Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-19

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Votum Bright Harvest Votum VOTUM VOTUM Votum Votum 33 245 J M Ninety Days Votum Sumatra TH Hard Biscuit Hard VOTUMHard Biscuit Sumatra m Sumatra m 7 7jBrightHarvest Sumatra III Sumatra HE Hard Biscuit Sumatra III Ninety Days Gray Ethel jBrightHarvest 5 315 PM Canfield Virginia Rose Brutus Virginia Rose Virginia Rose RoseSharpshell Brutus Virginia Rose 16 Illinois Star StarBrutus Brutus Chicwin Brutus Sharpshell Illinois Star Brutus 15 Brutus Sharpshell Virginia Rose BrutusCanfield Canfield Canfield Sharpshell Canfield 7 1 1Prominette 345 PM Brave Deed Prominette Prominette Prominette Prominette Prominette Prominette 27 ProminetteFloBratten Prominette Brave Deed Flo Bratten Flo Bratten Timocracy ProminetteTimocracy Brave Deed Brave Deed 11 11Flo FloBratten Just for Fun Brave Deed Timocracv Brave TimocracyBrave Deed DeedKanooolis Flo Bratten Flo Bratten 6 PM Navy Cross Water Tower Water Tower Blue Pom Kanooolis Navy Cross Water Tower 18 18Water 415 Water Tower Ever Flyine FlyineBlue Blue Pom PomNavy Water Tower Water KanooolisWater Tower Water Tpwer Naw Cross 13 JEver Flving Blue Pom Navy Cross Navy Cross Na vy Cross JEver Flying BluePom 8 445 PM Miss Monarch MISS MONARCH Roy Jones Roy Jones Miss Monarch MonarchLucky MissMonarch Miss Monarch 26 26Roy Roy Jones Roy Jones Miss Monarch Miss Monarch Lucky B BRoy Roy Jones Roy Jones 17 17Short Liberator Lucky B Lucky B Lucky B Roy Jones Short Shrift Lucky B BJ5 5 515 PM REMTE CONTRL Chicago Dr REMTE CONTRL Remote Control Remote Control ControlProud REMTE CONTRL REMTE CONTL 33 Proud Sister Remote Control Say Nomore Chicago Dr Proud Sister Chicago Dr Chicago Dr 10 10Say J3ay J5pmpre Sav Nomore Proud Sister Say Nomore jChicagq Dj Say Nomore Say Nomore 6 545 PM Surgeon Dick DickBatter Batter BatterCloudy Batter Batter Surgeon Dick DickRejectable cloudy Weather Batter 19 BatterCloudy BatterSurgeon Batter Cloudy Weather WeatherRejectable Cloudy Weather WeatherReJectable Surgeon Dick Rejectable Batter Surgeon Dick 13 JHadatime Rejectable ReJectable Cloudy Weather RejectableCloudy Cloudy Weather WeatherPeacharino BatterSurgeon Surgeon Dick Cloudy Weather 11 615 PM Chattnan ChattnanHeno ChattnanPeacharino Chattnan Chattnan Heno Lion LionEscplar Peacharino Chattnan Chattnan 20 Heno Lion LionEscolar PeacharinoEscolar Peacharino Heno Lion Escplar PeacharinoEscolar Escolar Peacharino Heno Lion 10 EscplarWhiscendent EscolarHeno Escolar Escolar Whiscendent Whiscendent Heno Lion Escolar Peacharino 9 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 1230 PM HyVeil Chevalet Chevalet Chevalet HyVeil Chevalet Chevalet 22 Plane Spotter HyVeil HyVeil HyVeil Chevalet HyVeil HyVeil 18 Assailant Appeal Agent Door Yock Door Yock Door Yock Door Yock Door Yock 4 1255 PM Llanero Grand Party Yes or No Tellmemore Marogay MarogayElimar Grand Party Grand Party 14 l Grand Party Elimar Grand Party Marogav Elimar ElimarTell Tell Me More Tell Me More 9 Family Doc Yes or No Tell Me More Elimar Tell Me More At Plav Marogay 7 120 PM Pico Blanco II Rougemont RougemontTioga Rougemont RougemontTioga Rougemont RougemontTioga Rougemont Rougemont Rougemont 27 27Tioga Rougemont Tioga TiogaSeafight Tioga TiogaSeafight Tioga TiogaSeafight TiogaNever Tioga RougemontTioga Tioga Tioga 10 10Pico Greek Flag Seafight Seafight Seafight Never Surprised Flying Falcon Pico Blanco n 5 145 PM PMI DONITAS FIRST Chic Shirley Over the Dam Chic Shirley CHIC SHIRLEY Over the Dam Chic Shirley 23 