Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-12

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Alphabetical Index to Entries Abyssinia 7th Suf Acquaintance 3d CD AlcaGal 2d Bel Alhalon 8th Suf All Hoss 6th Bel Allergic 8th Suf Anonymous 8th Suf Anxiety 6th Spt Apropos 1st Suf Argella 3d Suf Ariel Play 1st Bel Attendant 1st Bel BelB BelBaby B Baby Connie 4th Bel Baby Dumpling 5th Bel Ballinderry Tlh Spt Bank Note 3d Bel Bankrupt 6th Bel Baroque 6th Bel Beamy 7th Spt Belmike 8th Suf Belplay 8th Bel Bid Up 3d CD Big Bubble 3d Spt Bit of Nerve 1st Bel Black Cherry 2d CD Blenette 4th Bel Blensign 3d Suf Blossom Queen 9th Spt Blue Pennant 5th Bel Blue Pom 5th Spt Blue Serge 7th Bel Blue Shot 1st Bel Blue Whistler 1st Bel Bold Nelson 2d Bel Bonnie BoldjrSthCD Bonnie Myth 4th Bel Bossuet 6th Bel Both of Us 2d CX Brave Deed 4th Spt Brave Up 8th CD Breezing Home 6th Bel Bright Glow 4th Spt Bright Play 9th Spt Bright Willie 5th Bel Brilliant Hope 1st CX Brilliant Jr 4th Spt Bring Me Hom 5th Spt Broad Street 5th CD Bronze Bugle 2d CD Brown Carse 1st CX Brown Mask 7th CD Bumpsy 7th CD Buzzie Jr 4th Spt Bygone Star 8th Bel Belc c Cam Fin 5th Spt Camp Liberty 4th Spt Captain Fury 2d Spt Carlastar 9th Spt Cattachiptico 4th Suf Cavatorta 4th Suf Chance Sord 3d Suf Chance Tea 1st Spt Chanting 3d CD Cherry Trifle 6th Spt ChinaLady 4th Suf Chocolate Maid 8th Spt Cideam 5th CD Circus Wings 7th Suf Cirio 8th Suf Clean Swept 9th Spt Clickety Clack 1st Bel CloeFlight 9th Spt Cloudy Weather 3d Spt Cocopet 4th Bel Codoll 9th Spt Col Hockwald 4th Suf Colchis 5th Bel Concluded 4th Suf Contemplation 5th CD Coosa 5th Bel Copper Heels 9th Spt Cortesanc 3d Bel Coupon 7th Spt Cousin Eva 4th Bel Crumpet 3d Spt Currency 4th CD Czech Lass 4th CX D DDans Dans Choice 5th CD Darby Dunkirk 4th CD Diah 5th CD Dingmans 1st Suf Dennis F 2d Bel Doctor Reder 7th Spt Dollar Bay 2d Bel Don Bingo II 2d Bel Doodle Bug 4th CX Dorothy Pomp 7th Suf Dream Parade 5th Suf Drift Silver 3d Spt Drumont 3d Spt Duty First 1st CD Elkton 5th Suf Enthrall 5th Bel Equal Chance 5th CD Equistar 5th Spt Erin Ksar 8th Spt Espino Gold 6th Spt Ever Flying 5th Spt Exotic 8th CD Extremus 3d Spt SptF SptFairy F Fairy Manhurst 7th Bel Fire Warden 5th Bel Fishers Ann 4th CD Fishers Pet 1st Spt FiveoEight 8th Bel Flak 1st Bel Flash 4th Bel Flaught 5th Bel Flood Waters 4th Bel Flying Silver 7th Suf Flying Son 1st Bel Fogoso 3d Suf French Horn 3d Suf SufG G Gadabout 1st Suf Gato 1st Spt Gay Hour 8th Spt Gayle F 9th Spt Gentr7th Bel Golden Fleece 1st Bel Gran Cosa 2d Bel Grand Day 6th Suf Grand Rush 5th CX Grandma Ray 7th CD Gray Ethel 9th Spt Grey Hood 7th Bel Gold Flare 5th CX Guaymas 8th CD Gun Site 2d Suf SufH SufHada H Hada Fortune 7th Bel Halberd 6th Bel Halcyon Girl 6th CX Happy Note 5th Bel Hard Cracker 2d Bel Hattie Belle 6th Suf High Hat 4th Spt High Name 8th Suf HiKid 1st Suf Ho Down 2d Bel Hometown 6th CD Honey Chile 8th CD Honored Miss d Spt Hughie L 6th CD HyCop 1st CX Hydate 1st Spt SptI SptI I I Lov Bridge 6th CD Ida Streng 2d Spt Indian Gift 8th Suf Irish Nora 