Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-25

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIUD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Heavy Track JACE PROS POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 245 PM Just Beans Late Dawn Night Raider Surgeon Dick Surgeon Dick Late Dawn Late Dawn 14 14Surgeon Ida Strener Surgeon Dick Ida Streng Night Raider Late Dawn Night Raider Surgeon Dick 13 Nieht Raider Night Raider Late Dawn Late Dawn Night Raider Surgeon Dick Night Raider 12 315 PM KniKhts Quest n nYouroff Youroff Hazel Lee Knights Quest H Three Bangs Youroff Knights Quest II 14 14Youroff 2 YouroffMillo Youroff Yankee Notions NotionsHazelLee Yankee Notions Cherriko Knights Quest II IIYouroff YouroffKnights Knights Quest TJ Youroff 13 Millo HazelLee Tjiree Bangs Maurice K Youroff Three Bangs JThree Bangs 7 345 PM Saraphara Say Miss Say Miss Say Miss Saraphara Say Miss Say Miss 22 22Saraphara Valdina Kovia KoviaSay Valdina Kovia Valdina Kovia Valdina Kovia Moem Down v Valdina Kovia Saraphara 11 Say Miss WOK Wog Moem Down Sav Miss Saraphara Jaldina Kovia 10 415 PM CONNIE ANN Toujour Connie Ann Float Away Toujour FLOAT AWAY AWAYToujour Float Away 18 18Toujour Helen Aenes Float Away Float Away Toujour Float Away Toujour Toujour 15 15Connie Peacharirio Peacharino TouJour Connie Ann Peacharino ToujourPeacharino Peacharino Connie Ann 13 445 PM Burnme Sands Timocracv Burning Sands BURNING SANDS Timocracy Burning Sands Burning Sands 26 Timocracy Burning Sands Timocracy Timocracy Burning Sands Timocracv Timocracy 18 Tip Your Hat HatMistletoe Tip Your Hat HatMistletoe Tio Your Hat Colors UP Tip Your Hat Tip Your Hat Tip Your Hat 5 515 PM Mistletoe Mistletoe MistletoeFerdinand MISTLETOE Mistletoe MISTLETOE Mistletoe MISTLETOE 34 34Hasty Hasty Star Ferdinand Ferdinand Hasty Star Hasty Star Ferdinand Hasty Star 8 Chantiner Mr Mais Hasty Star Ferdinand Ferdinand Hastv Star Ferdinand 8X 545 PM Tenuous Relious ReliousTenuous Uncle Mose Relious First Draftee Relious Relious 20 20Tenuous Moselem Tenuous Relious Aldridge Relious Aldridge Tenuous 8 Relious First Draftee ReliousAldridge Aldridge First Draftee Aldridge AldridgeTenuous Tenuous FirstDraftee 7 615 PM Virginia Rose VIRGINIA ROSE ROSEOur Zoroastra Virginia Rose Virginia Rose Virginia Rose Virginia Rose 27 27Zoroastra Our Willie Our Willie WillieNeddies Neddies Hero Our Willie Neddies Hero Zoroastra Zoroastra 8 8Neddies KaiHi Neddies Hero Our Willie Neddies Hero Zoroastra Neddies Hero Neddies Hero 7 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHARJLAP CdNSENSUS 1230 PM More Wine Test Flight Test Flight More Wine More Wine More Wine WineTest More Wine 24 Santa Stefana More Wine More Wine Test Flight Test Flight FlightCoStar Test Flight Test Flight 16 Colonel Gus Santa Stefana Plucky Raider Santa Stefana StefanaBIT CoStar Santa Stefana Santa Stefana 5 1255 PM Headoverheels Sticky Kitty Ariel Play BIT OF NERVE Ariel Play BIT OF NERVE NERVEAriel Bit of Nerve 18 Ariel Play PlayGlanceabput Bit of Nerye NeryeAriel Bit of Nerve NerveRewarded Ariel Play Blue Shot Ariel Play Ariel Play 17 Glanceabput Ariel Play Rewarded Rewarded JHeadoyerheels Rewarded Headoverheels 6 120 PM Iron Shot Iron Shot Mandingham Iron Shot Mandingham Iron Shot ShotRouge Iron Shot 22 Boojum II Rouge Dragon Knights Quest Rouge Dragon Iron Shot ShotElkridge Rouge Dragon DragonKnights Mandingham 10 Frederic U Knights Quest Rouge Dragon DragonCassis Knights Quest Elkridge Knights Quest Rouge Dragon 7 145 PM Baby Dumpling Mettlesome Cassis Mettlesome Happy Note Happy Note NoteBaby Happy Note 17 Happy Note Happy Note BabyDumplins Happy Note Mettlesome Baby Dumpling Mettlesome 12 MettlesomeCassis Cassis Cassis BabyDumplinsHapjiyNpte HapjiyNpte BabyJDumpling Cassis Cassis