Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-08

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BLS1 CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Fast Track I RACE PROB POST POSTI JTRACKMAN JHANDICAP DICK WELLES WELLESAnooheles ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS I 245 PM Anooheles Anooheles Anooheles Basileus BasileusAnopheles Anopheles Sidonia CONSENSUSANOPHELES ANOPHELES 23 Black Flame Hadatime Black Time TimeJBasileus Anopheles Basileus Basileus Basileus 10 10Sidonia Madam High Sidonia SidoniaLimitation JBasileus Madam AnophelesMadam Hieh HiehTickyOtis BasileusShastaMan ShastaMan Anopheles Sidonia 6 315 PM Halcyon Girl GirlRangle Limitation Limitation TickyOtis TickyOtisQuick Limitation AnophelesLIMITATION LIMITATION Limitation 23 Rangle RangleLimitation Quick Tool NaniLeonaijCamp NaniLeonai Quick Tool ToolLadvRomerv Camp Liberty Ticky LIMITATIONTicky Otis OtisCampXibertv TickyOtis 7 Limitation Camp Liberty jCamp Liberty LadvRomerv Annie Alone CampXibertv Halcyon Girl 5 345 PM SUBDEBMarcella SUBDEB Meadow Dew Meadow Dew LadvRomervMeadow Meadow Dew DewSubdeb Subdeb Meadow CampXibertvMeadow Dew DewMarcella Meadow Dew 21 Marcella K Subdeb Dora May MayFeathery Subdeb SubdebMiss SubdebMiss Dora May Marcella K KFeathery Subdeb 16 JVTeadow Dew Miss Lexington Feathery Miss Lexineton Miss Lexineton Feathery MarcellaK 4 415 PM HyCap HyCapCampion HyCao Rockwood Bov ROCKWOOD BOY H CAP FeatheryRockwood Rockwood Bov BovHyCap HyCap 20 Campion Hall Campion Hall HallDoe Margaret T Marearet T Campion Call CallHvCap HyCap Rockwood Boy 17 JVTarearefcT Doe Daze Isaqueen HvCap Marearet T TVinum HyCapGammon Gammon Call CallLayawav Campion Call 8 IsaqueenKESARGO Kesargo KesargoAlfbray KESARGO KESARGO Vinum Kesareo KesareoKesargo Layawav KESARGO 28 445 P M KESARGOBobs Alfbray AlfbrayDr Dr Rush Bobs Dream DreamEspino Kesargo Dr Rush RushLavaway Kesareo LayawavKesareo Layaway 7 7Dr Dr Rush Bobs Dream Espino Gold Lavaway Layaway KesareoDr Dr Rush Dr Rush 6 515 PM Weigh Anchor AnchorJohnny Weigh Anchor Johnny Jr JrWeigh Johnny Jr Johnny Jr JrMilk Relious Johnny Jr 18 Johnny Jr Knightfors Weigh Anchor Milk Flip Milk Flip FlipWeieh Weieh ReliousWeieh Anchor Weieh Anchor 16 Relious Johnny Jr Relious ReliousHelen Weieh Anchor Wei h Ancho AnchoDans Milk Flip Relious 1 545 P M Melody MelodyHelen Troth Helen Aenes AenesMelodv Dans Choice Lauehine Pai PaiSprine Troth Helen Aenes 12 Helen Acnes AcnesQuizzical Morocco Bettv BettvHelen Melodv Sprine Cheer Helen Aenes AenesPure Helen Aenes AenesMelodv Troth 11 11Melody Quizzical QuizzicalCourtil Helen Agnes Pure Briar Pure Briar Troth Melodv Melody 8 615 PM CourtilHadaboy Courtil RunBv RunBvPraetorian Courtil CourtilSonerMaster Surprise Party Brutus BrutusBrutus Antholoev Courtil 13 Hadaboy HadaboyPraetorian Praetorian PraetorianCourtil SonerMaster SonerMasterAnthology Brutus Sone Master MasterAnthology Courtil Antholoey 7 Praetorian Courtil Anthology Anthology Praetorian CourtilPraetorian Praetorian Brutus 6 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Heavy Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES WELLESDarby CONSENSUS 330 PM Darby Doc Darby Doc Darby Doc DARBY DOC Like Nancy DARBY DOC DARBY CONSENSUSDARBY DOC 026 J Like Nancy NancyKing Like Nancy EaualChance Eaual Chance Darby Doc Equal Chance Like Nancy 12 King Justice Equal Chance LjkeNancv Like Nancy Equal Chance