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DETROIT FOR SALE CH ICAGOANS FOR SALE Triangle Newsstand Griswold and Lafayette Blvd. Arcade Newsstand 74 W. Madison St. Family Theatre Newsstands Cadillac Square. Sigh Ball State and ftuincy Sts. ; also cor. Clark and llladison Sts. ST. LOUIS Wra. Laser, 711 Market St. 47ti st station. OMAHA, NEB. Myer Coren, 1411 Farnum St. And all other nawsstands in Chicago. INDIANAPOLIS Moeslein, 112 Illinois St. E0-0: Bc0?fl 21? ?Up.sri?r i-r,T . . , KANSAS CITY Reckscckeri ,9th and Walnut Sts. T. HAMILTON Halperxn, 338 1-2 High St. MILWAUKEE Kirby Hotel. 432 Water St. ST. LOUIS Foster. 410 Wash St. AKRON Swartz" Newsstand. ALBERT J. BURCHELL THE GENIUS OF THE TURF Two horses a day. Never more. Terms: 0, for one days service. SPECIAL OFFER Just to convince you. Wire 5 and I will give you one weeks service. This offer is open for a few days. This is the greatest organization for distributing the genuine winning information; controlling offices all over the country. DETROIT OFFICE: Whitney Office Building, 1138 Griswald St., Suite 706, Detroit, Mich. MAIN OFFICE: Albert J. Burchell, 64 West Randolph St., Suite 817, Chicago, 111. NEW YORK OFFICE: 126 Maiden Lane, Suite 302, New York City. The headquarters are in Chicago, I1L, from where the information is dispatched daily to the various branch offices. This service has proved the greatest success to all my followers and is incomparable in the racing turfdom. YESTERDAY S TWO RELEASES: OAKWOOD 7.50- WON WATCHFUL 2.70- WON THURSDAYS TWO RELEASES: BLOTTER 8.70- WON LAVEEN 4.10- WON WEDNESDAYS TWO RELEASES: LADDIE BUCK .60- WON SUN FLAG .80- WON The people doing business with this organization have won a fortune and will -vouch that this is. the greatest winning service that was ever forseen and will establish the same opinion to all new clients. I cannot delve further into this matter, or make public in press where this information originates, as, no doubt, it may injure by connections with my associates, who are engineers of many a winning play. I dont make contracts, but I operate on a copartnership plan. This information is filed hours in advance with this publication. You can have your choice, either subscribe for this service, or watch the paper for results and know that other people are winning daily. Remit 5, by wire, to the nearest office in jour vicinity and you will receive my service for one week, and you will be convinced that I will make you a winner. JOE McAULIFFE 429 SIXTH AVENUE ROOM 602 NEW YORK CITY .00 DAILY TWO HORSES A DAY 5.00 WEEKLY OLD TIMERS, NOTICE ! BACK IN OLD-TIME FORM ANOTHER DOUBLE YESTERDAY I ADVISED A WIN PLAY ON: Oakwood 7.50- Won Speckled Beauty 0.50- Won If a 15-1 shot is of no interest to you, do not read further. SATURDAY IS PAY DAY If you wish to get on the pay roll, be sure to get todays horso at LOUISVILLE. This is ono of tho most carefully prepared winners that has been engineered in the Blue Grass state in many a day. The layers are on the run. THURSDAY I ADVISED A WIN FLAY ON: Annie Lyle 5.20- Won The Reaper 7.80- Won WEDNESDAY I ADVISED A WIN PLAY ON: Laddie Buck .60- Won Insulate 8-1 Won TUESDAY I ADVISED A WIN PLAY ON: Will Land .50- Won Cockney 8-1 Won Subscribe for a -week and do not get shut out. String along with a wise CTowd. City clients, please call. Out-of-town clients, wire money by Western Union or Postal Telegraph, 5 for six winning days information. I !!!!! i Subscribe for Monthly Form Book and insure its prompt receipt. " - - - - - - - : "7 Original Hindu THE REAL WONDER MAN OF THE TURF DELTARRA 208 BROADWAY ROOM 430 NEW YORK CITY TWO HORSES: .00 DAILY. 0.00 WEEKLY; .00 DAILY, 0.00 WEEKLY 5.00 WEEKLY FOR BOTH , WINNERS NOT PROMISES NO HANDICAPPING AND GUESSWORK, BUT INFORMATION FROM THE INNER CIRCLE,.. WHICH COSTS MONEY. MY SUBSCRIPTION LIST ONLY GROWS ON WINNERS. IF YOUR BANKROLL IS WEAK, REVIVE TP WITH. HINDU TONIC A WINNER PRODUCER. YESTERDAYS HORSE: OAKWOOD ,..i4, ....... .7.50- WON YESTERDAYS .00 HORSE: SAM-MENGEL 8.10- WON Hindus records will convince the most skeptical. If its facts you want, here they are. Of all horses sent out tho past three weeks, only three were out of the money, and only two were favorites. Here are a few that wero given: The Archer 8.40- Won Avisack ....... 