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PRESENT AND PAST MASTER 50 TEARS ON THE TURF HONEST OLD ANDY OCCASIONAL, 0.00 DAILY; 5.00 FOR C DAYS SUPERS, 5.00 DAILY 0.00 FOR SIX DAYS ENTIRE SERVICE, 0.00 FOR SIX DAYS SAVE 00 LOOK! They Are Refusing Andys Info! WHO? THE BOOKS! WHY? HITS TWO MORE! YESTERDAYS 5.00 SUPER: Dusky Me, 8.10-, Won YESTERDAYS 0.00 OCCASIONAL: Hats Up, 1.00- Won 5 THURSDAY MY EIGHTH DAY 0: AUNTIE 3IILLIN 5.40-52 Won REPEATER 510.50-52 Won 5 WEDNESDAY MY SEVENTH DAY 0: CA3IFFIRE TALES 541.10- Won VRANA $ 9.30- "Won 5 TUESDAY MY SIXTH DAY 0: COMEDY 9.10-82 "Won ALICE BLUE GOWN 0.50- Won 5 MONDAY MY FIFTH DAY 0: DAN BY 4.00-52 Won ABU BEN A1IDEM 5.50- Won 5 SATURDAY MY FOURTH DAY 0: ItANDEL 522.10-52 Won COMIXA ...9.40-52 Won 5 FRIDAY MY THIRD DAY 0: 3IISS YAAL 529.90-52 Won STIMULUS 20.80-52 Won 5 THURSDAY MY SECOND DAY 0: COMIXA 1.20-52 Won SEQUEL 5.70-52 Won 5 WEDNESDAY MY FIRST DAY 0: NIMB.OD 7.70- Won LEATIIERWOOD 2.20- Won Am I making: goad? Plenty! I tell you, day after day, to get wise and follow an old horseman. FREE! ,000 Good Cheer l GOES WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 19TH WFREE TO ALL 5 and 0 Weekly Subscribers This is one of the ripest and sweetest under cover good things that I ever handled in my 50 years on the turf. It should pay as good as my first one which was Comixa, 1.20-, Won The stage is all set and when it goes over you will hear the hooks growl. Wo will rock them from coast to coast. We know something. This gigantic cleanup will bo given absolutely FREE tc weekly subscribers. GET BUSY NOW. Subscriptions will be limited to territory. Subscribers will be notified. A BIG OPPORTUNITY! GET YOUR SHARE! Also, dont miss a single day this week. Connections expect to break many a book. Get your share. Get the winning habit. Follow an old timer. SUBSCRIBE NOW Mail or wire your remittance with your correct address. MR. ANDY -:- -:- 171 Broadway, New York City Gars Weekly 35 Cents at All Newsstands New Issue Out TODAYS FREE CODES: Lexington Vermont-Duck-Grass-White Pimlic? getaway code Wyoming-Purple-Lilac-Ivory Here is one for you. GET IT SURE, for this baby is WORTH THE IiTMTT today. Go right now and get the NEW ISSUE, only 35 cents, and you WONT REGRET, IT. Again We Won! YESTERDAYS BIG SPECIALS: Hats Up, 1.00- Won Single Foot, .10- Won Wo sure are getting the MONEY on GARS DAILY. REMEMBER LAST MONDAYS CLEAN-UP: AbuBenAhdem,5.50-Won Golden Rule, 6.60- Won Parlay, 23-1 Won You certainly CANT AFFORD to MISS GARS DAILY for a single day and the WEEKLY for this week contains all the LIVE HORSES PRIMED for BOWIE GETAWAYS. Today A 10-1 Long Shot Yes, sir, this one wo are told should pay all of 10-1. Is REMARKABLY FIT and they are BETTING HEAVY. For this LONG SHOT go right now to your newsdealer and ask for Gars Daily 50 CENTS, MAILED, 2 WEEKS, ?5 Address: 438 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. DETROIT FOR SALE: Triangle Newsstand. . . Griswold and Lafayette Blvd. Family Theatre Newsstand Cadillac Square Reliable Turf Information For the Tijuana meet I have real connections that will send through only tho best horses. One or two horses each week that will be primed and set for the event. Any business man wishing to get connected can do so by wagering ?50 for me on each horse sent through. References must be exchanged. There is no guesswork. It is strictly business with me, and I can convince you of the fact. Write. A. C. Schultz 3442 N. HAMILTON AVE. CHICAGO, ILL. I Pay From Your Profits i THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing tho races will be mailed you for ono weoks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach. Fla. I en BUGLE . JtJ EVERY WW -lpE! AT ALL NEWSSTANDS EVERYWHERE Special and 50 cent Letter. STILL GOING STRONG YESTERDAYS XXX SPECIAL: Miss Whisk, .10- Won The Bugles listeners cleaned up again. THURSDAYS SPECIAL: Dorius, 0.10- Won WEDNESDAYS ?2 SPECIAL: Marvin May, .60- Won The Bugles Special is the talk of the country. The Bugle listeners are getting paid for listening. Twelve winners out of the last 15. Specials over ,100 winner on a 0 flat play, playing each and every Special for last three months. Todays Special A REAL FAST COLT Mr. Land, our chief editor, has the word direct. Today is the day will pay. 0.00 for .00 Rush right now to your dealer and get the Bugles