One of "Lucky" Baldwins Great Racers and His Remarkable American Derby Victory, Daily Racing Form, 1915-11-07


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- 4 + — + I ONE OF "LUCKY" BALDWINS GREAT RACERS AND HIS REMARKABLE AMERICAN DERBY VICTORY ] , , J One of the most sensational American Derbya in . its outcome was that of 1804. It only had nine I I starters. Many more eligible* were iu the Washing- I ; ton Park liarns. hut, MM the mighty horse Domino was to Ik* a slarter. their owners deemed it the part of wisdom to keep them in their stalls and save the 00 starting fee. Lp to that time Domino was an undefeated race horse and in his only previous iace as a three-year-old had defeated Henry of Navarre. Dohhins. Nahma and Rubicon in the Withers Stakes at Morris Park. So great was his fame in the land that men of good judgment in turf affairs held him to he simply ail invincible, and in his record had substantial ground for this opinion. The Derby was run Saturday, June 2.5 iu the presence of a vast concourse numbering between ♦JO.000 and 70. hi0 spectators. It was a hot day with a clear sky and the famous track in. perfect condition for racing. Besides Domino, the eastern turf had three other representatives in the race, Marcus Daly sending Senator Crady on from New York, with -Snapper" Garrison to fide him. while J. W. Rogers hrought out his Sir Modred colt Dorian, ami the Oneck Stable sent Desjiot along. The racing of that day had a beginning that is a matter of reminiscent disoussioii to this day. Peytonia. against which some lucky people secured as much as ." 00 to 1. defeating Senator Irby. Flora Thornton, Sister .Mary and Maid Marian in the first race of the day. The starters in the big race were Domino, 12."i pounds. Senator dlrady. Despot. Prince Carl, Dorian. Resplendent and* Rev el Santa Anita. 122 pounds each, Alcenor. US, and the filly Orinda. 117. At iiost time Domino was at 7 to ."• iii the betting. Senator Jrady I to 1. Dorian 4 to 1. Despot 18 to 1. Prince Carl :0 to 1. Rev el Santa Auita 40 to 1 and the others at 100 to 1. Fred Taral rode Domino. Before the horses had gone a mile all suspense for Dominos hackers was over, for the colt was then toiling along in the rear and evidently a badly beaten race horse. In fact, he was at no period in the race anywhere near the front. Resplendent cut out the pace for the first three-quarters, witii Alcenor second and Senator third. On the backstretch Senator Ut*dy became second and on the far turn was briefly in front. Here Rey el Santa Anita, which iiad unobtrusively edged up into third place, cut loose with one of the most amazing flights of speed ever witnessed on a race track. passed Senator Cradv as if the latter was standing still and. turning into the homestretch hy himself, came on steadily and won for "Lucky" Baldwin Uis fourth American Derby hy six open lengths in a canter. Senator Grady defeated Despot hy two lengths for second place and Chris Smiths Prince Carl was lapped on the latter. The race was run in 2::; . exactlv the time in which Boundless had won the Worlds Fair Derby in 180.5. Its net value was !l.."i00. Poor Domino was a ho| eless last and there never was any satisfactory explanation of his sorry showing. He won his next five races in a row. When a two-year-old. Rey el Santa Anita started in sixteen races, of which he won six, so his record bore no comparison with that of Domino. Moreover, except in one instance, his victories were in purse races, one at Washington Park, three at Saratoga and one at the old Bay District track in San Francisco. The exception was when he won the Lake-view Handicap for two-year-olds at Washington Park, in which, with 10.1 pounds up, he defeated Clara Bauer. 110 ixmuds. Vassal. 118 and ten more at three-quarters of a mile in 1:15. Considering his advantage in weight, this, while useful, was not im|Mising and it can be truly said that the future Derby winner made no great impression in his initial year of racing. Prior to the running of the Derby he had been given a tuning-tip campaign at Latonia. wliere he won two out of five races, was ouce second, one-third anil once unplaced. One of his victories was iu a purse race and the other was in the Latonia Spring Priste. then a handicap of some importance for three-year-olds, but lor.? since abolished. In this, oil a heavy track and carrying 110 pounds, he won from Pocaliontas. 