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Daily Racing Form Handicaps LEXINGTON The horses which seem best in Saturdays races are: Lexington, Ky„ May 2, 1*24. 1 — Naughty Nisba. Minus. Gussie P. t— Aviette, Tinamou. Little Visitor. 3 — Bush Buck, Begonia, Snow Maiden. 4— POLYNESIA. Welcome, Kitty Williams. 5 — Hopeless. Guest of Honor, Graeme. 6 — My Destiny. Mary Dear. Foxmore. 7— Huonec, Ned dam, Kinburn. J. L. Dempsey. ITeiv York Handicap. 1 — Naughty Nisba, Minns, Gussie P.. Diadem. 2 — Great Waters, Rockland Princess, Bit o Honey, Tinamou. 3 — Snow Maiden, Bush Buck, Isaman, Spanish Rose. 4 — Glyn. Polynesia, Kitty Williams. Welcome. 5— RINKEY, Barracuda, Hopeless, Graeme. fr— Mary Dear, My Destiny, Subtle, Vain El-lie. 7 — Escarpolette, Kinburn, Neddam, Huonec Chleaajro Handicap. 1 — Minus. Naughty Nisba, Miss Mazie, Widgeon. 2 — Cordon Rouge, Rose Thorn, Rockland Princess, Tinamou. 3 — Odd Seth, Bush Buck, Spanish Rose, Isaman. 4- KITTY WILLIAMS. Rapid Day, Glyn, Exchange. 5 — Belzoni. Hopeless. Rinkey. Graeme. C— Mary Iear, My Destiny, Foxmore, Be- guine. 7 — Kinburn. Neddam, Escarpolctte, Huonec. . Observers Handicap. 1- Minus, Naughty Nisba, Widgeon, Gussie , 2 — Rockland Princess, Great Waters, Tina- I mou. Aviette. 3- -Spanish Rose, Bush Buck. Odd Seth, Isaman. 1 4 — Kitty Williams, Glyn, Welcome, Rapid Day. i — Hopeless. Rinkey. Graeme. BelzonL 6 — Mary Dear, My Destiny. Subtle, Foimore. 7- -KINBURN, Neddam, Escarpolette, Huonec. Coaienni of Handicaps. 1— Naughty Nisba, Minus, Gussie P., Widgeon. 2 — Aviette. Great Waters, Cordon Rouge, , Rockland Princess. 3— Bush Buck, Snow Maiden, Odd Seth, Spanish i Rose. J 4 — Kitty "Williams. Polynesia, Glyn. "Welcome. 5 — Hopeless, Rinkey. Belzoni. Graeme. i fr— MART DEAR, My Destinv, Foxmore, Subtle. ~ — Kmburn, Huonec, Escarpolette, Neddam. PIMLICO Ths horses which seem best in Saturdays races axe: Pimm*, lid.. May 2, 1*24. 1 — Primrose. Fiery Light, Beauty Contest. 2 — Xophime. Dan IV.. Ethereal Blue 3 — Bern ice Harrar, Tall Grass, Pique. 4— McKerma. Lion dOr. Captain Costigan. 5— CHACOLET, Cherry Pie. Spot Cash. C — Nancy Langhorne, Nellie Morse, Yankee Princess. 7— Rechabite, Freezy Sneezy, Gray Gables. T. K. Lynch. Hew York Handicap. 1 — Primrose. Mrs. Finley, Wiser, Pretty Business. 4— Dan IV, Bulls Eye, Sea Tale, Ethereal Blue. 3 — Bernice Harrar, Tall Grass, Crumple, Senalado. 4— Lion dOr, Mercury, Captain Costigan, lieprisal S— Flint Stone, Spot Cash, Chacolet, Wilderness, . , I , i J 6— NELLIE MORSE, Nancy Langhorne, Yankee Princess. Relentless. 7 — Trajanus, Freezy Sneeay, Lord Wrack, Rechabite. Chicago Handicap. 1 — Primrose, Chrysalis, Fiery Light, Mrs. Finley. 2— Ethereal Blue, Quicksand, Shawn a Glan- na, Bullaeye. 3 — Bernlee Harrar, Senalado, Contract, Bright SteeL 4 — Captain Costigan, Lion dOr, Reprisal, Deputy. 5 — Flint Stone, Flagstaff, Chacolet. Rialto. 6 — NELLIE MORSE. Sunmagne, Nancy langhorne, Yankee Princess. 7— Rechabite, Lord Wrack, Old Faithful, Freezy Sneezy. Obaervera Handicap. 1 — Primrose, Chrysalis, Mrs. Finley, Pretty Business. 4— Dan IV, Ethereal Blue. Sea Tale, Shawn a Glanna. 3 — Bernice Harrar, Senalado, Bright Steel, Pique. 4 — Lion dOr, Mercury. Captain Costigan, Reprisal. 5— Flint Stone, Chacclet, Spot Cash, Flagstaff. fr— NELLIE MORSE. Yankee Princess, Sunmagne. Nancy langhorne. " — Freezy Sneezy, Rechabite, Trajanus, Gray Gables. Conaensna of Handicaps. 1 — Primrose, Chrysalis, Fiery Light, Mrs. Finley. 2 — Dan IV., Ethereal Blue, Xophime, Sea Tale. 3— BERXICE HARRAR, Senalado, Tall Grass. Bright Steel. 4 — Lion dOr, McKenna, Captain Costigan, Reprisal. 5--Flint Stone, Chacolet, Spot Cash, Flagstaff. 6 — Xellie Mrrse. Xancy langhorne, Yankee Princess. Sunmagne. 