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TURF REPORTERS SPECIAL R. SIB, 89 Dearborn Street, Chicago. Mondays Special: 14-26-13-23-30-6-22-8. Entry List: 803-810-812-813-814-815-821-852-854-857-862-863-866. , THE AOVAMK AUK NT for 00 a month will give you a larger percentage of horses in the money every week at good prices than any other weekly publication Atk your friend, who ha* one if it is not true Send 50 centa for one weeks trial and my proposition, the bent out for responsible parties. II J JlLVI-STEAD, 8.|te M4, Ley.1 C«.,d Bid*., Iletralt. Mich" 1 , SHENKtES BUSINESS METHOD S A SHENKLE. 36, 84 WASHINGTON ST.. CHICAGO. ILLINOIS. 0. I I | I I I 3. J l| , I J | I •■ S 1 1 i I ; I 1 I I I y ! II II I J I I I 1 1. | I I I 1 . , , I t | | I j , « i J T YANKEE GIRL I ■ • I j Winner of the City Park Derby j I ■ § ■k I was our one best bet and occa- # , sional special Saturday. We sent 8 n I this one lo hundreds of clients all X I over the country as the biggest • ! cinch of the year. • I [ For Thursday we have another • 1 especially prepared good thing S I that will get the money. Z E Also the winner of the Crescent S City Derby, that is to be run next • J Saturday, at a good price. This • ! 1 one will run over the field, like 2 1 Yankee Girl did, when the boy ■ . turns his head lose. # ! , 1 1 X I j ! Rush in your orders at j [of j ] once if you want to get I 1 J I ! aboard two of the best _ i I 1 J I I aa___ mm i M I I ! things of the week. . . . f I I j 1 1 — Z | E I 1 Our terms for this service, including S J , ¥ 4 our betting system, is S I i! Per Week I ONE HORSE A DAY I !» 1 i isend I REYNOLDS ii CO., I | j 308 Wells Fargo Bldg., | C jj » j P ! New Orleans, La. | P I | | » I , , ] Consideration,! , 3-2, WON « WAS LESTERS SPECIAL SATURDAY. 4 FRIDAY S BEST BET WAS: « HAPPY JACK II., 12-1, Won j The above winner- were naadH sal by BILL f LESTER to win and win only. f Monday ,we nare s«i anstner -im-ii tnat snsnM J 1 aii ju i as easily ns tke .-iiM.vt- good nines iM last £ week. J | BILL LESTER and CO. I 2 Suite 37. 90 La Salle Street. Chicago, III. I 1 Te/. Main 2928. : : Owners and Trainers J Daily, or 0 for 8 Guaranteed Winners. = j , i I -1 * = FOREIGNER, 13-5, WON J wa otir s-pecial for Wednesday. On March 5th SPIDER WEB, 17-1, WON J T was the only horse sent ont by n . SPECIAL WEDNESDAY that should win as easily as Spider Web did for ir our clients. We will make yon winner. A TKIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU. . .0» Daily, or Four Gunrnntaad Winners, S5.00. ONLY ONE HORSE DAILY No More. RICH and CO., SUITE305, 1016 WALN UT STREET, , • KANSAS CITY, MO. " ~ ■, YANKEE GIRL 7-1 WON was the only horse sen! •»nt to nr clients Batnrdny. We sottted ;ill i m- eastomers taal we sroaH save ,. MM u inner .1 the Derby. We deliver the goods. No hot air. We will sate .n1 teas shots this week, li you wish to BMKC ■ •kmI winning, try us this week. ONE HORSE DAILY. .00 Daily. .00PerWcek. . THE WESTERN, 84 WASHINGTON ST., ROOM 14B :: ;; CHICAGO, ILL. j 1 : • • LONGSHOT FREE! In latest quotations for the Brooklyn this horse was 100 to 1. but there will be h bis eut when I have told J a tew Rood l«ettors what I know. Write me bow much you will bet and what share vou will Rive me | and if I think ynu are the kind of a bettor Hint will profit by what I know about this horse I will I semi you all the facts without Charge, JOHN W. DOYLE, 6ra.esend, L. I , New York • J .00 —ONE HORSE WIRE .00 A . LINDSEY. RAPPAHANNOCK, WON Friday ALLONBY, scratched Saturday I bare another ?ood one for Monday that will win as easily as Rappahannock did Fridav. Monev rheeitully refunded if this one does not "finish one two at a jtixh! price. A. LINDSEY, 70 Fifth Ave., Cigar Store. r«c"»ved bv "IH nroniptlv amwered. ■■■■■■■■ TKKMS: .00 DA1LV 00 WREKLV. ; ; WHAT THE EUNNIKO HORSES DID IN 1906. A complete record of the performaneea and winnings of all horses racing last year. Price . Dally Racing form Publishing- Co 124 rifHi A venae. Chicago, III. T I ■ • I j I ■ § ■k # 8 n • • X ! I • S Z S E • • ! 