Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1948-05-05

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Alphabetical Index to Entries Admiral BUI 3dGS Alan P 8th Spt Alcan lsCD All Businesr2d Spt SptAll All Hostess 4th Pirn All In Fun 2d Pirn Alpho 2dPim Alrusha 4th CD Alsabs Day 5th CD American Way 3d Pirn Andy Handy 6th GS Andys Glory 6th Suf Another Bel 7th Su Ansted 8th Spt Anthracite 4th Pirn Atlantic City 4th CJD 6 6Barbara Barbara Rosa 1st C J3 Barolo 4th Pirn Barrage 6th Jam Bay Acre 8th C JD Be Sure 5th Jam Beau Briar 1st Pirn Beau Sweep lstSuf Beaukiss 7th CD Becky Murray 3d C JD Bee W Bee 4th Suf Ben DeHaven 1st Suf Bessie Vance 4th Spt Big Elm 8th Pirn Bills Pal 1st Jam Biltrite 2dJam Bimont 4th Jam Black Cat 3d Spt Black Dragon 3d CD Black Majesty 2d Pirn Black Tempest 2d GS Blarney 3d GS Bobalee 6th Suf Bold Dandy 4th Spt Bold Knot 5th Pirn Border Man 2d Spt Bowery Hall 7th GS Break Thru 1st Spt Bright Armor 4th Pirn Brilliant Jr 8th Spt Brother Henry 4th Pirn Brown Brush 1st Pirn Brown Vicar 3d CD Bubbling Easy 6th Spt Bucko 5th Pirn Bud West 2d Spt Bullish 6th C JD Burra Peg 1st GS Busyridge 2d Suf SufC SufCacique C Cacique 6th GS Caillou Rouge 5th Spt Cairness 1st Pirn Cake Walk 1st CJD Caltha 6th GS Canford 3d Pirn Captain Ruth 4th Spt Carmus 4th GS Carysfort 1st Suf Cathie Jean 6th Spt Catsmeow 3d GS Cave Canem 3d Jam Cecil 4th C JD Celtics 1st Suf Chaldeanr3d Jam Chall Reward 5th C JD Charioteer 2d Pirn Charmante 7th Jam Charsom 1st C JD Chin Whiskers 1st Spt ChrysDoll 4th GS Clip Clop 8th Suf Clyde T 2d Suf Comets Tail 7th Suf Contrasail 1st Jam Copy Boy 1st Pirn Coral Way 8th GS Cougar 6th Jam Count Discover 3d Suf Count Lovely 2d Suf Count Quick 3d Spt Countess In 7th C JD Covert Side 2d Pirn Credentials 2d Spt Crimson Tide 8th Spt Curtain Time 6th GS Curvageous 6th GS D DDangerAhead DangerAhead 5th Jam Danny J 5th GS Darby dAmour 5th GS Darby Diadem 1st GS Daring Mate 6th Suf Dauphinette 5th Jam Dawn o Peace 5th CJD Decision 1st Suf Delfeb 3d CJD Delia M 4th CJD Dell Maid 4th Suf Denagee 7th Pirn m Despite 3d Suf Dewpan 8th Spt Dicks Gal 6th CJD Directoire 6th Suf Dismal Key 6th GS v JDive Bomber 8th Spt Doctor Andy 3d GS Doctor X M 4th CJD Doit Easy 2dSuf Dolly Varden 7th GS Dolomite 2d Suf Double Brandy 5th Pirn Downey B IstPim Duggans Dew 3d Jam Dunder 7th GS D uolc 4th Spt Dusty 4th CD E EJSagle JSagle Look 7th CJD Easy Twist 3d Spt Edmos Carey 3d Suf Ellehcor 1st Jam I Energetic 7th Jam JEquirun 5th Pirn Jijgeron 5th GS Ermelia SdCi Esterita 4th GS Eternal Piety 1st Jam Ethel May B 1st Suf Ethelspick 1st Jam Euterpe 8th Pirn Expeditious 1st GS GSF F Fair Sand 1st Spt Fancy Flyer 7th CJD Fergies Maid 1st Spt Fighting Mac 1st Spt Fire Point 3d GS First Citizen 6th Jam Flares Durbar 4th Suf Flatbush 5th GS Fletter 5th CD Floating Isle 3d Pirn Florbond 2d Jam Fly Demon 3d Spt Flying Mile 3d GS Flying Tartar 2d GS Fonda 7th Jam Forethought 3d Suf FourThirty 4th Suf Frank Munns 7th Spt Fresh Breeze 8th Pirn Frozen Custard 5th GS GSG GSGal G Gal Nettie 5th Spt Gala Reigh 3d Pirn Gallant