5-1 Won Vice-Chairman . .2.10- 2D Skirmish 8-1 Won Alex Woodliffe...0.3G- 2D Blackstone 5.70- Won Anticipation 10-1 Won Upsal 8-1 Won Hopeless 0.90- Won John Hager 7.40- Won HINDU THE BANKROLL REVIVER Subscription list open for a limited number of clients. I reserve right to return late subscriptions. Send money by telegraph or call at office. D Eli TAB.RA 08 BROADWAY ROOM 430 NEW YORK CITY ED BRADLEY Gotham Bank Bldg. 1819 Broadway New York JUST AS I PROMISED Fridays Horse: Speckled Beauty 0.50- Won Thursdays Horse: Annie Lyle 5.20- Won Another 10-1 Today Before going any further, let ma say that this service consists of absolutely OTfLT ONE HOUSE A BAY At the Xatonia meeting, which closed last Saturday, A 0 STRAIGHT BET WON" ,970 after deducting the cost of service and losses of the five losing days. . Some record. Only five losers during the entire meeting of 31 days. This should convince the most skeptical that I AM IN THE KNOW, "WHEN IT COMES TO REAL INSIDE INFO. Terms: ?25 daily. No propositions. " Believe me, it pays to pay the price. Dont hesitate as TODAYS INFO should be 10 to 1. "Wire Subscriptions Immediately. v - V JACK ROWE 164-166 W. Washington St. Federation Building-. Room 705 CHICAGO, ILL. DONT MISS MY Grand Special Goes Saturday, Oct. 25. This Long Shot Super Special that my connections -will uncover Saturday has not. won a race in a long time. His welfare is being: looked after by a past master in the horse game. His mistakes aro few and far between, I can only remember the many successful winners he put over that I have been fortunate enough to know. TERMS 15 WEEKLY SIX RACING DAYS DONT MISS A SINGLE DAY DURING THE CHURCHILL DOWNS MEETING. When you subscribe to my service, you receive in return Just what you pay for. Information, tha REAL KIND, tho KIND THAT INFORMS. REAL INSIDE ADVICE. Each and every horse a supposed medium for delivery, with the information emanating from the right source. If you are a speculator, be convinced and send in your subscription at once. OUR BIG SUPER SPECIALS WILL BE SOLD AT OFFICE ADDRESS ONLY. OFFICE HOURS: 10 A. M. to 2 P. M. Notice to our out-of-town patrons To avoid any possiblo delay or errors, kindly send correct address with your subscription. JACK ROWE FEDERATION BUILDING, ROOM 705 1C4-1C6 W. WASHINGTON ST. CHICAGO, ILL. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form BOB WARD 131 West 39th St., Room 201, New York City 0 A WINNER 8W NEXT WINNER GOES MONDAY, OCT. 27 3r 15 STUAIGHT lVKSTERS "TpK Yesterdays Winner: FIEBY FLIGHT S6.30-S2 "WOK" Once again my Special WON. This makes fifteen straight. Dont forget, you must get a winner for your money. This is a broad statement to fulfill in the racing game. My twenty years of turf experience and acquaintances makes my winner for your money an easy task for me to fulfill. Wednesday, Oct. 22d: SUN FLAG- .80- WON Monday, Oct. 20th: NOEL . 4.30- WON Saturday, October 18th: ROCK BOTTOM 7.30- WON Thursday, October 16th: STIMULUS ..1-1 WON Tuesday, October 14th: COURAGEOUS .90- WON Friday, October 10th: MARGIE K. .60- WON Recent Winners: CAPTAIN COSTIGAN 9.60- WON BRIDESMAID .60- WON OUTCAST .50- WON SPORTY McGEE 6.80-52 WON YANKEE PRINCESS 8.70- WON HOBSON ?30.70- WON FRETWELL 5.00-52 WON PRIVILEGE 4.40-52 WON LADY MARIAN 515.00-52 WON Sixteen winners, one second out of seventeen MOUNTS RELEASED. Why pay any attention to hazardous guesswork, suspense or past history turfman? Wire 0.00 for my next Special, that GOES MONDAY, OCT. 27, and be one of my winning followers. Give correct name and. address to avoid delay. BOB WARD V- y AL TURNER ONE HORSE DAILY .00 ADVANCE WINNINGS OF .00 PLAY WIN BEFORE YOU PAY I BEAT THEM AGAIN Yesterdays One and Only Horse: NOAH ,10-1 WON I stated in yesterdays advertisement that this WAS A CINCH. Smart readers read what I said and quickly responded with a bill with an agreement to play and got this horse yesterday. SEND 52 AND PLAY 55 FOR ME and you will be sent a BIG LONG SHOT WINNER TODAY. This horse goes in the fifth race and has not won in over a year, but should step down today. Thursdays Horse: RIGEL 8-1 WON Wednesday s Horse : FRIGATE ..50- WON Tuesdays Horse: COCKNEY 8-1 WON Mondays Horse Was: BY HISSELF 5-1 WON Faithful clients made this record possible. I spend a largo amount and get REAL INFORMATION. Also, I realize more from a select clientele that aro honest than if I were to charge 550 or 00 daily. All you pay is in advance and, after horso wins, immediately wire me the winnings of a straight play. ABOUT TODAYS LONG SHOT Never before have I handled anything so good. In fact, 10-1 is tha lowest possible figure that should be laid against this horse. If you are honest and appreciate a square deal, send a bill at once and get tho biggest surpriso you ever received from-an information bureau. AL TUIiXEIt Room 509, 23 Duane St. New York City DONTPAYCENT! Now or after. Track system will be mailed FREE. No strings attached. TURF OPERATOR Suite 405, 500 Fifth Ave. New York City Monthly Form Book Is On Sale containing charts of all races run on recognized tracks in North America during tho month of SEPTEMBER. PIIICE .00 Single copies by mail will POSITIVELY only bo sent as registered mail, with an extra charge of ten cents for registration. Not responsible for books sent as regular maiL DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL. 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. 320 EAST 3RD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO 50 RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TOROXTO, OUT.

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