Last of the Saratoga Sales: Sixty-Three Head from Blue Ridge Stud of the Late Henry T. Oxnard Bring 07,900, Daily Racing Form, 1922-08-31

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J i 1 LAST OF THE SARATOGA SALES SIXTY-THREE HEAD FROM BLUE RIDGE STUD OF THE LATE HENRY T. 0XNARD BRING 07,900 ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY EVENINGS r , . L L i e s e j n 4 o " J , ; , 1 1 : i SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. Y., August 29. I Excellent prices were obtained at the first sale of the thoroughbred stock of the Blue Ridge Stud from the estate of Henry T. n Oxnard. The sale was conducted b"y the 0 of Fasig-Tipton Company Monday night and t it will be continued tonight. There were n thirty-one lots disposed of at the Monday d sale for a total of ?9 6,450, making the average a slightly more than ,111. Most of the offer-ings were brood mares with foals at the side and some of them attracted lively competition among the bidders. s The first offering was the Rock Sand stal- j, lion Vulcain. Auctioneer Bain announced h when the handsome big stock horse was led I in the ring that Robert Oxnard had placed a reserve bid of 5,000 on him and that he was the only offering on which a reserve had been placed. "When this figure was not t raised the big bay was led out of the ring. Samuel C. Hildreth of the Rancocas Stable t paid the top price when he bid 3,600 for Autumn II., the imported daughter of St s Frusquin and Cornfield, with her weanling colt by ICing James. Richard T. "Wilson started the bidding at ,000 for this mare and others that took part before she was f finally knocked down to the Rancocas Stable were Montfort Jones, "Walter J. Salmon and C. J. FitzGerald. ! Montfort Jones paid ,700 for Signotile 1 and her chestnut filly by "Vulcain, and it was the second best price paid. R. J. Wal- 1 den paid ,500 for Hortense II., the imported j daughter of Troutbeck and her brown filly by Vulcain. Preston Burch and Dr. T. Cary Grayson were also bidders on this one. Following is a complete record of the sale. Autumn II.. br. m. 1912, by St. Frusquin ! Cornfield, by Isinglass, anil brown colt 1922, by King James Autumn; Rancocas Stable 3,600 Signorile, b. m. 191G. by St. Victrix Sig-norinclla, by Thrush, and chestnut filly 1922, by Vulcain Signorile; Montfort J Jones - 8,700 Hortense II., b. m. 1913, by Troutbeck Haurdina. by William the Third, and brown filly 1922, by Vulcain Hortense II.; R. J. Waldeu 8,503 " Galanta, b. m. 1912, by William the Third Carita, by Gallinule, and brown colt 1922, by Vulcain Galanta; C. A. Stoneham ; 7,200 , Ildiko, b. m. 1913, by Golden Maxim Sandy Bar, by Carbine, and chestnut filly 1922, by Vulcain Ildiko; Montfort Jones - 5,500 Toggery, b. m. 1909, by Rock Sand Teas Over, by Hanover; E. B. McLean 5,200 Sea Spray, b. m. 1908, by Star Shoot Flying Ship, by Flying Dutchman; P. M. Burch 4.G0O White Silk, b. m. 1914, by Gallopin Simon Albina, by Juggler, and bay colt 1922, by "Vulcain White Silk; Rancocas Stable 4,100 Snperlight, b. m. 1910, by Superman Lux Costa, by Donovan, and chestnut filly 1922, by King James Snperlight; P. M. Walker 4.C00 Princess Ormonde, b. m. 1912. by Ormondale Ophirdale, by Ben Holiday; C. T. Grayson 4,000 War News, b. m. 191G, by Spanish Prince II. Verity, by Your Majesty; Montfort Jones 3,600 Fair Pay, ch. m. 1914, by Fair Play Baltimore Belle, by Alloway, and chestnut filly 1922, by Vulcain Fair Pay; F. W. Armstrong 3,300 Sister Superior, b. m. 1917, by Superman Santa Catalina, by Suspender, and chestnut colt 1922, by Fayette Sister Superior; P. M. Walker 3,100 Emmeline, b. m. 1917, by King James Auntie Mum, by Melton; K. N. Gilpin.. 