Brooklyn, Suburban and Brighton: All the High-Class Horses of the Time Engaged in the Big Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1908-01-10


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B A i j; i .! in it i n I t G n i 1 ,i i . I I : i =i t i 1 i I I BROOKLYN. SUBURBAN AND BRIGHTON, f All the High-Class Horses of the Time Engaged in the Big Handicaps. 0 One. two or three more belated nominations may drift in. but substantially the entries to the three zreat handicaps, the Brooklyn. Suburban and Brighton, have been received. Numerically there is a _ .lecided falling off from last year, but this is not the least to be regretted. All that has been lost quantity has been more than gained in quality. There is the possibility of remarkable contests in each, with truly great race horses in magnificent conflict. With such older horses as Salvidere, Nealon. Charles Edward. Dandelion. De Mund. Dr. Gardner. McCarter. Running Water. Ballot. Siqier- ■ man. Glorilier. Jack Atkiti. Montgomery. Cottontown. I iiiflemau. Cold Lady. Frank Gill. Electioneer. Tony a a Faust. Sir Huon. Inferno. Blue Book. Lane Allen a of and such prospective crack three-year-olds as foliu, h Cade, King James. Nolasulga. Cohort. Falcada. o of Pair Play. Firestone. Lawrence P. Daley. Jim 1 lafTney, Royal Tourist. Celt. Restigouche, Master n Robert. Hessian. Stanley Fay. Running Account, o :olonel Bob. Spooner, Beaucoup. Ben Fleet and f Vleelick to consider. Mr. Voshurgh has as difficult t ind interesting problems to dispose of as ever fell v to him in the course of his long experience as Ii handicapper for the Jockey flub. It is certainly b hard to recall a year in which so many really high-lass horses were engaged as in 1908. and it may be I ■at down iu advance that big fields are almost cer- | tain to go to the past in each of the big races. t Last year the Brooklyn Handicap had seventy- v four entries, the Suburban eighty-four and the h Brighton seventy-eight. With a remote possibility r af a few more coming iu. the entries to the three t aces lor ;his year are as follows: t Brooklyn Handicap. Horse. Age. Horse. Age. Salvidere 4 Running Water 5 t King James 3 Flimnap B ., Kercheval ." Royal Tourist 3 Nealon ." Westbury 4 Charles Kdward 4 Ballot 4 i Running Account. ... 3 Superman 4 Don Enrique 4 Oretna Green 4 Notasulga 3 Colin 3 t ohort 3 Celt 3 i Lane Allen ~ Transvaal 3 Dandelion 0 Restigouche 3 W. H. Daniel 4 Sir Huon ." $ Berkeley 4 Master Robert 3 c Blue Book 4 Fair Play 3 Falcada 3 Faust ._, . 4 ■ Don Creole 4 Rifleman 4 Cottontown 5 W. H. Carey ." i Senator Clay 4 Old lhjiesty 4 Lawrence P. Daley.. 3 Olorifier 0 i: a Minnie Adams . Imi of Ijingden 4 De Mund 4 Tony Faust 4 , Jim Oaffney 3 Montgomery 4 Dr. Oardner ." 1ncle 3 McCarter 4 Firestone 3 ha seaway 4 Jack Atkiu 4 Suburban Handicap. Horse. Age. Horse. Age. | Nealon .1 Dr. Garduer •" Ballot 4 Running Water 5 Colin 3 W. H. Carey 5 Elllsdale 4 Ellicott 4 Westbury "4 Transvaal " , Cottontown " Lane Allen 4 Lawrence P. Daley.. 