Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1948-06-11

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSTrackman Trackman D S Fair Lincoln Fields at Washington Selections Made for Fast Track I RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS i Handy Lad HANDY LAD LADCherry Cherry Boy Handy Lad Handy Lad Handy Lad I Gold Proxy Cherry Boy Handy Lad Cherry Boy Cherry Boy Cherry Boy Thorobelle Gold Proxy Silver Mile Silver Mile Thorobelle Gold Proxy Sons Style Sons Style StyleLeapolino Sons Style Leapolino Sons Style Sons Style Politics Leapolino LeapolinoPolitics Leapolino Sons Style Masico Lad Leapolino Leapolino Politics Masico Lad Masico Lad Leapolino Masico Lad Tricky Deal Ettenan S Ettenan S Ettenan S Ettenan S Ettenan S Biffema Rem Rye Dizzy Gal Biffema Biffema Tricky Deal Marian S Kilayr Tricky Deal Rem Rye Rem Rye Biffema Pictoresaue Pictoresaue Play NettieGus Eda Gal Nettie Gus G Pictoresaue Outskirts Outskirts Gus G Pictoresaue Pictoresaue Gus G Gus G Kings Weapon Kings PictoresaueKings Weapon Play Eda Gal Nettie Play Eda Provocative DoughBonrilla Whirling Dough WHIRLG DOUGH Slick Pigeon Whirling Dough Whirling Dough Bonrilla Bonrilla I Whirling Dough BonrillaProvocative Provocative Galloway Galloway One Atom Roscoe Goose I Enchanting One Atom WISKTIGER Wisktiger I t Brown Dame Darby Dimout I Darby Dimout Rewarder Cid Play PlayI Cid Play I My Star Stari My Star i Luxembourger Sugar Lump Trackman H J McGuire Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST f HAH LAP CONSENSUS Anako Total Victory VictoryAnako Yukon Yukon Yukon Yukon 1 1Total Yukon Anako Gremy Sun Fly Total Victory Total Victory i iAnako Sun Fly AnakoGremy Gremy Total Victory Gremy Sun Fly Anako 7 t Menotnow El Osuna OsunaMenotnow MENOTNOW Menotnow Menotnow Menotnow MENOTNOWAguilucho El Osuna Menotnow Aguilucho El Osuna El Osuna El Osuna Canopus MenotnowCleaned Cleaned El Osuna Aguilucho Cleaned Aguilucho Miss Nap Gay Madelyn Our Reauest Miss Nap Gay Madelyn MadelynMirosie Gay Madelyn I Oleander Oleander Relic Daze Gay Madelyn Mirosie MirosieOleander Miss Nap Our Reauest Miss Nap Never Want Oleander Oleander Our Reauest i i MaLio Nodin Deanna Judy Dare Mauo MaLio 1 1Deanna Deanna Deanna Chillia Queen Nodin Nodin Deanna Bolesteq Chillia Queen Nodin Deanna i Chillia Queen Nodin Madgescarlett Play Again Madgescarlett SettooMadgescarlett Settoo Madgescarlett Madgescarlett MadgescarlettElderbrook Elderbrook Madgescarlett Elderbrook Madgescarlett Elderbrook Settoo i iElderbrook ElderbrookSettoo Sunday Beau Grand Canal Settoo Dear Doggie Dear Doggie Elderbrook i DIAMOND DICK DICKI Diamond Dick Diamond Dick DIAMOND DICK DICKTulachmore Crack Reward DIAMOND DICK 26 26Crack I Crack Reward Crack Reward Crack Reward Tulachmore Diamond Dick Crack Reward 1 ° Bellbrook Rippling Sand Bellbrook Crack Reward Bellbrook Bellbrook Bel Stock SIR SFIC SFICDora Sir Spic Sir Spic SIR SPIC SPICSues Sir SPIC 1 1Bel Dora B BSues Dora B Sues Special Bel Stock Sues Special Bel Stock Sues Special Bel Stock DoraB Sues Special Bel Stock Sues Special Cadet Dick Cadet Dick Cadet Dick Cadet Dick Cadet Dick Cadet Dick Reno Uptart Plorizan Sam Oriskany Reno Uptart Oriskany Oriskany OriskanyReno Oriskany Reno Uptart Florizan Sam Oriskany Pegasus Reno Uptart Trackman C J Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Mop Up Print Print Holly Ridge Print Promotion New Hope Print New Hope Holly Ridge Annies Choice Evas Toy Paddleduck Magic Mirror Paddleduck White Lady Keep Watch White Lady Magic Mirror Paddleduck Beausy Paddleduck Blue Egret Magic Mirror Army Power Black Ned Army Power Uranium n Albatross Albatross Black Ned Black Ned Black Ned Uranium n Uranium n Albatross Stone Hill Phantom Fleet Empty Noose Empty Noose Phantom Fleet Empty Noose Transatlantic Phantom Fleet Transatlantic Transatlantic Phantom Fleet Transatlantic SWAP OUT OUTEnnobled SWAP OUT OUTEnnobled SWAP OUT OUTEnnobled ENNOBLED Ennobled Ennobled Ennobled Swap Out Gray Charmer Option Option Option