Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1922-12-22

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I DAILY RACING FORM HANDICAPS i i JEFFERSON PARK The horses which seem best in Fridays races are : Jefferson Tarfe New Orleans, La., December 21, 1922. 1 Leo Fisher, Grenoble, Fernandos. 2 Bribed Voter, Hutchison, White LTaven. 3 Manicure Maid, Rock Salt, Vennie. 4 DIMPLES, Orlova, Camouflage. 3 Col. Taylor, Sewell Combs, The Peruvian. C Dr. Rae, Doctor Jim, Attorney Muir. J. L. Detupsey. Acvr York Handicap. 1 Kennmare, Fernandos, Leo Fisher, Gondo lier. 2 Hutchison, Edna D., Brown Bill, Bribed Voter. 3 Anonymous, Rock Salt, Vennie, Manicure Maid. 4 Dimples, Camouflage, Tulane, Goaler. 5 SEWELL COMBS, Col. Taylor, Ettahe, Winneconne. C Dr. Rae, Grace Foster, Handfull, Helen Atkin. Chicago si ml Buffalo Hand leap. 1 Leo Fisher. John Joseph, Gentleman Jou- ett. Reformer. 2 Troilus, Bribed Voter, Hutchison, Kan McKinney. 3 BLUE NOSE, Anonymous, Rock Salt, Vennie. 4 Dimples, Tulu.ip Matinee Idol, Sea Mint. 5 Col. Taylor, Jok S-cot, Sewell Combs, Alva. C Natural, GraC2 Fostor, Doctor Jim. Cockroach. 01.server.i Handicap. 1 Fernandos, Gentleman Jouett, Reformer, Leo Fisher. 2 Bennont, Bribed Voter, Edna D., Hutch ison. 3 Vennie, Rock Salt, Anonymous, Manicure Maid. 4 Dimples, Orlova, Ramkin, Sea Mint. 5 SEWELL COMBS, Col. Taylor, Winne conne, Jock Scot. C Dr. Rae, Helen Atkin, Attorney Muir, Grace Foster. Consensus of Hand lea its. 1 Leo Fisher, Kennmare, Fernandos, Gen tleman Jouett. 2 Bribed Voter, Hutchison, Troilus, Ber- mont 3 Manicure Maid, Anonymous, Blue Nose, Vennie. 4 DIMPLES, Orlova, Camouflage, Sea Hint 5 Col. Taylor, Sewell Combs, Jock Scot, Winneconne. C Dr. Rae, Natural, Grace Foster, Doctor Jim. HAVANA The horses which seem best in Fridays races are : Oriental Park Havana, Cuba, December 21, 1922. 1 Humpy, Ruth Wehle, Twenty Seven. 2 Aiken, Ultimo, Cydonia, 3 American Eagle, Col. Murphy, Col. Chile. 4 LOREXA MARCELLIA, Margaret Ware, Wawons. 5 Misericorde, Sentimental, Prunes. G Pierrot, Jap Muma, Grandson. T. K. Lynch. 2Vetr Yorlc Handicap. 1 Ruth Wehle, Tvcnty Seven, Humpy, Mooresque. 2 Cydonia, Aiken, Quecreek, Ultimo. 3 Col. Murphy, Puff Ball, My Friend Pat, Col. Chile. 4 -TURBULENT, Margaret Ware, Wawona, Lorena Marcellia. 5 Dainty Lady, Prunes, Waltar Turnbow, Misericorde. C Jap Muma, Pierrot, Thos. F. McMahon, Grandson. Chicago and UnfTnlo Handicap, 1 Perhaps, Humpy, Chevalier, ASooros-iue. 2 Cydonia, Queoreik, Ultimo, Discission. 3 Col. Murphy, Puff Ball, American Eagle, Legacy. 4 CHILE, Margaret Ware, Wawona, Adventuress. 5 Misericorde, Job Thayer, Pruaes, Sentimental. C Homam, Jap Lljma, Thos. F. McMahun, Pierrot. Observers Hand leap. 1 Humpy, Fair and Warmer, Twenty Seven, Perhaps. 2 AIKEN, Cydonia, Assumption, Quecreek. 3 Col. Murphy, Puff Ball, American Eagle, Frascuelo. 4 Lorena Marcellia, Dawona, Noon Glide. Margaret Ware. 5 Misericorde, Walter Turnbow, Sentimental, Old Pop. 6 Jap Muma, Homam, Pierrot, Thomas F. McMahon. Consensus of Handicap. 1 Humpy, Ruth Wehle, Perhaps, Twenty Seven. 2 Aiken, Cydonia, Quecreek, Ultimo. 3 Col. Murphy, American Eagle, Puff Ball, Col. Chile. 4 Lorena Marcellia, Turbulent, Chile, Mar garet Ware. 5 -MISERICORDE, Dainty Lady, Sentimen tal, Prunes. 6 Jap Muma, Pierrot, Homam, Thos F. Mc Mahon. TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Fridays races are : Tijuana, Mcx., December 21, 1022. 1 Wioe Judge, W. G. McClintock, Peerless One. 2 Reydo, Little Orphan, Capon. 3 Dominator, Silk Sox, Proclamation. 4 JOE BLAIR, Ask Jessie, Candorosa. 5 Herder, Horace Lerch, Vanessa Welles. C Whippet, Prince Direct, My Rose. 7 May Maulsby, Coca Cola, Anna Regina. G. XV. Schilling. Ifcw York Handicap. 1 Wise Judge Gen. Byng, Hanovers Topaz, Miss Dunbar. 2 Evalyn Harrigan, Little Orphan, Rhymer, Deckhand. 3 SILK SOX, Plow Steel, Dominator, Alle- den. 4 Joe Blair, Dancing Girl, Milda, Eugenia K. 5 F. G. Corley, Tutt, Herder, North Shore. G Whippet, Summer Sigh, Madrono, Buck-horn II. 7 Loch Leven, Coca Cola, Romulus, Pay Off. Chicago .mil JIulTnlo Handicap. 1 Gen. Byng, Wise Judge, Miss Dunbar, Sam Hill. 2 Evalyn Harrigan, Teo Breckenridge, Al Wick, Little Orphan. 3 Tom Craven, Silk Sox, Plow Steel, Procla mation. 4 Joe Blair, Olympian King, Noonhour, Milda. 5 Herder, Vanessa Wslles, Horace Lerch, North Shore. G WHIPPET, Summer Sigh, Prince Direct, Madrono. 7 Coca Cola, Phrone Ward, Loch Leven, May Maulsby. Observers Handicap. 1 Miss Dunbar, Gen. Byng, Florentine, Tag Day. 2 Little Orphan, Rhymer, Evalyn Harrigan, Reydo. 3 Meteor, Plow Steel, Silk Sox, Tom Craven. 4 Joe Blair, Eugenia K., Olympian King, Ask Jessie. 5 Nortli Shore, Vanessa Welles, Horace Lerch, Neg. G WHIPPET, My Rose, Buckhorn II., Summer Sigh. 7 Anna Regina, Phrone Ward, Mannikin JI., Coca Cola. Consensus ot Handicap. 1 Wise Judge, Gen. Byng, Miss Dunbar, W. G. McClintock. 2 Evalyn Harrigan, Reydo, Little Orphan, Rhymer. 3 Dominator, Silk Sox, Tom Craven, Meteor. 4 Joe Blair, Ask Jessie, Olympian King, Eu genia K. 5 Herder, F. G. Corley, Nortli Shore, Va nessa Welles. C WHIPPET, Summer Sigh, Frince Direct, My Rose. 7 May Maulsby, Loch Leven, Coca Cola, Anna Regina.

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