115 poinds. J. I*. B.. 107, and three more at a mile and an eighth in 1 :59. The race was worth ,240 net, so it was worth picking up. But on the whole here was little in his Latonia racing suggestive of any great probability I ; that he was destined to win Chicagos big race. ] But he did and when the smoke of conflict blew away it was found that the future books had been well hit. "Lucky" Baldwins luck in connection with the American Derby was such an article o. faith with many that had he been permitted to start a mule it would have had hopeful backers. However much Rey el Santa Anitas real prow-esss as a race horse had been obscured previously, it was now recognized that he was a high-class j three-year-old. an impression that deepened when j shortly afterwards with 127 pounds up he won the j Sheridan Stakes from Prince Carl. 122. Peytonia, 122. Selika. 12o and Despot. 122. at a mile and a | quarter iu 2:08%. This was a feat which several of the American Derby winners failed to accomplish. | Then he was hurriedly taken east to Shoepshead Bay to run in the Realization Stakes July 7. The Sheridan had been run July 4, so there was scant j time between the two big races and, it is probable, he was not at his hest iu the Realization. At any rate, third to Dobbins and Hornpipe was the best he could do. hut it was no disgrace to succumb to . two such cracks. Senator Grady again finished behind him. From Sheepshead Bay he was taken to Saratoga, where he won two purses and the Mereh ants Stakes, defeating the justly famous little mare. Ida Pickwick, among others in the latter event. Then he was brought west to i„itonia. where, carrying Hii pounds, he defeated Faraday. 117. Pocahontas. 1IM1, Lehman. 110, Orinda. lor,. J. P. P... 102. and Phitus. 108 in the Cincinnati Hotel . Autumn Handicap at a mile and a quarter taking ! tlie race with great ease by four lengths in 2:07-4. His last success of the year was iu the Bohemian Stakes of a mile at the Bay District track in San , Francisco where, carrying 127 pounds, he gave much weight and a heating to Thelma. Arapahoe. Lovdal, Senator Irby. Artist and Aniens at a mile in 1:40C.. which would be fully equivalent to a mile iu lsSf or faster as tracks are in these days. In MM, as a four-year-old. he made his first start in a purse race at Memphis April Hi. which l he won. but on April 27 was beaten by Sister Mary in the Montgomery Stakes. Only the two started. He was a 1 to 7 favorite and there was much scandalous talk following this unexpected result. He , MB a purse at Louisville and then was taken east. In the Brooklyn Handicap, with lis pounds up, he ran unplaced to Hornpipe, 105. Itzzarone. 114. and Sir Walter. 124, but ran well and finished fifth, with seven good ones behind him. one of which was Dr. Rice, the winner of the event in 1804. However, he won a purse at Gravesend and. going up to Saratoga, won the Saratoga prize and for the second time, the Merchants Handicap, which had been the Merchants Stakes the year before. In this he , was only opposed hy Clifford, which carried 120 pounds to his 120 and was the favorite at 2 to 5. hut Rey el Santa Anita beat him hy a half length in a well-contesled finish. Next he went to Sheepshead Bay and there in the Twin City Handicap at a mile and a quarter won easily from the great horse. Henry of Navarre, Sir Excess and Sir Fran-els. The lesson of his victory over Clifford was overlooked on this occasion, as he was at 5Vj to 1 in the betting, while it was 2 to 5 against Henry of Navarre and 2V. to 1 against Sir Excess. Nevertheless he won in a canter by four lengths in 2:07. He was not so lucky in one of those special sweepstakes so frequently arranged then, for at a mile and an eighth a few days later. 122 i otinds on all and ,000 each, with 00 added. Henry of Navarre and Domino lioth beat him in tiBB%, His subsequent winning that year was confined to three purse races, one at Gravesend and two nt Morris Park. In a year of grand race liorses he had proved himself something iu the way of a grand race horse himself. He was not raced iu lSSXi. and was given a moderate campaign in MM, hut was infirm and could do nothing effective iu racing. His record and pedigree are as follows: Year. Age. Sts. 1st. 2d. 3d. Flip. Won. MM 2 lc. i; 1 l 8 $ 7.705 1804 :S 20 10 4 5 7 41.200 1805 4 21 0 4 5 :-. 10-355 MM 5 Did not race. 1807 ; I 0 2 0 4 100 Total lift 25 11 11 22 0,510 r Pantaloon J Castrel | The Libel Idalia fTradttcer .Pasquinade J Cgg I Elis j Laugar ■ Arethtisa J ] Oly mpia i Languid J fain -Cheviot 4 JLydia t Newminster -j Touchstone J f Camhnscan J Bees-Wing II I"* j h-he Arrow gSL~. 1* iDu.cibolla Voltigetrr j Mar Lynn £ t. Priestess j The Doctor s "• 1 Tlie Biddy lZ Gi.rov V~*** JSTCMMI J| rn.ins,ead Imtmm ifgff « g I Si«t« to H-tric j Sovereign j gg* „. " iM+* ***** fears "j Dam L«lngton j ."carneal r Monarchist I . Mildred JGleiicoe 1 „ % Experiment , | Levity Virgil j Vandal "Cornflower i I Ilymeuia ■ Cordelia J Lexington. I 1 Kitturah

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