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®, PERCENTAGE KINO -mand CONSOLIDATED COPYRIGHTED Six outstanding plays each week DIRECT FROM THE TRACK Positively the only combination of Men that has ever given all the Percentage to the Players instead of the Bookmakers before releasing the horse to the client, as described below. Each play sent out by us is based on the following definite knowledge: HANDICAPPING — When our own expert handicappers figure the horse the fastest in the race, and stands out the strongest of any other race. CLOCKERS — And our own dockers report the horse is at his best. INSIDE INFORMATION — Having advice from our inside men that the horse is in the race to win the purse shows he is ready and trying. DISTANCE — If the horse has the proper distance to prove his best efforts, as some horses never win except at a certain distance. TRACK CONDITIONS— And the track conditions are satisfactory for his best performance, as each horse favors a special track. WEIGHT— If the horse is not overweighted and has about the weight that he carries when he wins his races. JOCKEY — And must have a jockey that has a record of winning many races, and must be thoroughly capable of handling his mount. When we have the COMBINED PERCENTAGE on all the above points we place the percentage on the players side instead of on the bookmakers side, before we send out the play. No guesswork, but definite knowledge of all the facts secured from the track from our own combination of men on the ground. Players who desire honest, dependable information will be convinced with one weeks subscription including six horses. Not necessarily having a play every day, if we should have two plays the same day all our clients will receive both. TERMS— OCR TERMS are 0 for six horses, payable in advance. Wire address and money by Western Union or Postal Telegraph ONLY and code will be sent immediately. NO PROPOSITIONS CONSIDERED. To protect the price at the track, we POSITIVELY will not accept any subscribers from the track where we are obtaining our information. Make all remittances to C, J. WEEKS, 806 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Md. "Square Shooters" Many of those who answered niy ad of April 13 spoke of themselves as "square shooters." They all agreed to my term* and conditions. Ip to the present time my definition of the words "square shooter is one whose word is as good as his t«ond However. I Lelieve several who" answered my ad define the words "square shooter" to be alibi or get something for nothing. Now this is directed to those parties wI o received Wish-Ton-Wish, 9.00, Won and failed to remit, namely: Two gentlemen in l etroit: one in Cleveland: Chicago, one: Sterling, one; Munroe, one; Toledo, one and Kort Wayne, one; whose names and addresses I will publish in my next ad unless they make good in the meantime. I wonder how these same parties conduct their business, or if they are ever given credit. My next transaction takes place at Lexington. 8-1 Tuesday, April 26 This horse should win. barring accident, and should be a long price. He is just another under-cover horse. Nut said. A word to the wise is sufficient. My Terms Due to so many of my "square "hooting" clients running out, it is necessary that I change my terms, as this information costs money. ?2T IN AHVANCE. and the winnings of a 5 wager to win. Wired day following ra«-e at my expense. In this way I can place some money myself and know that I am on. as the parties furnishing me with information dont accept alibis. Now, if one or two a week, such as the above, is not worth 5 in advance, and the winnings of ."., it is not worth anything, as I do not deal in favorites. Information released by telephone only. Be sure to give correct telephone number and street address. It is useless for you to answer this ad unless ou are willing to live up to these conditions. No other propositions considered. I I Reserve the Right to Reject Any Subscription I See Fit I Hush your subscription if you want to be in ou this melon cutting Tuesday. Adam Ross Latonia, Kentucky WON 3,000 ON THE Everwin Racing Method JUNE 14 TO DATE Get a Free Copy Right Now! One complimentary copy of this remarkable raring system Is yours for the asking Kver since June 14, 126, we have tiled in advance, with the Dailv Raring Form the daily play of the KVKKWIN RACING METHOD. We have named horses and exact amounts to place on each. The net r.