Special. CHICAGOANS For sale at our offices: 20 West Jackson Blvd; Arcade News Store, 74 West Madison St., and all other loop newsstands. DETROIT For sale at Triangle Newsstand, Griswold and Lafayette Blvd; Family Theatre Newsstand, Cadillac Square; also principal dealers wherever Racing Form is sold. By mail, special delivery, in plain sealed envelope, both Special and 50 cent Letter, 1 week, 0. SEND 0 TO Bogle Publishing Co. 20 W. JACKSON BLVD. CHICAGO, ILL. PARLAY PAID 04.55-?l Won Nov. 6 Comixa Bignonia, 253 PARLAY PAID 7.75- Won Nov. 4 Fabian King Nadi, 254 PARLAY PAID $ 9.45- Won Nov. 3 Defiant Dimmesdale, 253 All those from Gallops Parlay Page. Send and get Gallops Weekly and Parlay Page, with Instructions, by 1st class mail, for 6 weeks. Its the best ever. GALLOPS, 219 S. Dearborn St., Chicaso, 111. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form "Vl.Winley W .00 SHEET SOLD AT ALL NEWSSTANDS 4fm .00 SPECIAL WIRED FROM OFFICE Pji Yesterdays Cleanup Jpfe Snow Maiden jBIk 60 SHORT; WE CANT HELP IT Today Is the Day In the sixth race at Lexington goes our 5 Special. We will give you this one free if you will subscribe to our Sheet and Special, for six days. The rate is 5. Wire your subscription now. Chicago Players Come up to our office, Room 416, Crilly Building, 35 South Dearborn Street. Phone, Dearborn 4908, and get on this big clean-up. FINAL NOTICE. To those that have received our letter. Answer before noon, or it will be too late. Chicago Followers Come up to our office, open until 3 p. m. Come and see our manager. You will get a square deal from him COL. WINLEY. Todays Dollar Sheet Will make a winning day for our followers. A 50 TO 1 PARLAY GOES Yes, you can parlay todays two. Today is the day! CHICAGO, FOR SALE At our office and 74 West Madison St. Also outside newsstands. DETROIT, FOR SALE Only at the two leading newsstands: BAGLEY NEWSSTAND, Cor. Woodward and Monroe, in front of Monument. DUNNS NEWSSTAND, Michigan and Shelby Streets. Opposite New Cadillac Hotel. Cleveland, For Sale O. C. Schroeder, 212 East Superior. St. Louis, For Sale Wm. Laser, 711 Market St. Kansas City, For Sale Rickseckers Cigar Store, 9th and Walnut. Omaha, Nebr., For Sale Meyers Newsstand, 1411 Farnum St. Other cities, where the Daily Racing Form is sold. GEORGE P. WHITE Room 204. 126 Maiden Lane, New York City TWO HORSES DAILY 0 WEEKLY THE KING OF BONA FIDE "INFO" I LEAD THEM ALL ON WINNERS AT LONG ODDS YESTERDAYS PARLAY PAID BETTER THAN 100 to 1: DUSKY BELLE 8.10- WON OUR OPTION 2.20- WON THURSDAYS TWO SPECIALS: FRIDAYS TWO SPECIALS: COUNTRY PRINCESS 9.10-52 Won STIMULUS S20.S0-S2 Won PETER PAUL 4.30-52 Won SWINGING 510.00- Won WEDNESDAYS TWO SPECIALS: THURSDAYS TWO SPECIALS: FRENCH CANADIAN" 1.50-52 Won BOO BOO 7.60-52 Won NEW GOLD 7.60-52 Won UOMIXA 541.20- Won TUESDAYS TWO SPECIALS: WEDNESDAYS TWOSPECIALS: EDINBURGH 5.80-52 Won LADY GLASSEN T..S20.S0-52 Won CHUCKLE .90- Won THUNDERBOLT ..S10.20- Won MONDAYS TWO SPECIALS: TUESDAYS TWO SPECIALS: ABU BEN AIIDE3I S15.50-S2 Won LATHROP 528.50- Won SENALADO 5 6.30-52 Won PHIL 3IcCANN 7.60-52 Won SATURDAYS TWO SPECIALS: MONDAYS TWO SPECIALS: ItANDEL S22.10-S2 Won 5TARBECK 4.60- Won ETHEREAL BLUE S 8.40-52 Won WATCHFUL -...512.30-52 Won TODAY- Another Double Header -TODAY Connections havo wired me the winner of tho Getaway Special which goes today at Pimlico and should win and pay at least 20 to 1 or better. TODAY. I have been informed that the connections are going: down hook, line and sinker on this horse TODAY and they are sure that they will cash the limit on this horse. They arc. so confident that this one will win that they advise mo to instruct all clients should it miss they will agree to give me the rest of the Bowie meeting ABSOLUTELY FREE and in return to do likewise to all clients and prepay all tele graph charges. TODAY WE SHOULD CLEAN UP AT LEXINGTON TODAY The information I have received on this horse today is that it should win and pay at least 15 to I or better. Words cannot express how sscuro this investment is to my connections today. I know that they have a large commission sent away from the track in order to uphold the price. TODAY BOTH HORSES MUST WIN OR I WILL AGREE TO GIVE YOU NEXT WEEKS SERVICE ABSOLUTELY FREE. Rush your subscriptions at once by Western Union or Postal Telegraph. .

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