Entries for the Latonia and Douglas Park Stakes Foreshadow a Brilliant Racing Season in Kentucky, Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-16


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.» ENTRIES FOR THE LATONIA AND DOUGLAS PARK STAKES FORESHADOW A BRILLIANT RACING SEASON IN KENTUCKY . — -— _ j- i i I i , I ! i ■ ] j i , Cincinnati. .. March io -Evidences continue t-. multiply thai Kentuekj ;- to Is live scene during Ihe couilng spring ami summer of the most brilliant irniiiu ever eujoyed in 1 1 • i — section irf the i-ounlry. lieneral Manager John Hachsaeisier today gave out inlm ni.-ii ion concerning ihe entries In the recewtlj i-loseil -take- of tin- Ibutgln* Park Jockej Club ami ill, l.aioiiia. Jocke.i Iluh ihai hears out Ihe Idea formed when the condition* of these rich events were announced a in.lill. or no ago lllal the iien.i of Amerli-an tboruugbbreds would In- found in actbii on iln- Kentuck] circuit his season. The stake* ;■■ In- run at both Kentucky tracks over who e destinies Mr. Hachmelster presides nlleil womh-i lully well. both in regard io ujualit] and numbers. For Ihe four stakes t.i he rtecideil at Ihanrlas I.uk. ::J."i entries were rei-elved, liivhled as fallows: Kentuck] Handicap "i-1 Memorial Haudicap Spring Trial Make-- Ill S|n i -ula t ioa Ktaki"S s7 I l.i lifty-niiie eutrie* for the Kentucky Handicap, .•slu.iMio aiiiii il. one mile ami a sjuarter, represent the |,n-k ol ill-- bors - three year-; i III ami ..n-r that will race in this countrj this season rbe list .»• the eligibles for ihis riches! of American stakes is as follows: Adair it Baki rs i.u- . A I.. Astes Ten I and Eyebrow. II. 1-nsiugers l.ai...lil. ];. K. Bra II. - Bn nkhs Id ami Brig. l F. lti - .i iii i * Haw thorn. J. X. Camdens Helios, rapt. I-:. IV tassatts Flying Fairy." c. D. i henaiilts Milton r. r. V. lark- El faloin.-ir. T ollins Bourism Beau. X. B. DavbV Nash Cash. .1 II. 1 i ax. oi ii i s In-. i liiiuh nun. II. II. Kmin.n- lludolfo. .1. ;. iir-1 net "s i .umi less ir.-fer iV r.euilei - floral Part .1. M. i.iiile"- il.ira I ilia. H. c. Hallenbecks Adam- Express, Frederick L. mil Bidling Siom . T V. Hayes Hoieriiil. II. il. Hewitts hupresalon. Samuel Hlrschs Sam Hlrach. .1. i. ,V il. 11. Keenes l.o:,| Mar-ball. II K. Kaapfis Taukee Notions. B. Lowes Miss Hio!|„. i; 1. McCarg i*s Am Port. l„ M-i rackens McCorklc. Thomas C. McDowells The Manager, ciiarl-s v. McKennas Foundation. i:. .1. Mackenzies Buckhori . a. Malum- Carlton ;. I.. Marions Prince Hennls. R. P. Marshalls The Widow Moan. .1. V. Messervys His Majesty. .. M. Millers Lather. Frank J, Xolans Colonel Hrdloway and Rtngling. Howanl Dot- Cousin l*uss. I. .1 i-on- John Furlong, Judge Wright and Annie Sellers .li.hu W. Schorrs Star Charter, Froglegs, Leo-chares. Edda and Hamilton. B. Schrettssrs Sager. Thoni.i- F. sii.i I] - Boumler. . . Van Mi lir- t ream. .1. R. Walnwrigbts Hiu Prlvnte and Hi;,ii Swnr. P. M. Walkers Bard of Hope. J. T. Weavers Gowell. Wets r k Waul- Hay P.ird. c. Woodfords Christmas star and Sonada. W. .1. Voongs Manager Mack. For the nine stakes to be run ai Latonla. the truly splendid total of ~TJ. entries wen. received, llu-Latonis Derby, one and a half mil.-. ;.iHm add*sl. i- the tonllner and thirty-sis "f the three-yeai olds, Including the best of that age In Ihe land, mak, up ti..- list of eligibles, a- follows: A. 1.. Asl.-s TeU point. i:. R. Bradlej - Brook field. c. F. BuschesBeyers Hawthorn. .1. . aiu.li-n- Helios. N. is. Davis1 Nash Cash. Doerboefer ». Wests .linunie Gill and Baron de Kalb. Ilrefer and Benders Floral Park. II i . Hallenbecks Frederick L. T. P. H.