Two Crack Fillies of the Present Year: Beautifully - Bred Filly Vexatious Has a Chance in Any Company --- Polka Dot is a Sturdy Daughter of Celt, Daily Racing Form, 1919-10-09


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Two Crack Fillies of the Present Year Beautifully - Bred Filly Vexatious Has a Chance in Any Company Polka Dot Is a Sturdy Daughter of Celt By EXILE There are some things no fellow can find out, and one of them is the reason so few really good three-year-old fillies are deyeloped in this country? Only the other day the filly Keysoe was tco good in England for all the other starters for the St. Leger. Sceptre, Pretty Polly, Fifinella, La Fleche, all of them were upsidprs with the best of the colts of their respective years. Last year, taking a lino through Prince Chimay, My Dear must have been as good as the Derby winner Gainsborough. France has had her Cemendria, Kizil Kourgan, Clyde and La Camargo. I cannot believe that climatic conditions are altogether responsible fertile failure of so many of the North American-bred fillies to reproduce as three-year-olds the form they had in their younger days. Some will have it the excessive heat is responsible for their inability to hold their own with the colts of a like age. But this line of argument is at once contradicted by the success of fillies and mares in torrid Australia, where Wakeful, La Carabine, Desert Gold, Carlita, could always bo relied upon to give as good as they got. In bygone days this country could boast a Firenze, a Miss Woodford, a Thora and Imp, and in more recent times there are Running Water, which lasted n lot longer than most. Beldame, maybe Regret, but such brilliant two-year-old misses as Blue Girl, Hamburg Belle, Artful, . Maskette, etc., never as. threerxeati. olds exhibited form equal to that of the colts of the same age, and no attempt was made to train any of them for a Cup distance. Again this season is three-j-enr-old filly form distinctly inferior to that displayed by the colts, and this not a good colt year either. The Alabama Stakes and Realization winner. Vexatious, I take to be one of the best of the three -year-old fillies. A well grown, rangy bay is Vexatious, taking somewhat after her sire, Peter Pan, in appearance and conformation. Vexatious through leg trouble did not race in her juvenile days, making her first start at Saratoga, running a more than creditable second to the four-year-old Hutton-trope, and followed this up by leading the favorite, Milkmaid, a merry dance all the way in the Alabama Stakes. On her next appearance in public Vexatious was awarded the Realization, finishing in front of last years Futurity winner, Dunboyne, Thunderstorm and the Coaching Club Oaks winner, Polka Dot. Peter Pan, sire of Vexatious, is bred to sire good fillies and brood mares. Does his conformation suggest this V For my part I prefer sires which get mares of a more feminine and finished type than does Peter Pan, but there is no getting away from the fact that all of the offspring of Peter Pan have in abundance that most essential requisite speed; and Peter Pan is bred to sire good fillies and brood mares. His dam, Cinderella, is a daughter of that extra good brood mare sire Hermit, sire of the dams of Star Shoot, Beldame, Gallinule, Winkfields Pride, St. Hilaire, Marco, Ravensbury, Sea Breeze, Amphion, Watercress and many others. Cinderellas dam, Maziirka, is by See Saw Mabille, sister to the Derby and Grand Prix winner Cre-morne, by Parmesan. Judged, therefore, on breeding alone, Peter Pan is bound to be n success as a brood mare sire. Contrary, dam of Vexatious, is an eight-year-old daughter of the before this leading brood mure sire Hamburg, dam Perverse, sister to Stalwart, by Meddler Melba, by. Mortemer. Not often docs one run across a filly whichJxkhibiLs In. H?f pedigree more good "brood marcf blood-thati does Vexatious. Himyar, Hermit, See Saw, Parmesan, Hanover, Meddler, Mortemer, this takes some beating. Moreover, Aexutious is a member of the Pocahontas branch of the No. 3 family. Strange as it may seem. Vexatious shows none of the Galopin strain in her make-up. Too bad St. Frusquin lias died, for by him she would breed a racer capable of running two miles, every quarter of which in 23 seconds. But as Broomsticks dam is Elf, by Gal-Ilard, to which no doubt in due course she will be mated, the result should be as a race horse something quite out of the common. Here is Vexatious pedigree: , . i Himyar 2 J Alra $ r n Domino 0 23 i Hira 2 H , Commando .12 J brown, 1S91 " Mannie Gray j LfzecT " "3 H , bay. 1S93 J Darebin 14 The , Peer ."