General News Notes of the Day, Daily Racing Form, 1917-08-16


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GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY. An idea of tjie stupendous numbers lined up against Germany in the appalling worlds war may be had by glancing at the following ligures. showing the nations at war, with the date of declaration and the population of the various countries: 1914. Countries. Population. Serbia. July 28 4.547.000 Russia, August 1 175,137.000 France. August 3 87.429.000 Belgium, August 4 22.571.000 Great Britain, August 4 439,959,000 Montenegro. August 7 510.000 Japan, August 23 73,807,000 1910. Italy. May 23 37,398,000 San Marino, June 2 12,000 1916. Portugal, March 10 15.20S.000 Itoumania, August 27 7,508,000 1917. United States, April G 113.1CS.000 Cuba, Anril 8 2,500,000 Panama, April 9 427,000 Greece. July 22 4,821.000 Siami July 22 : : ; ; i . . . 8,149.000 China, August 14 .... 320,050,000 Total : .1,313.807,000 Relations Broken. Countries. Population. Brazil, April 9 24,018,000 Boliva. April 13 2,890.000 Costa Itica, Anril 2G 431,000 Guatemala. April 28 ... 2.003.000 Liberia. May 10 1,800,000 Honduras. May 18 5G2.000 Santo Doming:!, June 17 710,000 Total 33,014,000 The Germanic strength lines up as follows: Central Powers. Countries. Population. Austria, July 23, 1914 49.S82.000 Germany, August 1. 1914 80,001,000 Turkey, November 3, 1914 21,274,000 Bulgaria, October 4, 1915 4,755,000 Total , 150,572,000 Recapitulation. At War with Germany 1.313.S07.000 Itelations Broken 33.014,000 Anti-Germah 1,34G.S21.MK Germanic Allies 150,572,000 Neutral World 188,358,000 Worlds Population 1,091,751,000 Government purchase of enough of the 1917 wheat crop to stabilize prices in the United States was forecast in the formation yesterday of a 0,-000,000 corporation by the food administration. The Intention is to take over the entire harvest if necessary to maintain fair prices. The corporation will make all purchases of wheat and flour for the allies and thus will stabilize prices to them. Through this arrangement, too, it hones to secure itself against any possible loss. The food administration will open agencies at all the principal wheat terminals, icarrying on its transactions with the usual dealers. No commission charge will be made except to cover costs of operation. The price to be paid for wheat will be fixed by a committee under the grain division headed by President Garfield of Williams college. This price the food administration expects to see maintained in private as well as government transactions. Hill 70. the famous German stronghold northwest of the French mining city of Lens, which dominates the city and the Loos salient, was captured yesterday morning by the Canadian forces. The British also pushed their lines into the northwestern environs of Lens, in a semicircle around the eastern side of hill 70. The British attack was made on a 4,000-yard front more than two miles, which hail an extreme depth of 1,500 yards. Beginning at a point just above Hugo Wood, the new British positions now run southeast and beyond hill 70, toward Lens. The line then bends southwest and encircles the suburbs of St. Laurent and St. Emilie. The British guns for days had been pounding It ill 70, which the Germans considered impregnable. The infantry attack began at 4:25 oclock this morning. American troops marched through London yesterday. They were reviewed by Ambassador Page and later by King George at Buckingham palace. Great crowds lined the streets, which were decorated profusely with American anil British flags. Enthusiasm was shown everywhere. The Americans were cheered by civilians, by soldiers on their way to the front and by wounded men. The troops were escorted by guard bands. A Berlin dispatch of yesterday says that the Austro-German forces in the lowlands of the Sereth river on the Roumanian front yesterday stormed the bridgehead at Baltaretu, on the west bank of the river, according to the official statement issued today by the German general staff. The Itussians and Roumanians lost on the Sereth and in the mountains, the statement adds, more than 3,000 prisoners. Congressional leaders were informed by Secretary McAdoo Tuesday that it would be necessary for them to authorize at this and the winter session of Congress an additional ,000,000,000 for war exiKnditures, including further loans to the allies to June 30, 1918. Five billions in bonds already have been authorized, and a ,000,000,000 war tax-bill is pending in the Senate with prospect of passage next week. From London comes the following: At a joint meeting Tuesday, of the executive committee Gf the national labor party and the parliamentary committee of the trades union congress the attitude of Arthur Henderson, secretary of the labor party, who resigned Saturday as a member of the British war cabinet, with regard to the socialist conference at Stockholm was indorsed. A new day among nations, in which Japan and America shall "forget the little molehills that have been exaggerated into mountains to bar our good relations" and "march together, work together and fight together .as--comrades,-" was proclaimed Tuesday by Viscount K. Ishii. ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the United States. A resolution proposing that the senate assure the American people that President Wilson can be depended iqiou to take proper action toward obtaining peace was introduced yesterday by Senator : Lewis of Illinois. No reference was made to the popes proposals. American packers are establishing branches in the state of Itio Grande do Sul. Brazil. One firm now preparing canned and jerked beef plans to enlarge its plant, which will then include equipment for chilled and frozen meat, soap, lard and leather. The semiofficial Russian news agency announced yesterday that former Emperor Nicholas and his family were removed from the palace at Tsarskoe Selo and that it was reported they were being transiorted to Tobolsk, Siberia. Sixty-eight indicments against 103 persons, the charges including murder, arson, conspiracy, rioting and assault to murder; were returned by the grand jury which has been investigating the race riots in East St. Louis, July 1 to 3. Plans are under consideration for the erection of an electric lighting plant capable of providing 5,000 private lamps, 700 public lamps and 1,000 faus in the -city of Mndurav India.

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