Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1924-04-18

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps HAVRE DE GRACE The horses which seem best in Fridays races are : Havre de Grace, Md., April 17, 1924. 1 — Swinging, Miss Pickett, Tango. 2 — Comedy. Gold Bug. Golden Armor. 3— Frank G.. Mabel K.. Fifty-Fifty. i 4 — Shamrock, Seagram Stable entry, Isosceles. I — Guelph. Royal Duck. Liveliness. 1 6— LUMINIST. Cote dOr. Mountain Rose II. 7 — Flying Devil, Royal Crown, Smarty. T. J. Lynch. »n York Handicap. 1 — Sea Tide. Cheri. Rejected. Slow and Easy. 2— Suppliant, Gold Bug, Trapstick, The Fenian. ." — Frank G., Hidden Jewel, Sea Sand, Marble. 4— SHAMROCK. Isosceles, A. J. Buja, Brilliant Jester. 5 Guelph. Majority, Old Faithful. Good Night. 6 NiRht Raider, Day Lilly, High Gear, Overtake. 7— Flying Devil. Smarty, Seths Flower, Huckleberry Finn. Chicago Handicap. 1 — Fair Myrtle, Swinging, Slow and Easy, Menthol. 2— HANDSOME, Gold Bug, Galician, Trap-stick. 3 — Mabel K., Captain Costigan, Marble, Frank G. 4 — Heir-at-Law, Redstone, Brilliant Jester, A. J. Buja. [ — Majority. Guelph. Old Faithful. Loveliness. I — Luminist. Night Raider, High Gear, At- j torney Muir. 7 — Smarty. Flying Devil, Comme Ci, Seths Flower. Observers Handicap. 1 — Swinging, Sea Tide, Cheri, Slow and Easy. 2— Handsome, Gold Bug, Trapstick, Suppliant. 3— Frank G.. Mabel K.. Sea Sand. Marble. 4— SHAMROCK, Isosceles, A. J. Buja, Heir-at-Law. 5— Guelph. Majority, Old Faithful, Royal Duck. 6 — Luminist, High Gear, Night Raider, Overtake. 7— Seth"s Flower, Flying Devil, Comme Ci, Smarty. ounennus of Handicaps. 1— Swinging, Sea Tide, Fair Myrtle, Slow and Easy. 2 — Handsome, Comedy, Suppliant, Gold Bug. : 3 — Frank G.. Mabel K., Marble, Sea Sand. 4— SHAMROCK, Heir-at-Law, Isosceles, A. J. Buja. 5 — Guelph, Majority, Old Faithful, Roval Duck. 6— Luminist, Night Raider, High Gear, Overtake. 7— Flying Devil, Smarty, Seth"s Flower, Comme Ci. HUNTINGTON The horses which seem best in Fridays races are : Huntington, W, Va., April 17, 1924. 1 — Ringleader, Archie Alexander, Gratian. I 2— Col. Pat, Charles Henry, April. i 3 — Boh, Bub, Copperhead. j 4 — Harp of the North. Mock Orange, Dantzic. I 5— Columbia Tenn, Big Sapp, Jolly. 6— The Ulster, George Choos, Florence Deen. 7— JOU JOU, Dumbfoundcr, Eye Bright. F. H. Sproule. New York Handicap. 1 — George Starr, Corto, Ringleader, Hello Pardner. 2— Charles Henry, Col. Tat, Adventure, Milton M. 3 — Bob, Mike Morrissey, The Tlainsman, Copperhead. 4 — Harp of the North, Mock Orange, Dantzic, Rlantarede. 5 — Columbia Tenn, Big Sapp, Jolly, Cacambo. i 6— Florence Deen, Fayelle, Certain Point, Reel Foot. j 7 — JOU JOU, Dumbfounder, Eye Bright, Ogarite. Chicago Handicap. 1 — Ringleader, George Starr, Crudenas, Corto. 2— CHARLES HENRY, Col. Pat, Adventure, Virginia B. 3 — Bub, Vehement, Rock Court, Bob. 4 — Mock Orange, Harp of the North, Mano-kin, Neenah. 5— Columbia Tenn, Big Sapp, Rapid Stride, Jolly. 6— Fayelle, The Ulster, Florence Deen, Mike. 7 — Blazonry, Jou Jou, Eye Bright, Dumb-founder. Observers Handicap, 1 — Corto, Ringleader, George Starr, Archie Alexander. 