Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-14

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Daily Racing Form Experts7 Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Crumpet Discussion Discussion Brown Mate MateB9ok Book Plate PlateMinnie Discussion Discussion 18 18Book DiscussionBook 245 PM Minnie Ha Cha Brown Mate Betty Main B9ok Plate Minnie Ha Cha ChaDiscussion Book Plate Book Plate 9 9Brown Discussion Crumpet Gummed UP JDiscussjon Discussion Gumrned UP Brown Mate 7 Dawn Valdina Date My Empire Valdina Date DateMy Valdina Date DateMy Valdina Date DateNew ValdinaDate 21 21Dawn 315 PM New DawnNew Frontier FrontierLong New Frontier New Frontier My Empire My Empire New Frontier Dawn 9 9My Long Ago Dawn Valdina Date Dawn Dawn JDawn My Empire 9 Lucky Deal Lucky Deal DealCharter Lucky Deal DealEbony Lucky Deal DealCharter Ebony Edge EdgeCharter Lucky Deal DealCharter Lucky Deal 25 25Ebony 345 PM Charf er Member MemberEbony Charter Member Ebony Edge Charter Member Charter Member MemberHopeful Charter Member Ebony Edge 11 11Charter Ebony Edge JEbpnyJEdge Bonamo JSbpnyJEdge Hopeful Reward RewardGemW EbonvEdge Charter Member 10 10Cousin Cousin Nan Displaver Enola Cousin Nan NanGemW GemW Cousin Nan NanGemW Cousin Nan 16 16Gem 415 PM GemW DisplaverGemW GemW EnolaValdina Valdina Dude GemW GemWValdina Valdina Dude GemW Gem W 14 14Display GemWJDistant JDistant Isle Cpusin Nan GemW JDisplayer JDistant Isle JDistant Isle Display 6 OCCUPY OCCUPY OCCUPY OCCUPY Occupy OCCUPY OCCUPY 40 40Missy 445 PM Missv Miss MissValdina Missy OCCUPYMissy Miss MissPukka Missy OCCUPYMissy Miss Pukka OCCUPYPukka Gin GinMissy Missy OccupyMissy Miss MissHastyMessage Missy OCCUPYMissy Miss Missy Miss 11 11Pukka Valdina Andire Pukka Gin JValdina Andire AndireFirst Missy Miss HastyMessage JLeavenworth Pukka Gin 3 Weigh Anchor First Draftee First Draftee DrafteeJohnny Y ar YAR Happy Pilot PilotYar Yar 16 515 PM Happy Pilot Happy Pilot Johnny Jr JrYar Happy Pilot PilotJohnny YARJohnny Johnny Jr Yar First Draftee 13 13Happy First Draftee Yar Yar Johnny Jr JFirst Draftee First Draftee Happy Pilot 11 Ever Hour Ever Hour Ever Hour Milk Flip Relious Ever Hour HourMilk Ever Hour 20 545 PM Idle Sun Milk Flip Milk Flip Relious ReliousMilk Milk Flip Milk Flip Milk Flip 13 13Relious Relious Relious Drollon ReliousJDrpllon JDrpllon Drpllon JDrpllpn Relious 9 Zoroastra Military Girl Blossom Queen Surprise Party Zoroastra Blossom Queen QueenSurprise BlossomQueen 14 14Zoroastra 615 PM Blossom Queen Evil Spirit Military Girl Evil Spirit Evil ZoroastraEvil Spirit SpiritBlossomQueen Surprise Party PartyEvil Zoroastra 10 10Evil Anthology Blossom Queen Evil Spirit Portsmouth BlossomQueen Evil Spirit Evil Spirit 8 Just for Fun Flo Bratten Fishers Pet Heel Call Ghost Hunt Just for Fun Just for Fun 11 Miami Springs Heel Call Valnor Sal Old Pal Flo Bratten Beth B Heel Call 8 Crystal Torch Mr Infinity Miami Springs Just for Fun Heel Call Crstal Torch Flo Bratten 7 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track I RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHARJLAPPatricia PHARJLAP CONSENSUS Dare Patricia A ANabroj Nabroj Jo Kapi KapiDare Patricia A ADare Patricia A ADare Patricia A 17 17Dare 330 PM Jo Kapi Nabroj Jo Kapi Dare Dare Dare Dare 12 12Nabroj NabrojDare DareNabroj DareNabroj DareNabroj Patricia A Dare Patricia A Nabroj Nabroj Nabroj Nabroj 10 NabrojWar War Wise WAP WISE WISELithograph Shirley G War Wise War Wise War Wise War Wise 28 28Shirley 400 PM Countmein Lithograph Gala Grip Shirley G Countmein Shirley G Shirley G 9 9Countmein GalaGrip CountmeinGalaGrip LithographSallymar Sallymar War Wise Lithograph Sallymar Gala Grip Countmein 4 Nancy Sweep Patsv T Minty Bomberess Patsy T Patsy T Patsy T 21 21Bomberess