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-i * i •! »■ iTi **M PUBLISHED WEEKLY— 35 CENTS PER COPY For Sile At All Newsstands NEW GUIDE OUT Harland s Star Paddock Free Code: MARYLAND: Flush-18-18 as fir as can Del S.-e page 12 1 Liberty Turf Guide for Cipher Cod- I-a.it Wednesdays Harlands Free Code: GOLDEN RULE 2.00. Won I-ast Mondays Harland* Free Code: JOHNNY JEWEL 0.50. Won Harlands Star laddock Free Code: M0RDINE $ 7.30. Won Follow Harland and you will surely get the cash T.ecki.V ..11 his free codes .s.— page is. Liberty Turf .uide for big Jewel apeeial that g.»-s today LIBERTY PUB. CO. SO E. 11th St. New York City BILLY KELLYS Code Book No. 294 KELLY 3 CODE FOR SATURDAY: Lexington— Mud -3 -1-8-17-8-11-16-11. Havre de Grace — Say -7-6 16-20 8-25-21 5 4 Columbus— Say -26-24-11 -10- 5-8-25-3 -20-5. Aurora— Tom -2-4-17-5-25-3-24-14-1. A new Ixiok with n -w code published every Thursday. Iricc, one dollar. Sold i ■ - your dealer or direct from WM. BURKE KELLY fl EAST 3RD STREET CINCINNATI. OHIO John Gould 1658 BROADWAY. ROOM 408 NEW YORK CITY •WITH VMM PROMISE IS PERFORMED" UenriTiinizcd, Resurrected, Rebuilt and How 3ly Connections Have Shown Their Stuff! I advised two horses this week, one Thursday and one Friday. Thursday I Released: Apple Pie, 5.70, Won Beaten three lengths for all the money. A bad ride caused this defeat. Friday I Released: Declare, .80, Won Boys. Im on my way to establish a record that will never be equalled by anyone. Be with me and enjoy the result. ONE HORSK A DAY NEVER MORE. NO additional CHAMM whatsohver. Service daily, six days a week. Enlist. Attention, everybody: sto.o. read, consider, act. Beginning today I will release one horse a day. Imler no circumstances will yon set more and you will never lie asked any additional fee whatever. I am out to show you all that JOHN GOULD Rets the real stuff and that he is the squarest turf informant releasing information today. Regardless of what your e|ierlence with COULD has been, this is a |M rsonal plea be: hit made by him for another opportunity to show his actual worth now. We all make mistakes, hut we profit by them. I know what the racing public wants and Im now in a position to give them what they want, how they want it and efficiently. HERE ARE MY TERMS: Read em and get in now: 0 for a winning; week, daily. Dp a winning week I mean you must be a good. solid winner after playing my releases for a week. COME ON. EVKRYRODY. PMCI VOIR CONFIDENCE IN A MAN WHO WILL NOT ABUSE IT. I RELEASE NO FAVORITES- ALL I WANT IS A CHANCE TO SHOW YOU MY SINCERITY AND EARNESTNESS. CIVE ME A TRIAL. ii*KI » r KM TURF WEEKLY nj 35 cents per copy, 10 weeks hi 11 FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS arVaV| NEW WEEKLY OUT TODAYS ,000 FREE CODE 10 1 SHOT HAVRE DE GRACE: Brazil-Lead-Lead Is well primed for a melon cutting today and should surely be 10 to 1 or more. For name of this racer get the new weekly, 35 cents at your nearest newsstand and remember last Saturdays ,000 Free Code: ■ ALGOL 2.90, Won Irevious Saturdays ,000 Free Code: GRAND BEY $ 5.00, Won "Oat Sack" Ollie Had: GOLDEN RULE 2.20, Won The only horse advised by him last week. Follow "Oat Sack." His info appears exclusively on page | of Clocker N. Rogers weekly. He has a corker in the "new weekly." Dont miss it. Rogers Long Shot System Won 15.50 — on a 0 progressive play last week. You cannot miss following these horses; start immediately. Confidential Rogers Parlay Goes Today Should pay the limit. Terms $."