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pTT THE MIRACLE SYSTEM rfT xs FULLY COPYRIGHTED AND PROTECTED 0S Ml There Is a First Time for Everything JPl kW23? THE CAVE MAN AND TB:- SUCCESSFUL TURF INVESTOR dand314869 fSj FACT TALK NO. 140 3PJi MiiMSfii Suppose you were in that particular stage of evolution where man gj5agra " iad just discovered the use of the club, that extended from which enabled him to make the blow of his list many times more powerful. Our Free ilna SUpp0sc some man came to you and demonstrated how you could Information Crystallized effectively use n bow and arrow. And suppose you had adopted it fr yrs Racing Manual and accordingly achieved .1 dominant place in your tribe. And sup- JfJrv Is the pose tIlis Kameman later came to you and described a rifle, wouldnt the Books vDd"f you believe him? Today the Miracle System gives you as much cTi the Turf dominance over the rank and file of players as the possession of a bolcmn repeating rifle would have given a cave-dwelling ancestor over his tribesmen. Its offered to you by SCIENCE, the same agency that enabled man to make each step forward on the road of progress. Trust SCIENCE to make good her promises, because her previous promi-es have been so bounteously fulfilled. She showed us how to move a clumsy water craft by spreading sails. Then how to move it when winds failed. She taught us how to use wings of canvas to sore beyond the eagle. She taught us all we know. Surely we cannot mistrust her and say she holds for us no more useful information. She now tells us with INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE in hand that the Miracle System is as the club to the bare list, the cartridge to the arrow, the ocean liner to the row boat. Will you Iwed her announcement, at least to the extent of careful inquiry, or will you let other3 get the rifle while you struggle to bend the bow? Write today for complete prospectus of the Miracle System. See how we eliminate the blind gambles that cost thousands of dollars daily. Our Crystallized Racing Manual, containing 28 pages of the most enlightening and valuable turf data ever published, vitally important racing pointers, testimonials, sworn results and statistics, result charts, the 21 Famous Walter Success Maxims and a review of the best-known systems published, will be sent you absolutely without charge or obligation. For once you receive something worth while. Postals are ignored. Si M. P. WALTER and CO., E5!tf3? CANADA Specialized Training in Profitable Turf Investment AUSTRALIA. Private Lock Box 40F. S. E. ARTHUR. Pnllic Relations Mgr. Towson, i GARS 1 CHIEF OBSERVER 35 CENTS. MAILED TEN WEEKS, ?3. NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY SUNDAY. TODAYS FREE SPECIAL: Be sure and get GARS GREEN BOOK. DADE PARK: Maine-Brick-Water Boy. This is a mighty clever trick. Dont miss it. Worth six months subscription to the booklet. LAST WEEK A "WONDERFUL WEEK"! The Chief certainly DELIVERED THE GOODS in a regular fashion. J ASK ANYONE! ! YES, SIR, ASK ANYONE! I They will TELL YOU ABOUT THE CHIEF. They j certainly are ENTHUSIASTIC. If you are not one of the CHIEFS ARMY OF CLIENTS you are missing being in on tho GREATEST "MONEY GETTER" for giving WINNERS." The Chief is in a CLASS ALL BY HIMSELF. Some of the LONG SHOTS he gave- last week were: KELLERMAN .2.50- WON APEX 3.50- WONi and many, many others at DADE PARK ALSO. By all means dont fail to get the NEW ISSUE TODAY, for it is CHOCK-FULL OF "DADE PARK" SLEEPERS READY TO WIN AT BIG PRICES Here is YOUR CHANCE, only 35c. Be sure and get the "GREEN BOOK." LOOK! LOOK! AMOUNT IS STILL GROWING! WON 37.00 playing EACH and EVERY ONE of the "ONE BEST" and "LONG SHOT" given by the Chief on the GARS DAILY CHIEF OBSERVER, which is only 50 cents. THE PROOF of the pudding is in the eating, and when a FLAT PLAY SHOWS A WINNER LIKE THAT, then you KNOW THE CHIEF IS MAKING GOOD. LOOK! LOOK! TODAY A 10-1 LONG SHOT AT "DADE PARK" Yes, sir, we expect this one to be all of 10-1, and this one comes from the SMARTEST SOURCE at Dade Park. You simply cannot afford to miss it. FRIDAYS ADVERTISED LONG SHOT: Lieut. Colonel ..5.90- Won And mind, this one should be EQUALLY AS GOOD, For this