Baby Dumpling 10 210 PM Vain Prince Vain Prince ARIEL LAD Scotland Light Petrify PetrifyScotland Ariel Lady LadyVain Ariel Lad 18 Ariel Lad Ariel Lad Vain Prince Ariel Lad Scotland Light Vain Prince PrinceScotland Vain Prince 15 Scotland Light LightSHUTOUT Scotland Light Port Harmony HarmonyMarriage Colchis Vain Prince Scotland Light LightShutOut Scotland Light 10 235 PM SHUTOUT SHUTOUTAhamo THE RHYMER Marriage Shut Out SHUT OUT ShutOut Shut Out 26V AhamoMarket Ahamo MarriageBoysy Marriage Shut Out Market Wise WiseMarriage Marriage Market ShutOutMarket Wise Marriage 11 Market Wise Boysy Ahamo Marriage Market Wise Marriage The Rhymer 7 300 PM Welcome Pass BullReigh Welcome Pass Haile Bull Reigh Bull Reigh ReighHaile BullReigh 19 HaileBullReigh Haile Haile HaileWelcome Bull Reigh ReighHaile Welcome Pass PassBullReigh WelcomePass Haile WelcomePass 16 BullReigh Welcome Pass Haile BullReigh Moscow U JWelcome Pass Haile 12 325 PM Exemplify Exemplify Exemplify Call of Duty Exemplify Exemplify EXEMPLIFY 27 Rahanee Bobs Boys Bobs Boys Exemplify Bobs Boys ExemplifyCall Call of Duty DutyBobs Call of Duty 8 Brighten Up Miss Discovery Call of Duty Rahanee Memory Book Bobs Boys Bobs Boys 7 Ttnrlcman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMANKurdistan TRACKMAN HANDICAPOffshore HANDICAP J JICK ICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 130 PM Kurdistan Offshore Bettys Bobby Bettys Bobby Bettys Bobby Bettys Bobby BobbyOff Bettys Bobby 21 J Broiler BroilerSun Bar Ship ShipBettysJBobby HiKid HiKidOff Haste On Off Shore ShoreJHiKid Off Shore OffShore 11 11Kur Sun Galomar BettysJBobby Off Shore OffShore JHiKid JBarShiP Kur distan 5 200 PM Rocky Craig Colleen M Colleen M Valdina Secret Valdina Secret Rocky Craig CraigValdina ColleenM 17 Colleen M Rocky Craig Valdina Secret Colleen M MRocky Colleen M Valdina Secret Valdina Secret 16 ValdinajSecret Valdina Secret Takeji JLetter JLetterSpare Rocky Craig Take a Letter Colleen M Rocky Craig 13 Roseate Dreams Roseate Dreams Spare Room RoomBus Roseate Dreams Spare Room Spare Room RoomRoseate Spare Room 19 230 PM Manipulate ManipulateMissJVogue Spare Room RoomMissVogue Bus Girl GirlMissJVogue Spare Room Manipulate Roseate Dreams Roseate Dreams 17 17Manipulajte MissJVogue MissVogue MissJVogue Manipulate Miss Vogue JVljssypgue Manipulajte 5T Kelspride Honest George Kelspride KelsprideCavatorta In Vogue In Vogue In Vogue VogueKelspride In Vogue 15 3OOPM Pipeliner PipelinerHonest Portage Trail TrailJBud Cavatorta Honest George Cavatorta Kelspride Kelspride 13 Honest George JBud West Honest Geonre GeonreOur Kelspride Honest George JJudWest Honest George 10 OVERLIN OVERLIN Our Victory VictoryZacabrand OVERLIN OVERLIN OVERLIN OVERLIN 35 330 PM Our Victory Zacabrand Zacabrand Our Victory VictoryBurgoolette Zacabrand Burgoolette Our Victory ID Burgoolette Our Victory JLightf opt Lee Burgoolette Lightfoot Lee OurVictpry Zacabrand 6 Rough Pass Rough Pass GRAUSTARK Rough Pass Challomine Rough Pass PassQuakertown Rough Pass 24 400 P M Cis Marion Yankee Party Rpugh GRAUSTARKRpugh Pass PassHigh Cis Marion Rough Pass Quakertown Graustark 9 Graustark Graustark High Name Challomine Quakertown Yankee QuakertownYankee Partv Challomine 6 Pharien Indian Gift Pharien Indian Gift Indian Gift Pharien Pharien 20 430PM Bunnv Baby Rough News NewsPharien Rough News Pharien Pharien Bunny Baby Indian Gift 17 Pharien Indian Gift Rough News Rough News Rough News Rough News 7 Butcher Boy Butcher Boy Midnight Ride Butcher Bov Butcher Boy BoyAvesta Butcher Boy Butcher Boy 25 I 500 PM Grey Wolf Good Neighbor Milkvmoon Grey Wolf Avesta Grey Wolf Grey Wolf 6 AvestaHappy Avesta Midnight Ride Butcher Boy Good Neighbor Happy Khayyam Milkymoon Midnight Ride 6

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