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JtheoriginalMRandrlay king I Losing Days Never Bother "Field; biitiJ Clients— They Know the "Bookie" ■ lia» fll I ll ■ ii Will Pay More Than Double n ft! 1 iH m 1 3 1 1 J the Next Day! ! jfyft f ■fc-~™rTT »WT Wt ¥ f Ii5 Mondays Bowie Tarlay: fc-fc*— MAIN SHEET, See 6th Race For Years a "Menace" to the "Bookies — XIITCV n C«fl7thDo«a Ask Any "Old Timer"— Hell Tell You I UrT I U, OGQ / III ndue W TUESDAY— "BIG DOUBLE HEADER"— CANT GO WRONG ! ! -p© Just lay your bet and walk over to the "payoff window." If you knew what I know youd lay the biggest wager of your life, WIN ONLY. DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU. YOU CANT MISS TODAY. I KNOW PLENTY ! ! Dont go down to the track today unless youve got my two limit free specials "marked off" on your program. Remember, they cost you nothing ! ! DONT HESITATE! SUBSCRD3E NOW! TERMS, DAILY! City clients, call In person or phone— FRANKLIN 0596— for messenger service absolutely no charge. Out-of-town clients, wire via Postal Telegraph or Western Union. Service wired by fast telegram. No delay ! ! JACK FIELD, 35 South Dearborn St. Room 708, Chicago, DL TURF LIGHT ALL STANDS— 15 CENTS— ALL CITIES Hot horses in top liners and good things, page 2 this issue. Plenty of good long ones just ripe to win. Get issue on sale now. FREE CODE. Use issue of May 27th to decipher code below: I TODAYS CODE: j BOWIE: Content-Arab-Amber-Annual-Appear. Dojlcrs, write this office for copies. i TURF LIGHT , 140 WEST 42ND ST. NEW YORK CITY I I j i , I RAY PAXON AMERICAS LEADING HANDICAPPER AND TURF INFORMANT TWELVE DAYS WINNING CODE CARD SERVICE FOR Paxons Daily Code Releases are the last word in turf information and can be obtained for the small lum of %1. Two horses are released daily In cod*, compiled by track experts who cover every angle before they are released to Paxons many clients. During a long period of time these releases have shown a large percentage of winners. Paxons Code Cards are mailed everywhere. With the help of this Code Card, a nominal profit can be mad* off the races. Send in your subscription today %nd receive Two Code Cards by return mail. Best Information at the Lowest Possible Price BOWIE "GOOD THING" WEDNESDAY, MAY 24 Word has been received by this office from Paxons eastern representatives of a GOOD THING at Bowie, Wednesday, May 24. They advise the horse will be at least five to one in the betting and his chances to win. appear to be excellent. Horse- has been racing at Maryland and has shown improved form during the last two weeks. DONT FAIL TO SUBSCRIBE! FOUR OF THE LAST SIX RELEASES HAVE WON If you desire this special release, •end and the name of the horse will be sent to you by fast collect telegram. WEDNESDAYS WIRE RELEASE: MACK SENNETT, .00, WON LAST SATURDAYS WINNER: BERTRANO, 2-1, WON RECENT WIRE SPECIAL WINNERS: SNOBFUL, 0.00, WON BARNEY SEXTON, .18, WON SETHS BALLOT, 8.82, WON YOUNG BILL, 5.18, WON TUESDAYS TWO FREE CODES: WASHINGTON PARK— Ice-15-25-24-14. BOWIE— Ice-9-1 0-24-11. Mail or wire your subscription to RAY PAXON 320 EAST THIRD ST. SUITE 401, CINCINNATI. 