Hour 1st Spt Gay Mood 5th Jam Genancoke 3d Pirn George Corn 3d Pirn Georgie V 6th Spt Gerham 5th Suf Giant Servant 8th Spt Gigolbury 1st GS Ginargie 6th Pirn Glacial Run 7th GS Glenwood Boy 1st Suf Gloriana 6th Pirn Gold Call 2d Spt Golden Light 3d Jam Good Turn 6th Spt Grabure 8th Spt Gracie Son 5th Suf Grand Love 4th Spt Green Crystal 2d GS Grumpito 1st Jam Gypsy Actress 1st Spt SptH SptHaberdasher H Haberdasher 7th Jam Hair Stylist 1st Spt Hallzan 8th GS Halsickle 4th Spt Happy Pat 3d CJD Happy Pilot 2d Spt Hartley R 3d Spt Hasty Victory 4th Spt Hefty 6th GS Helen Dear 7th GS Henny Penny 6th Spt Henry Payne r2d Suf Hi Pi 8th Pirn High Trend 5th GS Hill Sun 8th Suf Hirta 6th GS HiyaSailor 1st Jam Holly Ridge 5th Jam Holt 3d CJD Hoseah 2dPim 2dPimIdio Idio 4th Pirn Ima Fastone 5th Suf Impatience 5th Spt Imperium 4th Pirn In Cohoots 8th GS In the Pink 6th Pirn Inscroll 8th GS Inverette 2d Spt Irisen 5th GS Irish Rogue 1st Pirn Itsabet 6th Pirn J JJacopoly Jacopoly 4th Jam Janes Patsy 2d Spt Jay Larking 8th Suf Jay Ray 1st Jam Jersey Isle 7th Jam Jig Time 2d Pirn Joeys Pal 7th Jam Joseph Jr 8th CD Joshua 4th Suf Joy n Judy 3d Spt Joyce W 4th Spt Just We Two 4th CJD CJDK CJDKeener K Keener 4th Spt Kiels Love 8th GS Kelspride 1st Suf KeweyDee 5th Suf Killeybegs 3d GS Kindly Miss 4tfi CD King Naaman 4th Pirn Klamath 2d Jam Knute 8th Suf Kohinbor 1st Pirn PirnL PirnLadies L Ladies Day 3d Spt Lady Carrie 6th Suf Lady Lureen 6th Spt Lady Saladin 1st CJD Ladys Orphan 5th Suf Lallyhoo 8th Pirn Laridn Sea 5th Suf Xjangniappe 3d GS Larkmead Andy 5th GS Larkmead Jane 7th Spt Large 3d Spt Last Show 4th Pirn Laurina 6th Jam Lawyer Slope 3d Spt Layaway 4th GS Leapolino 2d Stp Lesinian 7th GS Liberty Jr 1st Spt Light Carrier 4thSpt Lightning Bug1 1st Jam Linda Lea 4th GS Listen Tiger 7th GS LittltfActipn IstQiS JAtlle Bbbb 8tlfPim Little Gaucho 2d Jam Little Hare 2d Spt Little Pistol 1st Pirn Little Willie 7th GS Lock Like 1st Jam Longtide 2d GS Lord Bull 3d Jam Louisiana Bird 1st CJD Lovi Lovi 1st Pirn Lucky B 3d CD Lucky Colonel 7th Spt Lyds Boy 5thSpt LyttaJane 8th Spt SptM SptMadgescarlett M Madgescarlett 5th Spt Mae Agnes 7th Spt Maids Son 5th Pirn Major Jimmy 4th Spt Marian S 1st CD Marine Light 7th Jam Martal 6th GS Mary Ann 8th Pirn Mattie Girl 2d Jam Mel Hash 7th CD Mesmer 6th Jam Mess Boy 2tt Pirn Mia Mia 2d Suf Misguided 5th Jam Misleader 4th Jam Miss Blindfold 8th CD Miss Bobolink 1st Suf Miss Lovable 1st Pirn Miss Sal K 5th CD Miss Show Me 2d Spt Miss Walker 3d CD Montree 8th Spt MotherJDaisy 1st Pirn Mr Dumjohn 4th Suf Mr Tolson 6th Suf Mumbo Jumbo 3d Suf Musical Comedy 1st GS Musical Lady 5th Suf SufN SufNatural N Natural 3d Jam Navy Cross 6th CD Near Thing 5th Pirn Nebraska Cash 3d Spt Nine R Train 3d CD Non Ferro 3d Spt 0 0OK OK Ruby 4th Spt Offenbach 2d GS OffIslander 7th Pirn One Loch 1st Jam One Only 7th GS One Up 7th Pirn Orange Sun 2d Pirn Our Best 3d CD Our Birthday 1st Pirn Our Fleet 5th Jam Our John Wm 6th Jam Our Sensation 7th Pirn Outathisworld 1st Pirn Outrider 1st CD CDP CDPacolet P Pacolet 2d Suf Papa