, July Fly, No Wonder. 2 Dudle Bug, Malvolio, Rafferty, Duly Fashion. 3 J. E. Hertz, Red Chief, Squire Charlie, Sarafax. 4 Hoover, Advance, She Devil, Major Domo. 5 Arthur Middleton, Lui-Meme, Kittie Cheatham, Marchtone. 6 Miss Kruter, Peasant, Dr. Hall, Neg. 7 Benecia, St. Kevin, Kimono, Grandee. KING EDWARD PARK The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : King Edward Park Montreal, Que., August 21, 1922. 1 Last Girl, L. Gentry. Lady Harrigan. 2 Cannonball, Riposta, F. G. Corley. 3 Fait Accompli, Black Pat, Sea Board. 4 HUSH, Bashful, Crest ii George W., Zoie, Jacobean. G Two Eyes, Joes Sister, Uranium. 7 Almirante, Satinmore, Fair and Warmer. E. E. Ferguson.

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