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LATEST WORKOUTS 254 AURORA, 111., Sept 27. Todays training gallops here included the following: . AURORA. "Weather clear ; track fast-Three -Eighths Mile. 251-Brown Hock ..41 236-Ontario 88 CO-Hysteria 40 250-Tangara ......3G Half Kile. 222-A. Alexander .52 241-B. Lcighton ...51 252-Peter J 55 245-Virginus 49 EoO-Tangerino ....53 Fivo-Eichths Mile. 103-Dernicr Sou .1:05 227-Voozeria ....1:05 Three-Quarters Mile. 240-B. Manager .1:21 240-Okeechobeo .1:19 248-Dandybrush ..1:17 252-Prince K. ...1:23 253- K. of the Spal:15 250-Stay On 1:19 215-Lady Choco .1:20 228-T.otuMing 1:20 245-Leontes 1:18 251-Tiday 1:17 One Mile. 2oO-Dustabout ...1:47 250-Damley 1:52 245-Dorius 1:47 222-Lendonia ...1:45 0.00 WEEKLY 0.00 WEEKLY SPECIAL SERVICE CO. 1393 BROADWAY ENTRANCE ON 38TH ST. NEW YORK, N. Y. TWO HORSES DMLYFOR 0 WEEKLY 12 STRAIGHT WINNING DAYS Out of 24 horses released past 13 days 18 won and only two were out of the money We furnish all clients with two horses daily for 0 weekly. We have no Daily Specials or 0 Daily Specials; just two live horses daily. Below "We print our complete record for the past week: nERE IS OUR COMPLETE RECORD EOR THE PAST WEEK Saturday Our Daily Two: Wednesday Our Daily Two: Bam Dollar .60- Won Fretwell 6.00- Won Reparation . . 7-2 Won Old Slip .20- Won Friday Our Daily Two: Tuesday Our Daily Two: Pure Dee .50- Won Nicholas 3-1 Won Midwestern .30- Won Margin 4-5 Won Thursday Our Daily Two: Monday Our Daily Two: Pepp 8-1 Won Swinging 3-5 Won Sakah 1.20- Won Venus Third All of the ahorc horses filed hours in advance with this paper. You can pay more, hut you cannot improve on this information. Our FREE Weekly Special goes Tuesday and connections expect at least 20-1 in the mutucls. As usual same will be given FREE to all subscribers, last week our free special was: FRETWELL ....... 6.00- WON Telegraph 0 for six days service two horses daily and he convinced. If convenient, call at office. Hours, 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. SPECIAL SERVICE CO. 1C93 BROADWAY NEW YORK, N. Y. FIRST TIME IN CHICAGO FOR MANY YEARS IN NEW YORK HONEST A lkT T 200 DaUy Occasional jTJ r f I W III $ 5.00 Daily Super Occasional KJLAJ J!K JL 1 JLJ A 525.00 Weekly for Both. LONG LIVE WORLD-FAMOUS OLD CHIEF BRADY ! I am contracting with Chief Brady, who never before has allowed his name to be made public, due to the time-honored position he holds in connection with horse racing. .... Bradys 22-Karat Special for Weekly Subscribers: HOBSON 0.70- WON mr,., . . Saturdays Big Super Occasional: BARN DOLLAR .90- WON Saturdays Big 52 Occasional: HONFLEUR VVON Fridays 55 Super Occasional: Fridays Occasional: Cavendish 1.00- Won Thundering . 8-1 Won WORLD-FAMOUS CHIEF BRADY WANTS 5,000 from me for four weeks information. Its worth It, but I havent got so much. I am trying to raise it and pay him In part payments. In the meantime I cannot release any any-thing from my New York office until he Is paid In full. My advice to you Is wire 5 for a week, as rates must go up next week, due to larire Srorrgefto ElVSS ln 1 6 SC"lce at Subscribe 525 for six days. Start your week any day. MR. ANDY 171 Broadway, Suite 14A NEW YORK CITY WE WILL HAVE ANOTHER SPECIAL lO-l PARLAY 1 0 -1 NEXT SATURDAY OCT. 4th. DONT MISS IT , ?ext ?snrday Oetolicr 4, we will liave another Special Parlay vrhieli will be a TWO-HORSE "WIN" parlay, which will be wired to all subLrTbers Our price for this information is only ?2 and we believe that the parlay SHOULD WIN AND PAY AT LEAST 10-1 In fact, so kmc are we that we will have two winners at fair odds that if the parlay we wire yon does not prove a winner and PAY lO TO 1 at. least wp-will mail yon ABSOLUTELY FREE, GALLOPS WEEKLY, with. Gallops PAR LAY PAGE and instructions, for four weeks and also wire you J our Sneclalo apeciaxs