7 — Rechabite, Trajanus, Freezy Sneezy, Lord Wrack. JAMAICA The horses which seem best in Saturdays races are : Jamaira. X. Y„ May 2, 1W4. 1— Xedana. Bill Winfrey, Wilbur C White- i head. 2— TIME EXPOSURE. Swingalong, Sheridan. J 3 — Comedy, Composer. Cue-Rack. 4 — Zev. Prince James. Mad Play. 5 — Jyntee. Escoba dOro. l andybrush. 6— Elf, Myrtle Belle, Sarzana. C. J. Connors. Hew York: Handicap. 1— Xedana. Wilbur C. Whitehead, Bill Winfrey, Shanghai. 2— Time Exposure. Swingalong, Margin, Sheridan. 3 — Dolly Gaffney, Lord Bacon, Cue-Rack, Hands Up. 4 — ZEV. Prince James. Sunsini. Homestretch. 5 — Jyntee. Aladdin, Dandybrush, Belcross. 6 — No selections. Chicasjo Handicap. 1— Nedana, Bill Winfrey, Wilbur C. Whitehead. Shanghai. 2 — Sheridan, Time Exposure, Eaglet, Swing-along. 3 — Cue-Rack, Dolly Gaffney, Comedy, Protocol. * — ZEV. Mad Play. Sunsini, Prince James. 5--Aladdin, Belcross. Jyntee, Little Alfred. C — Elf. Longing, Sarzana. Gad. Obaervera Handicap. 1— Nedana. Shanghai, Bill Winfrev, Wilbur C. Whitehead. 2 — Sheridan. Time Exposure, Swingalong, Eaglet. 3 — Cue-Rack, Dolly Gaffney, Lord Bacon, Comedy. — -ZEV, Prince James. Mad Play, Sunsini. 5 — Aladdin, Jyntee, Escoba dOro, Bright Lights. «— Elf, Superlette, Gad. Sarzana. Canaan, am of Handicaps. 1— Nedana, Bill Winfrey, Wilbur C. Whitehead, Shanghai. 2— Time Exposure, Sheridan, Swingalong, Eaglet 3 — Cue-Rack, Comedy, Dolly Gaffney, Lord Bacon. 4 — ZEV, Prince James. Mad Play, Sunsini. 5 — Jyntee, Aladdin, Escoba dOro. Belcross. 6— Elf, Sarzana, Myrtle Belle, Gad. COLUMBUS The horses which seem best in Saturdays races are : Columbus, Ohio, May 2. 1924. 1 — May Baxter. Billy Welch, Honest Mose. 2 — Matinee Idol, Charlie Summy, Babylonian. 3 — Zoona, Sister Susie, Knot Grass. 4 — Times Up, Nancy McKay, Pawnbroker. 5 — Bill Blackwell, Banker Brown. Colossus, fr— Grass Maid, Buckhorn II.. Wildcat. 7— Sam Reh, She Devil. Lilac Time. 8— JOU JOU, Vennie, Pirate McU.ee. F. H. Sproule. New York Handicap. 1— Billy Welch, Honest Mose, May Baxter, Ocean Mist. 2 — Babylonian. John A. Scott Jr., Charlie Summy, Stella Maris. 3 — Dr. Joe, Sister Susie, Josie Gorman, Knot Grass. 4— Nancy McKay, Dunoon. Ieona Dare, Pawnbroker. 5— Title. Mock Orange. Bill Blackwell. Rog. 6 — Buckhorn II., Grass Maid. Tableau d* Honneur, Jack Fairman. 7— She Devil, Scraps. l.ank. Xig. S— JOU JOU, Grass Tree, Pirate McGee, Boy From Home. Chicago Handicap. 1— May Baxter, Honest Most. Billy Welch, Huey. 2 — Charlie Summy, Matinee Idol, Sweet Cookie, Chow Chow. 3 — Knot Grass, Sister Susie. Moorfield. Argu- mentaL 4 — Pawnbroker. Leona Dare, Times Up, Nancy McKay. 5 — Bill Blackwell, Mock Orange, Title, Colossus, 6— JACK FAIRMAN. Buckhorn II., Grass Maid. Winner Take AIL 7— Lilac Time. Xig. She Devil. Hercules. S — Fincastle, Pirate McGee, Jou Juu. Bey From Home. Obaervera Handicap. 1— May Baxter, Honest Mose, Billy Welch, Dora Lutz. 2 — Charlie Summy, Babylonian, Matinee Idol, Jazz. 3— Knot Grass, Sister Susie, Pearl Boots, Josie Gorman. 4 — Xancy McKay, Pawnbroker, Leona Dare, Dunoon. 5 — Bill Blackwell, Mock Orange, Title, Peace Pal. 6 — Grass Maid. Jack Fairman, Winner Take AIL " — Scraps, Lilac Time. Xig. I,ank. S — JOU JOU, Pirate McGee, Fincastle, Crass Tree, Consensus of Hnndlcapa. 1— May Baxter, Billy Welch, Honest Mose. Huey. 2— Charlie Summy, Matinee Idol, Babylonian, Sweet Cookie. 3 — Knot Grass, Zoona, Dr. Joe, Sister Susie. 4 — Xancy McKay, Times Up, Pawnbroker, Leona Dare. 5— Bill Blackwell, Title, Mock Orange. Colossus. fr— Grass Maid. Buckhorn II., Jack Fairman, Winner Take AIL 7 — Sam Reh. She Devil. Ijlac Time. Scraps. 8— JOU JOU, Fincastle, Pirate McCee, Grass Tree.

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