3.C00 Dicks Pet, ch. m. 1911. by Batts Kitty Belle Brooks, by Clifford, and chestnut . colt 1922, by King James Dicks Pet; ! J. Buchanan 2.GC0 War Star. br. h. 1914, by Sunstar Verne, I by Bill of Portland; J. Buchanan $ 2,500 Umbria, b. m. 1911, by Superman Umbra, by Ben Brush; Montfort Jones 2,300 1 .Tulieanne, b. m. 191S, by Ormondale El- maha. by Ogden; Carr and Piatt 2,200 1 ; Ghetto Girl, b. m. 1912, by Ben Brush Debacle, by Bend Or; Montfort Jones... 2,100 . Coppelia, ch. m. 1901. by Kingston Cerito, by Lowland Chief, and chestnut colt 1922. by Vulcain Coppelia; S. Boss... 1.5C0 Personal, br. m. 190G, by Kinley Mack Lady Lindsey, by Sir Modred, and bay filly 1922, by Fayette Personal; J. Buchanan 900 Spinnifex, b. m. 1913, by Marajax Chirag, by Jeddah; Carr and Piatt S00 I Venus, b. f. 1921, by Star Hawk; War Cloud or War Star War News, by Span- ish Prince II.; J. Buchanan 750 Dinawick, b. m. 1901. by Childwick Om-1 ladina, by Royal Hampton, and bay filly 1922, by Superman Dinawick; Montfort Jones 500 Bclphocbe, b. m. 1905, by Orsini Santa Bella, by St. Serf, and bay filly 1922, by Fayette Belphoebe; Mrs- R. P. Smith, Jr 300 Australina, b. m. 1901, by Montana Zea- landia, by Sir Modred; R. L. Humphries 200 Belle of Oakley, b. m. 1904. by Himyar Ridicule, by Althotas: O. Hantel 150 Dolly Bultman, b. m. 190G, by Alloway St. Lucie, by Pontiac; R. L. Humphries. 150 Colorvieto, b. m. 1913. by Collar Agnes Orvieto, by Orvieto; R. L. Humphries... 150 Bohemia, b. m. 1902, by Wagner Mattie T., by Billet; C. G. Herrig 50 D Grace Cameron, b. m. 1901, by Lissak Lida H., by Lisbon; R. L. Humphries... 50 3 Total 31 head 0,450 3 Average per head 3,111 1 n 0 of t n d a s j, h I t t s f ! 1 1 j ! J , 1 1 I D 3 3 1 SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. Y.. August 30. The most successful season of thoroughbred sales ever conducted by the Fasig-Tipton Company was brought to a close Tuesday night with the completion of the dispersal the Blue Ridge Stud from the estate of the late Henry T. Oxnard. For the second night of selling there were thirty-two lots disposed of for a total of 11,450, an average of-,482.75. The total for the first nights selling was 6,450, making the grand total 07,900 for sixty-three lots, an average of ,300. The auction began Tuesday night with the sale of the stallion Superman for 0,000 to K. N. Gilpin after Carr and Piatt had carried him "along for some time. General James Buchanan took King James for ,100 and Fayette, the other stock horse offered, went to Robert L. Gerry for ,000. The best price paid for a mare was scored by the imported mare Arlette, and she went to R. J. "Walden for 3,000 after some lively bidding in which August Belmont and Captain P. M. "Walker took part. F. Wallace Armstrong, after bidding on several of the offerings, paid the second highest price when he took Mill Maid, a sister to Mad Hatter, and her weanling colt by Superman, for 2,000. S. C. Hildreth, representing the Rancocas Stable, went to 0,000 for this mare before he dropped out of the bidding. General Buchanan made several purchases and Robert L. Gerry did not confine himself to the purchase of Fayette. The following