Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1924-01-17

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps FAIR GROUNDS The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: Fair Grounds Xcw Orleans, I.a., Jan. 1G, 1924. 1 Baldine, Bugler, Kington. 2 Dan Boiling, Beg Pardon, Green Gold. 3 IDLE THOUGHTS, Wilmer the Wizard, Devil Girl. A Rama, Sedgefield, Olynthus, 5 Pete Foy, Superbum, Huonec G Frank Monroe, Smart Guy, Stump Jr. T Sling, Repeater, Drummond. J. L. Dempsey. cw Yorlc Handicap. 1 Bugler, The Reaper, Baldine, Meddling Mattie. 2 Beg Pardon, Kirah, Green Gold, Sequel. 3 Wilmer the Wizard, Bamra, Times Up, Byron. 1 THIMBLE, Sedgefield, Olynthus, Lord Granite. 5 Superbum, Margaret Ware, Pequot, Gondolier. C Frank Monroe, Smart Guy, Smarty, Herald. 7 Ashland, Drummond, Rupee, Repeater. Chicago Handicap. 1 Meddling Mattie, Baldine, Balsam Lake, Bugler. 2 Green Gold, Beg Pardon, Sequel, A. X. Akin. 3 Bamra, Times Up, Idle Thoughts, Wilmer the Wizard. 4 LORD GRANITE, Olynthus, Thimble, Sedgefield. 5 Superbum, Margaret Ware, Gondolier, Spugs. G Smarty, Stump Jr., Day Lilly, Smart Guy. 7 Ashland, Repeater, Dr. Joe, Camouileur. Observers Handicap. 1 Bugler, Baldine, Balsam Lake, Meddling Mattie. 2 Dan Boiling, Beg Pardon, A. N. Akin, Kirah. 3 -Wilmer the Wizard, Bamra, Julia M., Idle Thoughts. 4 OLYNTHUS, Thimble, Lord Granite, Sedgefield. 5 Superbum, Margaret Ware, Pequot, Pete Foy. G Frank Monroe, Herald, Smart Guy, Smarty. 7 Drummond, Rupee, Ashland, Repeater. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Bugler, Baldine, Meddling Mattie, Balsam Lake. 2 Dan Boiling, Beg Pardon, Green Gold, Sequel. 3 Wilmer the Wizard, Idle Thoughts, Bam ra, Times Up. 4 Rama, Thimble. Lord Granite, Olynthus. 5 SUPERBUM, Pete Foy, Margaret Ware, Pequot. C Frank Monroe, Smarty, Smart Guy, Stump Jr. 7 Ashland, Sling, Drummond, Repeater. HAVANA. The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: Oriental rark Havana, Cuba, Jan. 1C, 1924. 1 Merry Bells, Ashburton, Fly Lady. 2 Ponce, Liborio, Solomons Favor. 3 Laughing Eyes H.. Tha Ulster, Le Balafre. 4 Boxwood, Neapolitan, Nig. 5 Lucy Kate. Haman, RandeL 6 BLUE HTTiTi, Tease, Pilades. T. K. Lynch. 2Vcvr York Handicap. 1 Hilloro, Blue Bonnet, Suzuki, Fear. 2 Ponce, Chaparra, Liborio, Solomons Fa vor. 3 Ben Bolt, Le Balafre, Col. Pat, The Ulster. 4 Zapatos, The Pirate, Hercules, Neapclitan. 5 LUCY KATE, John Morrill, Haman, Romping Mary. C Ancestress, Tease, Tiladcs, Blue HilL Chicago Handicap. 1 Blue Bonnet, Suzuki, Hilloro, Fear. 2 Chaparra, Vcneno, Ponce, Liborio. 3 BEN BOLT, Laughing Eyes H., Get Em, Col. Pat. 4 Nig, Zapatos, American Soldier, Hercules. 5 John Morrill, Lucy Kate, Haman, Romping Mary. C Ancestress, Tease, April, Blue nill. Observers Handicap. 