for Saturday, October 11, FREE. Act quickly to set your subscription to ns in time. Dont miss this Sneoial Parlay. Send today and say, "For your SPECIAL lO-l PARLAY BY WIRE GALLOPS 219 S. Dearborn St, CHICAGO, ILL Positively Nothing of Ours on Sale by Agents or Newsdealers Anywhere. Sensational Information on Horse OUT TO WIN TOMORROW MONDAY Agree to wire me winnings of Five Dollar Straight Play and the information is yours. Send .00 to guarantee telegraph charges. WIRE ME AT -IWUM L BnUE B0GEES r,i B1J RUSH street STREET v CHICAGO, ILL. YOU CAN BEAT THE RACES The Superior System and Handicap Tables copyrighted gives you all tho information necessary to make you a winner. Gives exact worth of each horse; tells when and how to wager; gives comparative speeds of 22 tracks from 2 mile to 1 1-4 miles; gives speed, weight and beatoa allowances. In use for years by a few successful operators, but never before offered tho public. Makes handicapping an exact science and is so simple that anyone can use it. Absolutely eliminates guesswork. Gives highest percentage of winners of any system ever devised. Can be used at or away from track. Tells when long shots will win and when favorites will bo beaten. Order now, dont wait. Price by mail, .00. Uso it 5 days and if not satisfisd, return it and your money will bo cheerfully refunded. Edition limited. SUPERIOR SYSTEM JP, 0. T-ox. 3101 T7 St. Station Washington, D. C. Wonderful Winning System A cool, conservative method, wherein success is assured. Can be played at or away from tho track, with large or small capital. It gives a few select plays each week. Won big money on a straight flat play. Stood the acid test with WONDEKFTJL SUCCESS for seven years. My system gives many good-priced winners. Waukulla 1.60- Shining Gold 10-1 Timo Exposure5.80- Locarno 2.20- Mark Master ..?14.00- Sakah 2.20- Frotwell S.0O- Diagram 6-1 Foolscap ;7.95- Dr. Glonn . . . .2.50- Dustflower ...4.S0- The Araucana5.00- Small payment down; balance as you win. Facts regarding systems that will open your eyes, FBEE. Write: WATSON CORNELL 341 West 45th St. Boom 201 Hew York City EARLE BLDG. BROADWAY AT 52D STREET HEW YORK CITY YESTERDAYS SPECIAL "Harvey Transaction" WON Yesterdays "Special Harvey Transaction" was the fourth to win in a row. The only horse advised yesterday had not won a race in five previous starts, again proving that THERE ARE DAYS AND DAYS. Mr. Ames, over the long-distance from Latonia, advised this office that another "SPECIAL HARVEY TRANSACTION" starts TOMORROW MONDAY. The same special terms as existed yesterday are offered, namely, 00 in advance, by telegraph or in person. Again Monday no telegrams will be sent to anyone giving name of horse. Subscribers must call this office over the long-distance at the appointed hour, of which they will be notified when their subscription is received. Early subscription" is again strongly advised. TELEPHONESCIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 KLEANUP SERVICE MONDAYS CODE HORSE: A G, RACE I, LATONIA YESTERDAYS KLEANUP CODE HOUSE: BARN DOLLAR .60- WON THREE DAYS CODES, 0; SIX DAYS CODES, 5. Codes sent by telegraphic letter on receipt of subscription. YESTERDAYS 550 SPECIAL: i STAR LORE 20-1: WON Our horses are filed in advance with this paper. Our 550 Specials are wired to each subscriber about noon on day of race. TWO MORE 0 SPECIALS WILL GO THIS WEEK We have been notified to expect another 0 Special on Wednesday and another later this week when the right spot is located. GRAND SPECIAL OFFER THIS WEEK. ONLY To properly introduce our 550 Specials, we arc making this special offer for this weeks successes only: Wire us 25 at once and we will wire you our codes for six days and also wire yon both our 0 Specials that are scheduled to go this week. So that new subscribers will not miss our good code horse given