-sult to date is a profit of over 3,000. This is for play on all major tracks, from two to five tracks per day. This figures an average of 1 Profit Per Day On Each Track Send no money, just your name and address. Iearn EXACTLY how you could have made 1 profit per day, operating on only one track per day. Positively no obligation on your part. No fee or commission to pay. No wires or reports needed The XMlLKTK KV Kit WIN RACING MKTHOD will go to you at once. In a plain sealed envelope, marked PERSONAL. Please bear in mind the KVKRWIN is issued by a 00,000 corporation ; a well established, financially responsible, permanently located publishing house. Rush your name and address at once, by mail or wire. You*lI get the EVERWIN by-return mail. It will not cost you a dime to learn just how that 3,000 was won. SEE TOMORROWS MONDAY EDITION OF THE RACING FORM FOtt MOKE COMPLETE DETAILS ABOlT THE EVERWIN METHOD BIT KISH VOIR NAME AND ADDKKSS AT ONCE Reliance Publishing Company Incorporated— Authorize.! Capital, JiOO.OOU 4707 SHERIDAN ROAD CHICAGO, ILL. Aurora Players, Notice!! "The Fink Sheet" Specials make a perfect record THURSDAY FIRST DAY REGRENS SPECIAL: Paul Weidel II., .40, Won FRIDAY BASSETTS X SPECIAL: Monastery, .00, Won and with the victory of Monastery. Daily Racing Guide adds one more winning day to its record for Regrens and Bassetts Big Specials. Beginning Tuesday Regren Pointed Out: CANTEB $£8«, Won Wednesday: W00LW0RTH .10, Won WANDERING MINSTREL UM, Won Thursday: PAUL WEIDEL IL .40, Won Friday: MONASTERY 0, Won If you like to be aboard the winning horse, buy Daily Racing Guide with Regrens and Bassetts Selections, Long Shots, Best Bets, Specials, Standouts and Pay-off horses. In addition the "Pink Sheet" carries a big handicap table on the Aurora races, Past Performances for Aurora and Kentucky, Alphabetical Arrangement of entries, entries for all tracks and a host of other information invaluable to the player. THE SUREST WAY TO GET DAILY RACING GUIDE IS TO SUBSCRIBE Daily Racing Guide 441 PLYMOUTH COUKT CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Price Ten Cents — per month by first class mail Braxted Brothers I 0 PAYS FOR SIX DAYS— TWO HORSES DAILY I WESTERN CLIENTS— NOTICE— READ— WESTERN CLIENTS Remit ten 0.00 dollars, via Western Inion or Postal Telegraph, to our New York office and receive the advertised two horse parlay for six days. IMMEDIATE SEKTICE TO A 1.1, OIT OP TOWN SUBSCRIBERS. Telegrams sent to all subscribers immediately upon receipt of ten 0.00 dollar*. No waiting. No delay. WE ARE THE OFFICIAL TCRF COMMISSIONERS FOR THE MARYLAND MEETINGS Bowie. Havre de Crace, Pimlico. HDO NOT MISS SATURDAYS LIMIT WIN PARLAY~» AHOTHER PROBABLE WIN PARLAY WILL BE WIRED TO ALL CLIENTS TODAY YBSTBHDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: BLUE DARTER 0.00, Won ANGRY MOOD $ 7.90, Won THURSDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: Tipperary Mary $ 6.50, Won Fire Rock $ 9.40, Won Wednesdays Two-Horse Parlay Lost TUESDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: Edisto 8.20, Won Jock $ 5.20, Won MONDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: Solo 3.90, Won Johnny Jewell 0.50, Won SATURDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: Algol 2.90, Won Rejuvenation 7.80, Won All the above horses are legitimate winners, filed hours in advance. 50 TO 1— TODAY SATURDAY TODAY— 50 TO 1 Todays Win Parlay — Two Probable Winners — 50 to 1 Positively wired everyliody on receipt of money order. Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Todays two horses should gallop home easily at limit odds. Parlay should pay .* 0 to 1. Two limit winners. ! not miss this two-horse parlay. Everybody is strongly advised to start today. A probable win parlay wired to everybody. Prompt and immediate service to all Western clients. Subscribe to BRAXTED BROTHERS AND MAEE MONEY. Beat the game by playing our two-horse parlays. Wire your money and we v. ill do the rest. A fair and square deal assured to everyone. We state nothing bnt facts in our advertisements We advertise over the entire country during the Eastern racing season. Wc do not operate at the winter tracks. We have been releasing turf information for the past 14 years. HONEST INFORMATION. TLAY OCR TWO-HORSE PARLAY EACH DAY AND YOU SHOULD WIN. PLAY THE PARLAYS WIN ONLY. BONA FIDE COMMISSION HORSES. NO GUESSWORK Western clients, wire ten 0.00 dollars, cither via Western Union or Postal Telegraph, and yon will receive six win parlays. Not one cent additional charge whatsoever. Prompt service to all Western subscribers. BRAXTED BROTHERS, 1480 Broadway New York, N. Y. NOW BEING "PREPPED" THAT WILL AWAKE WITH A BANG! Surely you would like to know about some horses that are ready to win first rattle out of the box at Aurora and Lexington! LONG SHOTS GALORE!! During the first part of most meetings long shots get the money. Thats because the public has no line on the horses that are ready to win. THIS YEAR IT WILL BE DIFFERENT For those players that rush to their newsdealers and lay 15 cents on the line for Americas Foremost All Racing Weekly. THE HOME STRETCH THE HOME STRETCH maintains its own private dockers at Aurora and Lexington. Each docker is a high-powered man. You get their very best. They are sending in some wonderful reports on horses that are ready to win first rattle out of the box at Aurora and Lexington. From now on be one of the WISE PLAYERS, it will only cost you 15 cents a week. THE "HARD BOOTS" HAVE ONE READY Send us one dollar for seven weekly issues of the Home Stretch AND if you will include telegraph charges we will wire you the name of a horse that will go for all the money in the seventh race at Lexington on Friday, April 29. This horse worked a mile in 1:41 one morning last week. SEND FOR IT THIS MINUTE! HOME STRETCH PUBLISHING CO. 661 Phelan Bldg. San Francisco. Calif. For sale at all newsdealers, 15 cents weekly

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