2 ■ # ! . , X I j [of I 1 J iNOXALL SYSTEM The ROXAIX Rim copvrlghted Isthe best turf system ever devised. ;ooi on a Winter track as during the reKuIar season. If vou are a LOSH it "" IfZ -v,,,i t" Ret the Noxall System. It has SOI.VKD the problem of "How to bent the races ** The MlXAI.h SVHTKM Is not a scheme. Jj standard piildicntion in book form. ONLY CHAR-K ANTEKD SVS1KM sold. Like any article of RKAb merit, advertises itself. TRACK, POOLROOM OR HANDBOOK with en.ua] results. Selects plays from the entries. This system has received nothing hut favorable com-f incuts from those who have purchased it. Hundreds of unsolicited testimonials expressing great satisfaction. A positive WINNER. The system does not play very race. An average of eisht plavs a week. No tips, handicapping1 or doping" required. Not complicated, but easy to operate. Bit; RESULTS Obtained from SMALL CAPITAL. UNLIKE any Other system: new theory: new thoughts; new ideas. KREATEST winning system. Will do more for vou than all selections, information, handicapping and tips combined. A positive fact. WRITE FOR FREE BOOKLET. Tells all about It and what It will do. Only svstem sold with a guarantee. Purchase money at the end .Mi days trial if a loss is shown. This alone precludes the NOXALL SYSTEM from being a scheme. Investigate at once by writing for par- NOXALL SYSTEM. GRAVESEND, N. Y. i I 1 J M I f I I j Z | E J , ¥ 4 I I !» isend | C jj P » j P I | | , Mar. 11 — FltoVTKNAC . . . . n- won else giving lackey who would ride. Mar. 14 JKNKVA i_] won Mar. 13 ROYAL RIVER . . . y-5 « on Mar. 15 GAMARA 10-1 3rd A bad tide only lost us this race. The above were our Goodthings we Advertised: mi ice March 2. with our Refund Special, Planute, to 1, second. SUBSCRIBE NOW! to Our One-Horse Daily Wire of this Sterling Track Into, and the information already u hand tot this week. MONDAY: DONT MISS IT! This one will enable vou to gel ■ bank roll to in on Our Specially Prepped Goodthings like tue above for WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY and SATURDAY, MAR. 23. These, like Frontenac and Royal River, vou can again bet your limit on. As time and time again we have proven that we know when they are Fit anil Out to Win. and to show yon we are right, we will Bire v.. ii these three Goodthings for .00. Should v.iti he loser on these three, we will give you our nel two specials FREE of any charge. Remember: We show the track wire of the horse you play. Terms: N for 1 day, for 6 days. Suite 315, 167 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. THE B. B. INFO CO. ™-LlBa « 4 « j f f J 1 £ J | I I 2 1 J = 13-5, Lost • [Telescope, was our Daily One Horse Wire Saturday. 1 THREE I I | WINNERS 1 .00 | ■ ! | ONE HORSE A DAY. T. C. WOOD and CO., j 59 Dearborn Street. Chicago, III. i i ESTABLISHED 1904. J J T ir . • , THE MILLER SYSTEM the mm wonderful winning system ever devised. If i loss can be shown alter thirty days trial, your Money will be refunded. Think ot" a system which ran be played without tear of losing your capital. It has licen in Betas 1 Operation tor more than one proof that it has been "INVALLIBLB." The ryear: MILLER SYSTEM is different from any system over advertised. Vou are safeguarded in every possible way; no wondering if your i-apiial will withstand ■ bad run. The MILLER SYSTEM meets every con-tiBgenry with ease. The largest outsianding amount; i ei for stare January l was .$."..1. n ess be played at track, haadhook, or pootroosa. Head for psrtlralam al enee, and start the season off right at DSNMIMG. C. S. MILLER, ROOM 8. 45 LA SALLE STREET. CHICAGO. " ~ ,. . Grand Derby Special STARTS NEXT SATURDAY! Will n inil.nise you on Hie $:. scut us and a straight bet if he dees sat aria With Our Information! Vou can depend as lin~ burse to eassc home with the long end of the purse at good odds. Limited to 150 Orders. CJOOD ONE TODAY AND WEDNESDAY! Remit by post office, express, or telegta|»h money order to E. LllOMMIDEAL and. CO., Chicago. III. Room 5. 45 La Salle Street. Tel. Main 1769 J | I Turf Exchange YPSILANTI, MICH. TRAINS LEAVE ■ MICHIGAN CENTRAL DEPOT, Detroit, AT 1:00 AND 1:40 P. M. Wonderful Winning System A cool, conservative method of playing the races wherein success is assured. You are fully protected against •overhettinjr." It is simple, easv. requires only a limited capital and no knowledge of horses or handicapping. I guarantee that any man can, with five minutes study each day, play and win. For further particulars address, L R. WARN, 2719 St. Philips St., NEW ORLEANS, LA. ; National Racing Review No. 137 Uoain *T 71 Vearbora Street CHICAGO, ILL Yesterdays Special, POLLY PRIM. 4 to 1, Won. Yesterdays One-Horse Wire, G0LDPK00F. 6 to " S. Won. ■ .00 Per Week. iUBSCHIBE FOB DAILY RACING FORM.

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