-u e- luiin I ail. lieorge m. Hendries Sreat Britain. II. II. Hewitt* i.ili.oy. .1 o i. II. Keenes Lord Mar-hull, il K. Knapps Yankee Not ion- and Strenuous. Ceorgc J. Longs Merlin. I.. Marion- Prime Hcinii-. R. P. Marshall* The Widow Mean. .1. W. Me— .ivys Humli ol Ke- and His Ma Jest] W. I.. McCrackens McCorkle. ii.nii- w. RcKeunaa Foundation, Frank J. Nolans Ringilug. F. .1. Pons .linle Wright ami Klnmundy. .1. B. Kespes* Richard Inngdon and Denmark. John W. Schorrs Leochares. it. I. Stifels Speaker lurk and Billy Collin-. .1. R. Ws in wrigbts Hiirh Star. .1. T. Weavers Kowell and John Q. Weaver. W 1 .r and Wards Solar Star. c. Woodfords Christmas Star. I. W. IToungs Clinton. lie number of entries in other Latonla stnkes follow-: Inaugural Handicap ."s Cli|i-eita SI ike- so Merchants Si. ike- !i!i Harold Stakes He: Juicksteii HaiMiicap c.4 Valuation Slake- !M Independence Handicap ;.! Cincinnati Trophj I3E5 I.iuisville. Ky.. March IS. Iii point of dans ami interest, no turf events in America will surpass Ihe Kentucky Derby. Clark Handicap and Kentucky Dak-, the star feature* of the spring meeting at Churchill Downs, the opening date of which i-Ma. in. when i In- Derby is to be decided. The Daks will have the place of h t of the final dnys program, nn Maj 24. Lyman II. DaSris, secretary of the New Louisville Jockey iluh. ihis evening announced Ihe official lisi ol eligibles for the Kentucky Dak-, as follows: Bverbreeae Stables Mar] Ware. Moorish Queen and How and Arrow. Owned bj I. K. Allen. Alll.il.l ,V Co.- I.olli-e Iaut. A. 1.. Antes Phyllis Anotinette. .1. S. H.-irhee.- I.a Modi F. .1. Nolans Ringling I R. Bradley* lia.na Culla Benanet, Ralyslie nn I Voiii.i. .1. N. Camdens Lodona. i:. B. Cassatts Flying Iain. W. F. Cisco - Jane Rrey. .1. inllins Idle Tale. W. flersts Evelyn Vorrick. lirefer ami Bender* Floral Pnrk. II. P. Headleys Katrine. Hickej Bros. old Woman. W I. I.i wi- Silk Day. lieorge .1. Long * Semprite and Mailelle. James MacManus Anna Patricia. it. P. Mar-hall- The Widow Moon. .1. c. Milam- star of Danube. Am hew Millers Tritier ami Sackcloth. I. F Newmans Pan Eareta. W. E. Nuniis St. Avail... Ri - Looneys Carpathia. C. C. Van Meters Cream. .1 1.. w.nkii,- Daisy Piatt. c. Womlfords Christina- Star. .1. T. Weavers Cowell. .1. M. Eiauaers Gardenht. Iln wl horn, sjapal choice with Ildios for the Derby, and now in training at ihe Downs, lias even mark of a thoroughbred of the highest type. To Illustrate bow he ha- grown ami tilled out. h-was weighed and tipped the beam at 1.040 pounds. Ilih Private, at tin- i-aiiie nine, -ealed at 1.080 IKMinds. Trainer W. S. Trevey i- gratified oyer the condition of Hawthorn. Natural!] In- i- picking him to he the I erh Winner. Jack Ailkins. lir-t to arrive from a winter cam paign ai Juarex, was glad to reach Churchill Downs notwithstanding ihai he had a profitable run •• fortune al the Mexican course, having iron the .liiaioc Handicap with tin- speed] Bncknoru, ami tin- Senorita stake- with Snperl, while Helen Bar bee won four panes, and Melimi Street also scored. Mi. Adkin- ilk— to train hi- racers over iln- Downs riMirse. which explains hi- earl] return here. E. It. Bradley will race a band of twentj seven horses .hi ihe Kentucky circuit this season. .1. W. Schorrs great stable, in it- entirety, will he campaigned this spring in Kentucky. George .1. Longs youngsters look line. Free Land i- doing slow work ami i- rounding to. Trniuer I ii com- -ay- that this sensational performer will fully recover from the n , id.-ai which forced bis retirement Insi year. Ihere i- every evidence :i t ihe Downs that tile racing season i1- drawing near. Many racer- are in ing gal biped dattj .

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