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cibe BUGLE . AT ALL NEWSSTANDS EVERYWHERE S2 SPECIAL AND 50 CENT LETTER THE SENSATION OF THE YEAR THE 52 SPECIAL IS OVER 00.00 WINNER ON A 10 FLAT PLAY DAILY Playing each and every one of the SPECIALS since Latonla meeting opened, on a -110 flat play, we are over 0500 WINNER. CAN YOU BEAT THIS KIND OF INFO? air. Player, -we GUARANTEE you a -winner or you uet the NEXT SPECIAL FREE No matter how much you pay for information you can not get anything hotter than we arc giving you. Thirty years of experience on the turf and lots of money enables us to procure these Specials for yon. MONDAYS SPECIAL Is one of the fastest tricks in Kentucky. Was propped on a private training track and shipped to Latonia fit to fly. I have the strongest kind of word on Mondays Special. SHOULD PAY 0 TO In the Mutuels. Here is the chance of a lifetime. DONT HESITATE MONDAYS SPECIAL FOR SALE TODAY SUNDAY FOR MONDAY Rush right now to yonr newsdealer and cot your copy of The BUGLES SPECIAL. CHICAGO PLAYERS, ATTENTION! THE BUGLE IS FOR SALE SUNDAY IN YOUR CITY AT ARCADE NEWS STORE 74 West Madison St. OUT-OF-TOWN NEWSSTAND 149 North Clark St., in Drug Store Also at our office, 20 West Jackson Blvd., Monday from 9 to 7 p. m. Come up and see us. DETROITERS, ATTENTION! FOR SALE ONLYr AT TRIANGLE NEWSSTAND Corner Griswold and Lafayette Blvds. FAMILY THEATRE NEWSSTAND Front of Family Theatre, Cadillac Sq. OTHER LEADING AGENTS: CLEVELAND, O. O. C. SCHROEDER 212 East Superior Ave. ST. LOUIS, MO. WM. LASER 711 Market St. OMAHA, NED. MEYER COREN 1411 Farnum St. BUGLE PUBLISHING CO. Suite 1711, Great Northern Bldg. CHICAGO, ILL. JoeBrand 301 West 58th St. NEW YORK CITY EVERYBODY KNOWS ME MY OPERATIONS ON KENTUCKY TRACKS ONLY Fcr tha benefit of those who are rot familiar with me, the results below will more than prove that I deliver the goods. Yesterdays Horse: Barn Dollar. . ..60- Won Fridays Horse: Marionette . .5.20- Won Thursday: Miss Rosedale.8.70- Won Wednesday: Old Slip .20- Won Tuesday: Waterflag . . . 0.80- Won Monday: Mark Master .4.00- Won Saturday: Llewellyn 1.20- Won Friday: Ballot Brush .3.30- Won Thursday: My Valet 8.10, .10- 2nd Wednesday: Lady Finnell . ..00- Won Tuesday: Coyne .6.90, .60- 2nd Monday: Bedford . ..20- Won Saturday: Victoire 1.40- Won FOLLOW MY ADVICE AND BEAT THE RACES ANOTHER LONG SHOT ON TAP TODAY SPECIAL NOTICE 00 COMMISSION HORSE STARTS TUESDAY. THIS IS MY FIRST 03 RELEASE AND IS IN NO WAY CONNECTED WITH MY DAILY SERVICE. HERE IS A CHANCE FOR REAL BUSINESS MEN. TERMS FOR TUESDAYS COMMISSION HORSE: 100, AND NO PROPOSITION CONSIDERED. Terms for my Daily Service: 0 Daily, or 0 for 6 Days. Wire subscription immediately and start the week with mo, for I expect to have another banner week. Where others stop, I start. TWO HORSES DAILY George Barry TWO HORSES DAILY Win with $ The man who cars make you win $ 17 West 27th St., New York City. Terms, 510.00 weekly. Your weekly subscription lets you in on all my .00 Specials FREE, which go Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. Everybody read this Look. LOOK! LOOK! Everybody read this. ?10.C0 for six days includes 2 free 0.00 Specials FREE. Saturday Barry save: Altawoocl .10- Won Ceylon Prince . ...5Q- Won WBig Special Mondays These horses have- been specially "prepped" for their races to be run tomorrow Monday and from the way things are shaping1 up no mistake will be made. Get aboard. Friday Barry gave: THE FOREIGIVEK 5.00- WOK KENTUCKY CARDINAL .....00-2 WON Tuesdays 0.00 Special FREE: FEYSUN 15-1 WON Tuesday Barry gave MISS MAZIE .50-82 WON ADA BLACKJACK .00-52 2nd Monday Barry gave rHT 18.5 1V0X SANO 3.30-S2 2ND Saturday Barry gave ENERGY S23.C0- WON TEASE 5 9.S0-S2 WON Friday Barry gave CAMPANULA 3.30-2 WON BUTTRESS $ C.90-S2 WON Thursdays free 0.00 Special AL FRESCO ..: 7.2 WON Thursday Barry gave SUPREMUS S10.30- WON NORMAL 0.5 V0N Wednesday Barry gave CALEDON .