ChancePops Like Nancy Equal Chance 8 400 PM Erin Torch TorchPrahs Prahs POPS Rival RivalPrahs Pops Rival Pops Rival My Porter Pops Rival 16 Prahs PrahsMy Erin Torch Prahs PrahsDust My Porter Erin Torch Erin Torch Erin Torch 12 My Porter My Porter PorterSabra Dust Cap Erin Torch My Porter POPS Rival RivalSabra MvPorterlO 430 PM Xenomay Sabra Braeabout Sabra KEMPY Sabra Sabra 17 BragaboutKempy Bragabout Kempy Kemov KemovSabra Kempy KEMPYHalealoha Halealoha SabraBraeabout Braeabout Kempv 15 Kempy Just Rainey Sabra KempyXenomay Xenomay Sabra BraeaboutKempy Kempy Braeabout 9 500 PM HOME AGAIN Hi Pov Home Aeain Golden Lea Golden Lea Golden Lea Golden Lea 18 Golden Lea LeaHiPov Home Aeain Mothers Girl Hi Pov Mothers Girl HiPov Home Again 15 HiPov Golden Lea Fleets In Mothers Girl Hi Pov Home Aeain HiPov 11 530PM Gee Raf Gee Raf Scots Bill Gee Raf Dodos Girl Gee Raf RafBallurv Cee laf 22 Super Deluxe Dodos Girl Dodos Girl Scbts Bill BillSir Scots Bill Ballurv Scots Bill 10 Fort Ben Fort Ben Gee Raf Sir Sorite jpeeRaf Scots BallurvScots Bill Dodos Girl 9 600 PM ValdinaLove Appointee PrinceWaygo Stell Appointee Runaway Bov BovAppointee Appointee 17 Appointee Stell StellValdinaLove Valdina Love Appointee Runaway Boy Appointee ValdinaLove 9 Prince JVaygo ValdinaLove Appointee AppointeeAridisical Aridisical Aridisical AppointeePrince Prince Waveo WaveoGolden Prince Waygo 7 630 P M Golden Man Jois JoisGold JOIS JOISGold GnldenMan Golden Man Golden Man ManJois Golden Man 21 Society Lady Gold Fancy Gold Fancy Jois Jois Jois Jois19 Jois Golden Man Societv Lady JoisBlue Blue Moonlight MoonlightCaLs JoisSociety Society Ladv Gqld Fancv Gold Fancy 5 700 PM Here She Is ABRUPT Abrupt CaLs Pet Pink Gal Abrupt Abrupt Here She Is Here She Is Pink Gal Abrupt AbruptHere Here Stfe Is IsGranoSaltis Here She TS 12 Saboteur Saboteur Saboteur Saboteur Here She Is GranoSaltis RrtkGaim Trackman C J Connors AO DEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DJCK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 1230 PM POWDERED MLLK POWDERED MILK Sixteen Cents Omaloo Sixteen Cents Powdered Milk MilkOmaloo PowderedMilk 23 J OmalooPida Omaloo OmalooJStymie Omaloo Tidy Reward Powdered Milk Powdered Milk Omaloo Omaloo 13 Pida JStymie Omapo OmapoSkin Stvmie Omaloo Stymie OmalooStymie Sixteen Cents 10 1 00 P M Scenic Skin Deep Skin Deep DeepScenic Scenic Blenweed Skin Deep Skin Deep 20 Skin Deep Scotcl Trap Scenic Wildebeest Skin Deep Scenic Scenic 15 Blenweed Scenic WildfibeestBalk Wildfibeest SJdnJDeejj Albatross Blenweed Blenweed 7 130 PM Noree TJ Balk BalkFree Balk BalkFree Gala Quest Balk Balk Balk 21 1 Gala Quest QuestMateson Free State H HWyoming Free State n nGala Free State II BalkGalaQuest GalaQuest Free State H Gala Quest 11 Mateson Wyoming II Gala Quest Balk Walloper GalaQuestWalloper GalaXDuest Free State H 8 I 200 PM NapPeppy Nap Sea Reieh Fire Sticky StickySirlette Evereet Everget Sea Reieh ReiehEyer Evereet 16 Peppy Miss Evereet SirletteEvereet Sirlette Sea Reieh Sea Reieh Eyer et etFireStickv SeaReighH Everget Fire Sticky Evereet Fire Sticky Fire Sticky FireStickv Fire Sticky 9 230 PM Joe Burger Sparkling Maid MaidBiloxiBay Sparkling Maid MaidBiloxiBay Sparkline Maid SPARKLING MJD Snarkline Maid 26 Sparkling Maid BiloxiBay BiloxiBayBaroque BiloxiBay Sparkline Maid Biloxi Bay BiloxiBay BiloxiBay 14 Bilpxi Bay Baroque JHeadoyerheels JHeadoyerheelsLOCHINVAR Bareque