7th Bel Islams Islam 3d Suf Islam Kxng 1st Suf SufJ SufJack J Jack S L 6th Bel Jaco Royal 7th Bel Jan One 2d Bel Jim Lipscomb 2d CX Jo Ann 5th CD Juliet C 2d Spt Just Ned 5th CD Justinian n 7th Bel BelK BelKaiHi K KaiHi 8th Spt Kennebis 7th CX Kennebunk 3d Bel King Epithet 5th Spt Kings Glory 4th Spt Kirwin 6th CD Knitetta 7th Suf Kokomo 7th Spt L LLady Lady Cabo 5th CD Lady Duane 7th CD Lady Liberty 5th Spt Lady Mamie 5th CD Lady Red Top 7th Bel Ladys Count 2d Bel Launsgo 3d CX Lazy Tongs 5th CX Legation 5th Suf Little Bolo 6th Spt Lotelad 1st Bel Love Song 7th CX CXM CXMaleo M Maleo Bird 2d CD Mandate 6th Suf Marmeduke 2d Bel Marquest 4th Suf Meadow Dew 3d CD Memory Book 2d Bel Meneither 1st Bel Might Step 2d Spt Mighty Lucky 7th CD Mighty Master 5th Bel Milkymoon 6th Suf Minefinder 7th Bel Minotira 1st Spt Miss Discovery 8th Bel Moja 6th Suf Momo Flag 2d Suf Morning Lark 5th CD My Bray 4th CX Navy Cross 5th Spt Ninety Days 3d CX Noodles 1st Suf Noonday Sun 6th Bel Norman Sloat 2d Spt Nowo 1st CX 0 0Obisbo Obisbo 8th Spt Old Book 3d CD Old Main Road 8th CD One Link 2d Bel One o One 1st Suf Onemore 8th CD Open Season 7th CX Out Front 3d CD Overland Trail 7th Bel BelP BelPage P Page H 8th Suf Panbroom 8th Bel PariErnest 6th Suf Paul Lee 9th Spt Peacharino 1st Spt Pilatus 9th Spt Polo Player 2d Suf Prefer Transit 2d Spt Prima Donna 2d Bel Prince Chance 8th Spt Prince Sador 9th Spt Prominette 4th Spt SptQ SptQueens Q Queens Risk 6th CX Quizzle 6th Spt SptR SptRandom R Random Breeze 9th Spt Rejectable 1st Spt SptRexAvis RexAvis 7th CX CXRice Rice Cake 3d Bel BelRise Rise Above It 8th Bel BelRockwood Rockwood Boy 4th CX CXRollo Rollo 3d Bel BelRomanov Romanov 2d Bel BelRose Rose B 1st CX Running Sue 5th CX S SSales Sales Talk 5th Spt Salto 5th Bel Say Nomore 7th Spt Sea Lord 7th Bel Sea Reigh 4th Bel jSeaward Bound 1st Bel Servant Kan 3d Spt Seven o Seven 2d Suf Shirley R 2d CX Silent Host 2d Spt Singer Hill 5th CX Sissle Smith 8th Bel Slide Rule 6th Bel Soldier Song 5th Bel Sollure 5th Suf Some Ad 1st CX Southern Jane 9th Spt Spare the Rod 3d Suf Spring Drift 3d Spt Star Kan 9th Spt Stargoo 7th Bel Starlike 1st Spt r rStepsome Stepsome 8th Bel Sting Pal 2d Bel Stitch Again 1st Bel Sun Town 2d Suf Suncap 6th Bel Sunstorm 7th Bel Suntegra 1st Bel Supermont 6th Bel Swiv 6th CD T TTattriall Tattriall Star 7th Suf Tedious Miss 4th Bel Terry Weaver 5th CX Texstar 9th Spt The Alamo 1st CX Three Sands 8th Spt Tidy Thing 2d Suf Tip Your Hat 1st Spt TipToe 6th Bel Treemontier 2d CX Twoses 6th Bel Twoses 7th Bel Belu u Unchallenged 6th Bel Undulator 5th Suf Urawinner 2d CX CXV CXValdina V Valdina Knight 2d Suf Valdina Marge 3d Spt Valdina Valona 4th Suf Valdivia 7th Bel Vara 4th Bel Victory Alice 4th CX CXWait CXw w Wait a Bit 5th Bel Wake Robin 3d Suf War Master 7th Bel War Waac 4th Bel Watch Over 8th Bel Water Pearl 1st Bel Water Tower 4th Spt Weapons Pride 4th CD Wickie 7th CD Winning Chance 3d GD Woodvale Queen 2d Bel World Wonder 2d Suf Zooming 7th Bel Zostera 6th Suf

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