•; for full particu-| lars see page L", Clocker N. Rogers weekly. ROGERS PUBLISHING CO. I 1672 Broadway, Room 302 NEW YORK CITY % WeeKftr 35c SPECIALS CCCASI0NALS DAILY PRIVATE SPECIALS NEW WEEKLY OUT TODAY TODAYS FREE XXX CODE: LEXINGTON. Detroit -IS 3-15-20 pf BANG! WON AGAIN ~qpfg FRIDAYS XXX SPF.CIVL: RKAI.1ST S.S0, Won We OLD YOI SO. Here is what we said OB the sheet." A I ingshot that would win. You cannot go wrong with TRACK OBSERVER. THURSDAYS SPECIAL: IKON MASK II .H0, Won THCKSHAYS IVKI.AY, 7-1 WON PQF TODAY! TODAY! -g and ADVISED SPECIALS U 20 to 1 PARLAY -"Jg Iarlay and Ciciranteed Specials and taUect iourself a .hunk «.f money ." Don t go to the ira-k without seeing me. or petttag my Specials today. These will be for sale on trains gum.; t Aurora I CHICAGO— K..r sac at SI V. Madison St.. and all outside new-siands. 1ST. LOUIS !l d.al.i, -,; pl.ed l.v Win. Laser. 7 Nortl: 17th Street. CHICAG0ANB — All subscribers get our last minnta Free S|»-rials." call at office in person. TBACI OBSKKVKK PI B. 10. R0CM 315-16, 26 W. QUINCY ST.. CHICAGO. ILL. DAISY AND LUCY TODAYS FREE CODE: Havre de Grace: Mo7ies-Mules-Dress-Gold-Paint. DAILY RACING GUIDE HAS THE WINNERS ! AETNA TURF AGENCY 117 WEST 42ND STREET. 7TH FLOOR NEW T0RK CITY 0 FOR ENTIRE AURORA MEETING— ONE HORSE DAILY We are going to permit the small investor to take advantage of our information. Ten 01 dollars pays for the entire Aurora meeting. Strictly one horse a day. UOne Horse Every Day for Entire Aurora Meeting*g We wire the advertised horse to all out of town clients at 9 oclock each morning. Today-— 10-1 At Aurora—Today WIRED TO EVERYBODY— NO EXCEPTIONS— IMMEDIATE SERVICE Today Saturday a 10 to 1 probable winner at Aurora wired to everybody. Do not miss it. Direct word. Aurora connections are invincible. Winners only. Subscribe today. 0 Pays For Entire Aurora Meeting; One Horse Daily BEWARE OF INFERIOR TCRF INFORMATION. YOC ARE ASStRED OF RECEIVING SERVICD THE SAME DAY YOC SCBSCRIBK. CONTINCOCS SERVICE TO ALL WEEKLY SI BS RIBERS. If you want to do business with an honest and legitimate organization, subscribe to the Aetna Turf Agency. You will be more than satisfied. Co to your nearest Western Inion or Iostal Telegraph and wire ten 0l dollars, which entitles you to strictly one horse each day for the entire Aurora meeting. Positive guaranteed service every day. Aetna Turf Agency, 7th Floor, 147 West 42nd Street, New York City Reliable Turf Syndicate J. N. COLLINS. President O. W. TAYLOR. Vice-President R. G. T0MKINS. Treasurer 0 PAYS FOR TE WINON DAYS— STRICTLY TWO HORSES EACH DAY By special arrangement with the telegraph companies, all out of I town subscribers receive service by fast telegram thirty minutes I I after receipt of their money transfer. No delay whatsoever. You I must receive ten winning days for ten dollars. I YESTERDAYS STRICTLY TWO nORSES AT ACRORA: REALIST 3.80, Won POWER 1.80, Won TODAY— SATURDAY!— 50 TO 1 WIN PARLAY AT AURORA. POSITIVELY RELEASED TO EVERYBODY IMMEDIATELY. NO WAITING. Both horses starting today at Aurora have been kept under cover just for these particular soft spots, two crack jockeys have been engaged to ride and both these horses should gallop home as easily as their riders please at verv big odds. All we are going to tell you is go to the very limit and dont stop betting in a WIN IARLAY TO WIN ONLY. Subscribe to the RELIABLE TCRF SYNDICATE and receive an honest, square deal. This syndicate is registered by the county clerk of New York City. Twenty years in the same place, same name. Out of town subscribers — go to your nearest Western Inion or Iostal Telegraph office and wire 0 for ten days service. Your service starts immediately, uo waiting, no delay. Office open from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. RELIABLE TURF SYNDICATE 15 PARK ROW. SUITE 316. 