New Belmont Race: National Stallion Stakes Attracts 183 Nominations, Daily Racing Form, 1926-04-07


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NEW BELMONT RACE! • .1 National Stallion Stakes Attracts Jo 183 Nominations. • Richly Bred Youngsters Among J Eligibles for ,000 Event to s Be Run This Spring. i , i A total of 183 two-year-olds have been h named for the National Stallion Stakes, which will be run at the spring meeting of the | Westchester Racing Association at Belmont Park. This event is for the produce of stal- |, lions duly nominated and carries an added value of ,000. The distance is five-eighths j over the straight course. The leading breeders of the country are i represented in the list of eligibles for this season and the richest blood lines in the I country are to be found in the pedigrees of the horses named for the event. Following are the conditions and nomina- 5 tions for the race : NATIONAL STALLION STAKKS Kor two ypar-olds 5 the progeny of stallions duly nominated . By subscription of 5 each. Starters to pay 8330 J additional. The Westchester Basin? Associa- 5 lion to add f-" ,000. and twenty per cent, of the stallion entrance fees, of which .0041 to the • second and JT.00 to the third. 4olts and geldincs to carry 122 pounds, fillies 119 pounds. The • produce of stallions which have not sired a winner prior to November 20. 102." . allowed • seven pounds, if claimed at time of entry. 5-8 mile straight. NOTK 7 indicates seven -pound allowance j claimed. Ackerman. James It. -Chestnut colt, by Sir John ! Johnson Betty I-ouisc Audley Farm Stable — Bay colt, by Ormondale - • Screecher. Audley Karm Stable Bay colt, by Sir Barton -Miss Joy. Audley Kami Stable -Chestnut colt, by Sir Baiton— Kiluna. Audley Farm Stable Chestnut colt, by Friar Rock — Destruction. Barklie. Archibald Mr. Martin, oh. c, by Sir Martin - Mae Taft. Belair Stud Bay colt, by Star Hawk Breathing Spell. I Block. Benjamin Moramine, ch. c, by Morvich— Ar- mi in- II. I Block, Benjamin Morbelle. b. f, by Morvich I* Belle Helene. I Block. Benjamin Morgold, br. or blk. f. by Morvich- Coldvalc. ] Block, Benjamin Bay colt, by Morvich — Masks and Faces. I Bostwick, A. C. -Chestnut filly, by Sun Briar— | We Win. Breckinridge. Desha Chestnut colt, by Brumado Cynthia na. Brookmeade Stable Bay colt, by Trap Kock — | Moisant. Brookmeade Stalile Bay colt, by Peter Pan -Uf- ] fizzi. I Brookmeade Stable Salem, ch. c, by Campfire First Wilch. Bryaon, K. K. Chestnut filly, by Spanish Prime II.- Castle Doiulas Brvson. K. K. Chestnut filly, by On Watch -■ M Kitty Maude. Buchanan. James A. Bay colt, by John P. Crier - ] Diamond Crain 71. Butler, James Black colt, by Spur Moth | Butler, James Bay filly, by Vulcain Jingling. Butler, James Black filly, by Vulcain Miss Panto. 1 Butler, James -Chestnut filly, by Vulcain Spark. Byers, J. F. Bay colt, by Trap Kock Lady Kern. lark. Mrs. F. Ambrose Chestnut colt, by Trap Kock I andstock. ! Clark, K. S. Bay colt, by Campfire Pixy. Claik, K. S. Brown colt, by Wrack F.mbassy. j Cochran, Jifford A. — Bay filly, by Pennant Polyantha. : Cochran, C if ford A. --Chestnut filly, by Whisk Broom II. on in, s Cochran, 4;ifford A. Chestnut colt, by North Star III. Marie Odile. Cochran. ;ifford A. Brown colt, by Sweep--Ave Russell. Cochran, t.ifford A. Bay filly, by Lnder Fire — Yellow Blossom. Cochran. 