Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-25

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i ! e I r i I e 3 . r g a a e DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS. ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE i TWO FOR SECOND. ONE FOR THIRD. BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS Trackman, W A. Willig Arlington at Washington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Jezros Jezros PeD Well Pen Well PeD Well Pen Well 17 1 Flvsolate Pen Well Bobs Pick Franks Choice Jezros Jezros 13 Franks Choice Franks Choice Magna Rav Jezros Flvsolate Franks Choice 4 Here Goes Gooseberry Here Goes Liberator Here Goes Here Goes 15 2 Liberator Liberator Liberty Crack Vero Lumen Vero Lumen Liberator 10 Vero Lumen Vero Lumen Vero Lumen Gooseberry Liberator Vero Lumen 7 FIGHTING STEP Fighting Step Fighting Step FIGHTTNG STEP .Fighting Step FIGTING STEP 27 3 Iron City Jamae Jamae Jamae Jamae Jamae 9 Jamae Jesting Fox In the Bag Jesting Fox Jesting Fox Jesting Fox 3 K. El Banco In Earnest Cid Plav In Earnest High Shine In Earnest 16 4 In Earnest High Shine In Earnest High Shine In Earnest High Shine 9 Breezy Louise Inroc K. EI Banco Fighting Frank Fighting Frank K. El Banco 6 Art Roi ARTROI TOUGH TARGET No Blues No Blues Art Rol 16 5 Battle Fire No Blues No Blues Tough Target Art Roi No Blues 14 Devastating Tough Target Art Roi Art Rol Battle Fire Tough Target 1 0 Traffic Court ZacaDet Fire Dust Traffic Court TRAFFIC COURT Traffic Court 20 6 Zacanet Traffic Court Signals Bloke Zacanet ZacaDet Zacanet 11 Full Cry Fire Dust Traffic Court Martian Sameron Fire Dust 6 Old Kentucky Old Kentucky Bolos Choice Old Kentuck Old kentuck Old Kentuck 22 7 Sentiment Sake Sentiment Sake Old Kentuck Rush Act Sentiment Sake Sentiment Sake 7 Bolos Choice Lights Abeam Rush Act Sentiment Sake Bolos Choice Bolos Choice 7 Hefti Harris Leorev Hefti Harris Meadow Lark Port Wine Hefti Harris 11 8 Port Wine Fogarel Port Wine Fogarel Meodaw Lark Port Wine 10 Robins Pet Port Wine Meadow Lark Strutter Hefti Harris Meadow Lark 8 Trackman: C. H. Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Platinum Sands Sira Mou Babv Barbara Platinum Sands Sweet Rvthm Platinum Sands 1 1 1 Jubilee Gem Sweet Rythm Navada Sira Mou Babv Barbara Babv Barbara 9 Baby Barbara Platinum Sands Jubilee Gem Babv Barbara Navada Sweet Rvthm 7 Miss Flyer Scenic Charm SCENIC CHARM Scenic Charm Scenic Charm Scenic Charm 22 2 Patricia A. Miss Fiver Miss Fiver EDiGal EbonvBee Miss Fiver 9 Epi Gal Patricia A. Ever Star Levena Epi Gal Epi Gal 4 Through Train Through Train Fly Whisk Stiopler Fly Whisk Through Train 14 3 Flv Whisk Stippler Through Train Quick Bubble Quick Bubble Flv Whisk 13 Stippler Flv Whisk Fur Coat Through Train Through Train Stippler 8 Count Gold Brushwood Bov Brushwood Bov Brushwood Boy Brushwood Bov Brushwood Bov 20 4 ZoraJ. Count Gold Valdina Hiker Count Gold Valdina Hiker Count Gold 11 Vegas Banner Valdina Hiker Count Gold Zora J. Count Gold Valdina Hiker 5 Sea Tack SEA TACK Hogan Peace Eagle Peace Eagle Sea Tack 17 5 Snare the Rod Hogan Sea Tack Spare the Rod Sea Tack Peace Eagle 1 1 Ackwell Spare the Rod Peace Eagle Sea Tack Hogan Hogan 8 Tomluta Court Flash Tomluta RustvGold Tomluta 19 6Tomluta Rusty Gold Rusty Gold Tomluta RustvGold Tomluta RustvGold 11 Ariel Image Aunt Lucy Seminole Seminole Billy Rolf e Court Flash 5 Unconditional Unconditional UNCONDITIONAL UNCONDITIONAL UNCONTIONAL 31 /UNCONDITIONAL Nine R. Train Nine R. Train Ted Lewis Park Avenue Ted Lewis Ted Lewis 5 Ted Lewis San Yet Many Troubles Money Troubles San Yet Nine R. Train 4 Hustling Dom Blue Mate Swing Sister Swing Sister Swing Sister Swing Sister 8 Blue Mate Swing Sister Tommys Double Blue Mate Tommys Double Blue Mate 10 Vinita Harvest Tommys Double Vinita Harvest Tommys Double Blue Mate Tommys Double 6 Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEET CONSENSUS Corners Pompev Corners Pompev Corners Pompey Corners Pomoev Corners Pompev Corners 25 IPompev Lanceron Second Love Second Love Lanceron Lanceron Lanceron 8 Second Love Good Nite Lanceron Good Nite Second Love Second Love 5 Pied Piper Pied Piper Pied Piper Pied Piper Prancing Ted Pied Piper 22 2 Prancing Ted Prancing Ted Dirl Prancing Ted Pied Piper Prancing Ted Surrender Dirl Braggart