2— Charles Henry, Adventure, Col. Tat, Virginia B. 3— Bub, Vehement, Copperhead, Rock Court. 4— Harp of the North, Mock Orange, Ardito, Manokin. 5 — Rapid Stride, Columbia Tenn, Big Sapp, Jolly. 6— Fayelle, Florence Deen, The Ulster, Reel Foot. I— JOU JOU, Eye Bright, Dumbfounder, Blazonry. Consensus of Hand leaps. 1— Ringleader, George Starr, Corto, Archie Alexander. 2 — Charles Henry, Col. Pat, Adventure, Virginia B. i — Bob. Bub. Vehement. Copperhead. 4— Harp of the North, Mock Orange, Mano-kin, Dantzic. 5— COLUMBIA TENN, Big Sapp, Jolly, Rapid Stride. 6 — Fayelle, The Ulster, Florence Deen, Reel Foot. 7 — Jou Jou, Blazonry, Dumbfounder Eye Bright. TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Fridays races are : Tijuana, Mexico. April 17, 1M4. 1 — Yoohoo, Dixie Boy, Our Boy. 2— St. Angelina, Clock Stocking, Horinga. 3 — Miss Manage. Lady Moore, Candorosa. 4— LADY GORHAM, Keegan, Bill McCloy. 5 — Porter Ella, Contribution, Expressive. 6 — Marsdale, Virginius, Melachrino. 7 — Doovesroost, Ailliro, Mayor House. S — Dolph, Mannikin II.. Oceidenta. 9— H. Warren, Miss Claire, Mizanna. G. W. Schilling. p«- York Handicap. 1 — Dixie Boy, Yoohoo, Sequan. Super Lady. 2 — Horinga, Dancing Girl, Clo k Stocking, July Fly. , 3 — Blanche Meyers, Mythology, Candorosa, F. G. Corky. 4— Lady Gorham. Battle Shot, Bill McCloy, Tooters. 5 — Porter Ella, A: Lester. Contribution, Expressive. 6 — MARSDALE, Virginius, Melachrino, Klias O. 7 — Ailliro. Lawrence Manning, Bedazzle, Mouxie. 8 — Wedding Prince, Oceidenta, Snow Cap, Queen Catherine . 9 — H. Warren, Mizanna, Miss Claire, May Prosper. Chicago Handicap. 1 — Sequan, Dixie Boy, Yoohoo, Our Boy. 2 — Clock Stocking, Horinga, St Angelina, Dancing Girl. 3 — Candorosa, Little Less, F. G. Corley, Vibrate. 4 — Lady Gorham, Bill McCloy, Battle Shot, Keegan. 5— A. Lester, Porter Ella, Lamstedt, Contribution. 6— ABADANE, Melachrino, EMas O., Mars-dale. 7 — Honest George, Bedazzle, John Jr., Mayor House. 8 — Queen Catherine, Dolph, Oceidenta, Wedding Prince. 9 — Miss Claire, II. Warren, Lady Leonid, Mizanna. Observer* Handicap. 1 — Sequan, Dixie Boy. Yoohoo. Our Boy. 2— Horinga. Clock Stocking, St. Angelina, July Fly. 3— Blanche Meyers, Candorosa, Shifty, Miss Manage. 4— LADY GORHAM, Bill McClov. Keegan, Battle Shot. 5— Forter Ella, A. Lester, Contribution. Lamstedt. 6 — Melachrino, Marsdale. Abadane. Virginius. 7 — Bedazzle. Mouxie. Ailliro. Ma; or House. 8 — Dolph. Wedding Prince, Queen Catherine, Oceidenta. 9 — Mizanna, H. Warren, Miss Claire, Piedra. Consensus oC Hnnrilcap*. 1 — Sequan, Yoohoo. Dixie Boy. Our Boy. 2— Horinga, St. Angelina, Clock Stocking, Dancing Girl. 3— Blanche Meyers, Miss Manage, Candorosa. F. O. Corley. 4— LADY GORHAM, Bill McCloy, Battle Shot, Keegan. *»— Porter Ella, A. Lester, Contribution, Expressive. 6 — Marsdale, Abadane, Melachrino. Elias O. I — Dovesroost, Ailliro, Honest George, Bedazzle. 8 — Dolph, Wedding Prince, Queen Catherine, Oceidenta. 9— H. Warren, Miss Claire, Mizanna, Lady Leonid.

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