Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1924-11-22

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps LEXINGTON The horses which seem best in Saturdays races are : Lexington, Ky;, November 21, lJ2i. 1 LUGS, Quoin, Vanishing Boy. 2 Brownie, Sari, Resistance. 3 Macbeth, Dorius, Snow Maiden. 4 Rothermel, Alice Blue Gown, Pricemaker. 5 H. P. Whitney entry, Oh Susanna, Ken- tucky Cardinal. G The Badger, Silver Slippers, Old Slip. 7 Georgie, Simoon, Oo La La. J. L. Dempsey. New York Handicap. 1 Uncle Bert, Statler, Quoin, Royal Dick. 2 Sari, Resistance, Talequa, Brownie. 3 Snow Maiden, Sands of Pleasure, Doriu3, AVar Prize. 4 ALICE BLUE GOWN, Pindar Peel, Price- maker, Rothermel. 5 Kentucky Cardinal, Oh Susanna, Candy Kid, Annihilator. 6 Singlehand, The Badger, Lucky Drift. Benedict Vow. 7 7 Ramkin, Huonec, Georgie, Oo La La. Chicago Handicap. , 1 Vanishing Boy, Spanish Rose, Royal Dick, Mamie o Jane. 2 2 Resistance, Sari, Brownie, Talequa. 3 Sands of Pleasure, Snow Maiden, Dorius, War Prize. A 4 PINDAR PEEL, Alice Blue Gown, Rothermel, Hopeless. 5 Noah, Oh Susanna, Kentucky Cardinal, Balboa. C Homing Bird, Silver Slippei-s, Midnight Rose, Fire On. 7 My Valet, Escarpolette, Lexington Maid, Georgie. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Uncle Bert, Lugs, Quoin, Vanishing Boy. 2 Sari, Talequa, Brownie, Hidden Money. , 3 Moorfield, Uncle Velo, Sands of Pleasure, Macbeth. 4 Alice Blue Gown, Pricemaker, Pindar Peel, Rothermel. 5 Candy Kid, Kentucky Cardinal, Noah, Brown Sugar. C The Badger, Benedict Vow, Shark, Fire On. 7 GEORGIE, Lexington Maid, My Valet. Escarpolette. Observers Handicap. 1 Vanishing Boy, Lugs, Quoin, Gussie P. 2 Sari, Resistance, Talequa, Brownie. 3 War Prize, Sands of Pleasure, Snow Maiden, Dorius. 4 ROTHERMEL, Alice Blue Gown, Pindar Peel, Pricemaker. a Noah, Oh Susanna, Kentucky. Cardinal, Balboa. C The Badger, Benedict Vow, Old Slip, Homing Bird. 7 Oo La La, Lexington Maid, Untried, My Valet. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Uncle Bert, Vanishing Boy, Lugs, Quoin. 2 Sari, Brownie, Resistance, Talequa. 3 Macbeth, Snow Maiden, Sands of Pleasure, Mooriield. 4 Rothermel, Alice Blue Gown, Pindar Peel, Pricemaker. 5 NOAH, Candy Kid, Kentucky Cardinal, Oh Susanna. 6 The Badger, Singlehand, Homing Bird, Benedict Vow. ; 7 Georgie, Ramkin, My Valet, Oo La La. I BOWIE The horses which seem best in Saturdays races are : Bowie, 3rd., November 21, 1924. 1 Slate, George De Mar, Villager. 2 Campfire Tales, By Hisself, Sumpter. 3 Batonnier, Donaghee, Prince Hamlet. 4 -Opperman, Joy Smoke, Batonnier. 5 Wise Counsellor, Donaghee, Reparation. C KING ONEILL II., The Roll Call, Guelph. 7 Trevelyan, Rosa Yeta, Rupee. C. J. Connors. New York Handicap. 1 George De Mar, Wavecrest, Transformer, Cant Say No. 2 Sumpter, By Hisself, Finland, Cloud- land. 3 DONAGHEE, Prince Hamlet, Wampee, Leonard G. 4 joy Smoke, Opperman, Prince Hamlet, Initiate. 5 Wise Councellor, Donaghee, Princess Do- reen. Reparation. G King ONeill II., Guelph, The Roll Call, Eager. 7 Rosa Yeta, Rupee, Mary Agnes, Gray Gables. Chicago Handicap. 1 Dusky Belle, Villager, Fiery Flight, George De Mar. 2 Edinburgh, Judge Fuller, Dangerous, Sumpter. 3 Donaghee, Batonnier, Prince Hamlet, Wampee. 4 Prince Hamiet, Batonnier, Joy Smoke, Initiate. 5 WISE COUNSELLOR, Worthmore, Prin cess Doreen, Donaghee. C Marsdale, Guelph, The Roll Call, Procyon. 7 Rupee. Gray Gables, Rosa Yeta, Old Faithful. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 George De Mar, Villager, Slate, Grace Troxler. 2 By Hisself, Sumpter, Cloudland, Flag ship. 3 DONAGHEE, Batonnier, Ballot Brush, Alchemy. 4 Joy Smoke, Initiate, Opperman, Lieuten ant II. 5 Wise Counsellor, Senator Norris, Dona ghee, Worthmore. 6 Guelph, The Roll Call, Procyon, King ONeill II. 7 Rosa Yeta, Trevelyan, Gray Gables, Rupee. Observers Handicap. 1 George De Mar, Wavecrest, Slate, Villager. 2 Sumpter, Campfire Tales, Judge Fuller. Danby. 3 PRINCE HAMLET, Donaghee, Batonnier, Wampee. 4 Prince Hamlet, Joy Smoke, Lieutenant II., Opperman. 5 Wise Counsellor, Worthmore, Princess Do reen, Donaghee. G King ONeill II., Guelph, The Roll Call, Marsdale. 7 Gray Gables, Rosa Yeta, Rupee, Trevelyan. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 George De Mar, Slate, Dusky Belle, Vil lager. 2 Sumpter, Campfire Tales, Edinburgh, By Hisself. 3 Dcnaghee, Prince Hamlet, Batonnier, Wampee. 4 Joy Smoke, Prince Hamlet, Opperman, Batonnier. 5 WISE COUNSELLOR, Donaghee, Worth- more, Princess Doreen. 6 King ONeill II., Marsdale, Guelph, The Roll Call. 7 Rosa Yeta, Trevelyan, Rupee, Gray Gables.

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