Eternal: Leads the Money - Winning Horses of Last Year - Thirty-Two Win over 0,000 Each, Daily Racing Form, 1919-01-29


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ETERNA L LEADS THE MONEY- WINNING HORSES OF LAST YEAR--THIRTY-TWO WIN OVER 0,000 EACH Never in any year did our horses seem to furnish more keenly enjoyed entertainment to patrons of racing than in 1918. There have been years when some better horses than the best of 1918 were in competition, but the best class racers of the year were up to a high average of excellence and gave many exhibitions of the superior speed and dauntless gameness characteristic of the thoroughbred. A feature of unusual interest marking the racing of the year was the successful assaults in the previous mile records, Sun Briar making a new time record for the distance jn a regular race and Roamer effacing the long-standing record of Salvator in a raee against time. Sun Kriars new record of a mile in 1:3Cand was made August 0 at Saratoga when winning the Delaware Handicap. Roamcrs record of 1:3-413 was made at the same marvelously fast track August 21. In passing it may be said that after the close of the Saratoga meeting Sun Kriar ran over the track there in 1:34, but, not being run in the course of an authorized meeting, the feat has no place in the table of American records, although interesting as a demonstration of the colts great speed. This colt, a star of 1917, seemed a failure in the spring and did not round into form until midsummer, but when he came to himself was a marvel and may really have been the best three-year-old of 1918, although lie was not kept in racing long enough to establish the fact. The racing of 1917 was illumined by the performances of the four great geldings, Old Rosebud, Roots, Roamer and Korrow. When it came to the campaign of 1918 Old Rosebud had again gone amiss and did not start. Koots was dead and only Roamer and Korrow remained. Of this pair Korrow showed distinct declension in form, but Roamer was never better in his racing career. Aside from his feat referred to, he won the .Queens County Handicap, Empire City Handicap, Mount Vernon Handicap, Saratoga Handicap and Iierrepont Handicap, all with high weight and in fast time. In the Saratoga Handicap lie carried 129 pounds and ran its. mile and. a quarter in 2:02and, defeating Cudgel, 133 pounds, by three lengths. Although there has been talk of retiring him, it is more than probable that he will be given an opportunity in 1919 to add further to the laurels gathered in an illustrious career. Of the other horses four years old and over which distinguished themselves Cudgel and George Smith were best, although Naturalist, Hollister, Slippery Elm; Old Koenig, Franklin and some others recorded some excellent performances. Cudgel, when at his best, was decidedly the best four-year-old of the year, and George Smith was a high-class racer in the fall. In his last race of the year lie carried 130 pounds and won the Kowie Handicap at a mile and a half in the new track record time of 2:31, with Omar Khayyam 115 pounds second and Exterminator 120 pounds third, thus presenting the singularity of the winners of the last three Kentucky Derbys finishing first, second and third. Early in the eastern campaign Old Koenig was a "remarkably fleet horse and gave some splendid exhibitions at sprinting distances. The three-year-olds of the year were good. Johren, Sun Kriar, War Cloud, Jack Hare. Jr., Jlotoc Cop, Sunny Slope, Eyelid, The Porter, Exterminator, .Compadrc, Flags, Viva America, Tiompe La Mort,. VTSIeTltSfinleTaBd Escblia" were good .eiiougli to lend distinction to any stable in the land, and not so good but decidedly more than ordinarily useful .were such as Enfilade, Game Cock, Regal Lodge, Star Spangled, Freecntter, Koniface, Rifle, Charlie Leydecker, Panaman, Mary Maud, Lady Gertrude, Lucky B. and Hand Grenade. In making himself the leading money winner of his age Johren won the Suburban Handicap, Kelmont Stakes, La.tonia Derby, Huron Handicap, Saratoga Cup and the Lawrence Realization Stakes. He is probably the best son of Spearmint to date and, like his famous sire, a thorough stayer Among the two-year-olds Dilly Kelly was best, shirting seventeen times and winning fourteen of his races, the greatest number won by any horse of the year. His grand performance in running three-quarters in 1:11 with 135 pounds on his back when he won the Grab Rag Handicap at Saratoga was on a par witli Hamburgs celebrated feat in carrying the same weight when he won the Great Eastern Handicap at Sheepshead Kay in 1897. It is true he was beaten by Eternal in the John R. McLean Memorial Cup at Laurel, but that race was lost through bad jockeyship. However, Eternal was a high-class "two-year-old himself, and others of good merit were Dunboyne, Hannibal, Colonel Livingston, Sweep On, Elfin Queen, Lord Rrighton, War Pennant, Pen Rose, Ratter Cake, Delico, Milkmaid, Terentia, Regalo, Fleeing Sheik, Toto, Col. Taylor, He Frank, Cirrus, War Marvel, Questionnaire, Major Parke, Sir Barton, Blue Laddie and Cresson, young horses varying in their capabilities but all able to race effectively. In the important item of stable earnings Eternal was the leader of the year with 0,137 to his credit. Next came Johren with 9,150, followed by Exterminator, G,147; Cudgel, 3,82G; Billy Kelly, 3,783, and the following, all of which won over 0,000 each: Horse. Owner. Age. Sts. 1st. 2d. 3d. Unp. Won. Eternal 3- w- McClelland 2 8 0 1 0 1 6,137 Johren .. l- Whitney 3 22 9 5 3 r. 49,15ti Exterminator W. S. Kilmer 3 15 7 4 3 1 30,147 Cudgel J. K. L. Ross 4 17 9 4 1 3 33,820 Billv Kelly J- K. L. Ross 2 17 14 2 0 1 33,783 Dunboyne V- A- lark .2 0 3 2 0 1 32,030 War Cloud A. Iv. Macomber 3 15 5 2 2 0 25,100 Jack Hare Jr W. E. Applegate .-..3 13 S 2 2 1 23,815 Roamer A. Miller : t 10 G ii 2 2 21.950 Hannibal R- T. Wilson 2 12 3 2 1 0 19.725 Colonel Livingston K. J. Krannon -. 2 22 9 7 4 2 19,023 George Smith J- Sanford S 4 2 2 0 18,550 The Brook E. M. Weld 14 9 2 1 2 17,410 Motor Cop J- K- - Ross 3 12 0 1 3 1 10,810 Sweep On ; W. R. Coe 2 15 4 3 2 fi 10,751 Elfin Queen Oneck Stable 2 7 4 1 0s 2 15,930 Lord Brighton S. C. Hildreth 2 17 0 2 2 7 15.1G1 Naturalist J- K- Widener 4 17 9 1 4 3 14,942 War Pennant J. K. L. Ross 2 11 0 1 1 3 14,020 Hollister A. K. Macomber 4 24 9 r, 3 0 13,358 Hauberk J- 31. dimmer 0 21 9 5 4 8 12,023 Bet W.,R. Coe 5 19 4 5 0 10 12,500 Slipperv Elm Woodland Stock Farm 5 23 10 1 3 9 11,735 Sunnv "Slope The Beach Stable 3 11 0 1 U 2 11,203 Corn "Tassel It. T. Wilson 4 20 8 0 5 7 11,237 Evelid A. L. Aste 3 11 3 . 4 1 3 10,730 The Porter E. B. McLean 3 13 0 5 1 1 10,055 Old Koenig Beverw.vck Stable 5 11 3 5 1 2 10.550 Sun Briar W. S. Kilmer 3 ! U 1 1 10,525 Midway J. W. Parrish 4 19 5 5 4 5 10,510 Pen Rose Triple Springs Farm 2 17 13 3 1 0 10,084 Leochares E. B. McLean S 17 0 4 2 5 10,020

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