3 Timber S Salvidere 4 Tourenne 4 i Jim OafTney 3 Bedouin 0 Hessian 3 Bine Book 4 McCarter 4 Falcada 3 Charles Edward 4 Chaseaway 4 Supermau 4 inferno tj Celt 3 Don Eurique 4 1ountainbhie 4 Fair Play 3 I Royal Tourist 3 Faust 4 Senator Clay 4 Areite 4 Beauclerc 4 Sir Huon ." Dandelion Johnny Lyons 3 Dp Mund 4 Durante 3 Master Robert 3 Jack Atkin 4 Rifleman 4 Lad of Langden 3 Running Acotuit 3 Glorifler •« Gretna Green 4 Old Honesty 4 Restigouche 3 Montgomery 4 Cold Early 4 Firestone 3 Frank 819 4 Edwin Cum ." Electioneer 4 Tony Faust 4 King James 3 Stanley Fay 3 W. H. Daniel 4 Uncle 3 Brighton Handicap. Horse. Age. n« rso. Age. Aster dOr ." Running Water r Ballot 4 Salvidere 4 Beaucoup 3 Senator flay 4 Bedouin 6 Spooner I Ben Fleet 3 Superman 4 Blue Book 4 Timber .". felt 3 Tourenne 4 Charles Kdward 4 Transvaal »1 Chaseaway 4 W. H. Daniel 4 Cohort 3 Rifleman 4 Colin 3 Sir Huon .". Dandelion « Areite 4 Don Creole 4 folonel Bob 3 Don Enrique .. 4 Dr. Malhews 3 Dr. Oardner ." Dick Fiunell 4 Ellisdale 4 Fair Play 3 Fountainblue 4 Master Robert •" Frank Oill 4 Kercheval ." Cold Lady 4 Firestone 3 lowan 3 Centre Shot 3 Gretna Orecu 4 Edwin Cum 3 Hessian •"■ Stanley Fay 3 Inferno I Montgomery 4 King James 3 Tony Faust 4 Lane Alien .. I nele 3 Lawrence I. Daley . 3 Meelick 3 McCarter 4 Jack Atkin 4 Nealon ." Old Honesty 4 Restigouche 3 Glorifler f Royal Tourist 3 Dora lite 3 Running Account .... 3 Of the foregoing those nominated to all three of the big races are Nealon. Ballot. Colin. Lawrence P. Daley Salvidere. McCarter. Charles Edward. Sii|vi felt. Royal Tourist. Senator flay. Dandelion. Master Kohert. Rifleman. Sir Baa, Old Honesty. Running Account. Oretna Orccii. Restigouche. King James. W. H. Daniel. Dr. Gardner. Running Water. Jack Atkin. Firestone, Transvaal. Continued on second page. BROOKLYN. SUBURBAN AND BRIGHTON. Conl inncd from first page. Lane Allen. Blue Book. Chaseaway, Fair Tlay, Glori-licr. Montgomery. Tony Faust and 1ncle. Tho- ■ named in the Brooklyn and not in the Suburban are: Oofeort, 1km Creole, Kercbeval. Don , r.nti.p... WUtasnften, P.crkelcy. Minnie Adanis and llimnap. and - in Hie Brooklyn and not in Ike Brighten are Wcstbury. Cottontown. Jim Gaffney. Faust. Lad of Langd-n. De Mund. W. H. Carey. Falc-i.Ia. Hon Fnriquc. Nolasulga. Berkeley, Minnie » Adams and Flimnap. The Siil.iirlian has the following ones not in the • 111 — l| ■ llandieap: Fllisdale, Hessian. Johnny Lyons, F.dwin :iun. Founlainblile. Beauelere, IHi- - - - ranlc. Gold Lady, Frauk Gill. EleclioneeT. Arcitc P Ellicot:. Tinilier. Tourennc, Bedouin, Inferno, Dm I Enrique and Stanley Fay. J TIiomc in lh« Suburban and not in the Brighton -• Handicap arc: Westbury, Cottontown, Jim Gaff- 7: ney, Faust, Johnny Lyons, Lad of Langden. Beau- i, clere. De Mund. Gold Lady. Electioneer. W. H. ij Carey. Ellicott and Faleada. The Brighton Handicap differs from the Brooklyn : the following horses: Frank Gill, Timber. A. rounlainblue, Fllisdale. Toureiine. Inferno, Spnoaer, h Ileaucoiip. Ben Fleet, Cowan, Asler d»r. Gold Lady. J Hick Finnell, Colonel Bob, Centre Shot and Dr. t| Mathews. ■ It also contains the following names not found in the Suburban: Bnoencr, Beaucoup, Ben Fleet. : Cohort. l on Creole, Gowan, Aster dOr, Gold Lady. ? 7 Dick Finnell. Colonel Bob, Kercbeval, Centre Shot , ami Dr. Mathews. i

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