j 430 PM Patsy T Deckhand Patsy T Patsy T TMiss Minty Bomberess Bomberess 7 Skillman Miss Julie Y Miss Julie Y Miss Julie Y Miss Julie Y Mintv 7 I Sorbonne Love Pact Air Fighter Love Pact Love Pact Sorbonne Love Pact 19 19Sorbonne A 500 PM Love Pact Ballury Ballury Sorbonne Sorbonne Love Pact Sorbonne 16 Riskton Sorbonne Sorbonne Ballury Fire Power Clayburne A ir FighterJ 5 Miss Daunt DauntFairly Maejames MISS DAUNT Fairly Fly MAEJAMES MISS DAUNT DAUNTMaejames Miss Daunt 23 23Maejames 530 PM Fairly Fly FlyMaejames Miss Daunfc DaunfcFairlyFly Fairly Fly FlyMaeiames Miss Daunt Fairly Fly FlyJBoot Maejames Maejames 16 16Fairly Maejames FairlyFly Maeiames Ladv Waterloo JBoot and J3pur JPairly Fly Fairly Fly 12 12Spy Empty Plate PlateSpy Spy Snare Frisky Spirit Golden Man ManSpy Golden Man Empty Plate PlateSpy Spy Snare 15 600 PM Spy Snare Empty Plate Spy Snare SnareNight Spy Snare Spy Snare SnareFrisky Spy Snare Empty Plate 13 GoldenJMan Golden Man Night Crawler Empty Plate Frisky Spirit jGplden Man Golden Man 13 PM DEFENSE MAN MANDarby Defense Man ManGolf Darby Diavolo Darby Diavolo DiavoloGolf Darby Diavolo Darby Diavolo DiavoloBarC Darby Diavolo 22 630 Darby Diavolo Golf Widow WidowJ3ar Golf Widow WidowDef Golf Widow Golf Widow WidowJBarC BarC Defense Man 14 HonestPal J3ar C Def ense Man JDef ense Man ManPURPLE JBarC BarCGolf Golf Widow Golf Widow 9 9PURPLE 700 PM Anita Chiauita ChiauitaPurple Purple Wrack Purple Wrack PURPLE WRACK WRACKAnita Purple Wrack Purple Wrack PURPLE WRACK 29 29Anita Purple Wrack WrackGet Xenomay Anita Chiauita Anita Chiauita Anita Chiauita Anita Chiauita Anita Chiauita 13 Get Good Dissension Sir Dissension Sir Xenomav Dissension Sir Xenomav Xenomay 4 Mistucky MistuckyBosunette Bosunette Betrothed Ovala Ovala Ovala Ovala 18 Bosunette BosunetteOvala Betrothed Bosunette OvalaBetrothed Betrothed OvalaKantaka Kantaka OvalaBosunette Bosunette Bosunette 11 Ovala Ovala Ovala Mistucky BetrothedMistucky KantakaMistucky Mistucky BosunetteBetrothed Betrothed Betrothed 10 Trackman C J Connors AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Dandy Jim Dandy Jim Glyndale Dandy Jim Good Ante Dandy Jim Dandv Jim 24 1230 PM Pida Good Ante GlyndaleDandy Dandy Jim Pida Dandy Jim Pida Good Ante 10 10JPida Good Ante Pida Pida PidaJjood Jjood Ante Pida PidaRadio PidaGppd Gppd Ante JPida 9 100 PM Lilsqa LilsqaRadio Radio Morale Radio Morale MoralePapamoo Radio Morale Radio Morale Radio Morale Radio Morale 27 Radio Morale Golden Fleece Papamoo Golden Fleece Donegal Golden Fleece Golden Fleece 6 Topless Tower TowerBold Papamoo War PapamooWar Master MasterWalloper Papamoo Diah Papamoo Lilson 5 5BOLD 130 PM Bold Stroke StrokeWalloper Bold Stroke Walloper WalloperBold Bold Stroke Bold Stroke Bold Stroke StrokeWalloper BOLD STROKE 27 27Walloper Walloper American Wolf Bold Stroke American Wolf WolfJWallpper Walloper Walloper Walloper 13 13American Mahogany Lad Walloper Norge n JWallpper JFleet Admiral Gala Quest American Wolf 4 200 PM Awaited AwaitedStar Rosa Bonheur Directory Rosa Bonheur BonheurAwaited Rosa Bonheur Rosa Bonheur BonheurShelter Rosa Bonheur 20 Star End EndShelter Shelter Little Dottie Awaited Little Dottie Shelter Awaited 10 10Shelter Shelter Awaited Awaited AwaitedShelter Shelter Awaited J ittle Dottie Shelter 6 230 PM GOLD SHOWER SHOWERTrue True Blue TRUE BLUE BLUEGold Gold Shower True Blue GOLD SHOWER SHOWERTrue Gold Shower 23 True Blue Gold Shower Gold Shower True Blue Breezing Home True Blue True Blue 23 JEurasian Eurasian Breezing Home HomeSoldier Breezing Home Eurasian JEurasian Eurasian 4 300 PM Soldier Song SongLochinvar Soldier Song Soldier Song SongLochinvar LOCHINVAR LOCHINVAR Soldier Song SongLochinvar Soldier Song 22 22Lochinvar Lochinvar LochinvarPomayya