....... 2 M c Emma C 12 4 J-"r,"le 14 n rgS . j cuenn i fPlood II r 1 . 1 Glendew 12 II I r H7 MmU V":.; 18M 5 j -minstor ..... S rouchs.tone .......... ;1 H -Cinderella . 2 Seclusion J SMmor 12 II L , . . 1SSS ,co.J 1 Miss Sellon 5 II chestnut. j 1Ulccauccr 14 H Sce Sw w S jra2Urk!I o Margery Daw II Mabille i ft1"1?81" 7 11 w 1 Rigolboche . 2 E g I f Htfnover .15 Hindoo 21 i j:reiice- ;r r Hamburg ..23 chestuut 1884 j Bourbon Belle .... i ;"oniiie Scotland 10 E 3 , I LUa D to II W M -bromi 1S9d " j fFellowcraft Australian n m rS l Lady Reel 23 l I ri rt. , . ? Man,lic Gray 1 iSsasf ::::::::::::a I I I , MWdle, 1 j St. flatten ... .10 j ?f lie 5 Tcrverse .... 3 ba 1390 j uUSybody J Petrarch 10 B L bpinaway 1 II l.iv bdJ 1JJ 1001. I t Mortemer 1 Comiilcgne 2 II I. Melba 3J Comtesse 1 E Trill J Uncas 1 H 1 im Cadence 3 H Imported. fNd family number. The chestnut daughter of Celt and tliat good winner producer Network, the United Hunts Oaks winner Polka Dot, holds a liability in the Championship. A big, fine, rangy mare is Polka Dot, one that fills tle eye . better than does that honest trier, her sister, Embroidery, but though of not such prepossessing appearance, it would appear that Embroidery is possessed or the better staying power. Polka Dot did not shine at Saratoga and cotild only finish a moderate third to Vexations and Milkmaid m the running of the Alabama, and was far astern of Cudgel when he crossed the finishing line in the Merchants and Citizens Handicap. Of course it was asking a lot of a three-year-old filly to take on old ones of the class of Cudgel, Exterminator and the rest in August, but Polka Dots Saratoga form was not at all convincing. How- ever, I rather fail to see, as judged by her blood lines, wherein lies the cause of Polka Dots lack of stamina. To look at she is a big, powerful mare; a bold going and a far strider. Take it from nie. the best looking are not always those which finish in front. Good staying blood is brought into Polka Dots pedigree by way of Celts dam, Mavour-neen, daughter of the unbeaten Barcaldine. The get, too, of Eolus raced well over a long distance, and the Hampton blood stays on, and as Polka Dot traces in the female line to Pocahontas, dam of Stockwell and Rataplan, it is hard to see wherein lies the cause of her inability to hold her owu in the best company, except it be due to her paternal ancestry. This being the case. Polka Dot can have no vote of mine for Latonia Championship success. The map of her ancestry follows: r Domino 23 j "ir 2 j Alarm . ... B , Commando ..12 Mannie Gray . J fEnquirer e I ...... lbJb lsoq 1 . lizzie G 23 II U.ij, g Darobin 14 J lhe Peer 2 M I Emma C 12- Lurline ....14 H , C. . : . - Guenn J tFlood h s - Clendew 12 H 3 , Speculum or 5 Speculum 1 E o g f Amphion 12 J Rosebery 22 Ladylike 22 E I M?11 of i Suicide Hermit 5 E v I Lrin 1 Ratcatchers Daughter.. 12 E S chestnut, 1895 . t Barcaldine 23 J Kolon 23 M " " L Mavonrneen 1J Ballyroe 22 E H C. j CJaydene J Albert Victor 13 E o S Flora Macdonnld 1 E 0 S , Leamington ...14 3 Faugh a Ballagh 11 E ti f Eolus c J v,v AVniiitnir ! tDaughter of Pantaloon. H a 7 S ab,"Ut.-.. J Eon .37. Revenue 19 E 3 " f f , S UV ., 1. Barah Washington ... 0 II OS g chestnut 1903 DaQCe j uxlugton ... 12 H 0 3 I War Song I Reel 23 H . , Eliza Davis fr- of St. George... 25 E U s i I Melrose 37 M . Hampton 10 nl Clifden 2 K 8 f Eothen 3 J Lady Langden 10 E s Eonette .. Sultana ,sf.,ri1 17 Besika 3 II bay, 1R01 1W1 1 y uarsyas 12 J Drlando 13 E j. Castagnette "... 3 J Malibran 12 E j Cachuca i Voltigeur 2 E iyacanora 3 E 1 Imported. No family number. .. lv a

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