is a complete summary of the sale: Arlette. b. m. 1911, by Robert Ie Diable Quintessence, by St, Frusquin; It. J. Walden 3,000 Mill Maid, ch. m. 1914, by Fair Play Madcap, by Rock Sand, and chestnut colt 1922, by Superman Mill Maid; F. W. Armstrong 12,000 Superman, ch. h. 1904, by Commando Anomaly, by Bend Or; K. N. Gilpin 10,000 Turkey Bed. II., b. m. 1913. by William Rr.fus Avlona, by Isinglass, and bay colt 1922, by King James Turkey Red II.; C. A. Stoneham 8,500 High Vale, b. m. 1915, by Hastings Sand Vale, by Rock Sand, and bay colt 1922, by King James High Vale; Rancocas Stable 7,800 Epinglette. b. m. 191G, by Sardanapalc Safety Pin, by Adam, and bay filly 1922, by Superman Epingleite; Rancocas Stable 6,000 King James, br. h. 1905, by Plaudit Unsightly, by Pnrsebearer; J. Buchanan.. 5,100 The Colonels Lady, ch. f. 1919, by Star Shoot Elmaha, by Ogden; Rancocas Stable ; 5,000 Nadinettc, ch. m. 1915, by Fitz Herbert-Melody, b7 Meddler, and brown colt 1922, by King James Nadinettc; A. B. Hancock 4,500 Notasulga. b. m. 1905, by The Commoner Touch Not, by Tremont. and bay filly 1922, by Superman Notasulga; J. Buchanan 4,200 Franks Daughter, ch. m. 1910, by Frank Gill Inspiration, by Ayrshire.and chestnut colt 1922, by Superman Franks Daughter; Montfort Jones ..."4,100 Aeroplane, b. m. 1910, by Arizona Floss Silk, by Florizel II.; R. J. Walden 4,000 Croix Rouge, ch. rh. 191G, by Sir Wilfred Proud Duchess, by Watercress; H. Nes- hitt 3,100 Fruit Cake, b. m. 1914, by Dick Welles Parisicnne, by Watercress; J. E. Madden 2,800 Disillusion, b. m. 1912, by Chilton Night Gown, by Free Knight, and bay filly 1922, by Superman Disillusion; J. Buchanan 2,700 Washerwoman, b. m. 1911, by Earla Mor Laveuse, by Laveno; C. A. Stoneham ... 2,600 Di, b. m. 191G, by Superman Belphoebe. by Orsini. and chestnut filly 1922, by Vulcain Di; J. Buchanan 2,200 Fayette, ch. h. 1903, by Ogden Saratoga Belle, by Henry of Navarre; R. L. Gerry 2,000 Ponte Itosa, eh. m. 1912, by Bridge of Canny Bed of Koses, by Dos Rose, and chestnut colt 1922, by Vulcain Ponte Rosa; II. Nesbitt 2,000 Cadeau, b. m. 1910, by Golden Maxim Komtirasaki. by Candlemas, and dark bay filly 1922, by Superman Cadeau; C. Clay 2,000 Gatien Belle, ch. m. 1900, by St, Gatien Bella B.. by Enquirer, and bay colt 1922, by Vulcain Gatien Belle; F. Good l.GOO Himation, b. m. 1909, by Hermis Darine, by Darcbin; K. N. Gilpin 1,600 Queen, ch. m. 1907, by Goldcrest Qucsal, by Himyar; II. Ncsbit 1,200 Katy Did, b. m. 1912. by Bachelors Button St. Katherinc, by St. Simon; R. L. Gerry 800 Listless, ch. m. 1903, by Voter Indiffer- ence. by Himyar, and chestnut filly 1922, by King James Listless; E. G. Schaffer 800 Rupicola, br. m. 190G, by Advance Guard Kin Boso, by Kingston; Carr and Piatt.. 400 Delusion, b. m. 1902, by Meddler Faithful, by Longfellow; O. Hansel 325 Adelincttc, b. in. 1904, by Melton Dainty, by Galopin; C. Clay 300 Marjoram, ch. m. 1901. by Hastings Lady Marian, by Rayon dOr; R. L. Hum- phrics 275 Anna Russell, b. fa. 1902, by Russell Anna Garth, by King Eric, and bay filly 1922, by King James Anna Russell; R. L. Humphries 250 Lotawanna, b. m. 1903, by Trenton Tab- itha, by Barcaldinc; K. N. Gilpin .. 200 Olcvia, ch. m. 1907, by Ornus Balsam Fir, by Friars Balsam; A. J. Adams .. 100 Total 32 head 11,450 Average per head ,482,75 Grand total 63 head 07,000 Grand average $ 3,300

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