Burns Handicap Nominations: Brilliant Array of Swift and Staying Racers Entered in Californias Greatest Race, Daily Racing Form, 1908-11-13

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BURNS HANDICAP NOMINATIONS. Brilliant Array of Swift and Staying Racers Entered in Californias Greatest Race. From its institution the Burns Handicap has been the most important race annually run in California. When it was founded tho Brooklyn and Suburban Handicaps wore each of !the guaranteed value of S10.000. so the Burns was made of the same value and remained a 0,000 stake, with a net value to f the winner of 1908.sh,850. until the present time. But in preparing its stake list for tho meeting of 190S-9 the California Jockey Club changed the Burns from a 0,000 guaranteed stake to one with 0,000 added and by this simple expedient so increased its value that when it again comes up lor decision it is quite probable the winners portion will le fully 5 000. This makes it, as matters are now. the tno3t important handicap, not alone in California. Imt of the American turf of 1909. It will be run January 30 next. There will be no Brighton Handicap next year, and even If the Brooklyn and Suburban Handicaps are run it is quite certain that tbev will be at such reduced values as to make them much, inferior to the Burns in that respect. In view of its enhanced value and Importance it Continued on second pace. BURNS HANDICAP NOMINATIONS, Continued from first page. was to be expected that all of the cracks of winter racing would be found in its entry list, and so they are. This years winner. Montgomery. Is in. and so is Clamor, which ran second to him. Montgomery has a formidable association of stablemates entered in King James. Uncle. Meelick. Dandelion. Tony Faust Fitz Herbert. Peter Quince. Restigouche. An-gelus. Nealon. Woodcraft. Rapid Water. Veil and Joe Madden, quite a wonderful aggregation of past and present equine greatness. The winner of the Empire City Handicap. Pinkola. is nominated, and with him the crack two-year-old. Friend Harry. Barney Scbreibers great horse. Jack Atkin. is an aspirant to be feared, and in Big Chief and Firestone President Williams has two high-class representatives. Besides these Gowan, Lawrence P. Daley, Neva Lee, Jack Nunnally. Royal Tourist. Westbury, Jim Gaffney. Glorio. Dorante. Listowel. Old Timer. Fern L.. Mtlford. Frank Flittner. Down-Patrick. Stanley Fay and Edwin Gum are all horses of high speed and renown, to say nothing of others but little inferior by the record. Last year the Burns had 11 G nominations. This year it has but ninety-nine. But when it comes to considering the class of horses of the two rears the comparison is immensely in favor of the Burns of 1909. The conditions of the race and the nominations are as follows, the ages given being those of the present year: A handicap for two-year-olds and upward at time of closing. Subscription 0 each; 30 additional for horses not declared out by 4 p. m. on second day following announcement of weights: 100 additional for starters. 0,000 added, of which ,000 to second and ,000 to third. Weights to be announced five days prior to the race. Winners of other than a selling purse after the announcement of weights, to carry 5 lbs. extra; if handicapped at less than weight for age, 7 .lbs. extra. One mile and a quarter. Owner. Color and Sex. Horse. Age. Alvey. E.. ch. g Pinkola 3 Alvey, E.. ch. c...... ........Friend Harry 2 Baldwin. E. J., b. c Del Cruzador 2 Baldwin. E. J., br. h Lisaro r Bedwell. H. G.. br. h Von Tromp 0 Bowman. Charles, b. h Colonel Jack 4 Brandt, ,H. R., b. g Philander 4 Caffrey, James, ch. f Gowan 3 Cahill. William and Co.. b. c.Smiley Corbett 3 Chinn. P. T.. b. h Go Between , 7 Chinn. P. T.. ch. h Astronomer 5 Cook. Fred. blk. c Lawrence P. Daley. 