Lochinvar Lochinvar Soldier Song LOCHINVARMioland Mioland Lochinvar Lochinvar 22 JPomayya Pomayya Mioland Mioland MiolandPomavva Pomavva JPomayya JPomayya 4 330 PM Happy Guess GuessMiss Happy Guess Happy Guess GuessFree Free Air Valdina Dust Miss Skylark SkylarkHappy Happy Guess 21 21Free Miss Sugar SugarFree Free Air Free Air Happy Guess Happy Guess Happy Guess Free Air 11 11Miss Free Air AirFuego Miss Sugar Miss Skylark Valdina Dust Miss Sugar SugarFuego Jree Air Miss Skylark 6 400 PM Fuego FuegoBygone FUEGO Resolute II IIBygone City Talk Fuego City Talk TalkBygone Fuego 19 Bygone Star StarCurwen City Talk Bygone Star StarCurwen Fuego FuegoBygone Bygone Star Bygone Star StarResolute City Talk 12 Curwen Resolute n Curwen Bygone Star Resolute II Resolute II Bygone Star 10 Trackman R N Charlton UFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track TRACKMAN HANplCAP DICKWELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS HANplCAPWanna ANALYSTWanna CONSENSUSWANNA 130 PM Wanna Hygro Wanna Hygro Wanna Hygro Wanna Hygro HygroRecoatna Wanna Hygro Wanna Hygro WANNA HYGRO so soRecoatna Snow Moon Radio Wave Crab Apple Recoatna Recoatna tRecoatna t x xRadio Recoatna Recoatna 8 Nilon NilonGAY JRecpatna Recoatna RecoatnaRadioJWave RadioJWave Radio Wave FirstWater Radio Wave 4 200 PM GAY FLIGHT FLIGHTCity Gay Flight FlightEcomint Gay Flight FlightCharge Gay FJight FJightEcomint Gay Flight FlightEcomint ECOMINTBus ECOMINT Gay Flight 27 City Bred EcomintBus Ecomint Charge Ecomint Ecomint Bus Girl Ecomint 14 Ecomint Bus Girl Takea Letter CityBred CityBred TakeaLetter CityBred 4 230 PM Smart Lookin LookinPeppy Smart Lookin Fleet Queen QueenMy Fleet Queen QueenSickle Smart Lookin LookinFleet Fleet Queen QueenSmart Fleet Queen 20 Peppy Miss MissFleet Fleet Queen My Malcha MalchaSmart Sickle Sun Fleet Queen QueenMy Smart Lookin Smart Lookin 18 Fleet Queen Sickle Sun Smart Lookin JVTy Malcha My Malcha JVTyJMalcha Mv Malcha 5 Challomine Bostee ALLEGRO Challomine CHALLOMINE Son OHal OHalAllegro Challomine 21 300 PM Son ChallomineSon OHal OHalKievLee Challomine ALLEGROSon Son OHal OHalChallomine Allegro ChallomineAllegro Allegro CHALLOMINEAllegro Allegro Allegro 13 13Son KievLee KievLeeFalse SpnQJHal Challomine jSpn OHal OHalForay Bpstee AllegroBpstee AllegroChallomine ChallomineIcystream Challomine Son OHal 11 False Face FaceBelieve Victory Drive Victory Drive DriveHill Foray Sons SonsBelieve Foray Song Icystream IcystreamZacabrand Victory Drive 12 330 PM Believe Foray Song Hill Sun SunZacabrand Believe Icystream Zacabrand Foray Song 12 JBoy Soldier Jcystream ZacabrandTierce Zacabrand Victory Drive DriveManamaid False Face JVictorvJprive Icystream 8 Darby Du DuManamaid TIERCE Tierce Manamaid Darby Du Tierce Tierce 19 400 P M Manamaid Darby TIERCEDarby Du DuManamaid ManamaidPharien TierceManamaid Manamaid ManamaidTierce Tierce Cis Marion Darby Du DuCis Darby Du 15 JPharien Manamaid Pharien Darby TierceDarby Du Manamaid Cis Marion Manamaid 11 Flying Silver SilverEsta Misty Lady Esta MISTY LADY LADYFlying Flying Silver Flying Silver Flying Silver 20 430 PM Esta Priority Flying Silver Flying Silver Esta Esta Misty Lady 14 14Esta Priority JFlying Silver Priority Esta EstaJHattie JHattie Belle EstaMisty Misty Ladv Esta 12 AM WadedalePrecious Wadedale Still Pond Precious Years Precious Years YearsMulti Wadedale stillPond Precious Years 13 Precious Years YearsStill Multi Quest Susan Constant Multi Quest QuestStill Susan Constant Multi Quest StillPond 13 Still Pond Wadedale Still Pond Still Pond Precious Years Susan Constant Wadedale 11

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1940s/drf1943061401/drf1943061401_5_1
Local Identifier: drf1943061401_5_1
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800