one just ask your newsdealer for GARS DAILY CHIEF OBSERVER 50 CENTS, MAILED 2 WEEKS, ?5. Remit to GAR PUBLISHING COMPANY 332 PLYMOUTH COURT, CHICAGO, ILL. "DADE PARK" FOR SALE: EVANSVILLE, IND. Arthur Fisher, 209 Main St. THE BEACON Copyrighted, 1922, by Beacon News Service. MAILED EVERY THURSDAY EVENING. Contains news of interest to horsemen and trainers. WE HAVE NO SPECIALS TO SELL YOU. When we receive late word on anything good we wire or mail same to subscribers free of charge. TUESDAYS ONE HORSE FREE WIRE, KNIGHT OF THE. HEATHER, 7.80-?2, WON; Wednesdays Kentucky Long Shot Special, ISOSCELES, 8.20-, second; Friday THE BEACON gave NORTH WALES, 1.30, WON; Saturdays One Horse Wire, YORK-1ST, ?6.40-?2, WON. We never wire more than one. Ee sure to arrange to get free wires. Order next weeks BEACON now and we will send you this weeks, as many good ones published in THE BEACON are yet to. ro. Subscription rate: 1 week, ; 4 weeks, . All business by mail. BEACON NEWS SERVICE 1452 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. Daily Racing Form Ads Pay Well. WONDERFUL WINNING SYSTEM A cool, conservativ3 method wherein ruccess is assured. Can be flayed at or away frovn tha track with large or small capital. It gives a few SELECT PLAYS each week that nearly all win. Won big money on a straight flat bet. Ths marvelous method stands out like a MAN O WAR. IT IS FAR SUPERIOR. My system gives long-priced winners. FELICITOUS 52G.50-J2 ARARAT 1.10- FREEZY SNEEZY 3.03 -?2 BLOSSOM TIME ?57.0- POW WOW 3.70- MAHONY 9.40-52 Hundreds of tsstimonials .from satirfcl clients showing proof of whit my system is don sent you FREE. STOP LOSING AND START WINNING RIGHT AWAY. I guarantee my system. Those with honest intentions can pet my syitozi on easy terms. Small payment down, balance ai you win. Send no money; just your name and address. I will send you absolutely FREE OF CHARGE a review of the best known Racing System published and facts reardinj Ricin; Systems that will open your eyes. Write at once. WATSON CORNELL 341 WEST 45TH STREET NEv" YOS.H CITY BE PATIENT! After my last information on four specially prepared maidens, all finished second, I concluded to take a breathing spell. And .now I serve notice that the stare is all set for a marvelous Come Back at Bowie Saturday and, while I am not given to flowery promises, in this case I feel justified in expecting a winner that will pay fully as much as SALLYS ALLEY did when she won her first Futurity at Belmont Park. I want all to join and we will have our Thanksgiving celebration early. joe Mccarty Saratoga Springs New York BUCK BRANDON Only two plays last week and both liors-s won. IfOTEMBElt 7: Nightboat .90- 3fOATEMBER 10: Listen Dearie 3.80- All horses filed in advance with Daily Racinp Form. TERMS: "Winnings of ?10 slraigjit play. BUCK BRANDON 145 West Forty-fifth St., YORK CITY. DADE PARK SPECIALS EX-JOCKEY WILSON During the Dade Park meeting I will be on the ground and give you first-hand advice. Within the next week I am expecting two that should win, barring accidents. Usually have two or three good ones each week. I Also Have Maryland Specials You will find I have a conscience. I want to hear from honest people only, who will pay. Terms Winnings of a 0 STRAIGHT PLAY, after you collect. Answer qnick. L. WILSON 800-C Greenwood Hldg. CINCINNATI, O. CAPTAIN ALCOCK ?16.20- WON and a third were last Saturdays ?2 XX SPECIALS Dont miss next Saturdays TWO LIVE ONES HEPHAISTOS .10- WON was yesterdays Form Special. This makes 3 winners and 1 second out of last 4. Get bock on sale now containing code to Free Form Special. No. 301, Book 809. STANDARD TURF GUIDE 403, 22 W. Quincy St. Chicago, 111. CLEANING UP ON OUR DAILY SHEET! WALNUT HALL S4.C0-J2 WON was yesterdays Long Shot. Remember we only give two a day. Had almost 50 per cent, winners since Oct. 19, Easily the best at any price, and all it costs Is 50c DAILY AT ALL NEWSSTANDS 50o Mailed direct, 1 week, .00; 2 weeks, .00. NATIONAL O. K. PUBLISHING CO. Room 411 Haiti mo 10 Bid?. Chicago, UU SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO. ILL. 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, N. X.

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