0. ATTENTION! PLEASE! A day by day account for 7fl days, showing the remarkably consistent results which may be obtained through the application of simple reasoning and most ordinary common-sense. My manuscript, "COMMON-SENSE BETTING" will teach you how to apply it. Most winning days in a row, in this record, were 15. Most losjnc days in a row, at any time, only 2. Most won in one day, based on a flat bet, 5.77. Extraordinary possibilities of consistent profit. Manuscript and record, . Send dollar to — E. BOYD, 1615 Blue Island Ave., Chicago, III. PLAY E R S~N 0 T I C E f Will send our new Kentucky System on approval or 10 days free trial. Must pick 3 or more winners daily, otherwise yon owe us nothing. Should average 5 per week on flat bets. First come, first served. Send i or your copy todayl SEC0RPUB.C0. Dept.5 Aurora, III. MASTER PRICEMAKER METHOD Provides me a comfortable living, month in, month out. Will Jo the same for vou. Free details. Write ZENFRED E. WHITE Box No. 1, Station H. New York Cit CARL BRADY TURF WEEKLY, 35 Cents Sold on All Newsstands TODAYS ,000 FREE CODE: WASHINGTON PARK— Lima-24-12. See page 2, Carl Brady Turf Weekly. Todays Parlay WASH.— Green-15-13. BOWIE— Black-2-21 For limit parlays, see page 4, Carl Brady. CARL BRADY 1841 BROADWAY SUITE 1006 NEW YORK CITV CLOCKERS REVIEW PUB. CO. For Sale on All Stands— 35 Cents Per Copy Todays Free Code: BOWIE— Gray-9-20. TODAYS CODE PARLAY: BOWIE— Tail-14-26. WASHINGTON— Belt-3-18 SUPREME FLASH TURF WEEKLY 35 Cents a Copy— Sold at All Newsstands TODAYS FREE CODES: BOWIE— July-26-7. WASHINGTON— May-6-9 GRANDSTAND TURF WEEKLY FOB SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS— 35 CENTS TODAYS FREE CODE: BOWIE— Follow-42-71-55-17. THST CHICAGO WEEKLY TURF BUL LET1N AND SPORTS RECORD Pnca. USc — Oo BaJe tvery where — .Price S6o TODAYS TUESDAYS FREE CODE: BOWIE— September-Buffalo-Toronto-Cleveland. pace, but upon going to the front whei swinging into the final quarter, was joine by Madwind, and they fought it out in tigh alignment in the closing three-sixteenths. Ai even performance was turned in by Plum age, while Sun Memory tired after five eighths. He carried 118 pounds. rMYSTEB.0UC £andandWandand1 1 IfB »F ■ ■•■• ■Wr m ACCIAIMED BY EVERY NEWSPAPER IN THE * SM M -._ — ... . .- #*.« m. COUNTRY FOR MY SUCCESS ;* ;H m fAfc. SULLIVAN M now ready again « bookies »kt like :«t i YESTERDAYS PREMIUM PARLAY WON NAMES OF HORSES WITHHELD "MYSTERIOUS" SULLIVAN, THE TALK OF THE COUNTRY. Bookies even refusing to accept any BETS on "SULLIVANS" horses. So get wise to yourself and STRING ALONG WITH "SULLIVAN." §»~ WOULD YOU PAY FOR 0- WIN PARLAY TODAY? **■ Then be sur« you got oar PARLAY today at Washington Park. "I KNOW SOMETHING" today. ■QT "FREE," "FREE," Premium Parlay Today — Two 10-1 Winners M YOU get two parlays today for the price of one. DONT PASS THIS BIG CHANCE LP TODAY. Nuff sed. TERMS. A DAY. City clients, call at office or phone RANDOLPH 9195-9196 and parlay will be sent to you with messenger. NO EXTRA CHARGE. OUT-OF-TOWN players, telegraph 13. Parlay wired to you. "Mysterious" MR. J. SULLIVAN, 127 N. Dearborn St. Suite 1325-1327, Chicago, 111. iSrTteiJSh The "Pink Sheet" Price, 15 