-.55- WON LADY FINNELL 5 9.00-S2 WON Tuesdays 0.00 Special free BEAR GRASS 20-1 WON Tuesday Barry Gave CALEDON S47.70-S2 WON THE BADGER ..r $ 7.90-52 WON Monday Barry gave GAD 5.1 Won SUBTLE 11.30-?2 Won Saturday Barry gave MOTHER GOOSE 8-1 Won MENIFEE S9.C0-S2 Won Friday Barry gave COCKNEY 11.5 -won WEDDING PRINCE S5.55-S2 Won Thursday Barry gave PEANUTS 5-1 Won TELESCOPE io-l Won Wednesday Barry gave PRINCE HAMLET 3-1 Won GEORGIA MAY S17.25-S2 Won Rush 0.00 by Western Union or Postal Telegraph for two horses a day. Send your correct name and address to avoid delay. ONLY MEN financially able to take a chance with a. littlo to scoop up a lot. Men who realize that where thera is the opportunity for quick gain there is the- ever present element of possible loss, if tilings go wrong. It is this class of men only that I want ty take a chance on throo KENTUCKY SPEED MARVELS specially fitted and ready ty win at long prices. TUESDAY, FOURTH RACE, A THREE-YEAR-OLD. WEDNESDAY, FIFTH RACE, A THREE-YEAR-OLD. THURSDAY. , SIXTH RACE, A TWO -YEAR-OLD. Terms Wiro ma 0.00 in advance -and promise to wire ma 50 more if the combined winning I odds on tho throo horsos totals 15 to 1 or more. Send correct name and street address; RICH WILLIS 2 BRITTANY BLDG. CINCINNATI, OHIO Advertise in Daily Racing Form Subscribe for Daily Racing Form I "LUCKY" JOHNNY LYONS AMERICAS PREMIER TtJlF WIZARD 5 COLUMBUS CIRCLE . . ROOM 217 NEW YORK CITY UNLIMITED RESOURCES AND UNPARALLELED CONNECTIONS MUST BRING RESULTS I""" """"""aTurdaysiorse1"1"1! Easter Bells, $ 1 2.8Q- Win, .3Q-, 3rd jj Yes, I advertise my losers as well as winners. NINE WINNERS OUT OF LAST TWELVE HORSES RELEASED WHICH SHOWS A NET PROFIT OF ,600 ON A 0 STRAIGHT BET NEXT LYONS WIRE GOES MONDAY and connections tell mc It should ho another winner and pay as well as last Tuesdays horse, which was SPANISH ROSE , 6.60- WON It is needless to say that the LYONS WIRE consists of one horse only and is filed hours in advance with Daily Racing Form. Terms: S."0 in advance for Mondays horse. Telegraph or call personally. V 1 Master Clocker WEEKLY, 35 Cents at Afl Newsstands. Weekly Formerly Sgbrting Leader DAILY 2 HORSES, AT NEWSSTANDS AGAIN WE TRIMMED EM ! ! Noel . . .70- Won FRIDAYS BIG SPECIAL: Ky. Cardmal . . .00- Won I tell you, noither AL GERN nor JIM SMAR1 OUR CLOCKERS Needs An Introduction for tho public is well aware of their tremendous success last serine and list fall at tha KENTUCKY and MARYLAND TRACKS, HURRAH ! TOMORROW-MONDAY At Latonia--8-l Shot I toll you, I have- HUNTED HIGH and LOW for a hsrso in this field to TRIM this bird today, hut I Cant Find Him ! and if you ever strung along with a WISE CROWD, get down on this trick. Same people that got in on him at better than 0 last spring, so RUSH right now to your newsdealer and ASK for the Dai!y Master Clocker , MAILED 2 WEEKS, ?9; 1 WEEK, Address, 440 C. Dearborn St., CHICAGO, ILL. DETROIT FOR SALE Triangle Newsstand Griswold and Lafayette Blvd. Family Theatre Newsstands Cadillac Square. ST. LOUIS Wm. Laser, 711 Market St. OMAHA, NEB. Myer Coren, 1411 Farnum St. CLEVELAND. O. O. Schrooder, 212 E. Superior St. KANSAS CITY Rocksecker, 9th and Walnut Sts. MILWAUKEE Kirby Hotel, 432 Water St. CHICAGOANS For sale Sunday at .Post Office- Newsstand, 74 W. Madison. Polly, Madison and Clark Newsstands; Quincy and State. MONDAY FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS EVERYWHERE Gars Weekly 35 CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS NEW ISSUE FOR SALE NOW TODAYS FREE CODES: Latonia Michigan-Water-Grass-Brown Havre Florida-Man-Light-Lilac LOOK Feysun . . 