3 Cook. Fred. ch. g Johnnie Blake 3 Cook. Fred. b. g Missouri Lad 5 Cook. Fred. b. c Andy Ginter 2 Cook. Fred. blk. c... ...... ...Joe Nolan 2 Cook, Fred. b. f Anna L. Daley .... 2 Daly. M. J., br. c Nebulosus 3 Davis. N. B.. b. h Water Lake 5 Dayton, A. F.. ch. m Neva Lee C Dayton, A. F ch. g. Jack Nunnallv 4 Ellison. C. It., b. c Royal Tourist 3 Ellison. C. R.. b. c Temaceo 4 Ellison, C. It., b. g Don Enrique 4 Ellison, C. R.. b. g Westbury 4 Emery. S.. b.- g Arasee . 3 El Nido Stable. br. c Sewell 4 El Nido Stable, ch. h Cello 5 Ezell. L. H.. b. g .Tea Tray II 4 Farrell. Frank, b. c Jim GaJTuey 3 Tine. W. P.. br. c Glorio 3 Fleur de Lis Stable, b. c Early Tide 3 Fleur.de .Lis Stable, blk. f. .-Fantastic 4 Forsytbe. F. A., b. c Dorante , 3 Owner, Color and Sex. Horse. Age. Fountain. D. S.. b. f Lady Alicia 4 Hawke. William, br. h Cigarllghter C Hawke. William, b. g Legatee G Hayes, M. J., b. g Listowel 2 Hlldreth. S. C. ch. c Montgomery 4 Hlldreth. S. C. br. c King James 3 Hlldreth. S. C. ch. h Dandelion G Hlldreth. S. C, br. c Tonv Faust ... 4 Hlldreth. S. C. br. c Fitz Herbert 2 Hlldreth. S. C. ch. c Peter Quince 3 Hlldreth. S. C. blk. g Restigouche 3 Hiidreth. S. C. br. g Angelus 3 Hlldreth. S. C. br. h Nealon 5 Hlldreth. S. C. ch. c Uncle 3 Hlldreth. S. C. ch. c Meelick 3 Hiidreth. S. C. b. g Woodcraft 3 Hiidreth. S. O.. b. h Rapid Water 7 Hiidreth, S. C. b. f Veil 4 Hlldreth. S. C ch. c . Joe Madden 2 Hoag. H. W. and Co.. ch. m..Logistilla 0 Holland. J. L.. br. c Old Timer 3 Gaines, C. R. and Co., blk. f.. Black Dress 3 Jackson. A. J., b. g Joe Coyne 5 Jackson. A. J., br. f Fern L . 3 Johnson. D. C. b. c Milford 3 Johnson and Dodson. ch. f Columbia Maid 3 Keene. J. O. and G. H., ch. g. Clamor 4 Keene. J. O. and G. IL. ch. m.Red Leaf 0 Keene. J. O. and G. H.. br. g.-Boggs 3 Keene. J. O. and G. H.. b. g...No Rule 2 Keene. J. O. and G. H.. b. c... Rabelais 2 Lee. L. T. and Son. b. f Desirous 3 Lee. L. T. and Son. b. g Blagg 4 Los Angeles Stable, ch. h... Frank Flittner .... 5 McLaughlin. C. A., b. c .Kamsack 4 Mllden. F. H.. ch. c Sir John 2 Napa Stock Farm.-br. c Torbelllno 2 Napa Stock Farm. b. f Cotytto 2 Paulson. J. W.. b. c Palo Alto 2 Polk. Stuart, ch. h Dixie Lad 6 Orangevale Stable, ch. g Black Mate 4 Ormondale Stable, ch. c Middie 2 Ramsey. E. J., ch. g Nadzu 4 Reif. George, ch. c Mirzer 3 Reif. George, ch. g John Louis 3 Ryan. T. II.. b. h Downpatrick G Ryan. T. II.. ch. g Roman Wing 3 Schreiber. 11.. b. c Jack Atkin 4 Schreiber. 15.. b. e Emperor William .. 2 Schreiber. B.. b. g Banridge 3 Schreiber. B. and Co.. br. g Animus 4 St Vincent. William, b. g....T. C. Clem 5 Stevens. T. H., br. f Clovne 3 Summers, G. and Co., ch. g...Dominus Arvl 4 Summers. G. and Co.. b. g George Kismet 2 Thomas. R. L., ch. c Light Wool 4 Thomas. R. L.. b. g Gbldway 5 Walker. William, b. c Stanley Fay 3 "Walker. William, ch. li Edwin Gum 5 Williams. T. II., ch. c Firestone 3 Williams. T. H.. ch. c Big Chief 3 Williams, T. II.. ch. h Ramus 5 Williams. T. H., b. c Mi Derecho 2 Williams. T. H.. br. c El Picaro 2 Wright and Offutt. ch. g Maltbie 3

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