Redbird 7th CD Pappys Rebel 2d CD Paprika 4th CD PariChute 8th Suf PariJoe 8th Spt Parliament 5th Pirn Patience 1st Pirn Patricia B 8th CJD Peanuts Girl 8th GS Petrified 4th Spt Phara Surprise 7th Pirn Pharalus 7th Jam Picardy Belle 4th Jam Picnic Lunch 6th GS Picture Card 6th GS PipingTBy 5th Jam Pitfall 1st Jam Player Lee 1st GS Plunder 5th Jam PollyW lst CD Pomps Gal 6th Spt Port Chester 5th Suf PptLikker 2dGS Potowomut 6th Jam Prince Aumar 2d Pirn Prince Canter list Pirn Props 6th Jam Punctual 2dGS Quonset 8th Suf SufR SufReady R Ready Mix 3d GS Reaping Pam 2d Jam Reason 8th CD Record March 1st Spt Recovered 1st CD Red Flag 7th CJD Red Herring 6th Pirn Red Mars 3d CD Red Mist 1st Spt Red Scout 2d GS Red Sonnet 4th GS Red Stamp 6th Pirn PirnBed Bed Tag 4th Suf SufRegained Regained 2d Spt Respire 5th Suf Rewarder6th Spt Ring and Run 3d Suf River Bpyne 2d Pirn Rockwood Argo 7th Spt Rogu er2d Pirn Roman Holiday 8th GJS Rose Exhibit 8th Spt Rosemere Dee 7th Suf Rough News SthjSuf Roundeleer 2d CD Royal Factor 6th Jam Royal Favor 1st Pirn Royal = Scot 8th GS Royal Slam 2d CD Rustling Oaks 8th Pirn PirnS S Saint Nicholas 2d OJD SammiesImage 7stSpt Sarawak lst GS Sea Wolf 4th Jam Seely 5th CD Send Of f 7th Pirn SheDares 8th GS Shoe Buckle 5thGS Shore Patrol 4th GS Silver Money 8th Pirn Simple Simon 4th CD Sir Bob 7th Suf Sir Sprite 6th CD Sir White 6th Spt Skip Level 4th CD Skydue 1st CD Slamaranth 7th Pirn Slamish 8th GS Snifter 7th CD So Black 7th Suf Sobre Todos 2d GS Sole Parate 5th GS Some Bid 4th Spt Some Ending 1st Jam Son Charlie 3d Suf Southern Pride 6th CD Specialized 1st Spt Speedy iLee 6th CD Stalemate 2d Pirn Stork of Peace 2d Suf String Band 1st Spt Sugar Drop 2d Jam Sllgar Man 8th CD Sun Bud 4th Pirn Sun Ember 2d Jam Sun Jay 2d CD Sun Vigil 4th CJD Sunhelio 5th GS Supro 5th Suf Sweet Comet 3d CD Sweet Sara 3d Suf Swift Town 4th CJD Tacaro Briar 7th Pirn Taj Mahal 1st CJD Tanneke 5th Pirn Tea for Me 2dPim Tee Boy 5th Spt Terrific 5th Pirn Tetraf ettle 7th Suf The Barber 3d GJS The Dervish 7th Jam The Kicker 3d Jam Thorobelle 2d Spt Three Rings 6th GS Thunder Hoof 6th Spt Tiger Express 3d CJD Tiger Jlash 6th Suf Tillerette 7th Suf Tilleul 3d Jam Top Book 8th Spt Top Pilot 3d Jam Top Score 2dPim Topnard 2dSpt Total Victory 4th CD Town Guy 5th Spt Toy Bomb 2d Spt Transair 7th Pirn Tri Motor 1st Spt Trier 2d Pirn Truett 2d CJD Trumpeter 8th GS Tulco 4th CJD Turntable 8th Suf Twixt 8th SptT UncleDoc 7th Spt Unequaled 4th Suf Valley Trouble Sd Spt Vinita Marshal 1st Spt Vinita Sickle 3d Spt Vinita Rev 4th Spt Viva Teddy 4th GS W A Moore 8th Spt WHKelly 7th Suf Walloon 2dSpt War Edict 8th CD1 CD1xWar xWar Grief 8th Pirn Washburn 5th Spt Wenham 5th Pirn Westfield 4th CD White Face 3d GS Whyso 1st Spt Wing Messenger 7th Jam Wise Streak 1st Suf Wise Wonder lst CD Withastar 7th CD Wits End 4th G Wolf 8th Pirn Wonabet 8th GS Wongerra 4th Spt 1 Woodsman 8th Spt Wopllards Pet 3d Suf Wrightstown 4th GS Yaqui 8th Suf YleeBar SthSuf Your Sun 6th GS Zestful 1st Suf Zoriel 8th GS

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