JBaroque Jpe Bureer BureerLocbinvar Joe Burger 5 3OOTPM Lochinvar LochinvarCaduceus Lochinvar LOCHINVAR LOCHINVARC LOCHINVAR LOCHINVAR Locbinvar LOCHINVAR 36 Caduceus Great Rush C duceus Great Rush RushCa Trierarch Great Rush RushGaduceus Great Rush 9 JGrreatRush Gaduceus jGreatPiish Ca duceus Great Rush Gaduceus Gaduceus 7 330 PM Country Style StyleChislam Panthorn Budded Free Air Bayiord Free Air Free Air 10 Chislam Bottle Imp ImpBudded Panthorn Cherry T Cherry T Cherry T Budded 9 9Cherry Budded Budded Chislam Ratified Budded Budded Cherry T 6 400 PM City Talk Saiford n Transformer SalfdrdJI Transformer Salford II SalfordH 17 Spoon Bread BreadFiveoEight Transformer Spoon Bread r City Talk Salfbrd H City Talk Transformer 13 FiveoEight Spoon Bread FiveoEieht Transformer Spoon Bread Sooon Bread City Talk 9 Trackman R N Gharlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST POSTJ TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES PHARLAP SWEEP CONSENSUS HANDICAPWanna PHARLAPWanna SWEEPWanna CONSENSUSWanna 130 PM Wanna Hyero HyeroRidhestan Wanna Hygro Wanna Hyero Jessie Gladys Wanna Hygro Wanna Hyero Wanna Hygrp 26 J Ridhestan RidhestanJessie Richestan Richestan Richestan Jessie Gladys Richestan Richestan 10 Jessie Gladys Jessie Gladys Noodles T Wanna Hyero Richestan JessieGladvs Jessie Gladys 10 200 P M Girlette GirletteKurdistan Flying Bonny Ezeohias EzeohiasArdenell FlyingBonny Ardenell Flyine Bonny Flving Bonny 16 c Kurdistan KurdistanFlyine GirletteEzechias Girlette Ardenell Girlette Girette Girlette GirJette 13 Flyine Bonny Ezechias Lost Gold Lost Gold Losf GiretteLosf Gold Ardenell Ardenell 8 230 PM CabSirF CabSir CabSirValdina CabSir CabSirFresh CabSir Gab Sir Cab Sir SirValdina Cab Sir SirValdina CAB SIR 30 F B Eye EyeMarquest Valdina Valona Fresh as Paint F BEye Valdina Valona Valdina Valona Valdina Valona Marquest Fresh as Paint JMarquest Valdina Valona jMarpuest FB Eye 1 FBEye 5 300 P M SackBit Sack Page H GET OFF OFFSon Get Off BureooMiss BureooMiss Get Off 14 Bit OGreen OGreenPage Two Kick Son OHals Sack Sack GetOff Bilreoo Miss 11 Page II Burgoo Miss Tw Kick SackSonOHal SonOHal SackBitplGreen BitplGreen PageJI Sack 9 330 PM Boy Soldier SoldierArrow Believe Theseus BELIEVE BitplGreenBoy Boy Soldier SoldierTheseus Believe Believe 20 Arrow Rock Boy Soldier SoldierArrow Believe Boy Soldier Theseus Boy Soldier Boy Soldier 17 JBelieVe Arrow Rock Boy Soldier Theseus Zacabrand Arrow Rock Theseus 8 400 P M WEE SCOT SCOTFlashalong Wee Scot Arestino Allergic Wee Scot ScotGinoca Wee Scot Wee Scot 22 Flashalong Ginoca GinocaAller Ginoca Blockader Ginoca Allereic Allergic 10 10Ginoca AHergic Aller c Blockader Ginoca Allergic Ginoca Ginoca 8 430 P M Yankee Party PartyBunny TIERCE Mokablue Cis Marion CIS MARION TIERCE Tierce 17 Bunny Baby YankeeParty DarbyDu Tierce Yankee Party Yankee Party Partyparbyjpu Yankee Party 13 Priority Bunny Baby Yankee Party Yankee Party Tierce parbyjpu Cis Marion 12 500 PM SiganarFlyingSilver Siganar Sieanar Bettys Bobby BettysBobbv Siganar Pganar Sieahar 22 BettysBobbvSiganar FlyingSilver Flyine Silver Flving Silver Siganar Clingendaal Topee Bettys Bobby 11 John Hunnicutt Clineendaal Jelwell SiganarClingendaal Clingendaal Bettys Bobby Flying Silver Fly ing Silver 7

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Local Identifier: drf1943060801_5_1
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800