1 Blue BGnnet, Suzuki, Hilloro, Ashburton. 2 Chaparra, Ponce, Vcneno, Liborio. 3 The Ulster, Col. Pat, Ben Bolt, Get Em. 4 Neapolitan. Hercules, Okaloosa, Zapatos. 5 LUCY KATE, Haman, John Morrill, Charles Whitney. C Ancestress. Tease, Blue Hill, ApriL Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Blue Bonnet, Merry Bells, Hilloro, Suzuki. 2 Ponce, Chaparra. Liborio, Vcneno. 3 Ben Bolt, Laughing Eyes U., The Ulster, Le Balafre. 4 Boxwood, Zapatos, Nig, Neapolitan. 5 LUCY KATE, John Morrill, Haman, Romping Mary. C Ancestress, Blue Hill, Tease, Pilades. TIJUANA. The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: Tijuana, Mexico, Jan. 16, 1921. 1 Remit. Scfca, F. G. Corley. 2 Bedazzle, Omega, Sweep Up n. 3 Pretty Mally, Hilarity, Al Hotfoot. 4 Black Thong, Ginger, Wedding Prince. 5 International Stable entry. Billy Star, C. B. Irwin entry. C Motor Cop, The Almoner, Dr. Corbett. 7 EVER BOLD, Canyon, Marine Corps. S Brandeis, Jim Daisy, Tule. G. W. Schilling. Nerv "York Handicap. 1 Remit, Ike Mills, Maysville, Currency. 2 Sweep Up II., Lady Moore, July Fly, Omega. 3 Hilarity, Battle Shot, Al Hotfoot, Pretty Mally. 4 Black Thong, Ginger, Mary Jane Baker. Wedding Prince. 5 Billy Star, Abadane, John S. Reardon, Adonis. C THE ALMONER, Motor Cop, Doctor Cor- bett. Turbulent. 7 Marino Corps, Ever Bold, Spread Eagle, Bayonet. S Brandeis, Tom Craven, Jim Daisy, Jack LedL Chlcasro Handicap. 1 Neg. Maysville, Remit. F. G. Corley. 2 Omega, Sweep Up IX, Harrigans Heir, Canny Lady. 3 Queen Catherine, Battle Shot, Al Hotfoot, Helen Cook. 4 Black Thong. Dainty Lady, Peter Pierson, Ginger. 5 ABADANE, Ten Buttons, John S. Rear don, Billy Star. 6 Motor Cop, Lord Allen, Turbulent, Knighthood. 7 Spread Eagle, Chiva, Reap, Bayonet. S Brandeis, Tule, Tom Craven, Mart Bunch. Observers Handicap. 1 Remit, Maysville, Neg, Currency. 2 Sweep Up IL, Omega, Bedazzle, Lady Moore. 3 Hilarity, Helen Cook, Al Hotfoot, Battle Shot. 4 Wedding Prince, Ginger, Black Thong, Mary Jane Baker. 5 ABADANE, John S. Reardon, Billy Star, Adonis. C Turbulent, Motor Cop, Lord Allen, Knighthood. 7 Ever Bold, Bayonet, Spread Eagle, Marine Corps. S Brandeis, Wild Thoughts, Tom Craven, Bobby Allen. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Remit, Neg, Maysville, F. G. Corley. 2 Sweep Up II., Bedazzle, Omega, Lady Moore. 3 Hilarity, Pretty Mally, Queen Catherine, Battle Shot. 4 Black Thong, Wedding Prince, Ginger, Mary Jano Baker. 5 Abadane, John S. Reardon, Billy Star, Adonis. 6 Motor Cop, The Almoner, Turbulent, Lord Allen. 7 Ever Bold, Marine Corps, Spread Eagle, Bayonet. S BRANDEIS, Tom Craven, Jim Daisy, Tule.

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