above we will wire all subscribers whose codes will not arrive ln time the name of Mondays code horse and wire them the code by prepaid telegraphic letter so they; will have it to use on Tuesdays code horse. Following were the only horses we had since Latonia opening: First Day: Seventh Day: TICTOIRE 1.40- WON UNCLE HUGH 3.80-52 WON Second Day: Eighth Day: FLYATIT 1.80- WON MARK MASTER 4.00- WON Third Day: Ninth Day: RONDELLE 6.40- WON Nothing released account track conditions. Fourth Day: Tenth Day: HARRY B. 4.40-52 WON QUINCE GARDEN .90-52 WON Fifth Day: Eleventh Day: MY VALET 8.10-52 WON LAD O MINE 8.10-52 WON Sixth Day: Twelfth Day: LASS O MINE .20- WON SILVER SLIPPERS .70- WON We expect another big-priced winner for our code horse on Tuesday, so rush your subscription at once and receive our codes, which are changed daily to protect our connections. Remember, this week only, your can secure both our 0 Specials as well as all code horses by wiring 5. In fairness to old subscribers, who have already paid for their codes, we will send them both 0 Specials if they will wire us the balance of 5. KLEANUP SERVICE 14 WEST FORTY-FIRST STREET NEW YORK CITY FRED DAVIS Tho One Who Makes Layers Become Players With Winning Information TWO HORSES A DAY "THE BEST" OBTAINABLE A .00 Daily Horse and a .00 Paddock Special i Both .00 and .00 Specials for Six Days 5.00 Wire 5.00 and get In with my winning clientele. Address: FRED DAVIS 4 Court Square, Suite 9 Brooklyn, N. Y Yesterdays Special: Yesterdays Special: AMPOLAC ....8.20- WON HONFLEUR 7-1 WON Stop the game of guessing. let me bo your advisor and I will make you a "winner" as I am doing for all my followers. I will prove to you that I, little Fred Davis, am tho peer in my line. Fridays Special: Fridays Special: THUNDERING 8-1 WON PURE DEE , .50-52 WON Thursdays Special: Thursdays Special: WESTOVER 2.10-52 WON PEDAGOGUE 11-5 WON Wednesdays Special: Wednesdays Special: QUARANTINE 8-1 WON SUN POLLY 11.80- WON Tuesdays ?5 Special: Tuesdays Special: TICK TOCK 15-1 WON YOUNG APRIL 9-2 WON Mondays Special: Mondays Special: JOHN T. D 5-1 WON ESCAPADER .30-52 WON MONDAY 50-1 PARLAY THAT IS JUST WHAT MY TWO HORSES SnOULD PAY This is the safest investment ever created on any track. AH clients arc advised that all wires that I release come direct from my men at the various tracks. I do no handicapping or guessing. Your information conies from the best connections that exist. My 55.00 Special today should WIN. This horse has been kept under cover and connections are ready for a win. If you miss this one, you will regret it, as yon will need an adding machine to count what this one should pay at Havre de Grace today. Arrangements now completed at New York and Havre de Grace offices whereby all clients will receive service today. Wire your money by Western Union or Postal Telegraph to avoid delay. The above is my past performance and should be a good convinccr and prove what I will produce for my loyal followers in the future. Dont say, "Ill wait." You might as well stop your watch and "save time." That is exactly what you do if you dont take advantage of this kind of BONA FIDE information. TODAY 10-1 PARLAY TODAY I Pay From Your Profits THE MASTEB KEY SYSTEM of playing tho races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on tho scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach, fla. FOOLSCAP 7.95- WON Indisputablo beyond question that FOOLSCAP was picked by the Incomparablo as A 4 Occasional TO WIN". In October NTJMBEB. ABE GIVEN ATVT. THE LOSEBS AS WELL AS THE WINNEBS of this system. Also "LET US GAMBLE," a true, story of Futurity Day. Bead secrets of the dope for expert handicappors. Notes on tho INCOMPARABLE. A good number. .00 BY watt, .00. THE SYSTEM PLAYEB 499 Bidgcwood Ave Brooklyn. N. Y,

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