Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1924-12-22

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps JEFFERSON PARK The horses which seem beat in Mondays races are : yew Orleans, La., Drc. 21, 1924. 1 Clique, Shanghai, Valentino. 2 Kindred, TCventide, Ebony Belle. 3 -DAVID HARUM, Bush Buck, Smarty. -I Gorget. Sandy Hatch, Jolly. 5 Pedagogue, Elector, The Badger. G Modo, Moms Boy, The Poet. 7 Queen Charming, Snow Maiden, Nogales. J. L. Dcmpsey. New York Handicap. 1 See It Through, Head L.ine, Clique, Good Morning. 2 Wild Goose. Charles Henry, Ebony Belle, Boots and Shoes. 5 David llarum, Rupee, Gem, Taylor Hay. 4 Sandy Hatch, Gorget, Pete the Scribe, Huon Pine. 5 Elector, The Badger, Lucifer, Pedagogue. G MODO, Moms Boy, The Poet, John Finn. 7 Snow Maiden, Nogales, Bench Manager, Battle Shot. Chicago Handicap. iSee It Through, Buck Jones, Head Lino, Clique. 2 Eventide, Boot Black, French Canadian, Kindred. 3 David llarum, Smarty, Gem, Rupee. 4 Sandy Hatch, Ponjola, Gorget, Jolly. 5 Elector, Lucifer. The Badger, Pedagogue. 0 MODO, The Poet, Moms Boy, John Finn. 7 Snow Maiden, Nogales, Queen Charming. Bench Manager. Cincinnati Hand lea p. 1 Head Line, Clique, Good Morning, Koellia, 2 Wild Goose, Royal Dick, Sea-Wolf, Eventide. 3 Gem. David llarum, Frank Monroe, Rupee. 4 Sandy Hatch, Jolly, Ponjola, Huon Pine. 5 ELECTOR, The Badger, Lucifer, St. Charles. C Modo, Edward Gray, The Poet, Moms Boy. 7 Snow Maiden, Johnny Jewell, Bench Manager, Battle Shot. New Orleans Handicap. 1 See It Through, Clique, Teter Decoy, Head Line. 2 Wild Goose, Boots and Shoes, Sea-Wolf, Boot Black. 3 Rupee, Demijohn, Gladys V., David llarum. 4 Jolly, Gorget, Huon Pine, Julia M. 5 LUCIFER, Elector, The Badger, Pedagogue. G Modo, Edward Gray, John Finn, The Poet 7 Nogales, Bench Manager, Johnny Jewell. Snow Maiden. Observer Handicap. 1 Head Line, Clique, Sec It Through, Shanghai. 2 Eventide, Lucky Strike, Kindred, Ebony Belle. 3 David llarum, Gem, Gladys V., Smarty. 4 Sandy Hatch, Huon Pine, Julia M., Gorget. 5 ELECTOR, Lucifer, Pedagogue, The Badger. G Modo, The Poet, John Finn, Edward Gray. 7 Snow Maiden, Bench Manager, Johnny Jewell, Battle Shot. ConscnsiiM of Handicaps. 1 Sec It Through, Head Line, Clique, Good Morning. 2 Wild Goose, Eventide, Kindred, Ebony Belle. 3 David Harum, Gem, Rupee, Smarty. 4 Sandy Hatch, Gorget, Jolly, Huon Pine. 5 Elector, Pedagogue. Lucifer, The Badger. 6 MODO, The Poet. Moms Boy, John Finn. 7 Snow Maiden, Queen Charming, Nogales, i Bench Manager. HAVANA The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Havana, Cnba, Dec. 21, 1924. 1 Crestwood Boy, Needy, Ilindoostan. 2 THESSALY, Bigwig, Daddy Wolf. 3 Locarno, Castilla, Forty Two. 4 Hullo, Mess Kit, Kidnap. 5 Truo American, Muskallonge, Carlos Enrique. G Collie Tokalon, Delhimar, Copyright. New York Handicap. 1 Crestwood Boy. Joe Campbell, Joe Joe, Ilindoostan. 2 THESSALY, Bigwig. Daddy Wolf, Miriam Wood. 3 Without, Locarno, Hutchison, Castilla. 4 Gonvvithim, Hullo, Shafe, Mess Kit 5 Annie Lyle, Muskallonge, Amber Fly. Carlos Enrique. 6 Delhimar, Collie Tokalon, Czardom, Acouchla II. Chicago Handicap. 1 Uindoostan, Crestwood Boy, Needy, Joe Joe. 2 Beg Pardon, Corcnne, Bigwig, Thessaly, 3 Locarno, Haran, Hutchison, Scba. i 4 SHAFE, Gonwithim, Kidnap, Mess Kit. 5 Annie Lyle, Leona Dare, Spods, Carlos Enrique. G Delhimar. Collie Tokalon, Copyright, Shingle Shack. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Crestwood Boy, Joe Joe, Needy, Joe Campbell. 2 Bigwig, Daddy Wolf, Beg Pardon, Thes saly. 3 Forty Two, Biddledee, Haran. Swim. 4 Tubby A., Ponce, Mess Kit, Hullo. 5 ANNIE J,YLE, Amber Fly, Muskallonge, Neptune. G St. Paul, Copyright, Tanlac, Delhimar. Observer Handicap. 1 Needy, Ilindoostan, Crestwood Boy, Pri mus. 2 Thessaly, Hopeful, Beg Pardon, Bigwig. 3 Lank, Locarno, Haran, Without. 4 -Conwithim, Shafe, Mess Kit, Hullo. 5 Spods, Annie Lyle, Carlos Enrique, True American. G DELHIMAR, Shingle Shack, Copyright. Czardom. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Crestwood Boy, Ilindoostan, Needy, Joe Joe. 2 Thessaly, Beg Pardon, Bigwig, Daddy Wolf. 3 Locarno, Without, Forty Two. Lank. 4 Gonwithim, Hullo. Shafe. Tubby A. 5 Annie Lyle, True American, Spods, Car los Enrique. G DELHIMAR, Collie Tokalon, St. Paul, Copyright TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Tijnnna, Mexico, Dec. 2!, 1924. 1 THELMA C, Harrigans Heir, Margaret Madison. 2 Bethpage, Meddling Seth, The Nephew. 3 Senator Donlan, Mildred Ruth, Jolly Cephas. 4 Skoki, Golden Red. Tom Craven, a Fireplace, Noon Glide, Grayson. 6 The Falconer, Cruzem, Black Wand. 7 Hilarity, Stroller, Odd Seth. 5 Bill McCloy, Fort Churchill, Stamp. C. McCarthy.

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