Braggart Dirl Dirl 4 OUR DAMSEL Tyrone Headoverheels Headoverheels Headoverheels Headoverheels 18 3 Headoverheels Partido Kerrv Lass Tyrone Spuvten Duvvil Tyrone 9 Spuvten Duvvil Headoverheels Tyrone Romney Rex Tyrone Our Damsel 7 Willing Spirit Volturno Willing Spirit Willing Spirit Willing Spirit 17 4Pendragon Volturno Volturno Willing Spirit Volturno Swing Shift Volturno 10 Gumdrop Pendragon Gumdrop Pendragon Pendragon Pendragon b Snare Man SPARE MAN Sophocles Sophocles Spare Man Spare Man 21 5 Sophocles Nances Ace Spare Man Snare Man Sophocles Sophocles 15 Nances Ace Sophocles Nances Ace Nances Ace Nances Ace Nances Ace 6 Theseus Cushlamacree Cushlamacree Cushlamacree Cushlamacree 22 6Cushlamacree Theseus Cushlamacree Red C in Red Cin Tagel Theseus 8 Sandy Trail Tagel Theseus Sandy Trail Sandy Trail Red Cin 4 Dockstader DOCKSTADER DOCKSTADER DOCKSTADER DOCKSTADER 31 7Dockstader Magnetic Star Magnetic Star Magnetic Star Magnetic Star Magnetic Star Magnetic Star 10 Blue Deck Darby Duncan Blue Deck Blue Deck Blue Deck Blue Deck 4 n Smoke Puff Caesar B. Saros Caesar B. Saros Saros 13 X Oldomwood Saros Smoke Puff Rough News Caesar B. Caesar B. 13 w Saros Smoke Puff Caesar Smoke Puff Smoke Puff Smoke Puff 10 Trackman, C. J. Connors Aqueduct Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 Up Front Big Party Big Party Ariel Show Valdina Gavlad Big Party 12 Big Party Ariel Show Up Front Up Front Soulful Up Front 9 Teds Special Soulful Snarkling Rovalong Ariel Show Ariel Show 8 Star of Padula Cruiser Cruiser Star of Padula Mad Anthonv Cruiser 15 2 Cruiser Automation Mad Anthonv Cruiser Star of Padula Star of Padula 14 Automaton Star of Padula Star of Padula Meggy Cruiser Mad Anthonv 7 AXIOM Axiom Rvtina Axiom Axiom AXIOM 24 3 Rvtina Mush Mush Axiom Rvtina Mush Mush Rvtina 10 Darby Dingo Foxglove Marled Harem Rvtina Mush Mush 4 Ace Card Connies Girl Lucky Aunt ACE CARD Ace Card Ace Card 17 4 Flyweight Darby Dunedin Flyweight Flyweight Flyweight Flyweight t Darby Dunedin Lucky Aunt Segula Darby Dunedin Connies Girl Connies Girl 6 P Stvmie ROUNDERS Rounders Stymie STYMIE Stymie 21 S Bov Knight Stvmie Stvmie Rounders Rounders Rounders 16 ** Salto Bov Knight Bov Knight Olympic Zenith Bov Knight Boy Knight 6 m Minefinder Adelohia Adelphia Tarpan Tarpan Tarpan 13 n Bell-the-Cat Tarpan Minefinder Flaught Flaught Adelphia 10 w Waller Samhar Tarpan Minefinder Minefinder Minefinder 9 -• Nebraska Gallant Son DOUBLE BRAB Gallant Son Gallant Son Gallant Son 15 / TurfR. Nebraska Art of War Nebraska Art of War Nebraska 10 Double Brab Double Brab Accord Art of War Nebraska Double Brab 9 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Macje for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS . . , — 1 — — 1 Neb Tiny Sis Macs Quest Double Bourbon Linda M. Double Bourbon 9 Double Bourbon Tracelette Quality Jane Memphis Dave Double Bourbon Linda M. Linda M. Linda M. Neb Quality Jane Patrol Pilot Neb 6 m Blue Gyp Rolls High JoanElise BlueGvn G. I. Ladv Blue Gyp 16 / G.I. Ladv Blue Gyp BlueGvp JoanElise Blue Gyp G.I. Ladv 9 Rolls High G. I. Lady Miss Punk G. I. Lady Joan Elise Joan Elise 8 Shavo Shavo Shavo Shavo Shavo 25 3Shavo Gav Salient Nath Softie Softie Gav Salient Softie 5 Lusty Tidbit Fleet Brother Lusty Tidbit Nath Softie Gav Salient 4 Flight Gal Brass Man Brass Man Brass Man Two Ten Brass Man 15 4 Black San Flight Gal Flight Gal Karen Q. Flight Gal Flight Gal 11 Karen Q. No Bounds Black San Two Ten Black San Two Ten 6 Beldine Beldine Lively Man Agate Beldine 19 5BELDINE Lively Man Sun Talk Lively Man Sun Talk Beldine Lively Man 11 Hvwick Lively Man Hvwick Blenban Lively Man Agate 5 ROCKET GAL TOOLMAKER TOOLMAKER Toolmaker TOOLMAKER 26 6Toolmaker Our Birthday Toolmaker Towakee Rocket Gal Rocket Gal Rocket Gal 11 Rise Above It Towakee Cactus Foot Broke Even Broke Even Towakee 3 JosiesPal Mumble Peg JosiesPal JosiesPal JosiesPal 21 7JosiesPal S.S.Grier S.S.Grier S.S.Grier S.S.Grier S.S.Grier S.S.Grier 10 Mumble Peg Jockarando Josies Pal jockarando Jockarando Mumble Peg 6 Hod Skip Supreme Ideal Materialize HOP SKIP HonSkiD 18 8HopSkiD Lees Jimmie Lees Jimmie Lees Jimmie Cacodemon Suoreme Ideal SuDreme Ideal 7 Miss Identify Alimony Kid Miss Identity Hop Skip Materialize Materialize 6

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