327. 328 NEW YORK CITY nan Weekly Book — 35 cents at all newsstands DAILY SPECIALS. — OCCASIONAL. New Weekly Out And here is your chance for an opening day 00 FREE CODE LEXINGTON : Chicago -Jewel - Lease -Level - Lease. Here is one ready to win todays race in a canter and the O. K. has lieen received, so dont miss this trick, but rush right to your newsdealer and ask for the new WEEKLY. 30 cents at all newsstands. REMEMBER IT GAVE: LAST WEEKS LONG SHOTS: Sun Forward, 1.00, Won Golden Rule, 2.00, Won El Canoe, 4.60, Won The Code, 4.00, Won Harlan, 4.90, Won And others. TODAY Special-7th Race Lexington "Comes to me extremely strong" says AL CERN. "and I know they are going to bet." Gat this one sure. Rush right to your newsdealer and ask for the Daily Master Clocker AT ALL NEWSSTANDS TERMS: . sent _ weeks. . BARGAIN OFFER: Both and SPECIALS sent 1 week, 0. Address 440 S. DEARBORN ST. CHICAGO. ILL. DETROIT— FOR SALE Triangle Newsstand — Griswold and Lafayette Blvd. Family Theater Newsstand — Cadillac Sq. ST. LOUIS — Wm. Laser, 711 Market St. ST. LOUIS — Foster. 410 Washington St. OMAHA. Neb. — Myer Coren. 1411 Farnum St. KANSAS CITY— Recksecker. 9th and Walnut Sts. MILWAUKEE— Kirby Hotel. 432 Water St. CINCINNATI— R. Bishow. 426 Walnut St. CINCINNATI — Rey Pierce. 5th and Vine Sts. LEXINGTON — Reinstein. Main and Lime Sts. LOUISVILLE— Eiler News. 415 W. Jefferson St. LOUISVILLE — Goodman News. Liberty and 4th Sts. CHICAGOANS— FOR SALE Arcade Newsstand — 74 W. Madison St. Drug Store — Clark and Randolph Sts. High Ball Newsstand — State and Quincy Sts. Dans — 65 W. Randolph St.. and 47th St. "L" Eta. Newsstands at Clark and Madison Sts. : Mikes newsstand. S. W. Cor. Van Buren and State Sts. The Winner System of Playing Horse Races Why not lie a winner? Send me your n.ime ami address, with two cent stamp, and I will start you to travel the road I have traveled for the past twenty years. Do not hesitate for VOL can be a WINNER, too. HI WINNK.R SYNTF.M CO. 525 Missouri Avenue Cincinnati. Ohio t.et the STANDARD for liven ones at al leading tracks. :..". • at all Newsstands. Mailed direct 3 copies for . Todays Code Sp-cial April-Peach-40-22-57-34. STANDARD TURF GUIDE. 403-22 W. Huincy St., Chicago, UL WEEKLY RACING GUIDES Two Daily Code Services The Turk World-! anions Long Shot Specialist and Watson "Hack" Watson, well known ami successful handirapper. The two nre releasing two specials each, every day. FREE lo Weekly Racing Guide renders. The Turks Releases for Saturday : HAVRE DE GRACE: Seven-Stake-Timer. In rare form at present One-Stake-Timer. Our dockers special. Watsons Releases for Saturday : HAVRE DE GRACE: Three Patrol - - Wkip. Should repeat. Six -Stake -Atlanta. Ready for bracket*. FOR CODE. BUY ISSUE OF APRIL II lk Weekly Racing Guide Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly 2* Cents at All Newsstands American Thoroughbred Ratings Picks Long Shots GOOD PLAYS FOR SATURDAY LEX— M-5 AUR— D-38 HAVRE— 8-1$ Ise code in issue No. 24; Easy to understand and a quick and reliable way to handicap the races- also shows the class of each horse. New issue each week. 50 CENTS PER COPY — 8 C0PIE8 Sand for Sample Copy BALTIMORE BLDG. CHICAGO. ILL. Daily Racing Guide Hasthe Winners Price 10 Cents

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