Lucky Devil Quite Alone Lucky Devil Quite Alone The Dervish King Rhymer Miss Reauest King Rhymer Ready Jack Miss Request Quite Alone The Dervish Mesl Snow Boots Master Mind Caifero Pujante Danada Red Snow Boots Snow Boots East Light Master Mind Pujante Danada Red Alex Barth Mighty Master Mighty Master Stan Tracy Mighty Master Picardy Belle Picardy Belle Alex Barth Stan Tracy Alex Barth Alex Barth Mighty Master Trackman E P Heagerty Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast TracV RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS i Handy Man Handy Man Handy Man ManGrabro Award Handy Man Handy Man ManAward 4 Little Hatchet Grabro Grabro GrabroAbbottstown Abbottstown Eagle Speed Award Eagle Speed Little Hatchet Abbottstown Handy Man Mi Scandal AwardGrabro Grabro My Year Cuban Bill Cuban Bill Cuban Bill Cuban Bill Cuban Bill Cuban Bill Next Time Next Time Next Time Rough Swallow My Year Rough Swallow My Year My Year Paramount Next Time Next Time Oresandy Oresandy Oresandy OresandyI Oresandy ORESANDY Oresandy Sure Count Sure Count I Dream I Dream Sure ORESANDYSure Count Sure Count Baby Pauly I Dream Doctor Andy Doctor Andy I Dream I Dream i Galaman Burgette GalamanBarola Galaman Galaman Pancho Supreme SupremeGalaman Galaman Ohe Hitter One Hitter Barola BarolaBurgette One Hitter Galaman Burgette Barolo Galaman Burgette Burgette Barolo GalamanBarolo One Hitter Dog OSullivan OSullivanHighfortidies Dog OSullivan OSullivanHighfortidies Highfortidies Dog OSullivan Dog OSullivan OSullivanHighfortidies Dog OSullivan OSullivanHighfortidies Highfortidies Highfortidies Dog OSullivan Whipsaw OSullivanWhipsaw Highfortidies Highfortidies HighfortidiesWhipsaw HighfortidiesEnon WhipsawHighfortidies HighfortidiesWhipsaw HighfortidiesWhipsaw Whipsaw Enon Enon Highfortidies Whipsaw Whipsaw INDIAN CALL CALLReno INDIAN CALL CALLReno INDIAN CALL CALLReno Indian Call Indian Call INDIAN CALL CALLReno Reno Ultimate Reno Ultimate Reno Ultimate Reno Ultimate Reno Ultimate Reno Ultimate Poi Innersole Poi Gay Judy Poi Poi Fresh Breeze Coral Way Princess Gala Princess Gala Betty OHerron Princess Gala i Orange Sun Sugar Pete Fresh Breeze Bettv OHerron Coral Way Coral Way Betty OHerron Fresh Breeze Spring Gal Coral Way Little Minn Fresh Breeze i Mirad Spanish Uhl Spanish Uhl LICTOR Lictor Lictor I Second Try Lictor Second Try Red LICTORRed Scout LictorBronze Bronze Medal Sjanish Uhl Pot Likker Riar Red Lictor Bronze Medal Pot Likker Mirad Trackman A E Brown Park Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST CONSENSUS I Miss Sippi Escort Vegas Wheel Escort j Blue Serge Blue Serge Handsome Bill EscortVegas Vegas Wheel 1 I Handsome Bill Handsome Bill Escort Handsome 1Handsome Bill Cake Walk Safe Bet Miss OGiftie Safe Bet I Jinkytown JinkytownMiss Miss OGiftie Spouting Rock Miss OGiftie 1 Miss OGiftie Cake Walk Mirage Spouting Rock Adorable Bolo Tommil Tom TomComisario Comisario Tommil Tom Tommil Tom Comisario Jet Power Comisario Sassy Chick Bubbins ComisarioBubbins Tommil Tom Adorable Bolo 7 I MUMBO JUMBO MUMBO JUMBO JUMBOChalk MUMBO JUMBO JUMBOChalk MUMBO JUBO 24 24Chalk 1 Micky Q QChalk Chalk ChalkRiver Chalk Chalk 15 15Micky Chalk Micky Q River Breeze Micky Q 4 Hydrant Red Herring Shiny Penny Shiny Penny Ariel Actress Shiny Penny Hydrant Red Herring Lady Phara Hydrant Red Herring Hydrant Outlander Edmo CareyOutlander s Carey Sea Detail Edmos Carey Edmos Carey Outlander Outlander Outlander Hot Time Telbeda OutlanderTelbeda Hot Time Mountain Time Unknown Reward Headline Headline Headline I g Sunder Open Palm Unknown Reward Unknown Rewd 1 Four Tens Broadloom Hy Rickey Broadloom Flos Herbert Flos Herbert HerbertGeronimo Punctual Flos Herbert i Cravache GeronimoDiatribe Geronimo Flos Herbert Punctual L i Sunspark Diatribe Valdina Perion Valdina LValdina Perion

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1940s/drf1948061101/drf1948061101_7_1
Local Identifier: drf1948061101_7_1
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800