CenU ON SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS "Pink Sheet" Profit Picks BOB WEIDEL, Bassett Sportsmans Park Tip, 8.72, WON REDRESS, McCarty Bowie Tip, 17.00, WON LAMP BLACK, McCarty Sportsmans Park Tip, 16.78, WON MONEL, Bassett Bowie Tip, 15.20, WON RUSH HOUR, McCarty Bowie Tip, 14.40, WON CLOTHO, Bassett Bowie Tip, 12.80, WON GILBERT ELSTON, Regren Churchill Downs Tip, 10.56, WON MR. KHAYYAM, McCarty Jamaica Tip, 8 to 1, WON THURSDAY, Regren Jamaica Tip, 7 to 1, WON MANYA, Bassett Jamaica Tip, 7 to 1, WON TUESDAYS TWO FREE CODES: WASHINGTON PARK— Erie-32-40-39. BOWIE— Rlch-29-26-30. TO DECIPHER FREE CODES BUY A TELEGRAPH CHICAGO DAILY TELEGRAPH 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, DLL. per Month by First Class Mail per Month by Air Mail M J f I Weekly Racing Guide OD0QlBSnQHKD3HfcCEI follow gutde commission horse Jm BK ■ mT FOLLOW THE GUIDE FOR WINNERS DIRECT STABLE INFORMATION Readers in the followinj cities, call accompanying Two Horses a Day— In Code Form numb*rs: PAYS FOR SIX DAYS SERVICE oJSSSf. .??. fmSmm BILLY KELLYS RELEASES FOR TUESDAY: New Orleans, La. Main S678 BOWIE— R 19 4-14-7. New York, N. Y Bogardus 6900 WASHINGTON PARK— G-6 15 21 13. San Francisco, Calif Market 1624 lA/M PI I Die" P Ic" PI I V St. Louis, Mo Garfield 4739 vvivi. Durtisc rvci_LT Cleveland, Ohio «•..•«"»«"«««»• Kenmore 1153 or 1965-J 423 PLYMOUTH COURT. CHICAGO. ILL , *.. In •dditton to the above release, other winning !ag*M3e=== ___—1 ___________________ ! services given out by RACING GUIDE are the daily JUI A KT /" 1X7 A D releases of Carmac and Asa Powell. 25 Cents-ON ALL NEWSSTANDS-25 Cents CARMACHgPO TUESDAY: Free Code: WASHINGTON-Spur-24-36-35-16. ASA , REL£ASE FQR Code Parlay: BOWIE— Melvin-65-33-15-41 and WASH. BOWIE— March-15-31. «G« r9e;V" v155.5; i**2LSi* «°.:,Jrs"40"26" ™ code buy issue of may 20 34-36. Col. Noyes Code: GREEN— 43-44-42-42. ============= WEEKLY RACING GUIDE COMPASS— For Sale at All Newsstands— 35 Cents Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly Code Parlay: WASH.— Oct. -56-64-54-54 and WASH.— Subscription Rate— One Month, .25; Six Months, ; °"e Yw *10 Nov.-74-46-52-80. Free Code: PINK— Harry-52-40-22-14. 121 Plymouth Court Chicago, M. dockers Code: W00DBINE-Nash-35-37-57-47. COMRINED TRACKMAN TURF WEEKLY UiCTVD fliWII 35C-NEW ISSUE OUT T0DAY-35c mAMfcK LLUUuUl Todays Free Code: BOWIE— Turf-1-8-13. t9 nrrknxu rnnv- CHIEF TRACKMANS PARLAY: FnJ WASHINGTON wicuiyr™« r«k PARK-Tea-End-GumRag-H.t. T« i r,",m Ran Hit BOWIE-Sam-4-19-3. WASHINGTON-Red-6-3-21. rV*4A« irf|ftmn»|fWM Nnwiwnmiiiiw ifl iSYSTOLOGYl 1 WE TOLD YOU— WARNED YOU— TO GET YOUR COPY OF ; £ SYSTOLOGY BEFORE THE MAJOR SEASON t J | BEGAN IN CHICAGO I SANDWRACK, 2.44, WON | T MORSUN, 5.00, WON J I START SYSTOLOGY OFF WITH A BANG AT HOMEWOOD ! ! £ I Its Not Too Late to Get in the Swim — Send in Your Order Now I 1 No Delays L ■ J THE PRICE IS ONLY 0 ; 1 Eight Tested Systems — Speed Charts — Progression Rate Tables I T i i y PLYMOUTH SUPPLY CO., 1 443 Plymouth Ct., Chicago, 111.: - 4L Enclosed is $ Please send rr.e copyies of Systology. is ] I NAME ADDRESS I

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