4Jifford A. Chestnut colt, by lnder Kire — Pypjpc. Cochran, C if ford A Bay filly, by Colden Guinea — Valley of the Moon 7. Cosden, J. S. — Bay colt, by Crimper — Kings Oak. Cosden, J. S Bay colt, by Chicle -Bayberry Candle. Cosden, J. S. Bay or brown filly, by Crimper Voca biliary. Daniel, William Chestnut colt, by Archaic Alphee. Kbcnbiiry Stable Bay colt, by Brown Prince II. — Select Shot. Kvernlade Stable Bay colt, by Dodge— Victoria B. Kverglade Stable Black colt, by John P. Crier — Marbles 7. Fair Stable Bay colt, by Star Hawk Hidden Talent. Fair Stable Bay colt, by Ijst Coin Imbra. Field. Marshall Potycratos. eh. c. by Polymelian La Ciande Amur. Gideon. David Bay colt, by Chicle Admiration. Glen Kiddle Farm Stable Chestnut filly, by Man i O- War Ladf Com fey. Glen Kiddle Faun Stable 4 liestnut filly, by Man i o War S.intissima. Glen Kildle Farm Stable 4hestnut colt, by Man o War Topaz Glen Kiddie Farm Stable Brown colt, by Ix-onanlo i II.- Schnapps i7l. Glen Kiddle Kami Stable Chestnut colt, by John P. Crier Polly D. iTl QhMM Stable Bay colt, by Spanish Prince II. . — Game Chick. Creeniree Stable Chestnut colt, by Whisk Broom i II toai Bye. irei-ntree Stable Brown colt, by Dominant - Kings I Fancy. Grcctitrce Stable Chestnut colt, by Johren— Last Night. i Crcciitree Stabh — Chestnut colt, by John P. Grier - Nada Mas i7t. Greeiitree Stable Brown colt, by John P. Crier — Ionia lit. Greentree Stable Bay filly, by Chicle- Fun. Creentree Stable Bay filly, by Dominant -Aloft. Greentree Stable - Brown filly, by Dominant Fres- I • : i V . GraeatIM St.ib!.- Chegtnut filly, by Touch Me Not t Quarrel i7l. .riffith. J. K. Bay filly, by Boniface IJlly B. 7 I. Hamilton Kami Stalile 4 liestnut colt, by John IV . Crier Kantail 7. Hamilton Kami stable Bay colt, by John P. Grier r Recline 7l. Hamilton Kami Stable liestnut filly, by Man o War Tuscan Red Harris Samuel II 4 liestnut, bj NTth Star r III ScllllstiOsS j SmyPe i.ciieral Wayne, l.r. c, b» » Wi:n k .oMing Hilt. K. K. ■ 4Hd Lex, b. c. by M Crump— Ruth ■ Strickland Hitt. K ■ la/a l rump, b. f, by Kd Crump - - i. Ilitt. K. K Miss trump, cli f. by Kd trump Mattinata. Idle Hour Stock Farm Stable Chestnut colt, by y North Star 111 Bed of Hoses Lib- Hour Stock Kami MaMc 4 liestnut colt, by V North Star III Hamlcllo. Idle Hour Stock Kami Stable Chestnut colt, by v Noith Star III. or Bla k Servant -Busy Signal I Idle Hour Mo. k Kami Stable Brown colt, by Mac* Toner I win. Idle Hour Stock Karm Stable Black by Mack loiiev Doreid. Idle Hour Sunk Farm Stable Chestnut filly. b North Star III Moorland Melody . Idle Hour Slock Kami StaUe I liestnut fillv. by Star ir Hawk Blushing Beauty. .1 Jo J s i i h | |, j i I 5 5 J 5 • • • j ! • I I I ] I | | ] I M ] | 1 ! j : i i i . i I i t I. . r r » ■ - - y V v I ir Idle Hour Slock Farm Stable -Chestnut filly, by Light Brigade--Beaming