Chic Shirley Over the Dam Chic Shirley Donitas First Donitas First Chic Shirley Over the Dam 14 I Over the Dam Donitas First Donitas First Over the Dam Got There Got There Donitas First 13 210 PM Attendant ATTENDANT ATTENDANT ATTENDANT Attendant ATTENDANT ATTENDANT 38 Evaporate This Freedom Valdina Dust Valdina Dust Valdina Dust Valdina Dust Valdina Dust 9 This Freedom FreedomAskmenow Valdina Dust Evaporate This Freedom Evaporate This Freedom This Freedom 5 235 PM Askmenow Askmenow Askmenow Askmenow Askmenow Askmenow Askmenow 30 Stefanita Too Timely TimelyPomrose Nellie L Nellie L La Reigh Too Timely Nellie L 5 La Reigh Pomrose La Reigh Pomrose Nellie L Pomrose Too Timely 4 300 PM Generous Some Chance Quien Es Ouien Es Ouien Es Ouien Es EsHighborough Quien Es 32 Highborough Quien Es High Command Highborough Highborough Highborough Highborough 8 JPetrif y Petrify Abrasion Yarrow Maid Some Chance HighboroughPetrify Petrify Some Chance 6 325 PM Brenner Pass Designator Tedious Scotch Trap Tedious Scotch Trap Designator 12 Transformer Brenner Pass Brenner Pass Designator Designator Designator Brenner Pass 10 Bloodhound Singing Torch Designator Brenner Pass Singing Torch Singing Torch Scotch Trap 10 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 130 PM Winning Smile Bass Fiddle Bass Fiddle Bass Fiddle Molasses Jo Bass Fiddle Bass Fiddle 22 Bass Fiddle Winning Smile Buckle Down Tangelo White Ford Winning Smile SmileBuckleDpwn Winning Smile 10 10Biickle Buckle Down Buckle Down Molasses Jo Winning Smile Buckle Down BuckleDpwn Biickle Down 6 200 PM War Result War Result War Result War Result War Result WAR RESULT WAR RESULT 32 TrystPompeco Stolen Tryst King Torch King Torch Amazed Bit OGreen King Torch King Torch 7 Pompeco Fort Vancouver Fort Vancouver King Torch Amazed Fort Vancouver Fort Vancouver 3 3Portage 230 PM Boston Victory Honest George PORTAGE TRAIL Portage Trail Cavatorta Tracer Bullet Portage Trail 14 I Sunamit SunamitCavatorta Portage Trail Cavatorta Tracer Bullet Sunamit Sunamit Tracer Bullet 8 Cavatorta Sunamit Tracer Bullet Sunamit Boston Victory Piston Victory Boston Victory 7 7Wine 300 PM Wine Punch WINE PUNCH Kanlast Wine Punch Wine Punch Kanlast Wine Punch 24 j Push Sharp Reward Sharp Reward Uefetchit Kanlast Wine Punch Kanlast 13 Kanlast Reigh Star Hefetchit Sharp Reward iSharp Reward Sharp Reward SharpReward 7 330 PM ITABO Royal Flush Itabo ItaboTime Itabo Itabo Itabo itabo 29 Royal Flush Itabo ItaboTime Time OWar Samhar CapeCod Time OWar Royal Flush 10 Time OWar Time OWar Royal Flush Cape Cod Royal Flush Royal Flush Time OWar 6 Mercury Mercury OverlinPat Overlin MERCURY Mercury Mercury Mercury 27 i 400 PM Pat OSee Pat OSee Pat OSee OSeeFalse Pat OSee False Face Pat OSee Pat OSee 11 False Face Overlin False Face False Face Pat OSee False Face Overlin 6 Allergic Pharien Gold Bill Wishing WISHING Pharien PM PharienRed Pharien 14 430 Star Boarder Red Chip ChipMilk Red Chip Pharien Pharien Star Boarder Wishing 12 Gold Bill Milk Route Milk Route Star Boarder Mason Dixon Gold Bill Gold Bill 7 500 PM Wedding Morn Midnight Ride Midnight Ride RideArestino Midnight Ride Midnight Ride RideMajorette Midnight Ride RideCatomar Midnight Ride 27 I Midnight Ride Wedding Morn Arestino Arestino Majorette Catomar ArestinoCatomar MajoretteArestino Wedding Morn 8 Tanganyika Majorette Catomar Wedding Morn Arestino Arestino CatomarArestino Arestino 6

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Local Identifier: drf1943051901_4_2
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800