Foaling" Dates of Famous Horses: Since April 19, 1858, All Thoroughbreds in Great Britain Have Taken Ages from January 1, Daily Racing Form, 1919-03-12


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FOALING DATES OF FAMOUS HORSES Since- April 19, 1858, All Thoroughbreds in Great Britain Have Taken Their Aes from January 1. The breeding soason for the thoroughbred horse is once more upon ns, and it will be remembered that last year there was considerable controversy In the sporting dailies as to whether or not January 1 was the best date from which to calculate the ago of horses. I have no intention of raking up this question again, for, although on the whole 1 prefer tltat foals should not be dropped early, there is a good deal to be said against, as well as for, a later date lwing taken. Anyway, we should certainly find it inconvenient to return to the old practice of reckoning from May Day, which is responsible for the anomaly of a horse winning the Derby and a two-year-old race the same year, as instanced by Coronation. This sou of Sir Hercules, which won for Mr. Rawllnson in 1841, was ridden by Coimlly, and defeated twenty-eight opponents, tills being the largest field to that date seen out for the Epsom prize. Coronation started at 5 to 2, and was the first favorite to win since Bay Middle-ton, backed at 7 to 4, had defeated twenty others in 1S31. The next winner. Phosphorus, was a 40 to 1 chance; Amato and Bloomsbury each started at "30s"; and 20 to 1 was offered against Little Wonder. , Since April 19, 1858. all thoroughbreds in Great Britain have taken their ages from January 1, and I will not enter into the question as to whether or not horses would do better if it were an established rule that they should not be dropped before, sav, March 1; but it may interest my readers If I give a list of the foaling dates of many well-known performers on the race course: Aboyeur, April 19; Aldford. March 21; Amiihion, April G; Ard Patrick, March 10; Ayrshire, March 31; Bachelors Double, April 22; The Bard. May; Batt, March 25; Bayardo, January 31; Bend Or, February 13; Benevente. May 14; Black Arrow. January 13; Black Jester, March 19; Blink, April 20; Bona Vista, January 23; Buchan, April 11; Cannofoie, January 14; Can-terburv Pilgrim, April IS; Canyon, March 18; Charles OMalley, April 1; Chelandry, February 3; Cherimova. May 4; Cherry Lass, January 25; Cicero, Mav 7: Clarissimus, May 7; Cocksure II.. Feb-ruarr 27; Cotherstone, May 12; Craganour, Fehru-arv 26; Crcmorne. May; Cylgad, March 14; Cyllene. May 2S; Dark Legend, March 29; Diadem, April 12. DIAMOND JUBILEE FOALED MARCH 12. King Edwards famous "triple crown" winner. Diamond Jubilee; was foaled March 12; Dominion, March 31; Donovan, Anril 3; Eager, June 7; Eclipse, April 1: Elecfra foaled in France, April 91 Eos, April !; Father Confessor, June 10; Fifinella, March 14; Flair, February S; The Flying Dutchman, February 27; Flying Fox. April 14; Friar Marcus, Januarv 2; Gainsborough, January 24; Gallinule, Februarv 2S; Galtee More. April 15; Galvani, February 12; Gay Crusader, April 2; George Frederick, March 25; Gladlateur, May; Gorgos, April 13; Greenback, April 23; Hainanlt, May 20; Hurry On, May 7; Iron Hand, March 2S; Isinglass, March 24; Isonomy. May; Jack Spigot, June 2G; Jeddah, March 25; Jest, March 30; John o Gaunt, February 18; Judea, May 4; Kennymore, February 25; Keystone II., May 7; Kincsem, March 17; King John, January 31; Kwang-su, March 25; Ladas, January 14; La Fleche, March 10; Lemberg, January 29; Llangwm, May 3; Lomond. May 6; Lord Basil, March G; Louviers, April 23; Louvois, April 27; Magpie, February 14; Maiden Erlegh, April 24; Memoir, April 17; Minoru, March 1G; My Dear, February 21; Neil Gow, January 28. Richard Crokers Orby first saw the light of day on February 22; Orme, April 4: Ormonde, March 18; The Panther, February 8; Perola, March 24; Persimmon. April 15; Phalaris, May 8; Polar Star, April 22; Pommernf March 22; Fretty Polly, March 1; Prince Charlie, January; Prince Palatine, April 2; Princess Dorrie, February G; Prospector, Januarv 24; Quintessence, March; Radium, March 14; Rock Sand. April 17; Russley, June 24; Sailor, May 8. and won the Derby on his-birthday; Sainfoin III., St. Aniant, January 27; St. Gatien. May 1; Sanctum, May 1; Sceptre, April : Seaforth, March 10; Semolina, April 2S; Sheen, May 25; Shogun. May 22; Signorina St. Simons first foal. March 1; Siguorina, March 21; Signorinetta, April 8; Silver Tag. January 12; Sir Tatton Sykes, May 29; Sir Visto, February 25; Slievc Gallion, January; Son-in-Law, April 27; Spearmint, April 6; Stedfast, Februarv 23; Stefan the Great, February 12; Sterling, Mav; Stornoway, March 11; Sunder, March 12; Sunny Jane, February 5; Suustar, February 24; Swynford, January 30; Syndian, February 14; Taga-lie, February 8; The Tetrarch. April 22; Torloisk Gallinules last foal, April 23; Tracery. April 7; Valens, April 13; Vanderdeckcn. Jnnc; Vaueleusc, Februarv 25; Volodyorski, January; Volta. March 11; West Australian, June G this is the date asserted fov Judge Clark, but others have put it at April 24; White Eagle. April 21; The White Knight. A-iril 18; White Star, February 7; Wlha the Third. Aril 17; Willonyx, February 15; Winki-pop, April 0; Woolwinder. April 5; Your Majesty, February IS; ZinfandeL May G, and Zlnovia, March 20. "Audax" in Horse and Hound.

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