Beauty. Johnson. Frederick — Bay gelding, by Brown Prince II Melinite. Johnson. Frederick Bay gelding, by Brown Prince II. Prodigy. nson. Frederick Bay gelding, by Bro vn Prince II Liila Flush. Jeffords. Walter M. Scapa Flow. br. c. by Man o War Kloren. e Webber. Jeffords. Mrs. W. M. St. Joseph, ch. c. by Golden Broom Cluislmas Star Kaw Stable Bay colt, by Ormondab — Lndy I-ondon Kilmer. Willis Sharpe Account, b. c, by Allumeui Coutessiua. aa Kilmer, Willis Sharpe -Sun Sweeper, b. c. by Sun Pr a" Bromelia. Kilmer. Willis Sharpe Sun De Meur. blk. c. by Sun Briar Diuahmeur. Kilmer. Willis Shame Sunlotus, b. f. by Sun Biiar — I s Altos. Kilmer. Willis Sharpe Palatine Lad, blk. c, by Al lumeur Palatine I.i-sie Kilmer. Willis Sharpe Aregal. b. c, by Alltnneui Rhajes. Kilmer. Willis Sharpe Aromagne. b. f, by Allu- meiir ltomagii". Jjott. Ceorgc W. Chestnut colt, by Donnacona Tamarisk. Ix g Cabin Stable— Brown colt, by Leonardo II. Kltrbelow i7 Long. Breckenridge Chestnut colt, by Trap Rock Marys Aunt. Madden. J. E— Chestnut colt, by Tea Caddy Yvette. Madden. J K. Bay colt, by Boniface -Blaze o 4;old 7 . Madden. J. K. Bay colt, by Spanish Prince II. Bright Cold. Madden. J. K. — Bay colt, by Luke McLuke Vireo Madden. J. K- Bay or brown colt, by Kiiar Rock - 4 rder of the Star. Madden. J. E. -Chestnut colt, by Friar Rock Music in tl e Air. Maiden. J. E. — Chestnut colt, by Friar Rock Starlight Dance. Madden. J. E. -Chestnut colt, by Rock Affection. Midden. J. E Bay colt, by Paragon II. Mabel Strauss 7. Martin. William Conadonna. b. c, by Donnacona— Snueezetis-. Newtondale Stable C.un Royal, b. c. by Wrack — Rod and Cut;. Newtondale Stable Blue Fire, b. c. by lnder Kire Y Blue Ball. Newtondale Stable— Sa Dies Valley, br. f. by Allu meur Colleen. Newtondale Stable Brown filly, by lnder Fire Of an Minard. Oak Ridge Stable — Bay colt, by Brown Prince II. — Alverda. Oak Ridge Stable Chestnut colt, by North Star III. Shanks. - -Nancy OBr en. Thomas W. Bay colt, by Chicle -Sylvita. Oneck Stable- -Bay colt, by Polymelian Fricassee Ram-ocas Stable Sankari, br. c, by The Finn - .idea u. Ramwas Stable Grange, b. c, by Wildair — Mayonnaise. Baaeacaa Stable Bav colt, by The Finn Joan of Arc If. Kancoeas Stable Brown colt, by John P. Grier — Play Fair 7. Stable Bay colt, by Sweep- Oktibbcna. Banco -us Stable Bay colt, by Sweep Nettie Hastings. Baaeacaa Stable Bay colt, by LucuIIite -Vesper Hour. Rosenberg. Ix e Finicky, cli. f. by The Finn - Superl. Ross. Samuel Brown colt, by Sweep Juliette II. Bos-. Samuel Brown filly, by Sweep — Highflown. Bo-s. Samuel Bay colt, by Trap Bock Sous Marine. ™ Boss. Samuel Chestnut colt, by Trap Rock — 1MB- gollen. Ross. Samuel Chestnut filly, by Trap Rock Sou! Mate. Ross. J. K. L. --Lnctarius, b. or br. c, by Cudgel-Milkmaid. Ross. J. K. L. The Maple, b. c. by Cudgel — Pris- . ilia Mullens. Ross. J. K. L. landlord, b. c, by Boniface -Tiarco 17. Rosseter, J. H. Dearest, blk. or br. f, by Boniface -Sanctuary 7. Sagamore Stable Brown colt, by Golden Guinea — Ivabel 7l. Sa;:imore Stable Chestnut colt, by Trap Rock — Marsh Light Sagamore Stable