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fxT THE MIRACLE SYSTEM fTT Jandiix FULLY COPYRIGHTED AND PROTECTED jjjT fSS" VOD CANT PUT A RACING SADDLE OX A FARM fflSr fngLfa JIORSE AND ENTER HIM IN THE DERBY ?L4v FACT TALK NO. 14S .rTjErjgnai Character or quality in a man or woman, as in an honest article of JsSELbSbI K merchandise, is beyond price and competition. The individual -who chooses his environment or satisfied his needs for reasons of cheap- ness frequently does so, not by choice, but through necessity, or .. t,.i...j often he merely betrays his lack of good judgment. The Miracle ,, V f tka Svstom System can be purchased for loss money than an-inferior one be- Non-System Vial t,a cause the initial cost of the inferior one represents merely the first ,,Ty.s Fixes tho installment in a series of payments to the bookie. The best cri- Watcl1 pa terion of worth is not a comparison of pricos asked, but a consid- ru cration of tboso ideals for which the name of tho producers stands. C-A-Sj-H. Our clients have given that remarkablo incentive to our organiza- tlon that fills ns with that great spirit which makes the MIRACLE SYSTEM a SUCCESS. THOUSANDS OF WONDERFUL ENDORSEMENTS TESTIFY TO THIS NATION-WIDE APPROVAL. It would requiro a volume of many pages to reproduce them all. Would you be interested in reading a handfull picked from that GREAT, BIG, SATISFYING PILE! A collection in ORIGINAL FORM, each with envelope attached, showing postmark and cancelled stamp, will be sent you simply for the asking. They leave no reason for DOUBT or ARGUMENT. WRITE TODAY for completo PROSPECTUS of THE MIRACLE SYSTEM. Our Crystallized Racing Manual, containing 28 pages of the most enlightening and valuable turf data ever published, vitally important racing pointers, testimonials, sworn results and statistics, result charts, the TWENTY-ONE FAMOUS WALTER SUCCESS MAXIMS, and a review of the best-known SYSTEMS published, will be scat you absolutely without charge or obligation. For ONCE you receivo something worth while. Postals are ignored. ucuhA- M. P. WALTER and CO., CANADA AVlio Make Your Dollars Have More Sense AUSTRALIA Private Lode Box -iOF. S. E. ARTHUR, Public Relation Mgr. Tovfnciii, ML CHICAGO HANDICAPPER 60 CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS. LOOK! YESTERDAY War Mask . . . .2.70- Won I ADVERTISED LONG SHOT Oui Oui .10- Won WE SURE ARE DELIVERING THE GOODS. FRIDAY FOUR WINNERS WHICH INCLUDED Hello Pardner..0.40- Won Are you a winner! Are you getting the Chicago Han di capper. Wo aro selling tremendously. Why! Because we are delivering the goods. MONDAY .5 to 1 Advertised Long Shot Yes, sir, we expect 5-1, nothing less, and this sure is a pippin. Go right to your newsdealer and bsk for the CHICAGO HANDICAPPER 60c, MAILED TWO WEEKS, . CHICAGO PUBLISHING CO. 333 SOUTH DEARBORN STREET. SOME PRINCIPAL DEALERS: CINCINNATI, 0. Rey Fierce. 5th and Vine Sts. CINCINNATI, O. Fountain News, 5th and Walnut Sts. ST. LOUIS, Mo Wm. Laser, Lobby, 705 Market St. ST. LOUIS. Mo. Foster Book Co., 410 Washington. LOUISVILLE, Ky. Eiler and Goodman, 227 4th Ave. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Mr. Moeslein, 112 Illinois St. DAYTON, 0. Mr. Euphrat, 129 S. Jefferson St. And All Other Intermediate Cities. THE BEACON Copyrighted, 1922, by Beacon News Service. MAILED EVERY THURSDAY EVENING. Contains news of interest to horsemen and trainers. WE HAVE NO SPECIALS TO SELL YOU. When we receivo late word on anything good we wire or mail same to subscribers free of charge. Monday, no wire sent; Tuesday, GOALER, .00-52, WON; Wednesday, GENERAL THATCHER, .70-?2, WON; Thursday. BUCADO. 57.90-, WON; Friday, HELLO PARDNER, 0.40-?2, WON; Saturday, POOR SPORT, .10-?2, WON. We never wire more than one. Be sure to arrange to get free wires. Order next weeks Beacon now and we will send you this weeks, as many good ones published in THE BEACON are yet to go. Subscription rate: One week, ; four weeks, . All business by mail. BEACON NEWS SERVICE 1452 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. RACING PATRONS ATTENTION! I am here on the job getting a line on all horses here and know of three good, things first week and wish to get in touch with some reliable players who will bet 0.00 straight for me. My advice is to get in with a docker who is on the job and who will send only good, reliable information. One to three horses sent each week. Those desiring service write or wire at once. Clocker B. FARBER FELIX HOTEL Bienville and Rampart Sts., NEW ORLEANS, LA. NEW ORLEANS RACES J. J. SCHREINER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER 30 Years Experience