15-1 Won Foolscap, 7.95- Won Those were tho TWO LONG SHOTS we slammed over last week. I tell you, WATCH OUR SMOKE from now on. Wo sure are going to make the PACE HOT and you KNOW what GAR can do when ho GOES RIGHT. REMEMBER OUR RECORD LAST SPRING and LAST FALL at the KENTUCKY and MARYLAND TRACKS. Get Ready Now! Get NEW ISSUE, BOOK NO. 24, and WATCH LATONIA SPECIAL NO. 6. Sco page 3. Tomorrow Monday Be suro and GET THE BIG ADV. 10-1 LONG SHOT on GARS DAILY. Rush right now to your newsdealer and ASK for GARS DAILY 50 CENTS AND GET DOWN HERE STRONG Detroit For Sale at TRIANGLE NEWS CO., Griswold and Lafayette Blvd. FAMILY THEATRE NEWSSTANDS. Cadillac Sq. CHICAGO SUNDAY FOR SALE AT POST OFFICE NEWS, 74 Madison St. MONDAY AT ALL NEWSSTANDS i Kentucky Information Bureau 27 Pickering Building Cincinnati, Ohio Our horsemen advise us to got our clients on several good occasionals going this week at good odds. TERMS Fifteen dollars for this weeks service. Wire money for your s:cription and correct address. No propositions. Advertise in Daily Racing Form, BEATS THEM ALL I KENTUCKY I TURF BUREAU I 1416 Broadway, Room G15 New York, N. Y. B i H ?20 FOR SIX DAYS OR FOR ONE DAY I I M Again yesterdays Latonia wire: 1 H BARN DOLLAR .60 WON I II Fridays Latonia Track Wire: I tit KENTUCKY CARDINAL .00 WON 1 H AGAIN WE HAVE THE O. K. H g Boys, if you could have heard what our IS M track representative told us over tho long B B distance phone about this horse Saturday, you Bj , MB would not hesitate a moment to win a good S H bet. M 3 Thursdays Latonia Track Wire: H H ASAPH 3.00 2ND H Era Wednesdays Latonii Track Wire: H COLUMBIA .00 WON 8 M Tuesdavs Latonia Track Wire: H M SPANISH ROSE 6.60 WON I gj Mondays Latonia Track Wire: H g ESCAPADER .30 WON and H Saturdays Latonia Track Wire: H ja UNCLE HUGH 1 3.80 WON 0 Fridays Latonia Track Wire: I LASS O MINE 6.20 WON 3 U Thursdays Latonia Track Wire: 1 1 SUPREMUS 10.30" WON I H Wednesdays Latonia Track Wiro: 1 g LADY FINNELL .00 WON I fl Tuesdays Latonia Track Wire: 3 ffl UPROAR 2.00 2ND 1 H Mondays Latonia Track Wire: 1 I FLYATIT 1.80 WON I fa Saturdays Latonia Track Wire: S W BONA VERA 3.80 WON I j Telegraph 0.00 for C days and start H R winning on the Kentucky Turf Bureaus a pi information at Latonia. BOB WARD 131 West 39th Street, Room 201, New York City. I 1 0.00 a Winner I iSP a Next Winner Goes Monday! September 29th. I Duo to extra precautions taken in all our turf operations, information is net released daily. Information is released enly when conditions warrant safe investment. 4 winners, 1 second, of 5 mounts released as follows: Yesterdays Special: Hobson 0.70- Won- Wednesday, September 24th: Fretwell 6.00- Won Monday, September 22nd: Privilege .4.40- Won Saturday, September 20th: Elsbeth .4.45- 2nd Thursday, September 18th: Lady Marian ...5.10- Won Wire 0.00 at once for next guaranteed winner, that goes Monday, September 29th. Give correct name and address. BOB WARD IiATOKIA JIACES COL. J. J.SCHREINER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER Thirty years experience as clocker. YOU CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOU 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS You will find mo to be just ten years ahead of the present-day people in my line. Rush your subscription. Dont fail to send your address. From me you get track conditions and no scratched horses, but fit horses. My many clients will vouch for my marvelous - success at Kentucky tracks. Consult a specialist of the game. I wiro one or two horses daily at 11 oclock. Telegraph remittances or remit by express order in lettor. Propositions not considered. Strictly cash only. 1023 SCOTT ST. COVrXGTOX, KY. ALTAWOOD .10- WON Was Yesterdays .00 Special This makes 5 WINNERS out of last 10. When you get our .00 SPECIAL and 50c SHEET you are getting the best information at any price. GET WISE For sale today at all nowsstands and office. NATIONAL O. K. RACING LETTER 411, 22 W. Quincy St. Chicago, HI.

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