Chestnut filly, by Trap Rock — Croix Rouge. Salmon, Walter J. Chestnut colt, by Polymelian — Impetuous. Salmon. Walter J. — Chestnut colt, by North Star 111. Woodflower. Salmon. Walter J. Brown colt, by Luke McLuke — Quickfire. Salmon, Walter J. — Bay colt, by North Star III. — Diversion. Shoshone Stable Chestnut colt, by Polymelian — I ustpan II. Shoshone stable Chestnut filly, by Polymelian — Leghorn. Shoshone Stable Chestnut filly, by Polymelian— Athlone. Shoshone Stable Chestnut filly, by Polymelian — Chiffon. Shoshone Stable — Bay colt, by Peter Pan I.a Montague. Shoshone Stable Chestnut filly, by The Finn— Herodias. Shoshone Stable Bay colt, by The Finn Moonrise. Shoshone Stable The Finn Bay colt, by -Passu - maria. Shoshone Stable Fiancee, ch. f, by Fair Play — Kiss Again Smith. James B. Brown colt, by Donnacona Mil- A foil, Stallings, A. J.-— Bay colt, by Luke McLuke -Carmen, Taylor. .1. Swigert Scotland, br. c. by Light Brigade—Elizabeth M. Thomas. E. B.- Chestnut colt, by Star Hampton-Miss .adabotit t7l Thomas. E. R. Bay colt, by Sweep — Play Toy. Troxler, J. J. -Bay filly, by Sweeo On Drift. Troxlcr. J. J. Brown filly, by Donnacona Iidy Dimravcu. Wheatley Stable 4 liestnut colt, by Star Hawk-Set Square, Wheatley Stable Chestnut colt, by Archaic Glo- riana. Whitney. II. P. Ray filly, by Chicle— Pantalette. Whitney. H. P. Chestnut colt, by Pennant -Aft-t ernoon. Whitney. H. P.— -Chestnut colt, by Pennant Cour-r age. Whitney. H. P. Bay filly, by Pennant Meadow Mist. Whitney, H. P. -Chestnut colt, by Peter Pan Ruth Ijiw. Whitney. H. P. liestnut colt, by Whisk Broom II. Dovelet. Whitney. .I. P. Chestnut colt, by Whi-k Broom II. —Fly by Night II. Whitney. II. P. -Chestnut filly, by Whisk Broom II. ■ — Inaugural. Whitney. II. P. Chotnut filly, by Whisk Broom II Mrs. Trubbel. Whitney. II. P. Buy colt, by Whisk Broom II — Prudery. Whitney. H. P liestnut filly, by Pennant Bon ni. ltroom. Wideiier. lieorge D. Compass, b. c. by North Star III. tomsora. Wiilener. ieoi-i.e D Survivor, ch. c. by Tromp.- la Mort Ro-aleeii Welener. Ccoigo D iracious 4iift, | c, by WhisU I.riom II Siinglow II Wideiier. .1. li. Al- L ght, cli c, by Archaic— Kdicity. Wideiier. J. li. 4 aroler. b c by Sw.e|ier Jo fill. Wideter. J. E. l-i. idle. ch. c, by Kair Play— | Lading. Wnl-n.r. J. E. Chance Shot, b i. |.y Fair Play I Qatlfcl Chance. Ifliloaar J- E. War Path, h. f, by Man o War | Pasta. Wideiier. J. E. Be Kair. ch. f, by Fair Play -k Bcltale. Wid-ner, J. E. Yeddo, ch. f, by Man o War -k Yokohama Wid. ner. J. K Saleslady, cli. f, by Friar Bock— | Shop Jirl. , , Wilson, B. T. I liestnut eolt, by Olamhala- irnce I I Foster J Wilson. R. T Bay coll. by llaint.ala Sally N. i i , , I I J i i Wilson. R. T. Bay cult, by Campfire Ixnig Bangtv Wilson. B. T. Bay colt, by Cainpfiro Violet Play. Xalaiia Karm Stable colt, by I-eoiiarilo II. — Helen Marie 7. Ziejcler. William, Jr. Chestnut colt, by Sir Martin — Con f union. Etealar, William. Jr CiieMmii eolt, by Sir Martin —Sonatina. XiCXltr. Willi mi. Jr Chestnut filly, by Sir Martin Citreka.

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