as Trainer-Clocker. YOU CAN EMPLOY 1IE TO WORK FOR YOU 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS. A sufficient period to firmly establish my reputation for expertness and success. MY MAN AT NEW ORLEANS IS AN EXPERT CLOCKER My many clients will vouch for my marvelous success at Kentucky tracks. Consult a specialist of the game. I wire one or two horses daily at 11 oclock. Telegraph remittance or remit by express order in letter. Propositions Not Considered. Strictly Cash Only. lARKTOX FLATS WZTt Greenup St. - Covington, Ivy. GETAWAY SPECIAL, GOES WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20 THIS IS MY 0 SPECIAL, Should pay 10 to 1 or better. Will tolegraph horse in time. Its within reach of thousands of people. DONT MISS THIS GETAWAY OPPORTUNITY. RANDALL 147 East Twenty-third Street, NEW YORK CITY. J. F. "Lucky" Baldwin TUESDAY, NOV. 28, and. THURSDAY, NOV. 30, I will havo two moro big specially prepared propositions going. I believo theso two specials the safest propositions I havo ever handled. If winners aro what you want, and you aro absolutely reliable, dont hesitate. Rush your correct namo and address at once. TERMS Tho winnings of 0. I CANNOT WIN IF YOU LOSE. 1303 LEXINGTON AVE.. NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. Phone Lenox 6110. WONDERFUL WINNING SYSTEM A cool, conservative method wherein success is as-rured. Can be played at or away from the track, with largo or small capital. It gives a few SELECT PLAYS each weok that nearly all win. Won big money on a straight flat bet. This marvelous method stands out like a MAN O WAR. IT IS FAR SUPERIOR. My system gives long-priced winners: GLEJT 1.70 "WON fiOALKIt 0.40 AVON SALT PETER, 31.50 AVON REPARATION 8A.S0 WON HIDDEN JEWEL K..00 WON MAXIMAC 31.70 WON Hundreds of testimonials from satisfied clients showing proof of what my system is doing, sent you FREE. STOP LOSING AND START WINNING RIGHT AWAY. I guarantee my System. Those, with honest intentions can get my system on easy terms. Small payment down, balance as you win. Send your name and address. I will send you absolutely FREE OF CHARGE a review of the best known Racing System published and facts regarding Racing Systems that will open your eyes. Write at once. WATSON CORNELL 41 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK CITY. BIG OPPORTUNITY I have the final O. K. on a horse that will start Thanksgiving Day, November 30 AT NEW ORLEANS AT A BIG PRICE. This one will carry a LARGE COMMISSION on his chances of winning by his connections AND THEY SELDOM MAKE any MISTAKES. I am in a position to send you INSIDE INFORMATION during the NEW ORLEANS races, as I am connected with the SHREWDEST TRAINERS and OWNEXS on the raco track. My terms are winnings of a ten-dollar wager to be wired to me after horse wins. WRITE PLAINLY, with correct si-dress when answering. M. MENDELSOHN HOTEL DE SOTO NEW ORLEANS, LOUSIANA. New Orleans Specials Ex-Jockey Wilson. I will be on the ground and give first-hxnd advice. All wires will be on horses that aro well meant. During the first part of this meeting I expect two that should win at a good price, barring accidents. I have a line on a number of good horses there now that should prove very profitable. Usually have two or three good ones each week. Yon will find I have a conscience. I have always been very successful at New Orleans and feel sure I wiU send out many good winners this winter. I want to hear from honest people only, who will pay. TERMS: Winnings of a 0.00 straight play, after yon collect. Answer quick. L WILSON, 300-C Greenwood Euilding, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Write for Cipher and Instructions For your convenience and to facilitate prompt payment to Winter patrons, have opened accounts with: Eirst National Bank of San Diego I Itoyal Bank of Canada of Havana Whitney Central National Bank of New Address Orleans Care Postal Telegraph Company, Chicago WILLIAM RYAN. " TWO LONG SHOTS OPENING WEEK JEFFERSON PARK. Probable Odds 5 to 15 to 1 Terms. Winnings of a .00 straight play for EACH WINNER. Remit .00 as guarantee of good faith. KENTUCKY TURF GUIDE C13 Julia Street, -:- NEW ORLEANS, LA. LIVE ONES are what you get in the STANDARD. 35 CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS. Mondays Form Special: April-Banana.-2I-63-30.28. STANDARD TURF GUIDE 403. 22 W. Quincy St. Chicago, 111. The American Racing Manna! for 1922 IS NOW ON SALE. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL. 157-150 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. 74 EXCHANGE STREET u BUFFALO, N. Y,

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